Sunday, August 20, 2017


If the corporate age continues to ascend, we'll one day be given, or adopt, the assumed background title of "assets," e.g., telephone support will ask for your asset status. When discussing the assetship of the local newsgirl, slut or not-slut, we'll defend her, "no, no, she's a solid asset, been with her boyfriend for years." This has become NuTrade lingo as a compliment in a business or political setting, but would expand into all other aspects of life to replace "citizen." Dead firefighters will be expired assets, newborn babies will be investment assets, foreign assets will desire to become domestic assets, and so forth.

We'll be offended for some amount of time, probably a brief one. People will make the traditional "I'm not a number!"-style arguments. It's impersonal; it's indicative of the economicization of social space; it's something else. As they say, blah-blah. More telling than whatever arguments we might make or be now making will be, and is, our forgetting that it was once as offensive, as garish, and as presumed-evil to call someone a "citizen." To not proudly, but to mundanely, be an asset, will be an interesting turning point.


  1. I thought this moment passed a while back, actually. There was a synchronicity, ATM/Debit/Credit Cards for everything & cash for nothing -and- facebook me supplants me-in-reality. Combined they created the Citizen, though not visibly to most Citizens, who saw only convenience re cash nuisance, and grandiosity re facebook me.

  2. If they do see Citizen, they don't see Asset. That's what I mean.

    What is the new, modern Intelligence Composite? A collection of facebook posts, texts via smartphone, phone conversations, one's LinkedIn activity, comments made around the internet, random verbalized paranoid remarks made by law enforcement personnel & not subject to cross-examination by defense counsel, suppositions of your neighbors regarding your activity, psychological/psychiatric profiles offered by random nobodies on the internet whenever you've posted a comment they can't parse, misunderstandings by every hearer or reader of any of your remarks, instant cell phone reports by people sharing the road with the vehicle registered in your name, images recorded by security cameras in public and private spaces, the contents of your email, the insides of your paper mailings, your bank's record of your activity, your debts and their collection whether real or imagined by a collection agency for illegal-but-nudge-and-winked-profiteering, your grocer's record of your purchases, every written and electronic record of anything said by anyone employed anywhere you've been employed, the scrawlings of a shut-in who encountered you once to your ignorance but his/her great influence now gone toward obsessive attention paid to a fantasy about you and your life....

    1. ;)

      Good points; and in that, maybe nothing has really changed except how privilegedly immune we imagine ourselves to be vis-à-vis mob behavior. Leveling the playing field in this sense seems it made us all vulnerable to the court bullshit, but without the means to retreat to a country estate for a life of luxury in response to a slight from the powerful and/or their mob. The resulting consequences would appear to be selection in favor of those already so muddy there's nothing more you can throw anyway.

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