Friday, July 28, 2017

Eating it, Too

We're here. There are others. The others seem to be here, too. We look at them and understand something of what it means to be here. Others are like us, but not exactly like us. We perceive a connection between their appearance and their behavior; their capabilities. The longer ones may stretch farther. The smaller ones may survive with fewer resources. The bigger ones are, as literally as possible, more directly and more immediately connected to more matter than are the smaller ones. The bigger ones are "heavier." The smaller ones are "lighter."

At first, it is a delight. New things to look at. New things to learn. The bloated ones, and the sinuous ones, may move in ways for which we have respective and contrasting thoughts. Sometimes, ones are too big to manipulate matter in certain ways. A rhinoceros may not slip in between the microscopic openings in bark. It may knock over the tree and split apart the bark and perhaps pierce the bark with its horn across the exact center of the point at which it imagined wanting to penetrate the opening, but it cannot slip through that opening with its entire body and experience the sensation of being smaller than that opening. A bacterium may do so. It may select that exact microscopic opening that the rhinoceros had noticed or imagined and it may enter into it and be inside of the living tree by means of that opening.

Sometimes, ones are too small to manipulate matter in certain ways. A bacterium may not knock over a tree with a single charge. It may enter the tree and propagate itself by the trillions and weaken the trunk and cause the tree to crumble in imitation of a mighty charge, but it may not charge into that tree with its entire body and experience the sensation of being the singular mass that externally leveraged force upon the whole of the previously intact mass of the tree and knock it over. The rhinoceros may do so. It may select the exact tree that irritates it and lean its shoulder onto the tree and it may feel the resistance of the trunk as it leans and rubs and forces the trunk to the ground by means of its own singularly-perceived control over the mass and strength of the body that it can sense in much more direct detail than it can sense the tree or the nearby rock or the cloud formations on the other side of the planet.

It is not fair. There is a correlation between the matter which we are using and the thoughts which we think we have. We become afraid. Thoughts do not instantly, or sometimes ever, affect matter in accordance with the precision of our advancing desires. We thereby learn of our existences: if thought perfectly coordinated with matter, it would be a different existence. It would not be existence as we use the term here. We realize we have some type of relationship, both connected and disconnected, with the matter we see around us. We exchange our matter with the matter in our environment and we see others exchanging their matter with the matter in that same environment, and we see that the exchange affects how we and they not only inhabit matter, but how the thing that makes us special operates. We see that others grow larger and smaller and are born and die and that these processes have a relationship to the matter associated with what we perceive to be their consciousness. We see that we grow larger or smaller or stronger or weaker and, more disturbingly, we see that our opinions and senses of self have changed as a result. Our interests in other material structures change. We become less interested in sugar and more interested in protein, more interested in sugar and less interested in protein, more interested in certain body shapes and less interested in certain body shapes. The taboos of youth cease becoming interesting and the taboos of age cease becoming novel and impossible. We lose our desire for certain kinds of entertainment and replace them with others. We realize that the pure and special selves we have imagined ourselves to be cultivating are not so singular after all. Chance occurrences in the doings of our material selves cause or avoid vast changes in lifestyle and we are pleased by some and displeased by others. We may realize that but for an occurrence our senses of our selves might be very different. We may come to see that our characters and memories are in many ways derivative within boundaries akin to how our fluxing material shape is derivative within boundaries. We may come to see that our perception of where those boundaries are and how expansive or limiting they are is not one which we can fully understand.

It is not fair and it is not right and no one decent should have to put up with it. We try to prove the world wrong by forcing reality to be about our choices and our choices alone. It is not right that I cannot pick my genetic predisposition for muscular development. It is not right that I cannot choose my features to represent the real me as I imagine the real me to be at this time. It is not right that I can work out an hour a day and not ever be or have been as sexy as some binge-drinking person I knew in school who got a doughnut every morning break. It is not fair that I cannot select a different intelligence or age or species or race or sex or body type or whatever else one is supposed to care about here. It is not right that I cannot change my decision about whether or not I live or how I live or how long I live or where I live and I should get to go back and do it all over again.

Fear drives us. We commit to something, to anything, to banish the demons. Some choose the illusion of decree. Nothing is as it seems and nothing is chosen and it has already been decided by something too great to be real. Choices do not exist because choices have already been decreed and in choosing you are merely carrying out the will of a higher being who already made you to make that choice and every other choice.

Fear drives us. Some choose the illusion of choice. We are all completely free spirits who can choose and choose and choose again what we want to be here.

The local mundanities are obvious. Some people defy the idea of existing, and the fear of not existing, by declaring it out of their hands. No one can choose. Maybe God has already chosen. Maybe the Big Bang has already chosen. Since we cannot change what was already omnipotently decreed, there is no pressure. No fear over the choice. Big Weh and Yah Bang already know what you will choose. You are at this moment already known to be a success or a failure. Greater events than you have charted the course.

Some people defy the idea of not being themselves all-choosing. Choose to be born a man, decide you don't like it, complain you didn't choose, then re-choose. No one here can prove you chose. If we pretend your new choice is valid, we can pretend we're not really going to die. Agreeing that we can overcome matter by choice is agreeing that we are immortal. We identify as the living.

These sicknesses are all derivative of the same source. If a girl can be a boy, then a decaying piece of flesh can indeed live forever. Matter contradicts us. Chromosomes, birth-genitals, brain structure: they "disagree" with our "choice." We cannot wish Great Grandma back. We cannot wish the cancer away.

Western liberalism wishes otherwise. We pretend that "choice" means, in fact, everything. An invisible man has fixed it all so long as we choose to believe that it will be fixed. We can wish Great Grandma back if we believe we can. We can meet her again in a land without cancer because our choices are so strong. If we follow certain scruples, anything is possible. We can hurt choirboys or rim on grindr for fifteen years and then confess and by so doing gain the power to choose good things forever. Our choices are majestic. How we love to enshrine our "choices." We can choose to be saved like we can choose to be a manwoman or an antiracist.

In our throes of ecstasy, we convince ourselves that we have the power. Africans are as book-smart as everybody else. Damn the statistics and full speed ahead! We believe because we must. If African bodies and brains exert a large influence over African test scores, then perhaps our own personalities are similarly bounded. We really are going to die! Nu Euros hate the idea of losing their rabbinical universalism. Whatever form it takes, it is there, comforting them that their choices are, in some vast cosmic way, sanctioned. Powerful. I choose to be alive! It is my choice to accept this glorious gift to which I am, by virtue of choice, entitled!

We see many Nu Euros incredibly passionate about the choices of physical denial. This is really trying to "take back" a chess move, in a way, given the choices inherent in material structure, but forget about that at the moment. Pretend that people do not choose their material arrangements and that is instead done for them by Big Yin Weh and Yah Yang Bang, the overgood evilsome hermaphroditic torture twins of eternity. Focus only on the "being here right now" part. Some people express their fear of death by denying that biology has anything to do with behavior. That is their own jihad. They save themselves by hoping that mass denial of molecular structure can transcend the death they see occurring as a result of molecular structure. God bless them their attempt, those infants of this kind of conscious existence. They're scared, and so they do it. Somewhere in time, we've all been there. Getting upset at them is like asking a dog not to breathe.

Biological reality. Facts assail some. Self-serving, but nonetheless, facts. White people arranged all of the stuff we think of as interesting and valuable. Even the ones who didn't create it are members by virtue of genetic proximity and bone marrow compatibility. The goodies and the bombies and the more visually-labor-intensive buildings and the little phones. It was done, it's consistent, yes. Accept it.

Problem with reality. Wherever white people gather, wherever they build buildings and sculpt sculptures and paint paintings and reduce street crime, wherever they design medicine and reduce transaction costs and build social trust and control hypergamy to some extent, they remain inferior. Wherever they go, the results are as unavoidable as Africans needing an MCAT boost to get token MDs to help white people feel like this material world doesn't actually affect the specialness of their selves. The statistics are there, the science is there, and even the few shreds of relatively recent archaeological and genetic evidence are there: Africans just aren't the same. Molecular arrangements really do affect the special selves we believe we have.

Yes, we're going to die. No, we can't wish our way out of it. We can feel proud that we figured out, in contrast to many others, that molecular arrangements affect us here.

And that hurts you. If African bodies cause African minds to behave in certain ways, then all bodies, and your body, do the same. Even if you say that you don't mind dying, you fear that the sense of specialness, the you-ness, is really an illusion, because this decaying matter exerts a large degree of control over not only your behavior but your sense of self. The proper drugs can make you disbelieve in your god. You can be drugged or gaslighted into committing any crime you can imagine and many you cannot, perpetually, since birth, and with subtle manipulation you can be left believing it was all your decision, the entire time, it was all really you yourself, special you, who was doing it and choosing to do it. Knowing that, whether inside or outside of an illusion, makes one wonder how much one truly exists, and how much one is merely a by-product of matter. It can be terrifying. We turn our heads sideways. No, no, we don't want the blended mashed broccoli. No, no, it is not that way. Our bodies do not affect us. They were magically and perfectly chosen and the wrongness only happens because we are being tricked and tested to see if we will behave even when we are tortured. But the things we think are us are actually us and are only minimally affected by the material circumstances in which we happen to be.

Our only real defense is the insistent feeling of existence we have; of self, of choice. When choice proves itself less than all powerful, the fear takes us. Can we understand the contradiction, or will we dwell in denying that both choice-here and matter-here affect who we actually are?

That's a tough issue for a lot of people. It's not a complex one--it takes a lot of work to keep people from considering themselves allowed to perceive or admit perceiving it, especially about physical and mental differences--but it's still a tough one. It's just one aspect of accepting the ways in which being in this matter affects one.

That realization alone fails to suffice. The lesson is not learned unless it is learned comprehensively. Negroids engineer less well than Nu Euros. Consistently, across multiple generations, with comparable individual and collective independence and large-group and small-group cohesion and resource supply, often with vastly greater resource supply and easier starting conditions for the Negroids. Matter persists. Transsexuals commit suicide and hate the mutilation of their bodies after their surgeries even with family and social and television and celebrity support and subsidy. Blacks keep shooting people instead of visiting national wilderness areas to appreciate confined archeonature or obtaining and using free STEM degrees to design more efficient microwave ovens. On a larger scale, we all hate the counterfactual material denialism we engage in. To whatever extent we participate in them, we don't believe our own lies.

Problem with reality. Wherever white people gather, wherever they build buildings and sculpt sculptures and paint paintings and reduce street crime, wherever they design medicine and reduce transaction costs and build social trust and control hypergamy, they remain inferior. Their ability to be more creative and more simple-problem-solving does not overcome their limitations. In the material world, Jenome is superior. The Jews can show up in any white society, take control of it, and engineer both their own showy expulsion and their own reaction to and recovery from it. Metaphysically speaking, white people are the dorky math student who is totally smart and nice, and Jews are the huge dumb football player that beats them up every time. All those marble statues and silicon computer chips and lovely granite monuments ain't, as they say, worth shit. That is why human history as far back as we have access to it shows a planet in Jewish control, with alternating numerical surges between various host populations and belief systems. Aryans who spread East left stone graves and monuments and genetic traces but were essentially Mongolized. Aryans who sailed west left stone graves and monuments and genetic traces but were wiped out and essentially Mongolized. Aryans who journeyed south left stone graves and monuments and genetic traces but were wiped out and essentially Negroid-Mongolized. Aryans who stayed put will disperse cremated ashes and leave leaning steel monuments and genetic traces but be wiped out.

The prize of ultimate conquest belongs to the Jews. By all means, squabble and protest. But we invented the rocket engine! But we composed the symphonies and the operas! But we invented all the great original stories and cultures! Whites choose to view themselves as superior, even though they've tried and failed to beat Jews for hundreds of times in a row, only to be serving them even more assiduously than before. We wuz kangz; after all, we built Detroit and we made South Africa bloom! And we believe in the survival of the fittest and look at those backward blacks in their mud huts and rap music and so what if they own all the banks and we pay them a fee for every single thing we ever do we're going to be woke any minute now and then watch out serious this time goys serious!!!

They said at the beginning that they were better and that goys were cattle and that goys were going to be their slaves forever. Like the history of black pioneers in scientific achievement, the history of white pioneers in controlling their own societies since contact is nil. Sure, there were regular empty denunciations of Jewish privilege in medieval Europe, constant #WLM or pro-expulsion riots, but they change things about as much as peace rallies prevent funeral shootings in Chicago. Keep it up, goys. I'll take you seriously once you identify the Jenomic pattern, then send excision teams with DNA kits door-to-door worldwide. But you won't, because you're about as serious as the NAACP taking realistic steps to stop gun violence in our communities by reducing unfair sentences for killers with priors.

The race that builds the prettiest things and is the most inventive and creative is not also the race that is materially superior. You can't have your cake and eat it, too, anymore than you can be a man and a woman. Choose between nastiest, sickest, most self-loathing material selfishness, or the ability to perceive and have an interest in higher things. The doppleganger hosts have made their terrible choice, and so have the rest of us.

How seemingly ironic it is that we cannot understand the true failings of Nu Euros, or "whites," without first traversing the path that, deceptively, seems to at first be the most pro-white. The fearful inability to recognize that African material coding establishes certain average parameters reveals itself to be a protective measure designed to safeguard the Nu Euro from recognizing that his own material coding establishes its own average parameters, which are inferior in effect to those victoriously suffered by Jenomics. Perhaps it is the race-blind "progressive" whose idiocy is less profound, for she fairly applies her wishfully stupid philosophy across all peoples, so committed to the idea of negating material occurrences that she clings to the purity of her faith in defiance of all possible evidence to the contrary. The "traditionalist," by contrast, bears an uglier infection, wherein the bulk of the evidence is ignored, yet the ability to view and analyze the evidence is claimed.

Modern Africans have building and provisioning skills comparable to the Chinese of 1,000 B.C.? Clear evidence of African inferiority, they say. Nu Euros have lost every society they've ever built since 1,000 B.C. to the Jews? The Nu Euro's response tends to be, CHEATERS CHEATERS UNFAIR PARASITES, alongside the assumption--often explicitly stated--that Nu Euros, like African American slaves, "built this world."

Many a tome and screed have been written about the vivisection of Nu Euro societies by the Jews. Many source from the more obviously-stupefying perspective of Rabbi-worship being dissected by Jews, far fewer from the less-stupefying perspective of Nu Euros as the original, relatively guilt-free pagan peoples who were unfairly tricked into worshiping a newer Jewish god. In either case, the successive and ongoing defeats of the weaker peoples paints a picture as obvious as that painted by African American gun violence: whites are the weaker society. They are, pursuant to their adopted rules of random evolution (similarly faulty to their adopted rules of Christianity, but its correctness is not here the subject), the less capable species (or "sub-species," if you prefer). Ergo the game is over. Decomposition is occurring and cannot be stopped. Bodies on this planet will be adjusted in correspondence to Jenomic desires. Perceptive abilities, emotional intelligence, and even projective intelligence will all be soothingly reduced under a morphinish dose of mass society, producing a pliable patient ready to end.


  1. Metaphysically speaking, white people are the dorky math student who is totally smart and nice, and Jews are the huge dumb football player that beats them up every time.

    Man, that's straight outta the Mossad playbook, that compounded metaphor.

    How ironic it is that Jews spent 2d half 20th Century getting silent but certain control over education, such that the metaphor's proved true. Academia feeds what's Factual Reality because that's where people learn Stuff at a level high enough (in social profile) to earn a Parchment.

    I continue to weep over this. When I was a working man in a suit-and-tie job, I always found my Jewish co-workers to be less intelligent (as a brainpower capacity thing, an idea-mixing/-generating thing) but more shrewd (happy to manipulate any situation with any type of emotional pitch, and eager to bring out peoples' worst in the bargain).

    In contrast, the Goyim believe that their Parchments convey gravitas/heft, while never asking how the whole Parchment system was rigged before they entered it, and is still being rigged, ever more subtly, as time passses. They note the Experts are the ones with the Finest Parchments, and thus the Experts are unassailably correct in all ways. On all subjects.

    "Little Tommy had Straight A's from 1st through 11th grades, he's already been accepted to Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Chicago."

    Any of Tommy's friends will tell you Tommy's unable to do much of anything except regurgitate what he memorized, which act/routine painfully and gruelingly ate up all his free time. They'll remark that Tommy couldn't fix a flat tire, couldn't change his oil, couldn't make any food but pancakes or Cup o'Noodles, and hadn't had an independent thought/idea since he was 4 or 5 years old.

    Tommy's mum & dad are deep in hock to mortgage banks, credit card issuers, commercial lenders of various types affiliated with the Usual Consumer Big-Ticket Transactions.

    Tommy & his family clearly are winning.

  2. Choose between nastiest, sickest, most self-loathing material selfishness, or the ability to perceive and have an interest in higher things.

    It's a testament (cough cough) to the truth of your compounded metaphor of dorks/jocks that you get socially ostracized in America if you choose an interest in higher things, things above your basest urges. In America, competition is not for athletics, but for general social interaction.

    Jenome at work!

    Those who don't have any athleticism will still have competitive urges. They can't palliate those urges through competition on the pitch, so they tell you that you should be competing off-pitch with everyone about everything.

    "In crisis and confusion, there is opportunity."


    Incidentally, the "opportunity" always presents itself as something appealing to greed, lust, or a death urge.