Sunday, July 23, 2017

Masculine Nationalism

Bases covered. You don't even have to compromise your standards in your daily mass thought. You don't agree with every writer in the paper, but that one columnist who really speaks to you makes the purchase worthwhile. You therefore benefit all the columnists, and, to a greater extent, the powers behind the paper.

Nu Euros aren't that good at remembering things, but only two years?

The Jewish activist Ibn al-Ryshar is no longer pretending to be "white" in the "white" sense; he's now come out as "Armenian," like how Nicholas Nassim Talmud has sold himself as a "Levantine Christian" to equal effect. Earlier organizations and commentators designed to attack white women and discourage white families and white reproduction were solidly anti-female and non-racial. Primarily Jewish in origination, and using modern-high-school-level essays about paying drink and door surcharges for a chance to meet hateful women for sterile sex, the men's rights collective morphed into a piper leading its wayward children to Trump, and then on to a vaguely anti-black, anti-indio web of racial theorists who use "HBD" to appear to evolve alongside the self-perceived maturity of their audience. Dick-pills and mail-order brides are slowly phased out in favor of crime statistics; critiques of their feminist co-bloggers are replaced with critiques of their female co-politicians. As older readers lose the ability to maintain erections, and gain a corresponding appreciation for vicarious living through mass culture, links start to feed them toward more expressly political and cultural sites, like youngsters giving up Hustler for Newsweek. Start out hating Jessica Valenti, move on to hating Angela Merkel, and transition from buyer of steroid creams to attender of annual white nationalist conferences.

So fast, it all changes. Ibn al-Ryshar, author of Rape Polish Girls, begins hosting articles (completely written by a staff of not-him people) about how awful it is that Eastern European traitor-states are letting Africans violate Western European pussy. While still coordinating with his ethnic counterparts in other aspects of show business, al-Ryshar plays up the traditionalist side of the Ye Olde market. If you like the idea of screen-fawning over Judaized western kings and courts, and love it when virgin blondes give it all up to hypermasculine Muslim warlords, you watch Game of Thrones to gush over it and you read early Roosh; if you like the idea of screen-fawning over Judaized western kings and courts, but don't love it when virgin blondes give it all up to hypermasculine Muslim warlords, you watch Game of Thrones to critique it and you read later Roosh. The chameleonish nature of these necessarily in-crypsis organizations produces comparatively faster switchabouts.

2015: Admire black masculinity. Use it to resist crazy white women.

2017: Deplore uncivilized blacks. Use it to embrace white families.

One year, black men have the "T" levels needed to show stupid stuck-up club bitches how to take the cock and respect male authority; a year later, white men need to remember their traditional patriarchs and drive out the invaders, not get their civilizations dragged down by negro crime, and wake up to the problem already.

When these changes were ten years apart, it was extremely lamentable; a mere generation apart, with the new sock puppets the heirs to the ones who had said the contradictory things, it was still quite embarrassing. A hundred years, a thousand--still pitiful; still highly indicative of stupidity. Yet understandable, given how long Nu Euros think a thousand years is. Now, though, these juxtapositions happen with such efficiency that there is no need to feign a gradual shift. No need to establish a new marketable persona through which to deliver the inverted message; no need to create false-flags in the interlude. The dutiful Zionism of Ann Coulter and Donald Trump is personally-consistent and career-consistent, though they've at least sorta spread it out a few years from inception to revised nationalism. The horde of agents now disseminating incompletely correct anti-Muslim, anti-Afro propaganda is, quite literally, the exact same personas who were, but single digits of years ago, encouraging white incels to learn how to bang thots by adopting MLK-BLVD-style confidence rather than STEM-degree-style confidence.

They "even" turned MacDonald, purportedly the most specific, evidence-based, intellectual analyzer of Boas & Freud & Frankfurt. The Nu Euro's crippling failure is evident throughout: the great masses of them are so empty inside that the thought of "allies" causes them to immediately embrace yesterday's enemy. So long as they have a pacifier to suck and a stuffed animal to hug, they feel they are making pragmatic progress--vote for a Zionist warmonger to protect themselves from a climate-fraud fag, then vote for a high yellow queer to protect themselves from a doddering malignant Zionist who might, in theory, kill Arabs at a slightly faster rate. The "right" among them will come together as a cowardly bandwagon to join ISIS men in shaming their own women, then swiftly demand that Muslims leave their countries and stop hurting their women, then write long articles on how all their problems originate from Jewish "cultural marxism"...and then, only a few tweets later, they're exulting in the possibility of allying with the Jewish "right" to protect themselves from the subversion to which they were just accusing the Jewish right of subjecting them. It was only a month ago, perhaps a week ago, perhaps a single tweet from a different account ago, that they were viewing blue stars of David superimposed over the entire ownership and managerial/editorial staff of CNN. In theory, they understand and have spent years analyzing the methods whereby Jews control their institutions and make them worship false leaders in crypsis, but even if they're not worshiping BDSM rabbi, they're ready for God Emperor Trump to maybe slightly theoretically reduce further Hispanic invasion while legitimizing all post-1965 Hispanic rapes. Are they that dumb? Are they that flighty? Are they that incapable of remembering what they said they understood only five minutes, five years, five lifetimes ago?

Yes, yes, and yes again. This is what comes by way of Rome and Charlemagne; this is the best the despondent rapespawn scum can manage. God knows they can still write a javascript or two, maybe send a fuel-burning rocket to a nearby planet in their own solar system inside of only 2,500 years, those children of the stars.

Portlandia serves a useful role, here. Carrie Brownstein (and the other completely totally 100% gentile-like-you producers and writers and actors) do(es) such a good job of whitefacing the goyim who fell for SWPL literally inside the same lifetimes where they watch themselves being mocked on Portlandia. The sacred traditions of genetic-blind spiritual universalism that Nu Euros adopted along with Jesus, they mock not even retroactively, not proactively, but intractively, watching Portlandia while voting for Hillary Clinton. It works either way, since if you join the media in laughing at the idiotic gentiles who carry out the last set of directives, you're simultaneously being the new idiotic gentile who carries out the new set of directives. This is why there can be no consistent nationalism; the Nu Euro exists only as a failure, having already redefined himself wholly as either the pitifully ignorant, subjugated loser to the rabbinical horde, or the gloriously ignorant, luminous sheeple to the literal head rabbi of the entire universe. Leonard Cohen perhaps puts it best, saying, "If thine is the glory, then mine must be the shame." What brilliant, insightful, pitiful, and powerful outgoing commentary from someone who understands both the personal destructiveness of temporal victory, and the degrading mockery of those who cheer the externalized glory without even being part of what it really means.

If whites are so racist, why do muds keep wanting to live in their repressive societies? Turn the knife, you purebred untermensch: you love your Chosen overlords too much to not follow them.

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  1. That Armisen guy is the epitome of early 21st Century distorted, re-written definitions of irony.

    In Portlandia, he makes fun of himself, but never in a truly insightful or cutting/useful way. Instead, he makes fun of himself-as-another, triangulating ever after, forever and ever, on to the eternal morrow.