Friday, June 23, 2017


Nowadays, anyone can iThink up a hundred K reasons why thoughtspace should be more diversified. The charts and even the feelies make it abundantly clear: the parent companies of the parent companies ultimately feed into a single entity housed beneath the Baltic ice--2117 2017

We could all go on Google as easily as anyone else here could, and look up the parent companies that control the television and newspapers which we have previously identified as heavily consolidated, and we could along the way notice that those same parent companies also control a commensurate share of "the internet."

In 2017, the control that those companies enjoy over internet hosting and access is not complete. In all technicality, local sub-sub-subsidiaries could hold legal title to some subdivision of the internet and/or internet access. The same has always been true, though, of the old-fashioned media we've been taught to decry. There have always been pitiable faux-equivalents of non-mainstream access to communications media: independent or public-access television and radio; CB and Ham radio; handing out VHS or audio cassette tapes; printing cheap pamphlets or independent newspapers, founding unaccredited institutions of learning, et cetera.

Our perspective, from 2017, enables us to look back on ye olde tymes and see that all of the supposed independence and freedom enjoyed by men who had invented or acquired the printing press or the radio was actually a fake. By controlling radio device interference statutes and regulations, airwave licensing, the distribution of public funds to paper publishers, and the coordinated dissemination of predetermined news topics, the conglomerates were functionally able to dictate what the vast majority of people knew and talked about, despite the technically-omnipresent ability of independent pamphleteers to print and distribute their own viewpoints. Things are much the same today, where we perceive a vast freedom in the internet due to theoretically independent hosting and comments sections, while in fact, we lack the power to collect and channel public opinion toward non-mainstream topics. We're so ecstatic at "our" success in making and using the internet that we're sure things are completely different now than when those ignorant geezers had nothing but a few channels and two local papers from which to choose.

The ability still possessed by the media cartels--the ability to coordinate news from multiple sources worldwide, while overtly or subtly disparaging alternative sources, and to establish via public education standards the intergenerational inherent mockery of what is no longer or never was meant to be mainstream--makes the internet function no differently than industrial mass media ever has. However we may flatter ourselves about our modern freedoms, it has turned out that the boundaries of these experiments were not our technology, but our intelligence.


  1. it has turned out that the boundaries of these experiments were not our technology, but our intelligence.

    Here, by "intelligence," I suspect you mean intellectual capacity, and not humint/sigint forms of gossip, rumor and innuendo labelled otherwise as "intelligence."

    If so, I agree. No reservations.

    1. Indeed. My inspiration was watching some more moderns, in this case libertarians, congratulating themselves about how old media was stifling and oppressive, but how the internet has now made us free because it is like so independent. Which called to mind anti-racist and pro-racist prayer circles, all of which congratulate themselves on how the politicians are going to get theirs any day now because internet communication has freed the truth at last.

  2. The so-called libertarians are perhaps the biggest circus clowns on the American political landscape. I love when 25 of them pile into an old Fiat Topolino, exiting through a bellypan hatch into a subterranean Hogan's Heroes sort of tunnel leading them to their den of debauchery, where they gloat about their 6 figure incomes in the tech sector, not even realizing they are lucky-as-fuck to have such jobs & income in this anomalous time, where almost everyone's confused by the microprocessor's bounty and the VCap largesse bestowed upon "app" makers and other faddish balloons of quickbucks.

    They are the proverbial diamondball metaphor, "landed on third base, thought he hit a triple."

    Don't even challenge them on their beliefs. They think they're the Smart Ones and have Earned Everything simply because Smart. Nonetheless, they aren't smart enough to explain their STEM fortunes or why the human landscape has been is being will continue to be reformed to emulate the Digital Projectionscape.

    Ever meet a libertarian who understands history, the actual workings of finance capitalism, or the greedy manipulations (which are long-term destructive) used only to leverage more bucks out of the ether?

    I tried for about 5 years, diligently, and what I got almost exclusively was smugness, bolstered by "you don't understand ECONOMICS!" nonsense.

    1. "If even one random browser sees even one sentence that leads to one curious thought..." Noble creed that breaks on the walls of Terra. But hey, here already.