Friday, October 20, 2017

Fiat Creationism

It is of course terrifically and terribly funny to deal with the consequences of those who are both confident in and ignorant of their inability to yet understand concepts pertaining to some form of a search for unity, not the least of whom is you or me. Simply put, we're discussing how all of our available major philosophy--perhaps all of our available philosophy--derives within the boundaries of our creation stories, and is therefore predetermined. Whether via strings or dimensional gates 13 or 80 billion years ago, or Yahweh/Allah five thousand or 80 billion years ago, we tend to view as plausible a set of ideas that claims as its justification/origins the following periods:

(1) During or immediately after the creation-event.


(2) During the past few thousand years.

If you believe in some form of the Jenomic God, this behavior is at least consistent, in that the Nicean diagnoses of the early times, as gauged by five of Yahweh's thousand-year days and the recorded lifespans of the Hebrew patriarchs, make the past few thousand years the only few thousand years, ergo the most important few. It is of sickening humor that modern "Bang" religions derive their essential time period of cultural interest from this same Jenomic time period, where they permit a billions-year cosmos, but extrapolate all their social prescriptions from the most recent few thousand years, as defined by the important Jenomic history they accept, and reserve speculation about the creation event to the highest of high priests, whose education grants them the ability to fictionalize responsible dogma.

Whether or not one has the willpower to contemplate for long this one's other tales, it should be of interest to committed Scientists that their period of culturally-acceptable evidence-gathering overlaps so closely with that of their hated founder, Yahweh. This is why Science begins to reject biology at a certain point: because the past few thousand years of dogma have prohibited certain heresies and enshrined others. The modern passion for creation-events has left all that Terrans can do limited things extrapolatable from an extremely limited set of un-challengeable proven assumptions.

Jenomic Technique: Mitochondrial Dogma

The reaction to criticism of dogmatic apocalyptica by the laity and the low clerisy is well understood in all modern ages, most pendently through limited historical memory of Christ's return, most viscously through living memory of what is now called climate change. The Terran's savaged memory makes him vulnerable to belief that everything is first ever, ergo any given apocalypse will be predicted, and predictions will have 100% accuracy when only the ones that behave correctly are accounted for. Ergo the modern is sure that the end of the world is nigh, and depending on his definition of world, change will always vindicate him, and make him salaciously pleased and eagerly confessive of his own physical prowess. Nu Euro interest in climactic apocalypses may be metaphorized to his interest in serial killers, crime dramas, extracting confessions, or confessing, whereby the ability to pretend to be so vicariously powerful as to have been capable of exciting such interest is an existential proving ground.

Mitochondrial Eve, admittedly-plagiarized from the occasionally non-admittedly-plagiarized Torahtic Eve, follows from a similar rejection of the idea that our development was potentially in a different primordial ooze. We would, then, be alone, if we were children of different mothers, provided we see nothing but material. Because seeing only materialism is something of a perquisite for winning here, far be it for this one to discourage you from winning by believing what you like; stretching farther, to deeper commonalities that transcend here, never pays off in the short run. So we face the existential conundrum again: why do so many viable planets develop humanoids? Is it from our own throbbingly powerful bias? In our fiction, perhaps--but not so in our reality, discover it though we might. Even in the laboratory of merely here, we see them developing independently on different continents, where it takes a great deal of imagination to conceive of how this might've been shared without contact. Thousands of futures will tell how some of us wish to process a deeper connection, and thereby reject, supersede, or succeed in, the material.

Mitochondrial Eve is a great example of the contiguous nature of Jenomic deception. We see again the implication that life cannot develop without being crowdsourced through a local, spatial, unitary presence, duplicated also in Yahweh and Big Bang worship. In it, we can express jointly our desire to feel less alone (every man a brother) and our conflicting desire to feel special (only here). In X thousand years it may become mundane to notice such, but why should you have to wait?

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