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Jenome Theory

Combating Internet-based Anti-Semitism

As a blogger who composes purely fictional work, I consider it one of my greatest humanitarian responsibilities to combat internet-based anti-Semitism. Although social and legislative policy, internet access and production ownership, Congressional and judicial representation, and media organizations and spokespersons are all sorely under-representative of Jewish interests, there are at least a few small, heroic nonprofit underdogs fighting the good fight--and, more to the point, a tiny handful of internet activists, both known and unknown, who do what they can to stem the overwhelming tide of hateful and erroneous speech directed at Jewish peoples and other minorities on the internet.

One of the most effective ways that we can contribute is not to attack anti-Semitism directly. Rather, we make anti-Semitic claims ourselves, then use the attention generated by them to discredit anti-Semitism by proxy. Many of my colleagues in this area do much better work than I. Some focus on astronomy, for example my moon-landing and flat-earth counterparts. They discuss Jewish control of world banking, the Jewish role in the Napoleonic and World Wars, and the Jewish destruction of various societies, then insist that it all hinges upon the moon landing having been faked, or the Earth being flat, due to the truth of the Torah. Curiously, they gain many more comments and much more media interest than anti-Semitic sites which do not make these claims. The biased media apparatus plays right into our hands, helping us discredit anti-Semitism by making most people associate it with ridiculous lies like "the Earth is flat and covered by an impenetrable firmanent," which is such a completely ridiculous claim that it's insulting that White, Anglo-Saxon Protestants and other bigots would have dared try to use it.

Another delightful aspect of anti-anti-Semitic activity has been spelling and grammar. Many anti-Semites feel an inherent hostility to the schools we have established in the English-speaking world, almost as though they feel that they are being somehow insulted, set up, or exploited in some fashion. These "feelings," as erroneous as they are improper, have helpfully kept many anti-Semites from learning to employ language properly. Many of them suffer from persecution complexes, coming to feel that educated professionals--media figures and journalists, physicians, attorneys, academics--are somehow "working against them." Accordingly, they come to distrust and avoid much of the language their genetic predecessors used. When they attempt to express these thoughts, they spell improperly, use deplorable diction, and are unfamiliar with grammar. In their struggle to feed themselves, these worthless idiots do not often have the time nor the inclination to pursue a remedy to these problems. What they do wrong on their own, we can augment by conflating anti-Semitism with uneducated grammar and diction of certain varieties, while excusing or ennobilizing the uneducated grammar and diction of other, more properly pro-Semitic, groups.

Some anti-anti-Semitism warriors focus on Christianity. By using claims that Jews employ banks and nation-states to levy ceaseless taxes and debts and wars upon the peoples of the world, then calling upon all good people to worship the Maschiah of the Torah for dying without a fight, my colleagues help create wonderfully negative attitudes about anti-Semitism. People come looking for perspectives on what they call "the Jewish question," read about an undead rabbi-savior who believes in a flat Earth, and depart feeling that all purported anti-Semitic data is therefore a hypocritical derivation of Judaism itself, as well as outright fraudulent by association.

Some operatives have done terrific work using pornography alone. Many Jews have, in the past, been falsely accused of creating pornography companies which featured graphic depictions of Jewish men abusing poor European girls. Some anti-anti-Semites turn this history to the service of world Jewry, by encouraging racists who read it to believe that erotic behavior is unnatural and wrong. This functions wonderfully to distract would-be anti-Semites from their cause. Some of them turn away in disgust, recognizing these pro-firmament-like claims as patently absurd for individuals of a sexually reproductive species. This provides a great defense against anti-Semitism. Others pride themselves on being partly or wholly non-sexual, believing that they can use self-denial to develop and channel mystical sources of energy to enhance their physical prowess. Their enthusiasm for born-again abnegation, and their passion for evangelizing their own inability to eat fewer than two tubs of ice cream at one sitting, coupled with anti-Semitism, is a demonstrative boon, making them look like "recovering alcoholics" or "former gang members" who encourage young people to not ruin their lives like they themselves did.

It is impossible to tell exactly how many people across the planet have been taught to associate statistical analysis of any possible genetic influence on human behavior with space-denying, rabbi-funding, orgasm battling, private prepubescent RCMBLA-style confessions to older single men, or the like. While nonetheless impossible to tell the extent to which associations of banker-recognition with any passing mental dross have encouraged people to reject anti-Semitism by association, and thereby benefited world Jewry these many years, we can judge as a success the continued survival of Jews in such an irrationally hostile world.

Jenome Theory

My own contribution to this great work--my kampf, if you will--is the Jenome Theory. This interdisciplinary approach to anti-anti-Semitism relies upon a simple premise: the accusation that Jews are not native to Earth, but merely the carriers of a transcendent super-virus which serves a decompositionary function. Patently absurd, otherworldly, and prima facie illogical, this theory ridiculously presupposes that the processes which affect all known forms of life and ecosystem on Earth can also, fractally, affect much smaller and much larger systems.

Some of the most troubling, most effective anti-Semites out there are vaguely coherent in their madness, as when they employ population statistics to attempt to show that countries with certain levels of Jewish influence exhibit adjustments in birth rate, scientific achievement, cultural perpetuation, and aggressive behavior directed both outward and inward. Yet these anti-Semitic liars, however coherent they may falsely seem at any time, fail to account for many factors. If Jews really are so genetically motivated to thrive at the expense of other "racial groups" or possessors of certain shared genotypes, why would Jews ever perform actions which harm other Jews? Throughout recorded history, Jews have always been willing to fight against injustice, even if it meant consigning vast numbers of Jews to the dustbin of history. Such behavior does not seem to be that of a genotype based upon preservation or reproduction through the provisioning of benefit to fellow insiders, particularly when some subsets of successful Jews have been more willing to blend with outsiders, and survive at the expense of their much-closer racial kinsmen. These racist charlatans claim that Jews are successful because they work as a group against outsiders, yet if true, why would so many of them be willing to destroy so many others of their own group, particularly when it is not necessary to have done so? Thankfully, none of these anti-Semites have been able to explain this behavior, which, if true, would suggest that some force greater than group genetic interest, or "the selfish gene," is at play.

Many anti-Semitic accusations have been made regarding Jewish involvement in science. Some anti-Semites have accused Jews of postulating models of fiat creationism, whereby all life, and existence itself, is a history-less happenstance of a Federal Reserve God, brought into being with no past, a limited future based on a clockmaker's perpetually indecipherable whimsy, no intrinsic worth whatsoever, and no active participation in the process of its own creation. Other anti-Semites accuse Jews of having inspired and encouraged models to the contrary extreme, whereby all life, and existence itself, is a history-less happenstance of a libertarian non-god, brought into being with no past, a limited future where no whimsy is possible, no intrinsic worth whatsoever, and no active participation in the process of its own creation--but for the accidental by-product of the illusory capacity of observing that it may have happened.

Jenome Theory serves a useful purpose in combating anti-Semitism, because it purports to explain away all of these gaps and contradictions. There clearly is no "purpose" or "meaning" to life--that's what makes it so wonderful! The beauty of this world is that it is random, and that it can have whatever meaning you want it to. Maybe by worshiping a God that makes you happy, and maybe by researching the spaces between the tiniest particles and thinking up new names for the even smaller particles that you can imagine a machine might see there. Since life is worthless anyway, we define it with the meaning we want. You are the you you want to be, friends are the family you choose for yourselves, life would not be precious unless death ended it all forever, and without pain and suffering, we wouldn't even be able to experience joy or beauty!

This theory, though, of a digestive "Jenome"-entity that consumes and repurposes things, says "away with all that nonsense." It tries to fill the deluded anti-Semite with a fantastical understanding of conscious processes that occur at a much larger, slower scale than could actually be possible. That's why it's so great--because it is so impossible, so stupid, so un-enlightened, and even so un-Christian, it fits in nowhere and is guaranteed to make people understand, by association, how erroneous anti-Semitic attitudes are. The trace amount of people who fall for this claptrap are no more troubling than the non-entities who believe that life is not either a by-product of chemical reactions or the puppet-aspects of an omnipotent human-shaped entity with a keen interest in bodily fluids and genital placement.

Some have accused me of actually believing in Jenome, and of calling my story a "theory" of anti-anti-Semitism in order to conceal my insanity regarding the nature of "existence." As preposterous as it is nonsensious! There is no way on this advanced modern Earth to tell any of these things, and the number of years it would take our enlightened religious institutions and university or corporate laboratories to properly verify any of these claims would make them impossible to consider. Anyone of any proper learning or education, or just simple common sense, can tell that such claims merit no further investigation. It is simply a ruse by which we might reaffirm justice.

We will turn soon to Egypt, and the first tangible evidence we may misemploy in the service of this theory. First, though, we shall turn to a discussion of the theory of "Jenome as alien deathfly" in Initial Decay, setting up later ludicrous claims to be made about the process.

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