Sunday, June 25, 2017

Defecation Classes

Nothing good can come of taking advanced courses in defecation. Infants are born knowing how to defecate. Truthfully, it's not even a question of "knowing," but rather, a question of the mechanical ability, so vital and inevitable in its processes that there is no knowledge involved. It's automatic. So automatic that, like the heartbeat or breathing while asleep, its absence is very swiftly terminal. Defecation is a necessary component of digestion; of being alive itself.

It's simply absurd to put adults in a room, or to gather them online, and instruct them as to the benefits of defecation, the best ways to defecate, how one should defecate more than one initially desires to do so, et cetera. If you see purported grown-ups encouraging you to appreciate the benefits of defecation, and to just get started defecating already, then you are witnessing an indication of advanced systemic illness. Something is very, very wrong when movements arise urging people to decide to defecate. Remember that: It is completely absurd to urge mature mammals to defecate. Anyone who is doing so is extremely sick.

Cutting Defecation Rates: the VAST

Now, there are many ways in which defecation can be interfered with or prevented. Evil geniuses who apply plugging devices would be the most literal. The draconian imposition of liquid diets would still result in defecation, albeit significantly less. In more current fashion, perhaps the imposition of a heavy defecation tax, whereby monitoring devices are installed at birth, and each bowel movement causes the state to levy an immediate VAT upon a citizen's bank account, could indeed cause people to decide to attempt to defecate less than they would have otherwise. The imposition of such a VAST (teehee) would have immediate and far-reaching consequences on the life plans of most people so monitored.

Under taxed defecation, the wealthy would defecate as often as they felt like doing so, or perhaps even more, because frequent defecation would become indicative of status. The idle and directionless poor would similarly defecate as often as they felt like, since they already have no assets anyway. The laborers with dreams and the striving bourgeoisie would be the ones most affected: they would take proactive steps to protect themselves from the crushing VAST imposed with each reported taxable act. Laborers and savers would arrange their whole lives around the minimization of the harms of the widely-loathed but somehow unquestionable "bathroom tax." The strategies we would see would probably include:

1) Adjusting diets for liquidity, as discussed above;

2) Scheduled eating, involving binges and fasts, in order to time the most efficient (least frequent) bowel movements, and therefore to incur reduced taxes over a projected lifespan;

(A medical sub-economy would probably spring up catering to these interests, causing laborers and savers to employ...)

3) Defecation-control dosing habits, involving taking drugs to permit the body to break some waste down in different ways, or to dull the desire to defecate within safe limits established by the NHS/AMA/etc.;

4) Intestinal capacity surgery, involving gastroenterological procedures designed to increase the amount of time waste could spend in the body before needing to be discharged;

5) Defecation control implants, preventing solid waste from forming naturally so that it can be discharged at more convenient, sparing intervals;

6) Defecation control surgery, where unwanted intestinal contingencies, including the sickening detritus pertaining to years of engaging in 1-5 above, would be surgically extracted.

Indeed, the economic motivations which a VAST could impose upon society would be utterly predictable. If a family is hoping to buy its own home next year and working on that down payment, a $5-per-movement tax would cause some fifteen-minute-put-offs, annoyed "fuck its," and essential behavior would continue as normal for many. A $45-per-movement tax, though, would change lifestyles significantly, particularly for people who examined totals at the conclusion of each fiscal year. They would hold meetings with prospective mates or spouses to discuss how to minimize the burn, employ professional advisers and physicians to the same end, read websites about how best to manage digestion, and eventually, they would begin teaching their children how to intelligently cope with savings, taxes, family, and retirement needs, in light of the inevitability of death and bowel-movement taxes.

Fighting the VAST

All of the above examples discuss ways that people would attempt to cope with interference with their digestion. Note that the interference is not direct, in the sense that there are not stormtroopers standing outside one's bathroom denying entry. Rather, the interference is cleverly applied. It is an indirect theft attributed to the general good, and enforced by the people also charged with arresting drunken murderers, making resistance to it seem to be taking the side of drunken murderers. It is also, like all central-banking government taxes, designed in a way that harms laborers and savers, but not the wealthy or the poor. The latter two groups can spend all day on the toilet anyway, one because they don't even notice such piddling costs, and the other because even if you eventually get arrested after fabricating paperwork filed for your latest bankruptcy, there's no VAST in prison.

Putting a stop to the interference of a defecation-tax is a good thing. If people get together about it, discuss it online, hold therapy meetings, et cetera, that is just fine and that is sane (inasmuch as coping with an unjust prison term via non-resistance is sane). Addressing how bad the tax system is, and how it wrongfully encourages people to not defecate--which is completely instinctual and natural for living mammals--is morally permissible, and indeed, sane. Under such a regime, we might expect healthy, sane people to demand the removal of all taxes pertaining to bodily functions. We might see people developing devices which interfere with bodily status monitors; assaulting sewage plants to destroy the records departments; executing the legislators and regime officials who administer or collect or enforce the VAST; overthrowing and noosing all components of the government that had permitted the VAST, or anything like it, to occur. All of these acts would be sane, reasonable, and just. They might well be the only way to ensure that people so evil and twisted as to come up with such a perverse tax regime, which incentivizes, and indeed practically mandates, such deplorable living conditions, are purged from this planet.

Corruption - Defecation Classes

What would be disgusting, wrong, and highly indicative of perhaps-irrevocable mental subjugation would be defecation classes. Imagine an evil world controlled by evil tyrants who have imposed ridiculous tax structures of similar types to the VAST discussed above. Over the course of many years, imagine that every aspect of personal and social life has indeed become governed by these perverse tax incentives, and that people have begun to accustom themselves to leading different lifestyles, planning their maturities around poop-management, enjoying the carefree feeling of being drugged and not feeling the need to poop, laughing at how ridiculous it is that some people crimp under the restrictions of poop-limitation, and taking it for granted that anti-pooping drugs and treatments are a fact of life.

Now imagine that, in response to generations of these taxes and the resulting modifications to social and individual expectations, some of the laborers and savers of the world have come up with a solution. And the solution is as follows: People need to be encouraged to poop. If people only strive to poop more, they will be fulfilling a duty to themselves and to the people of the future. Free poopers are free people, and united, they can make a better world. Therefore, the way to resist the evils of these many years is to make people recognize how necessary it is that they poop.

Remember how we began? It is completely absurd to urge mature mammals to reproduce. Anyone who is doing so is extremely sick.

Defecation, like hunger, like breathing, like smiling, like reproducing, is a hardwired instinctual response. If people have been adjusting their behavior to depress any of these instincts, as a logical conclusion or a subconscious natural result of other instincts, then the suitable response is not to encourage them to enjoy pooping. They already want to poop. They already have to poop. The only reason they're not is because of the financial incentives. Remove the blockage, feed healthy nutrients and fluids, and defecation will occur naturally.

The instinct to stay alive, and to preserve food for the winter, can cause people to put off, scorn, or irrevocably refuse reproduction, given the right incentives. The requirement to pay to feed other people's children can lead many a rational catlady to conclude, "Rather than eating dog food and skipping my medicine when I'm older, I'll just not have kids and try to save money instead." That doesn't mean the catlady is necessarily herself evil. It is, rather, a rational response to the government threat of, "Be selfish, think only of yourself, for if you do not, we'll put you in an understaffed care home." Fjotolf Hansen attempted to deal with things at the level of incentives, whereas many other Terrans prefer only to mock the catlady or cry crocodile tears over her "poor choices."

If we want to address the SWPL childless, the solution is not to encourage them to have children. The catlady, and her potential metro REI boyfriend who otherwise leans homo, are by and large possessed of the same human instincts that got their ancestors this far. It is not a question of "making them feel comfortable about being natural," but of changing the conditions of their confinement, which would cause them to behave naturally on their own. The little percentage of people who, in a healthy environment, would not be able to or willing to eat, grow, or reproduce, cannot in any way account for the results we see today.

All of the social responses to a defecation tax discussed above (Nos. 1-6), we have seen tax-producing livestock employ to control their bodily function of reproduction: timing life and career plans so as to put off or negate reproduction; taking anti-reproductive drugs; receiving anti-embryonic or -fetal surgery; becoming pre-emptively surgically sterile; becoming celibate or homosexual; dumping unwanted babies in trash dumpsters and hoping nobody finds out it's yours. These behaviors have always occurred in small percentages of humans, but under modern financial regimes, they have ballooned, showing themselves to be directly correlated to the social levies placed upon reproduction, and the incentives placed upon barrenness. The perpetuation of these levies and incentives, indeed, shows that modern tax farmers understand quite well that the instincts are still functional and must still be fought off.

Humans breed less well in captivity than do other livestock. When a white nationalist tries to encourage "white births" inside the feed lot, it is nigh-indescribably stupid, directly akin to teaching positive defecation mindsets under a VAST system. How sick are we, to believe that "fuzzy feelings" are the remedy to the problem? The Catholic, then Protestant, then Mormon churches have all carried on this tradition of encouraging people to pay heavy taxes to Nero, peacefully submit to the law of the Caesars, and breed as many future working taxpayers as possible. It betrays the truly dead, atheistic mindsets of the conquered ritualists, when they express the rather communistic belief that humanity needs to be encouraged to eat, sleep, or breed. In truth, those behaviors are all intrinsic, and it is by removing impediments to them that life would happen on its own. The Trumpists' "five year plans" for above-replacement birth rates reveal how poorly they actually view their people--and, ironically, how Rousseauian and liberal they are, having adopted the notion that society must be managed by able bureaucrats to produce the proper number of offspring.

The notion that these things need to be taught or encouraged is an awful one. The human groups which have used reproductive quantity to succeed have done so at the cost of developing other attributes, including foresightedness, ingenuity, and individualism. This new Semitic encouragement of white nationalist breeders to produce comparatively-more-productive, less-violent laborers, evinces a desire to still the inventiveness remaining here, and produce generations of fungible young worshipers who measure results by numbers of little variation.


  1. I have one child. I don't think I can muster the energy (and the $) for another, and I'll probably regret that i didn't have another.

    You know who has lots of children? Syrians! A civilised, secular, and mostly socialist society where it is not prohibitively expensive to have children .
    Also take a look at the demographic trends in the Eastern Block after the miracles of capitalism were unleashed - in USSR alone the demographic impact in Russia alone is compatible to WWII.

    1. There's an argument to be made that it's so important an act that it should be done anyway, but that's not a fair argument to be confronted with as a parent or potential parent.

      There's a combination of stupidity and malevolence at play in pretending to understand why people aren't having kids, then encouraging them to do so anyway. It's like holding a war in Iraq or invading Normandy. People naturally want to have kids and defend them, so to get them to produce end results unnaturally, you have to talk big about the heroism involved, since they can't see any on their own (and they're right to not see it around here).

      I know I shouldn't try to teach diff eq to the Masai, but here I am hoping Europe won't sell the remaining little shreds of its soul.

  2. HaltRyte urgings in the crosshairs.

    Ever notice they put blame on the blameless, and never accuse the blameworthy guilty?

    Gee, it's almost like HaltRyte is a project of the blameworthy guilty themselves!

    1. I don't mean to ask the one question too many here, but wasn't it kinda obvious when Spencer called Depeche Mode the official band of the HaltRyte? I didn't know gay disco music was Conservative or White Nationalist in temperament, composition, feel or origin. So glad Rickyboy cleared that up for me from his trust funded lifestyle originating in Dallas upper crusties.

    2. Heh, yeah, it's rather revealing how so many of these shabbos goy dudes have so much time and money to travel internationally and give speeches, but don't give a crap about having children. It's like when conservatives discovered that Rush Limbaugh spent so much time encouraging commoners to vote that he didn't have any time to vote himself, almost as if he felt like voting was worthless. Or Obama's kids and private school, degreed whites in gated communities, etc. It's sad, but not particularly surprising, to see yet another bunch of gullible morons gobble up yet another cause de résistance.

      Terrible for the children, in particular, when they find out mum and dad produced them as a political act, rather than for love or some other vaguely natural reason. Muslim and Jewish kids have known that about their origins for centuries--that they were created as a serviceable race-product--and it's had a predictable effect on their development. Gonna be sad to see another large group join the ranks of "children are tools made for a purpose."

    3. Well, in 2017, it seems the modern Yuppie (the "progressive") has children for the sole purpose of Superiority Display.

      "This is my child, Zorkadickless. He was born with penis & testes, but at age 3 he confided to me and my Partner that he feels Female, so we arranged gender reassignment surgery for his 12th birthday, in fact, right after the Bar Mitzvah he goes under the knife."

      "So he has the twig & berries still, eh?"

      "Well of course, my Partner loves to play with them. But more importantly, Zorkadickless wears girl's clothes and will be receiving a girl's name after the surgery. My Partner, Bellenda, has been teaching Zork all about gender neutrality, feminism, and the horrors of the patriarchy -- in fact we used a speaker against Bellenda's belly when she was carrying Zork, delivering lectures to the little Zork-fetus in utero."


  3. Such interesting reporting on the shabbos goyim at Ochsy-Sulzy's rag here:

    Old sewer-channel scribe seems to think that Hamill and Macchiarola deep-down wished they were Jewish, or something.

    What spin artistry from the scribe and his employer rag!

  4. What's the party line on interracial marriages/children? (Rapefugee-european girl scenario not included, if possible)

    1. (Same as homosexuality, in the sense that in a hypothetical free/just world so few people would be interested in it that it would be a marginal curiosity.)

    2. Hm, and what is it now? (My child is an asian-white mix. I go back and forth between knowing that she will hard time with identity, and being a real citizen of the world human.) But yeah, if I and my wife didn't have to leave respective homelands for standard reasons, this would likely have not happened. If I was a part of the Magellan's expedition though, I'd probably bring back a Philipina wife)

    3. Even large-group inbreeding produces weaker, less expansive long-term results than individual whimsy. Our offense now at miscegenation is an overreaction legitimately sourced but misdirected, like all of our managed overreactions. Again let us stress that, in hypothetical free/just settlements, the ancestral imperative would produce a massive "private" (shunning-based, rather than jail-time/execution-based) prohibition on interbreeding, which would be fine. What makes the situation now unhealthy and revolting is the effect of mate-choices being proxies for defying or obeying a malevolent presence, or as desperate prison-breaks. Given the prison we occupy, almost all choices are sad ones.

      View your Magellan's expedition choice through a hypothetical lens of your homeland not being under sustained Turkish occupation defining rabbe-worship and the oversight of all relationships by hetero-celibate homos. Most land owned by occupying powers, most attractive women turned into erotic courtiers for occupation forces, maddened social/female posturing based on display of foreign luxury goods acquired with ridiculous difficulty at the expense of actual individual/community value: it's not a level playing field between Portuguese and Filipina. Difficult for each of us to imagine what our choices could/would/should be absent deliberate interference with exactly those choices.

  5. In my youth, party lines were low-cost home telephone service models. You might pick up the handset, prepared to either dial the 7 or 10 digits or ask an operator to connect you to Pennsylvania6-5000, and find someone else is having a conversation already, a conversation begun without anticipation of your joining it either as eavesdropper or participant. This was part of the dynamic of party lines: the eavesdropper who shares your phone line, never making calls, just listening in to get a sense of what others might be saying to one another.

    Some think the party line was confined to the crank-telephone era only, but I myself picked up a dial-telephone receiver at a friend's house, heard the chatter ongoing, and decided I'd have to wait a while to call.

    It's possible you could have a party line somewhere in America in 2017, some land line somewhere. Might need to eavesdrop to hear about interracial children and/or marriages. But if you're bold you could pick up the receiver, say "hey, just wondering -- what do you think about an Etruscan marrying an Ethiopian, and/or mating for the purpose of creating a filial generation of Crusty Rastafarians?"