Friday, November 10, 2017

Gaza World

As a human. ~

Imagine our distant ancestors the first time these things showed up--it took hundreds of years for them to remove their own ones with "more life" reactions and impose various forms of, shall we say, Yahweh worship. Those of us who are left have been bred to be docile and not respond accordingly, ergo we argue on the internet instead of making a commensurate response. None of us who are alive now can claim to be both (1) not stupid, and (2) working toward something (materially) effective.

The young? The old? The disabled? The honorably, explicably, ignorantly burdened? Mathematically, you would have chosen the predominant route anyway. Remaining now is, at least, inherent genetic surrender. The first falls to Jenome took everyone who would not, so to speak, bend their necks. We've had hundreds of years to prove ourselves. Even the imaginary peaks of 1290, 1914, 1948, are many degrees beyond too little, too late.

What hasn't been tried and failed ten times already? Religion? War? Monarchy? Devotion? Purification? Democracy? They will not allow it. We are too weak.

Believe in genetics? Fancy being a fortieth generation traitor to the people who built all that architecture a few millennia ago?

They, by contrast, are mass-murdering, personally and vicariously, enemies as we type and read, in public, using weapons we invented and paid for, defying the better part of an entire planet full of livestock/enemies as they do so. All they believe in or care about is themselves. Our attempts to be stern, harsh, gentle, forgiving, honest, honorable, fair, just, decent, et cetera, even individually or collectively selfish, are and always will be drawbacks. The only way we can beat them is by becoming them, i.e., the only way to win in this world is to lose.

I materially hope ten years or twenty-three hundred years from now, people are looking back on clowns like me as aberrant cynics who just didn't get it. I see twenty-three hundred years of convincing the survivors of Judaism to finally wake up and resist as being ineffectual. Trying to teach me to resist is like trying to teach Congoids to travel to and populate Mars from scratch. In fact, the enemy has spread this entire time, even using gentiles to destroy gentiles who occasionally seemed to recognize them. I'm not sure there is any rhetorical technique that can stop the turning of the entire world into a modernized Gaza Strip.

Materially, this one would be so happy to have great-great-etc. grandchildren tell yours that you were right all along. Maybe the maturing internet will finally accomplish what every Nu Euro has thus far been unable to do?

As they say contemptuously on Terra, "keep telling yourself." Namely, that this rotten apple is going to regenerate without going through the dirt first.


  1. It is that way, but if my personal interactions with others are indicative of any trend, it seems certain to stay that way. We can blame indoctrination, willful ignorance, or insecurity leading to tribalist following thanks to the foregoing. We can look inward, blame low brainpower, or some other failing in the thing we amusingly call "education" where average and better brains are concerned.

    Probably doesn't help much when Rx for anxiety, depression, and even present mild regrets over past irrelevancies are sold directly to the gobbler of semi-sintered synthetics.

    Whatever the cause, the problem affects so many that pessimism only seems fair. The trend is in favor of pessimism too, when looking back Fiddy Cent years.

    This may explain the Teen Beat at 4chan/pol, where the twaddle smashtag POUNDSIGN Cue uh-Gnon seems ready to boil over.

    1. Pessimism is often likened to realism, both correctly and not. The good thing about tribalism is that it always conflicts with destruction unless it is itself destruction, e.g., if you follow anything, say BLM, to its logical conclusion, you end up in the same place for which anti-BLM was advocating (paying Group X to be apart from Group Y and punishing the Group that forced them together). It's either pure destruction, or heresy.

      Also hee, glad to see a reference to prescription-ease, one of this one's favorite subjects of late. So long as you financially and emotionally tithe (which can increasingly be done less plausibly through subsidized expensive care and inability to talk about or even identify bad acting) you can get weed, even to the point of telling some care managers "I feel bad because I picked up a box." Which doesn't tell us so much about weed as it does about prescriptions themselves since their beginning.

  2. The "tithe" reference here just clarified several interpretive puzzles I've encountered.

    They were puzzles because my take on the same idea, if I'm correct I mean, is that the religion at issue is "progress" and there are all manner of ways to demonstrate one's true faith. The firmest, proudest is the suspension of understanding & curiosity & skepticism, in favor of belief in the certainty of the religion's fantastic message.

    If my society seems wracked with corruption, anxiety-driven perversions of all interpersonal types, and an overweening death urge, best to believe it all is for some certain positive, progressive endpoint. 14-dimension chess is the domain of the superior, and we are but the flock of inferiors waiting to be led.