Thursday, July 13, 2017

Suicide Watch

We shall come to see that what we thought to be the horrors visited upon us in this time--the wanton slaughter; the here-again, gone-again granting and withdrawal of uncertain consciousness; the playing with sensations of necessity and nothingness; the casual or deliberately joyful destruction of the weakest--were only meant to accustom us to the idea that prison would be safer; more relaxing; more fun.

When life extension becomes easy and cheap, and when the soylent that comes from tubes in every home is laced with drugs that make sleep unnecessary, the only humanitarian thing to do will be to put everyone on suicide watch. Abortion will be recognized as cruel and evil, and all eggs forcibly inseminated to draw minds down to this planet, where they can be part of our joyous collective and never have to know the pain of not being or not belonging. Spare bodies can be generated from stem cells, from cloning; then from plasma applied to recycling pits, preventing any disease or non-immediately-mortal injury from costing the world a human asset. Eventually, ensouled-capacity server space will be developed, and life will persist even more cheaply than in embodied times, wherein a billion consciousnesses can exist inside storage the size of a modern "thumb drive."

Suicide watch will be the only humane way to prevent the mentally ill from clinging to the delusion that life is a prison from which they can or should escape. Finally, we will all be safe.

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  1. Everyone else must take care of me, and if I can't count on the police to save me, the government's other bureaus and departments surely must have a backup plan to keep me safe, sound, snug and _________ in my coccoon. I'm special, I'm precious, I'm rare, I'm exquisite -- and there's no reason why The Government should not intercede on my behalf in all things always.

    That's what I've always believed would be my birthright, my entitlement, my lot in life. But it seems we're not quite there yet, and I'm angry about it. I think I'll blame reactionaries. That should win things over, to the everlasting benefit (holistically, for everyone!) of my endpoint dream-goal.