Saturday, May 20, 2017

Taking the Red Pill

(1) Years upon years of ancient culture.

(2) Years upon years of written culture.

(3) The Odyssey is disseminated.

(4) Plato's "cave" allegory is disseminated.

(5) Beowulf is disseminated.

(6) Faust is disseminated.

(7) Lana Wachowski begins her lifelong transition.

(8) Lilly Wachowski begins her lifelong transition.

(9) The Matrix is disseminated. An African-American computer genius and a butt-kicking female street-fighter teach an Asian-European geek how to face the real world.

(10) The Matrix Revolutions is disseminated. The Asian-European geek sacrifices himself to save an underground Afro-Asian city named "Zion."

(11) Staunch European-American nationalist-traditionalists realize they've discovered their cultural rallying cry. Take the red pill!

* * *

What could be more indicative of stillborn mutation than the continued memetization of "red pill"? The Enemy is laughing.

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