Thursday, August 31, 2017

Time Scale

Whenever a nominally-liberal western leader would destroy some nominally-Arab or -African country, this one would have a number of related disagreements with nominally-liberal Nu Euros. There came the obvious issue of all the dead people--dead females, children, queers, transsexuals, endangered species, domestic pets, or environmental components of Mother Gaia. Whatever the preference was, I had no luck getting all but the most professedly liberal-liberals to give even a half-shit. Some of them enjoyed the destruction, because it ninny ninny showed those conservatives how tough liberals were. Others--probably a majority in occupied America--were against mass murder in the most sniveling of senses, feeling that yes, mass murder was bad, but it was unavoidable; it was, therefore, pragmatic to support a mass murderer who would kill fewer people than the other hypothetical mass murderer. Sure, Johnson butchered a million kids, but can you imagine how many more Goldwater would've killed? Repeat as necessary for any twentieth century Nu Euro leader, until the point where Obama is handpicking eight-month-olds to assassinate at weddings, and it's all okay because Romney would've killed three infants in contrast to Obama's merely two infants.

(Examining the only places to have ever shown signs of engaging in defensive-only war, eliminating chattel slavery, maintaining safe streets, et cetera, and examining the reasons why, were of course beyond discussion, then as now as later. Similarly, the source of the cultivated disbelief in good and evil that made not only Obama's murders, but Spencer's Ziobagging, in any way acceptable, and the Nu Euro's soulless acceptance of the tiniest iota of either, was and will remain beyond mainstream capabilities.)

Americans were so despicably murder-hungry that this one only got to discuss other concepts even more rarely. From a broader historical perspective, what Jenome has always been good at accomplishing is historical destruction, cyclically leaving us bereft of evidence that young new people can use to form their own opinions. More planetarily pressing, though less viscerally interesting, than the boneyard, is the evidence-tampering accomplished through proxy conflict. And given how few Americans care if dead babies pile up so long as it's a pro-gay decamillionaire taking theoretical responsibility, there was and is and will be little hope getting them to care about a time scale longer than "this year" or even "this one hundred years." Let alone a planetary scale.

The restructuring of the Middle East prior to the internet age was vital. Prior to achieving comprehensive monitoring, the ability to transmit archaeological discoveries worldwide would threaten to create historical rifts, lending (more) objective doubt to official history. The original Gnostic texts that escaped the Nicean purge were discovered in Iraq in 1970 (if you're a Nu Euro liberal and don't want to think about the realities of that purge, and how daring and lucky it was to get those documents to the public from Nag Hammadi, just imagine a WASP or white-Catholic conspiracy, instead of the actual Jewish one). The Middle East has been thoroughly scoured, not only during colonialism, but neoconservatism; the relics and ruins demolished under pretensions of helping Arabs by killing them have caused irretrievable loss to the ability of future generations, hypothetically much smarter than today's Nu Euros, to trace infection sources. (Again, if you're liberal, re-read your Said and Chomsky and imagine this same argument, but with nouns replaced so that it's white imperialists destroying and appropriating African and Middle Eastern history, and you'll arrive at roughly the same place.)

The blowback parallel now is in Sweden, where an African is getting her revenge on Europeans by doing what Nu Euros have spent the last several centuries doing to Africa: destroying local history and retconning it with Capeman's newly approved origin story (where he's now a feminist or whatever the times demand).

-Nu Nu Euro Alice Bah Kuhnke

It's a different sort of crime, because what the Nu Euros were primarily destroying overseas was written, large, or well-preserved stuff that "their" people (necessarily) had built in that particular place, but it's being accomplished in the same way. How interesting to see Semitic colonialism inverted, particularly after so many hundreds of years of it being portrayed as the free choice of self-directed whites with prissy accents and tricorner hats. Despite the differences, it's largely the same crime in the sense of the Nu Euro's special-needs reaction to it, whereby now-beliefs are adjudged so important that the then-happenings to which future people might look are, by comparison, irrelevant.

Fatass inbred King wants to spend all your money and kill three of your sons bringing Jesus to the Bantu? The Nu Euro responds with a cheer, a year of labor, and the cry, "God save the King!" Idiots. It's an even larger display of low function that Nu Euros today are defensive/proud of the benefits of "their" colonialism. Goes to show you how they actually liked the tricorner-hatted queers playing the white colonialists in the propaganda films. Not just believed the films, and found the native actors attractive and heroic, like the progressives, but believed the films and found the tricorner-queers attractive and heroic.

Just a couple of buddies. On a ship with all their buddies. Leaving behind icky girls and families and futures so they can go tell Africa about how great BDSM Rabbi is. This part, the Chosen portrayed somewhat correctly.

In this short space where we have rudimentary communications available before death, this is a good time to consider the past few thousand years from a fractal perspective, sort of like thinking back over our lives in snippets of half-wakeful consciousness from the deathbed. So much can be seen now that couldn't before: the things we've done, not done, and how they have shaped us; the ways in which we re-express, both justly and un-justly, the treason of our forebears, and the schizophrenic sources of destroyed memory that plague our sodden minds. Jenome is having the remaining artifacts and ruins of another continent melted down and destroyed so that any Nu Nu Terrans still literate in the 2300s will be able to visit museums where, like Native American monuments today, instructional videos portray muddy-skinned Africans hewing Stonehenge and developing the Iron Age in harmony with nature. It seems so profane--and yet, the only people who will visit and absorb such atrocious material chicanery, and who have ever been willing to do so on their own, were the original post-Nicean Nu Euros. Siberian-American families do not save up all year so they can load into the Ford Expedition, drive to another state, buy commemorative shot glasses, and watch videos of their people milling corn next to a stone megalith, just as African-American families pay few if any visits to Yellowstone or the local nature conservancy. (It seems like a "joke's on you, Spectre! Afro-Euros won't even go to your lying museums!" moment. But of course, them going isn't really the point, so much as everyone being dead.) If it were to survive, racial science would have to contend with this issue: of Nu Euros being necessary for Semites to ever be effective, and therefore, like antibiotic dose-skippers, being ultimately responsible for drug-resistant, civilization-crushing strains.

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  1. (if you're a Nu Euro liberal and don't want to think about the realities of that purge, and how daring and lucky it was to get those documents to the public from Nag Hammadi, just imagine a WASP or white-Catholic conspiracy, instead of the actual Jewish one)

    Crackin' me up.

    "My grandparents were white Catholics and they were reactionary when I was a little kid, I never forgot that and that's why I hate Catholics and why I'm an atheist or maybe a Buddhist now. Catholics have ruined America and dragged it backward."

    "I agree. If WASPs were more numerous, I'd be most concerned about them. Their outlook is stuck in the 19th Century, plus they're Whiter than White, so basically slavery is their fault. As is Puritanism, which kills Progress every time."