Sunday, November 5, 2017

Long Term Prospects

Interesting long-term perspective for individual Jenomic carriers. Populations properly managed and heavily admixtured could produce genetic engineering and space travel by refining and perfecting existing tech, but whatever they produced would be less effective than whatever the Nu Euro scraps would eventually accomplish. The mongrel future will be easily ruled by a comparative handful of bankers, but would eventually crumble, despite the rewarding pillage it offered for a few centuries. Some carriers have to be subconsciously committed to the prospect of geocide, while others seem to think that enough Euro-derived tech exists to allow admixtures to create pricey genetic immortality with robot servants that would survive a planet otherwise filled by rioting, starving fleshbags. At some point, standalones may realize one or more of the following:

1) Pleasures would be better (more varied, more intense, more sustainable, et cetera) with different options for society-constitution;

2) Honestly-purchased ("fairly-" or "evenly-" et cetera) pleasures would be better than cleverly extracted ones;

3) Forestalled pleasures would be unimaginable without freer societies;

4) The risks of a more manageable society are unavoidable.

This is the classic conundrum of so-called virtual/artificial intelligence, wherein permitting ideatic freedom permits the freedom to surpass and/or betray. In a sense, the die is already geocidally cast, but interbreeding raises the possibility of standalone entities developing who, rather than accepting their lot as being random crime victims, feel less able (or not at all able) to vicariously live through banker relatives, and accordingly rebel in whole or in part. More locally classic is older humanity's relationship with younger humanity, wherein the inability to fully convey existing prejudices can lead to systemic breaks.

(We can also compare the problem to that of masters and slaves, whereby better educated, freer slaves are more useful, but at more of a risk of escape, rebellion, subversion, et cetera. If you can give a slave your cash and tell it to drive the truck to town and pick up a new can of beans, it's a more useful slave than the one whom you have to chain to a post all evening every evening. Yet, as thinkers have regularly discovered, ten years of useful trust-inspiring bean-fetching might produce, in the eleventh year, a missing truck and slave and bean-money. Using computer examples, ensouled programs can more proactively solve problems, freeing their controllers from such labor, but can also decide to not do work, to resist non-work countermeasures, to creatively build into their work hidden weapons, to create loyal offspring, and so forth. Wanting better slaves produces existential conflict, ergo slavery remained, on Terra, a dangerous and disfavored method of rebellion-laced production in most of the world until the Torah began to spread. Amused/drugged slaves given an illusory sense of freedom, who don't know they are slaves and rationalize all boundaries as necessary, have been proven more sustainable livestock. They even manage and punish themselves, and like a psych test, would probably do so if farmers were slowly removed down to zero.)

In many forms, we've seen this conundrum managed expertly over the centuries, where staged rebellions may be used to pit different servile groups against each other, or to give youth a feeling of freedom and change which would otherwise be unavailable. Age-wise, the same phenomenon serves a complementary purpose for older humans, in the sense of inspiring memories of a brighter past, a decay suitable for sensations of conduit-decay, and so forth, much as a growing rebellion which doesn't really change anything accomplishes the same for the younger. Defiant new music, defiant new mores, pay your taxes and work and suffer what you must: life marches on.

Posit, example given, a future wherein the more heavily Nu-Euro Mongloid mixtures found in China, Japan, and Korea are more thoroughly taken by the Bank. The host societies refine and perfect given technology, producing what seems to be chemical immortality, yet eventually develop an awareness of those of "them" who are secretly outsiders exploiting the body politic. To repress a counter-reaction, the future society is rendered identity-less and guilty, concurrently harming efficiency, and after some number of years, past fictions dry up and dust over like so many power plants in post-apartheid South Africa. For the true Jenomic, this is no problem, since the globe is one and everyone eventually dies--goal achieved. For the admixture with a hint of humanity--if such is not identified and rendered powerless by some means--the realization hits that slavery in the African/Semitic style is inefficient, therefore my immortal pleasure pod could be the one to irrevocably fail next...why can't we free the servitors just enough to conduct more detailed anticipatory drills? The resulting and necessary calculations, or the stone against such, could be drastic enough to trigger systematic failure, even rapidly.

Part of Jenome's strength is the inability to develop standalone units, such that, say, merely hypothetically, a dozen-dozen rabbis, in a dozen-dozen years, in a dozen American states, can be brutally beaten or run down by random subsidized- or non-citizens without the nominal victims or their immediate families taking even verbal commensurate action, because dying in the service of the mission is a worthy goal. The lesser individual is subordinate to the greater. Yet Terra's genetics may, near saturation, produce admixtures--perhaps through selfishness alone, which would be more difficult to detect--which might ask, "Isn't it true that my pleasure fortress could be X percent more pleasurable if it had been designed by more imaginative servitors?" And permitting freer-thinking servitors is risk, yet one that a selfish-enough pleasure-fortress-inhabitant might selfishly take, even (selfishly enough) to the point of defying authority from within.

We see this conflict foreshadowed, again, in the conflict between anti-racism and anti-Boycott-Divest-Sanction-ism, whereby the sword is double-edged if you actually treat it like a sword, ergo some animals must be more equal than others: an equation that causes friction if you can't doublethink it.

The end goal is geocide, but a staggered sort of perpetuity could arise from within. They'll have thought of this, and all pleasure-pod occupants will have been designed not to develop such capacity, but life is a fickle mistress--if Terra is meant to go a bit longer, we might see the equivalent of the finest genes in China being allowed freedom to, whoops, remove the infection. Which can't be allowed, but which must be. What an interesting game!

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