Thursday, August 17, 2017

Confused Traitors

Happy to be the pariah in a new golden age of shit acceptance I never helped build. More likely to be the forgotten successor to loathed purity.

We discussed, in New Racism, how the newfound acceptability of racism among Nu Euros in America is primarily a Jewish creation. It must be embarrassing, surely, to be one of those proud and unapologetic new racists, and to realize that everything you're memeing about was made possible by brave pioneers like Moldbug, who did it just so you would be safe to tweet that you're proud of your ancestors who Hellstormed Europe and covered the crispy remains in desert-god art, omg White civilization is so incredible look at that detail in the marble! But you can't sculpt Ugolino and His Sons anymore, you can only retweet it, and you have to zoom in on the detail because your kinsmen don't have the brainpower or the patience to get your point otherwise. OMG EVROPA ROCKS.

Embarrassing, yes, but no more so than it is troubling and un-seeable for anti-racists to contemplate that, after thinking they had a complete lock on the whole "anti-racism" thing, and could move on to perceived-but-non-occurring microaggressions and transsexual surgeries taking a hallowed place next to mandatory vaccinations against climate rapture denialism, a small coterie of Jews turned on them and wiped out all the progress of the last half century in favor of White factionalism.

Anyone here read Grisham's A Time to Kill? Grisham (and/or his team) was so confused by the writing process that he couldn't actually write the final meaningful scene; the climax. The later movie adaptation included a team of semi-capable propagandists who adapted Grisham's rather anticlimactic passive-voice summary into a heroic courtroom reenactment of the plot-pivotal event barely alluded to in the book, in which McConaughey challenges the racist jurors to not convict Shaft Chained Windu for the murder of those untried prisoners because white-on-black rape is a widespread problem and a moral offense. All human centuries have called Grisham's bluff, but the twenty-first did so for the first time in UHDTV, and it's telling that you can convince an American liberal to starve a million Arab babies to death on the rationale of regional stability, but you can't convince them to hang ten grown male Arabs to protect however many hundred White girls.

(Aww, poor little Nu Euros, the prezdint banned transgenders from the imperial military you pretended to hate, but you at least have the media and academia on your side. I'm sure it'll work out great for the right wing once the media gets on their side, though.)

Still, no more stupid than the White pride marches and White conferences and White tweets and White fundraisers, which are as fake and as astroturf as Black Lives Matter; like the Congressional Black Caucus, many a preacher will gain respect, many a crappy movie be made, many an irrelevant law be sort-of debated and maybe watered down and passed, and the poor stay poor the rich get rich.

Aside from the cryptos and the mischlings, the Nu Euros who are now completely behind this new acceptable racism, and who appeal to the lowest common denominator to do so, believe they are, by being so pragmatic, carrying out George Lincoln Rockwell's advice to "reach the people," which they do by perverting said advice, compromising their standards, and delightedly operating within the boundaries of the system they're pretending to be against. Seems like only two years ago they were arguing about how stupid it was to let "liberals" define the terms of debates with "conservatives", but they can't imagine that, in their giant game of bumper-bowling, someone might move them over an entire lane, and they'd be still trapped, still predictable, yet completely free from the prior set of boundaries. So they support Israeli rightists, paraphrase their Moldbug, do what the teevee tells them not to do, and use the easy-access mass media to profligate the kind of blurbs and one-act cartoons that, if they'd actually learned anything from their ancestors, they'd know to recognize as thought-killing toxins, designed to train the mind for low gravity environments, so that encountering knowledge produced by hand on the spot is too heavy. Go ahead, pragmatically shuffle the cards until there's nothing worth fighting for. Take your body to the range and the gym, while your mind lies on the couch eating chips.

Escape anyone's notice, incidentally, that Rockwell's strategy didn't work? The "dumbness appealing" route is its own death strategy, because crippled thinking destroys teacher as well as pupil. The (comparatively) elite thinkers now, trying to dumb themselves down for popularity's sake, actually do dumb themselves down in the process.

The parable of Judas' thirty pieces of silver was pushed because the "little rewards" theory is more effective. People turn traitor in truth for tinier things. 30 retweets does, amazingly, go farther than thirty pieces of silver, because when people try to buy you openly--"the big buy"--you might have a sense of personal dignity triggered, and refuse. In contrast, if you were told, "Fight us and we send you to the gay dungeon, but write articles about the gradual process of pleading with us for change, and we'll make you semi-respectable among a small subset of the people who already don't like us anyway." Suddenly, a million Nu Euros believe themselves to be choosing the path of maximum effectiveness by becoming authors. No one wants to go to the gay dungeon, but rationalizing your resulting behavior as anything other than "being forced under overwhelming physical threat" is lying.

There's no need for big checks. Jenomic carriers get called some version of "traders" in so many civilizations because it's more effective and internally destructive to the target to pragmatically commit crimes on their own than it is to merely seethe away a few lifetimes in silence. Turn a revolutionary into an anesthetic peddler by promising a bonus 2K or 2M views a day. They're already so desperate to be popular that you can change their internal mental process, causing them to be physically unable to apply their own independently-arrived-at, cherished processes of thinking to everything they encounter. Certain mental processes gain black holes. The evil genius Karl Mannheim has re-described this explicitly in Ideology and Utopia, reminding us that Nu Euros are so mentally crippled that if you pair a salary with an ideology, a majority of them will rewrite their own mental processes to be in conformance with career requirements. Not for fake, but for real. The joke's on you if you fall for "sociology is bullshit, Mannheim is bullshit," because the point wasn't that sociology was real or good or true or decent, but that it was effective. And he was correct; amazingly, powerfully correct, which we're now seeing again, this time on the internet. Have your pellet.

Tiny sellouts, so effective, bigger audience, must be good--idiot. Once you've sold that little piece of your soul, the next deal gets easier, gets bigger, until eventually you're running for Congress. Rockwell suggested a simply-put message, not a "unite with Israel against the darkies" one. Has it ever occurred to the would-be Aryan that the post-Christ strategy--endless cowardice disguised as pragmatism--has been the means of failure for two thousand years? Not only for failure, but for the internal degradation of anything which might become victory? Pragmatism is Force W making a deal with Force B to attack Force J at dawn. It is not Force R dumbing down its rhetoric to appeal to Force I. The sucking void of the teevee culture destroys its lovers, even those who think they're only using her. Lying in order to deceive people to become your customers, which we can dress up to be "moderating rhetoric," is sold as a way of introducing your customers to your ideas, when in fact, it is more importantly a way of introducing you to moderate your beliefs. When you do it, the biggest victim is not the hordes of morons you might supposedly convert to a partial portion of a sellout ideology, but your own capacity for freedom and thought. All of the little marketers out there, now--not the Enemy drum majors in costumes, who are already what they are, but the confused traitors following those drum majors--think they're cleverly manipulating people with their shallow memes, when what they're really doing is sanding down their own brains to become a tiny bit more amoral. Like the social costs of easy credit, the effect is negligible to those who can't see across the centuries, and if you're playing this game and you're not the Enemy, you are not smart enough to win.

That's why the history of pragmatism has been a history of defeat; of successive generations growing dumber and blinder. What the average illiterate 1,000 B.C. peasant could tell you just by a glance, you can now communicate to the average peasant, if at all, only with a months- and years-long series of increasingly more specific bix nood cartoons. The capacity to perceive has been bred out and smoothed down.

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