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Evolving Covenants

Genesis 17 New Global Version (NGV)

The Covenant of SRS

17 When Theodore was sixty-six years old, the Lord appeared to him and said, “I am God Almighty; walk before me faithfully and be blameless. 2 Then I will make my covenant between me and you and will greatly increase your numbers.”

3 Theodore fell facedown, and God said to him, 4 “As for me, this is my covenant with you: You will be the parent of many nations. 5 No longer will you be called Theodore; your name will be Tammy, for I have appointed you a guardian of many nations. 6 I will make your thoughts very fruitful; I will make nations like you, and traders will follow you. 7 I will establish my covenant as an everlasting covenant between me and you and your kindred after you for the generations to come, to be your God and the God of your kindred after you. 8 The whole land of Gaea, where you now reside as a foreigner, I will give as an everlasting possession to you and your kindred after you; and I will be their God.”

9 Then God said to Theodore, “As for you, you must keep my covenant, you and your kindred after you for the generations to come. 10 This is my covenant with you and your kindred after you, the covenant you are to keep: Everyone among you shall be degendered and regendered in the desired image. The Physician (peace and blessings of Yahweh be upon him) said: "The duty is five things – or five things are part of the duty – degendering, regendering, cutting the nails if it be desired, plucking the armpit hairs if it be desired, and trimming the moustache if it be desired."

11 You are to be partly degendered, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and you. 12 For the generations to come every female among you who is eight days old must be given hormones of a man and every male among you who is eight days old must be given hormones of a woman, and both must be physically degendered, including those born in your household or bought with money from a foreigner--those who are not your offspring. 13 Whether born in your household or bought with your money, they must be degendered in mind and in body. My covenant in your flesh is to be an everlasting covenant. 14 Any gendered individual, who has not been cut in the flesh, will be cut off from his people; he or she has broken my covenant.”

Killing Close and Far

Depending on the course and duration of humanity, scholars here may well analyze, in a negative light, ritual child sexual abuse and adult dungeon games, as the latter two acts are conducted under the guise of "parenting" or "medicine." Terran civilization may in time advance to that point. Unlikely as it may seem, the people here have in some instances discarded some of their beloved rituals as "too harmful" or, even, "too evil." Now (2017), for example, it is acceptable across much of the world for mainstream, generally-respected persons to speak--on their own, unpunished and uncensored--with forthright and honest negativity about lobotomies, administering morphine with scopolamine during childbirth, or testing experimental drugs on orphans.

The reformations of various clergies over the centuries have been effected in such a way that a handful of vile rituals have been, morbidly-ironically, sacrificed to their siblings. Lobotomy, for example, martyred itself. It and its many kindred physical counterparts, along with the stupefied hordes of living ikons who inhabited the sacred places of modern science, are now gone. For its sacrifice, lobotomy of the scalpel was able to not only preserve, but grow lobotomy of the tablet, inducing many more of the unwilling faithful to consign themselves and their families to great depositories of the alchemically-animated walking dead. The retirement asylum, the special needs asylum, and many other places of mass worship could not have been born without the prior experience of physical lobotomy. Warrior-chieftains of old took their primitive weapons into physically-realized battle against aspects of the body that are now handled by comparatively impersonal campaigns of chemical bombardment. The twilight sleep of birthing mothers had its heart extracted by great priests of severe countenance in order that a larger number of the faithful could achieve more measured, sustainable portions of disembodied pharmaceutical complacency throughout every minute of their lives. While Allah still demands a heavy physical toll on Ashura, the more genteel Jehovah is content to employ self-flagellation from the inside, scoring sin and sinner via polite chemotherapy. The curative effects of self-flagellation may not be politely doubted, for if the priests confirm that their later interpretations are more beatific than their earlier, the reasonable men among the survivors shall not doubt that at least a small miracle has been accomplished.

As wise men say in and about Mecca, "all glory to Allah," lest one be too prideful in mere flesh. The notion that some of the bodies have successfully sustained a toxicological barrage, but that the barrage itself was not necessary or helpful, is as insane as the claims of the faithless that it was not Yahweh who saved them from the lightning storm, but that the probability spread dictated that some populations sheltering in some caves would survive. The cursed godless speak of the unheeded prayers of other clans to other deities before perishing, but this is only, to the faithful, proof positive that their deity was the one with true power, who leads his believers to glory. Or, at least, mortifying survival.

Our great humanitarians question the systemic effects of drone bombing of civilians upon the fighting of war. Placing fat IT goys in little rooms blowing up Paki kiddies saves on body armor and the emotional costs of maintaining a fighting force, but more importantly, it manages the civilian reaction. Our vicarious identification with a soldier who firsthandedly rampages through a village, shooting a Vietnamese girl, makes his act more shocking than IT-fatty accidentally blowing up a wedding "convoy" which includes far more than one Asian girl. We do this in our medicine, too, for if a husband were to drug his aging wife and trap her in the cellar, feeding her at measured intervals, forcing drugs down her throat, and occasionally forgetting to turn her and leaving her with necrotic bedsores, we would cry for his head. If 5 mestizas are doing it to 100 octogenarians, though, we shudder a little, but care not. The impersonal delivery of chemical weapons is not so much more effective against those being bombarded as it is against those whose potential shock at the internal Fallujah may interfere with system latency. At a peak of earlier relativism, we gloried in Jehovah's skill at having created the universally redeemable cog-man by not washing our hands and by letting our blood; by fearing stars and speculation, sending our children and our other treasures to the places where the Prophet, peace be upon Him, had visited and ascended, and by occasionally surviving in spite of our best efforts. Now, at what is perhaps a peak of a later relativism, we prove we are free by overwashing our hands and poisoning ourselves. We still send our children and our other treasures to the places where the Prophet, peace be upon Him, had visited and ascended, but we need no crude Ashura of the whip, when we can more effectively profane ourselves with pemetrexed or imatanib.

Cutting In and Out

Despite our ongoing sickness, we still mock the demons of the past. On occasion, our mockery is somewhat insightful, even quite correct, as when we describe the pre-industrial insane asylum as a house of evil, false medicine, built upon the perversity of the physician-priest, the molochian drive of the sex-farming profit-house, the arch soullessness and pseudo-benevolent stupidity of the condoning leadership, and the arrogant docility of the surrounding citizenry. Future citizens of exactly our intelligence, and sharing to an exact degree the need to feel that they, too, have scientifically progressed, would say the same things about our own habits regarding child development, general wellness-fostering, mental health, criminology, and gerontology. Bolstered by decades of self-flattering research, the interdisciplinary consensus of equally wise thinkers, and identical quanta of historical confidence, they would be as kind toward our own shamanistic delusions as we are toward the Victorian-era royal professor of pederastic medicine who injects his malnourished orphans with primitive anticholinergics to help them forget their probingly digital and phallic path toward the graveyard. We are not ourselves decent nor correct, but like the various stopped clocks pitching slowly downward through our political echo chamber, we are in some ways able to levy accurate and proper criticism toward various of our predecessors. The greater mass of us may alternately condemn colonialism for the wrong reasons, then cheer it for others equally wrong, but our lifetime's pablum contains, at least, a few ingredients of condemnation.

It is therefore rather likely that a surviving form of Terran civilization will be able to accurately critique, in some fashion, the sexual god-playing of recent centuries. Transsexuality will be a bit thornier of an issue about which to garner a consensus, given the wholesale early prominence of Jewish academics involved in the documented modern stages of raping children and forcibly masturbating infants to create perversions of evidence which might be used to create perversions elsewhere. A hundred years after the Janissarying of little boys in London itself, though, sufficient social massaging has produced such an outpouring of the chemical sexual abuse of children, and of course expensive troublemaking of adult varieties, that society could very well be arranged to generate a backlash against transsexuality itself, rather than its current negative manifestations. More importantly, this backlash could, like today's against our imagined version of early-twentieth-century eugenics, be attributed almost exclusively to gentiles, or perhaps as a random distribution among all groups. The causative Semitic element would, as in the rest of history, be wishfully-retroactively ascribed to ideology--to the invisible hand of the capitalistic marketplace of ideas--rather than to something concentrated in Semites.

The names of parents, teachers, communities, judges, physicians, legislators, journalists, and other ugly parties involved in the many child sacrifices of this time period, are now so gentilized that many a reasonable future person could look back on the period much as the world now looks back on the Triangle Trade, namely, that it was a gentile idea, or a randomly-distributed ideological motivation, to use European-invented and -designed ships to travel to Africa and return to Britain with cheap immigrant labor. The nationalists from centuries ago, who objected to the African slave trade on both nativist and moral grounds, were in fact staunch fascists who considered the work of the Semitic financiers harmful, and wanted them crushed and driven out. It is with tragic humor--as in most cases of Christian pedagogy--that these marginalized voices have been retroactively adopted by many modern anti-racists, who find in the objections of many British Hitlers, so to speak, their imaginary kindred. We view the debate over the Triangle Trade in our own preferred terms, recasting characters at will like a child rearranging our dolls. Ergo we can criticize what it once was improper to criticize, for now the horrible behavior has been ascribed primarily to Europeans and/or non-genetic ideologues.

The Kinsey report, and the other public and private horrors of the early "scientific" form of ritualistic child rape and mutilation, and the lengthy history of medical students and practicing doctors being quietly marginalized, dismissed, or destroyed for objecting: all these things have been quite well pushed from view. Like the Atlantic slave trade, the facts are still there. For said Atlantic trade, we have names of ships; names and families of investors; Saturday but not Sunday holidays at the slave-markets; anti-Semitic commentary by its contemporary critics, and the like. Nonetheless, even in a relatively fact-preserved period of Terran history, in which those things can be read and discovered by the less-literate, the power of pedagogy and media have made evidence irrelevant. The Atlantic slave trade appears to have been a gentile crime as viewed though the parking cameras on the new self-driving car of history.

So too with sexual experimentation on children. The records leading to the first ritual child mutilations in Europe are solidly Semitic. The same trend, ideologically and surgically, applies to the more comparatively thorough procedures performed on drugged-consenting (sic) adults, and then on more comprehensive child cuttings: solidly Semitic, with perhaps a small exception for Indian hijra, where influence is not likely to be provable. It is, accordingly, easy to see how the average media-user today can see some black/yellow/white celebrity queer acting like a jerk, or some featured white webzine couple poisoning a child, and realize that there is a problem, but not understand where that problem came from, or how to stop it. Particularly when the frontmen so richly deserve to be historically reviled, it's a simple matter to imagine future society justly reviling them. Media articles featuring the latest two New York gentiles to chemically castrate some hapless adopted child will later be evidence that 21st century child abuse was a white phenomenon.

Knock a tray of jelly sandwiches off the picnic table, then take a picture of the ants crawling over it and use it as proof that the ants were responsible for invading the picnic area. There are always ants, and they will always come for dropped jelly sandwiches, but absent people sneakily having elbow-related "accidents" near the sandwich tray, the ant population will otherwise have to confine itself to a combination of natural foraging, or of coming in much smaller groups for the few crumbs that some average inconsiderate dolt would drop anyway. Modern Europeans, gobbling up Hollywood-NFL-election pap, are sloppy enough to spill and waste, so they will always invite some quantity of trouble upon themselves, but on their own they do not generate the quantity nor intensity of the problems they now face. These peoples' shame over their comparative clumsiness is much of the cause of their mocking amazement and disbelief at the concept of anyone who would not make such messes, or at any ideology which demands purity, ergo their susceptibility to arguments in favor of "pragmatism," which ultimately made them more useful to more farsighted groups, and will later result in their own replacement. The highest commitment and utility offered by human tools is during and shortly after the ascendancy of an ideological invasion, such as the transformation and spread of Turkish universalism through Rome, and on to Europe, the Americas, and NATO. It was, therefore, of greater utility to engineer new ideological ascendancies and shortly-thereafters, rather than to permit the Europeoid-NATO empire to retain nominal hegemony.

Pieces In a Jar

So indeed, we may see some formal criticism of this era in hindsight. It will seem so obvious to the people then. They will wonder where it came from, laugh at the notion that anyone can explain where it came from (except for a generic "evil random stuff"), and feel glad that, whatever their government is (some more culturally "rightist" version of the past few K years?), that said government has been designed to prevent such abuses. "We took care of that."

Pitiably, the more Jenomic ("Yahweh-derived") origins of essential daily child abuse will probably not get discussed. All of the gentile idiots out there charging forward with their child-cutting and -drugging habits can be made to bear the blame, but the older Semitic traditions of child sexual abuse and genital mutilation are too expressly Semitic to become acceptable targets. The history of powerless child mutilation, just like that of elective adult mutilation, traces directly to proud Semitic researchers, ergo it must be forgotten. Euros will wake up believing that they did it to themselves of their own free will, but have now been reborn into a higher people who would never again make such mistakes.


  1. For its sacrifice, lobotomy of the scalpel was able to not only preserve, but grow lobotomy of the tablet,....

    The symbolism here is opaque at best, the metaphors diffusely hazy.

    My guess is that you're satirizing one of these two people, and maybe both:

    * Noam Chomsky

    * Michel Foucault

    Probably I've missed the point here, but your generous explanation would help me get out of my morass of confusion.

    1. "Tablet," there, was meant in the pharmaceutical sense. Does that connect specifically to Chomsky or Foucault, did you mean you were reading them on your tablet PC, or...?

      I've now joined you in your morass.

    2. I was thinking "tablet" like iPad or similar types of e-device. So the leap from scalpel to e-device seemed a "sounds connected because of how it's argued, not because it's actually connected causally etc" sort of thing, which reminds me of either or both of Chomsky and Foucault.

      Since tablet = pharma, I've left the mire.

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