Thursday, August 17, 2017

Abuse of African-Americans

The earliest Jenomic activity on Terra was aimed at a lower common denominator, producing a religion, and faithful adherents, who did not fantasize about togetherness in, nor relief from, an existential struggle, but rather to relish that struggle as the pinnacle of all existential possibility. To win that struggle, therefore, was to this belief system the highest form of act which a mortal being could perform: to worship material success, the cheating of outsiders, the preservation of insiders as potential allies, the burning of enemy infants, and the destruction of one's own flesh and distant future, were both god and the will of god. This model, father to Judaism, proved successful at establishing a foothold for later material activity, but was rejected by all other Terrans, including not only Caucasoids and Mongoloids, but the much-demeaned selfish Balrins of southern Africa, who consistently believed in, or longed for, something greater than "let's revel in ruling this dross." Ironically, to carry out the tenets of rulership, Jews soon began employing derivative world-embracing and world-rejecting forms (see The Jenomic Process on Terra) that promised something more palatable to local entities than the early Sun Tzu- and Machiavelli-esque works on selfish triumphalism that became the Torah.

The struggle between Terran Balrins and Jenomic hosts can be seen duplicated more recently in hip hop history, wherein, whether for better or for worse, Jewish music producers marginalized early party- and feelgood-rappers, social-reform rappers, heavily Christian or Muslim rappers, homosexual rappers, et cetera, encouraging in their place nihilistic gangster rap. In A Short Chronology of Reverse Psychology in Recent Advertising, we discussed how government- and media-sponsored tobacco ad campaigns worked with legislative, judicial, and executive restriction of trade in vastly cheaper, safer, and superior products, to sanctify and preserve the chem-dipped factory cigarettes that had once been recognized, both by public opinion and establishment science, as stupidly dangerous and comparatively impotent compared to potential, illegal, cartel-controlled alternatives. The same government and media apparatus worked to found widespread interest in nihilist rap by trotting out pudgy white wife-swapping televangelists, wrinkly white boy-swapping reverends, decaying white posterboard politicians, and other widely beloved public figures to critique gangster rap as being too hardcore and rebellious.

It's extra funny, in retrospect, to consider the idea that any society comptroller would seriously think Tipper Gore leading a crusade against black men with pottymouths would have a negative impact on said black men with pottymouths; rather like the idea that elites actually thought watching Hillary Clinton fall down the stairs time and again would prove a viable pre-presidency. See, from 1992, Is Tipper Changing Her Tune? Al Gore did his part too, and many other unliked public figures, just as their successors did to popularize Trump. But Tipper makes a better comparison to Hillary. Really, just like in 2016--how stupid do you have to be to believe that the media was against Trump by showing him surviving physical assaults at giant rallies while Hillary fell off the sidewalk outside tiny ones? What happened to all those media analysis skills you showed when analyzing how Brokeback Mountain portrayed marriage as stifling and unnatural, and male-on-male anal sex as healthy and natural? Use those same tools to analyze Trump coverage, dammit, and you'll be able to see how hard they fought to make him viable.

Despite the massive boost lent by television news and other entertainment media to gangster rap, its stars often continued evolving into socially-conscious, higher-aspiration forms. While the latter forms may have not been either complete or correct, Terran "blacks" were initially and repeatedly drawn to rappers who dealt with poverty, loss, and communal improvement alongside (ironically, as ever) killing one another and acquiring resources. Like Miley Cyrus learning how to consumerize herself from helpful handlers of a certain ethnic persuasion, early rappers saw their careers develop this way, and were duly financially rewarded. The legions of non-gangster rappers who never got deals, or who were relegated to uncredited composing and mixing and writing rough lyrics for the incoherent cursing-with-guns kind of persona-franchise-artist, are unknown here. The mysterious gunshot or immune-failure deaths of some historically significant figures, as they transitioned toward greater maturity and popular activism after having achieved producer-free fame as individual brands, helped eliminate the possibility that individual fame would give artists the freedom to act against their producers. Part of the reason Rowling is so well-coordinated with mass media now is that cultural mediators learned, in part from needing to eliminate so many turncoat rappers in the late twentieth century, that even initial ventures needed to include perpetual message control, ergo not only political figureheads, but "artistic" ones, needed to understand how deeply their skin was in the game. (This is where African Americans excel: high time preference can provide immunity to the future-oriented threats that worked so well at controlling Europe.)

Imagine an alternate reality where Tupac Shakur used his "minority status" media protection (much stronger in effect in 2000 America than now), and his great fame, to address the JQ in 2000. Imagine 2Pac's fame letting him talk about relationships between Africans, Europeans, and Jews on live MTV, shouting down censors, pointing out their racial ties, then flying to France to network with Dieudonné M'bala M'bala and working entirely new details into post-Cold-War world politics. The cowardice and sniveling "pragmatism" of today's Nu Euro nationalists stands in sharp contrast. Even if Roosh were not a Jew, Cernovich not a Jew, Spencer not a bought homosexual, Unz not a Jew, and Taylor not "only a little bit Ashkenazi" and not quite so starstuck and greedy, none of them would have had the stones to tell off interviewer after interviewer like Tupac. A million white goys on Twitter, sharing memes and celebrity-worship, have returned to their point of origin; Tupac could've passed that test by himself, even when his producers had cut his contracts in retaliation. All the money and support later siphoned off to Sharpton and Obama, et al., would've flown differently; the anger been directed a little more accurately. Biggie and Eazy E would've sucked the wind out of Soros' sails, and so forth. We know how effective they would have been because they were removed from the playing board; we know how ineffectual today's Moldbug-wanking, conference-having, spotlight-chasing nationalists are, because they were permitted to participate in the selection for systemic stress relief.

This isn't to say that Shakur, or any of the other Vince-Fostered activist-rappers, would've colonized Mars or established pleasant societies by Nu Euro standards, but that is beside the point. An America of all human races united could have, without Obama or Black Lives Matter or Nineleven, charted a completely different course, where Confederate and freeman found their way to a mutual scientific separation and the extraction of reparations from the prime traders. Instead, Andre Young (considered a Freemason queer phony by the 1990s black American rap audience, contra the SWPL-kids, who loved him after Al Gore and Jerry Falwell squealed at them to absolutely not listen) sells headphones to Apple, produces Eminem, pushes 50 Cent, and the African hip hop movement adjusted its focus to resource competition and "social change" in line with the "not actually change" teevee model. Blacks were rightly pleased to see some of their own getting rich and influential after Semites had shipped generations of them off for sale in continents where conflicts were supposed to be settled with words and not spears, and whites were rightly disgusted to see such unpleasantries crowned kings of entertainment media.

So Terran, it is--by which this one means so sad and funny and ironic and expected--so Terran, that the quintessentially Jenomic, the fundamentally "Jewish" perspective of racism, has cost so many of the cattle their greatest allies and protectors. The enemy, after all, remains the proverbial tower, without which none of the other inevitable conflicts would happen, or even be contemplated. The irony is particularly keen in that one cannot even approach the question without sinning against so many mores on either "side"--the high society and fine achievements of triumphantly dumb colonialism, Strom Thurmonding the maid and Christianizing the cottonfield at tremendous expense, versus the equally-triumphantly-dumb player with his bling and his white bitches, replacing guano-based healing songs with billion-dollar trauma centers.

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  1. government- and media-sponsored tobacco ad campaigns worked with legislative, judicial, and executive restriction of trade in vastly cheaper, safer, and superior products, to sanctify and preserve the chem-dipped factory cigarettes....

    I'm sure things will go better for the legalization of marijuana. Tax & regulate makes everyone SAFER! Decriminalization just makes everyone BAD and probably VIOLENTLY SO!