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The 2018 Ford Taurus excites our staff with long overdue improvements in

Glen Ford, at Black Agenda Report, in Blacks Should Not Become Uncle Sam's Cleanup Crew, proves quite hindsightedly blind yet foresightedly savvy in his worry that:
National “unity” has always been the watchword of the bipartisan War Party: unity behind the mission of global domination. The U.S. armed forces led in the process of racial integration, the better to subdue the non-white populations of the world. Corporate capital takes on whatever ethnic and racial camouflage is necessary to envelop the planet in its tentacles.
Ford isn't strong enough to recognize or say here that a supermajority of the people murdered by the U.S. armed forces have been "whites," and he blames whites for the Semitic slave trade. In his discussion of the U.S. military's tendency towards crypsis, he unknowingly alludes to the fundamentally disguised nature of the faux-European "colonialism" that birthed the U.S. military empire, and in so doing, nearly names the unnameable, those first dreadlords of his people's continent. He's way off, though so very close; so amazingly close, in comparison to the rest of the world, particularly people who consider themselves "leftist." Yet for all these mistakes, Ford recognizes, in part, the dark foreshadowing that these new anti-racism movements have for African American gentiles: by consuming the U.S., the Afro-Mestizo hordes will become responsible for it. As whites born in America became responsible for the pretend debts of whites living in Europe, the immortal bankers will toll all balances--previously attributable to the whites of America who were trying to get away from inbred royal Semitic banking--brought on by the death-default of white Americans, and assign them to what remains. By killing American history, you will become responsible for paying off its loans.

Not only by, say, living in the dusty foodless wreckage of power plants and water networks they can't maintain, and trying to pass idleness using entertainment servers that never connect, but being blamed, under Chinese military occupation, for all the "American supremacist crimes" attributed to the U.S. The Palestinians feel keenly the difference in treatment between the idiot British tool-colonizers and the later Israeli rentiers, who have made their children past the seventh generation responsible for two thousand years of phony grievances, and the American bugbear will take at least a few centuries of justified suffering for being the sole defying vote in a half century of U.N. imperialism. For decade after decade, the entire world has been democratically trying to stop Israel, and been prevented from doing so by the U.S. veto--often delivered by non-white tokens. Non-whites everywhere will remember this once Afro-Mestizo America arises; all the crimes of the JOG will become identifiable with place of birth, rather than the whiteness formerly assumed of Americans. All of those idiotic U.N. "votes" were cast by idiotic American shabbos goys, most white, but when the whites have been bred out, the system will still require a guilt-piñata. Ford is wise to see that this will become the Afromestizos themselves, made to suffer for the crimes of "American imperialism," just like Nu Euros are being made to justifiably suffer for "European colonialism."

How well will the world caliphate remember Colin Powell and Barack Obama as the face of America? These new Stonewall Jacksons have staggering track records of genocide. It won't be a "white" supremacism that the future uses as an excuse. The new international order will write history books decrying Powell as the tyrant of Fallujah, demanding that black American infants in the 23rd century be made to suffer for the crimes of their forebears. One can see Ford's parallel in a hypothetical end-times Roman, who asks, "Once we kill Europe for the Great Rabbi, what will the Great Rabbi do to us?" What indeed.

Gary Cohn offers a healing prescription in Nazi Lives Don't Matter, writing:
Fascism is not a political opinion, it is a cancer. Like cancer, fascism is not a project that can simply be carried out and completed, it is a toxic reaction that grows and grows until it has killed its host. It has reached such a point in its ascendency that America now has a straightforward and urgent choice: oncology, or genocide.
After a century of Jenomic doctors identifying internal toxin firewalls and other cellular reactions to toxins as personified diseases, and using these observations as opportunities to treat gentiles with expensive proprietary internal chemical burns, it's interesting to see Jewish commentators use a direct analogy between cancer and fascism. In some ways, Cohn's critique reveals more about what has become of "our" "medicine" than about what has become of "our" "societies." He is of course advocating for repressing free speech by having government security forces cooperate with media megabusiness in killing thoughtcriminals, which is of course fascist, but that's commonplace; like the bad goys in the perverted imaginarium of a holocaust story, Jenome eventually takes off the mask, and we'll get to see that more and more. "Kill the Germans, wherever you find them!" "Have no mercy on women, children, or the aged! Kill every German -- wipe them out!"

Returning to cancer: what happens to the medical industry when the vaccine is developed? When every infectious disease can be pre-emptively cured, avoided through sanitation and good health, and even if it somehow survives in traces, entire populations can be vaccinated against it? In the twentieth century, we discovered what happens: new poisons are introduced. (Of mass media note, Seinfeld dutifully mocked this concept.) The unfortunate obsolescence of old diseases occurs in seemingly random harmony with new super diseases that are completely unlike any other yet discovered in all of human history, caused not by identifiable heritage or wound or bacteria or viruses, and with perennially unproven links to new environmental contaminants that make only lampooned outsiders suspicious, necessitating absolutely important new revitalizing product releases that we, in this case supposedly-literally, cannot live without.

(I'm assuming today's Nu Euros are all familiar with, but it still bears mentioning, the development by occupation arms of cigarettes as healthful, AMA-recommended, media-championed, government-sponsored products, the faux-dissembling of which was a massive and decades-long affair that ultimately proved profitable anyway after many, many millions of people had been killed. "Gosh, what were those people thinking!" As ever, it was just like now, where mass-thinkers were really impressed by their own modernity, and weirdo conspiracy theorists were long dead by the time mass preference changed. Like proud evangelicals or ex-alcoholics, we--bizarrely--use our newfound recognition of our past idiocies as proof that, this time, we have trustworthy institutions and intelligent people to monitor them. Jewish mockery of gentile culture since the Christianization of Europe is so effective in part because it's often so true. The sky-god patriarchy and the billiard-ball matriarchy worldviews are each idiotic and idiotically harmful, and it's strangely apt to see American Beauty and Portlandia share the same few decades--not because they don't share a clear and materially rational purpose, but because the hamsters don't seem to realize it's a wheel. "Turn around, Larry--we'll show those bastards!")

These perspectives, combined with the history of Jewish scientists learning microscopic pharmacy from Europeans, and then prescribing mustard gas for cancer patients after the formal opening of the great European extermination wars (tribal in funding and ownership, and contemporaries in temporality to, the cigarette movement), offer one of those integrated tapestries that we've learned to prima facie throw up, where no one could possibly be so "amoral" and "clever" as to have thought of such a thing. Cohn is cunning to use our sense that the poisonous wrongness of the world is against us. Even more cunning, perhaps, for him to attempt to leave Afro-Mestizos ("Aftizos"? "Negizos"? "La Negraza"?) holding the hot potato when the time for another Sodom & Dresden arrives. Ford is smart to recognize how facile and stupid it is to tear down statues of some retroactively evil inheriting slave-owners as some kind of recompense for what happened; even if he is too dim to identify the actual slavers or to fault the traitor-sellers on the other end, he is correct to recognize the falsity of associating destroying Buddha statues with any cleansing of Afghanistan's history.

(Take a moment to ask what happens to a continent when Jenome gets there before a lengthy photographic and archaeological record of prior religions/civilizations has been established. Charlemagne's jihadists were much better at taking down enemy cities and monuments, and the "whole world" was not watching indignantly on the internet. Pre-Christian Europe is now only an incomplete telegenetic memory.)

More personally telling here is, again, the cancer analogy. Cancer and the human, like Jenome and the Terran, have a long and dramatic history, which rose to a particularly violent, megalomaniacally profitable head in the twentieth century. If you are emotionally sturdy enough to approach modern racial questions in an objective fashion, the parallels mirror each other so thoroughly that you might consider re-examining your perspective on health, medicine, and associated industries and social assumptions. This one is interested in comparisons between the small percentile of Nu Euros able to challenge socially instilled wrongthink vis-à-vis race, and to correctly identify trained normatively defensive reactions from those who are not, versus the even smaller percentile of Nu Euros able to challenge socially instilled wrongthink regarding body maintenance. It's interesting to see, for example, people whom the JOG-warmongering media would call "hate filled neo Nazis" becoming violently defensive of their mainstream choices at the oncologist's office. People who claim that the teevee and the universities and the government and society-at-large are all blind and deluded--whether "lefty" pacifists or "right wing extremist" Nazis--often curl into a fetal position when the full force of the "Iraq WMD and Microaggression Crime Wave" establishment tells them how to think about their own bodies. (Because a stopped leech is right twice a day.)

We all know that to challenge the oncologist is to chant Egyptian mantras in traffic, drink feline urine, and employ auto-vivisection as a treatment for canker sores, so we mock any hint of avoiding ingesting mustard gas. Even if we suddenly wake up one day and realize that affirmative-actioning 105 IQ blacks into trauma surgeons does not engender sensible confidence in a nation's health care system, and that it is dupes or liars who portray such reasoning as being associated with backwoods Klan-chanting and inbred anti-skyscraper bible molestation, we tend to shiver in horror at the thought that we might be accurately associated with pyramid-chanters for questioning the oncologist. Is it personal fear that makes one set of normatives sacrosanct? Or is it that we tend not to meet the hospital, contra the cinema-defying world global majority ("minority") thug, until a different stage in life?

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