Saturday, July 29, 2017

Infant Genital Mutilation

Semites who like to carve up children's genitals offer a number of public rationalizations. The rationales tend to be part-health, part-tradition, part-appearance. The "tradition" and "appearance" parts are the only genuine components, because mutilating children for appearance's sake is indeed Semitic tradition.

Consider the mutilation traditions: their true purpose is to sexualize pre-pubescents, often at infancy. On a physically mature adult female, for example, the genitals become, during arousal (true to form and history, this occurs whether the arousal is intended/desired or not), flushed with blood, and expand correspondingly. The expansion causes the outer labia to open a bit, akin to a budding flower, and exposes the inner labia and vaginal passage. When Semites mutilate little girls--a tradition they largely abandoned in Europe during the first phase of conquest--what they are doing is cutting away much of the outer labia and relevant skin folds, exposing the vaginal passage and the local veins and capillaries in a crude imitation of arousal. Female genital mutilation, ancient and modern, often also includes sewing up part of the vagina, producing a vaginal entrance that will, on a mature female, make sexual friction "tighter" for the male user. It also tends to involve vivisection of the clitoris and parts of the clitoral hood, which the Yahweh-/Allah believers have tried to reimpose since gaining entry into Europe, perhaps the most recently being the attempt in America, through Kellogg, to introduce using acid on infant clitorises to burn them away and prevent female arousal from corrupting society. Though acid hearkens to more longstanding Semitic techniques in Arabia, modern Semites tend to use sterile blades, rather than acids, to carry on their traditions in an acceptable imitation of western medicine.

Like any body part, the labia can become dirty if uncared for, ergo when confronted by their penchant for sexualizing infants, Semites have traditionally countered with arguments not only of tradition (sic), but of cleanliness, arguing that the removal of "merely peripheral" vulva components leads to cleanliness. Only an idiot would believe this, and in the case of the Nu Euro, enough residual "protect women" instincts prevented the habit from being adopted as Judaism spread into Rome, then all of Europe. When it became clear that Europe would not initially turn over its girls, the Semitic contract could be amended to permit Arabs to continue mutilating girls in Arabia in the meantime.

The issue works the same with male mutilation, wherein physically mature arousal causes the expanding erection to slide the head of the penis past the foreskin and expose the glans to eager adult eyes. Similarly to the feigned sexualization of the female child, infant mutilation with males is intended to simulate erection-arousal glans-exposure. The traditional Jewish ritual of one or more rabbis licking and sucking on a baby's genitals as part of the mutilating process was initially likened to "cleanliness," which was in modernity revised to the claim that removing impure skin protects the sexualized child from infection. Semites in Europe and America still perform fellatio on male infants, while in Arabia, they are able to indulge themselves with both carved sexes.

Again, only a complete and utter idiot, a sick pervert with latent pedophilia, would believe any of these rationalizations for surgically imitating permanent sexual arousal on babies, ergo after Charlemagne, Nu Euros accordingly revised all their medicine to standardize male infant mutilation under the rationale of cleanliness. Thankfully for Europe's hearing, the Jews did not have a sexual fetish for exposed ears, or it is likely that a thousand years of western medicine would decree that ear infections would be reduced by removing erotic sections of the outer ear flap, and cutting away part or all of the cartilage comprising the auricle.

The 2017 design and sale of various sex hormones--drugs that permit elders to LARP as youths, or to rape non-digitally; or, drugs that prevent or redirect maturation--sexual reassignment surgery, and the reduction or expansion of various parts or non-parts--should be seen as part of this longstanding tradition of torturing children for the harmful sexual thrills of dangerously sickened elders. All of the indignation which today's gentiles would feel if, in fifty years, hospitals routinely perform sex-change operations on newborns, should be retroactively applied to the past thousand years of western medicine, to every single physician and assistant and facility who is now continuing it, and to the original treacherous perverts who led the rabbi's armies north. All of those mutilations, to say nothing of the rapes and genocides, are at their feet.

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