Sunday, July 30, 2017

Coaxing to Dunkirk

As a non-Hollywood-patronizer, who has nonetheless been forced by fellow test subjects to join in the yearly fare, I write that if I were going to prompt some gullible fools into believing that races needed to be again taken into account, but only certain of those races, I would produce, in close proximity to each other, Django Unchained and Hacksaw Ridge and Dunkirk. Not so long before Django Unchained, we had Shaft, where Nu Euro and African relations were lampooned with traces more authenticity. Django Unchained went farther in the ridiculous demonizing of the idiot Christians who bought and bred and attempted to forcibly acculturize Africans, producing increasing levels of counter-reaction from the people being so degraded. Not so long before Hacksaw Ridge, we had Pearl Harbor. Like Hacksaw Ridge, it was an awfully fabricated Norman Rockwell-ish backstory justifying coming together to invaded Asia and murder the Japanese who had refused to bind their currencies to the central banks, though Hacksaw Ridge presented an almost wholly-white image of the positivity of Japanese mass murder, whereas Pearl Harbor used a token black to make the "interracial buddies murdering non-bankers" more appealing to earlier Nu Euro audiences.

Dunkirk adopts the model of employing defensive reactions to further a political agenda, which we have often discussed in relation to the 2016 presidential show being an evolution of tobacco campaigns (see A Short Chronology of Reverse Psychology in Recent Advertising). In real "Dunkirk battle as we know it in the 21st century," a bunch of traitorous cuckolds from Britain had set out to invade France and Germany for daring to establish anti-bank governments. Hoping to use Germany's retaking of the Gaza Strip occupied territories in parts of the Sudetenland and Poland to bring it in compliance with bank policy, and begin importing Soviets and rapefugees, Britain crossed the channel and invaded, got its ass handed to it, refused peace offers, bombed civilians, continued to refuse peace offers, then called itself heroic for boating its invaders out of France after the mixed French and German armies had successfully defended the continent from attack. As we all know, Germany should have approached the situation realistically, exterminated the invading army, and countered civilian bombing with civilian bombing in 1939, rather than years later. Instead, Germany and, later, France, followed the course of asking for cessation of attacks and the fixing of old boundaries and the like, and most importantly for the Dunkirk discussion, permitting the British scum to take a long time running home to hide in their cupboards under the stairs. Through banking connections in the U.S., Britain was able to re-launch the invasion, divide up Germany between NATO and the Soviets, ship in Algerians to rape their way across central Europe, and eventually to begin openly importing refugees without uniforms. The little prince harrys couldn't get their hands on German women until their court financiers had asked Roosevelt's court financiers to blockade Japan enough to justify American men suddenly invading Europe.

All this, today's "race realists" and "nationalists" are supposed to understand, with the exception of most Nu Euro nationalists having a secret affection for inbred British royalty, tea ceremonies, bank-noble celebritization, and hunting parties where the queers with the brown suits and the rifles can't hike or carry their gear on their own so they hire 4 young Irish servants to do it, then ride a coach back home afterward while the Irish clean and repair their guns, then clean and dress and cook and serve them "their" foxes and ducks. Still, Nu Euros sort of think that importing Africans to mass-rape European women is wrong. So how to get them to suddenly view the utterly indecent British invasion, and the establishment of the multikult, in a positive light? Easy. Put out a movie glorifying the British queers/traitors who invaded France and Germany to install Merkel and Macron, and then make a bunch of idiotic Nu Euro nationalists support and defend the movie by creating a media stir about how the bastards at Dunkirk weren't "diverse" enough.

Bam! That fast, Hollywood is suddenly the nationalist's friend again. The curs have neither honor nor dignity nor the cranial complexity to comprehend that lack. It's like watching them rebel against Obama by voting for an Ashkenazi TV- and finance-billionaire. They're tweeting, they're buying tickets, they're defending casting choices and set design, and they're gobbling up the chance to defend the entire "world war" globalist banking victory narrative of the twentieth century as a good thing. Dozens of millions dead in Europe during the war, in what, only months ago, they were calling an unfortunate "brothers war" in response to the suggestion that we fight Putin's oligarchs on behalf of Hillary. That's how stupid, how manipulable Nu Euros are. Got a jar of rotten cookies that no one else will eat? Bar the pantry door, tell them, "It's too good, I'm saving it for later for my special treat," then pretend to look the other way and they will gobble it down in five seconds flat--while believing that they did it on their own, that they are free and rebellious, and that it really did taste good. Eating shit is something we all have to do in this world, but no other group does it with such pride; such enthusiasm.

How many Chinese did Mao exterminate after the bankers used the idiots in Europe and America to bomb Asia into submission? How many died in Russia, in Africa, in France, in Spain, America, all across the world, as part of the hideously mutated banking pile-on engineered to mandate the Balfour Declaration, make the U.S. currency the world standard, and setup the NATO v. USSR twentieth century?

If you believe in the banking version of history, those deaths are unavoidable celebrations in service of ultimate financial justice, and you might as well demand a more diverse story. If you pretend to understand that the politicians and their teevees are sort of lying, though, it's dreadfully shameful that such a simple ruse would get you.

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