Sunday, October 22, 2017


Imagine with me a successful sexually reproducing organism. It's fit, hale, socially prominent, and more importantly, has had twenty million, or merely twenty, offspring. She or he moves through her or his environment with all the confidence of the absolute controller: powerful, unassailable, and in full command of available and as-yet-unspawned resources. The perfect culmination of evolutionary success, this organism is unassailable in every way and unbeatable in physical combat with other species or its own species. It is master of its environment, produces offspring at will, and its traits are all evolved to the point where their being passed on is their supra-dominant property, mandatory recreation by genetic dominance, ultimately loyal to their creator yet dominant over the full extent of the remaining environment, such that its offspring spread to the farthest points of the environment, developing responsive survivability traits in immediate harmony with said environment. This is the ultimate organism and it has genetically conquered, or is in the process of genetically conquering, all available environments.

We forgot one characteristic of this ultimately successful organism: all its cells are programmed to die. More importantly, its cells are all programmed to kill the organism itself within a certain time span, making impossible its continued reproduction or the reproduction of one in a million offspring immune to this trait.

Accordingly, the organism does not exist. This trait is so successful, per randomized evolution, that it dominates in all sexually reproducing organisms of any complexity, guaranteeing their death after a certain time period. Not a single one of these organisms freed from such constraint has ever evolved, nor evolved to be successful compared to all other organisms of its type or other types, because apoptosis--the mandatory cell-death affecting even the disorderly "cancer" cells that we so loathe--applies to all known systems on varying time scales, including randomized life.

Apoptosis is so fundamental to multicellular organisms that, per the random god, it must exist. Random mutations permitted no competitors to exist whose cells and selves do not self-destruct; no organisms that live forever. Such perpetual reproducers have been driven extinct by their dying competitors, quixotically out-competed at reproduction by those with a brief lifetime and/or a comparatively short reproductive cycle. Cells undergoing apoptosis, like organisms undergoing death, subscribe to an exclusive, invisible feed that tells subscribing cells and organisms when to grow old, slow function, and die, operating like DNA transcription pursuant to a set of essential commands which are the result of randomized testing and the out-competition of perpetual reproducers by dying maybe-reproducers, are so vital to success that nothing else persists.

What dreams to come, we may not know. We may rest assured that, whatever the temperament(s) of a hypothetical system designer(s) or administrator(s), it is not spawned from the complete, stolen, cruel, self-consuming demiurge and reality-plagiarism we now know of or speculate upon.

As Judaism, then Christianity and its other offshoots, grows less probable with each new discovery--of sources of plagiarism, abject self-serving error, and lies--future nigh-discerners, should they exist, may have to invent a successor belief system to randomized mutation. As natural selection's half-truths Christianeously surpassed Christianity, we will likely see some similar transition in the Terran future, wherein a new reformation of learned men corrects old dogma and replaces it with some higher systematic slavishness, which will, as ever, be found to both utterly refute and wholly embrace earlier beliefs.

Speculating on what form this might take could be humorous. Evolution retold with a planetary focus, wherein systemic coordination is explained by the individual planet rather than an interconnected system? Allah-guided, wherein a future god-entity suitable to a more space-focused society guides synchronized organ development? Civilizational collapse in tandem with reversion(s) to hybrid Judaisms with prophets believed to more closely approximate a potential future citizenry, who are acutely aware of current but not future technological artifacts?


  1. Sounds like these guys:

    1. That link is probably spoilers, but it seems to be the author's site, so tough beans. What part of here is like that, and is any of that worth reading?