Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Whining about Dunkirk

The loyal Hollywood-supporter Peter Brimelow is quite proud of his father's role in helping invade France and Germany, install Macron and Merkel, and otherwise destroy Europe. In People Should Be Hung From Lampposts, he squeals like a homosexual pride rioter that it is completely, totally unfair how the bankers' foot-soldier scum, who invaded and broke up Austro-Hungary, then everywhere else white people lived, and brought in black African rapefugees to mass-rape French and German women ("Algerian mercenaries assisting the Allied occupying forces in their peacekeeping efforts"), should see the same treatment extended to their own descendants decades later. And by the descendants of the very bankers who engineered Britain's heroic, faggy, America-saved role in the Great War, too. The piece of shit actually expresses surprise over it. (He's likely faking on behalf of You-Know-Who, but in the event he believes his own propaganda, it's all the more pitiful.)

It is quite embarrassing for "the British" (the English with the big mouths) to approach history. Endless defeats at the hands of the rest of Europe, peckermarked with the occasional "victory" over some gunpowder-less horde of desert- or jungle-peoples, which victory was paid for by Ashkenazi Dutch and Sephardic/Moorish investors in colonialism, and accomplished firsthand via armies staffed primarily by conscripted Scots-Irish, mercenaries, or Indian proxies...or later, the privilege of a few pasty-faced elite-boarding-school-buggers to serve in tiny support roles while the American mixed whites or Afro-Hispanics do the actual fighting. Prince Harry's fake little "service" in Iraq, guarded by Royal Marines inside a cordon of Mexican-Americans dying to protect him from Arabs so he could play soldier, is a perfect exemplification of British military history since the rape of Ireland.

How unfair and unjust it is that the Greatest Generation cuckolds who traded their souls for Schiff dollars and imposed NATO and the U.N. on central Europe should have those very same organizations turn on them and start bringing rapey Africans into London. Completely, completely unfair! It's not like the gullible cowards in Britain meant for anything like that to happen.

VDare published Brimelow's article, joining many others which popularize the "patriotism" of the twentieth century's largest globalist project. That banker-supported cuck website is a "Dixie"-marketed version of American Renaissance, devoted to the notion "the Confederacy was good because it imported blacks to the New World and believed in rabbi-worship and saw no problem whatsoever with Judah P. Benjamin's friends funding it." Which isn't to say that Lincoln was any better, but by permitting the slavers to start filling the biggest European escape pod in the Americas with Africans, the fools in Dixie bear a heavy responsibility for today.

Go out and rescue more of those refugee boats, you plantation dipshits. What an honorable and venerated culture you had! If only that mean Lincoln hadn't stopped you before you could add even more Africans to a rich culture of manual labor across all of the United States of Somalica.

Brimelow writes:
Although aimed at a mass audience, Dunkirk is a very sophisticated movie and a remarkable technical achievement by writer-producer director Christopher Nolan. It’s also a political achievement. Nolan’s subject is one of the Anglosphere’s great patriotic epics and thus ripe for anti-West snark, but it has actually been well received by the Leftist cultural Establishment...
No--you don't say! A movie about the heroic Allied heroes who participated in acts of heroism during the essentially just and heroic World War II was well received by the Leftist cultural establishment? That's a shocker. Almost as shocking as the fact that a faux-traditionalist like Brimelow views the outcome of the genocide in Europe as a "great patriotic epic." In eighty years, men like Brimelow will be crying passionately about how heroic were the antifa brigades who protected Shari'a from unfair discrimination. (In a patriotic way, though, God bless them.)

Far be the hope that anyone on "the right" should recognize this drivel for what it is. In the media tumult of this giant fixed fight over rapefugees and immigration, it would be so, so poignant and meaningful if "the left," the Africans and Hispanics, or even the god-cursed SWPLs, could realize that all of this new acceptable racism and faux white pride that they hate is originating from the same people who wanted the Great War to happen.

On that note, Black Agenda Report remains consistently more anti-war than the shills on the right. If only they could aim their demands for reparations in the proper direction...


  1. ...a very sophisticated movie and a remarkable technical achievement by writer-producer director Christopher Nolan.

    Sheeeeeeeeeee-it. For over a decade now, I've been hearing that everything Super-Nolan does is a sophisticated & remarkable technical achievement in movie-making hagiography and/or techno-fantasy.

    They keep telling me, I keep doubting it, I keep watching his movies skeptically and I'm never impressed by his "sophistication" even if his movies use CGI dramatically.

    Probably because I grew up watching Space Ghost and Thunderbirds Are Go!, and on that baseline, Super-Nolan's CGI onanism is just a bunch of --pardon the redundancy-- self-gratifying fidgeting, albeit with a digital form of cellulose.

  2. It was so nice, very early in the new online racial-thing, when the pundits tried to pretend they were ordinary Joes by not braying about how amazing the feelies are these days. Maybe there will be another fake leftist cultural revolution in another 6-7 years, so I can read some more stuff that's consistently critical of Hollywood.