Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Solo 4

The perspectives the Terran has developed through his permitted lens are evil, including the nascent philosophy that rejects philosophy. The "anti-ism ism" accuses isms of being the cause of all misery because isms, brooking no disagreement with reality, attempt to force reality to conform to the image desired by the ism, necessarily producing misery among those ones expressed in reality. We see this given shape in, say, communism, in a variety of ways, the most popular in the west being the (post-Christian universalism) ism-conflict where the capable end up subsidizing the incapable, resulting in the death of all; we see it also, more globally, where the overseers of society are not moral enough nor smart enough to act in the furtherance of common interests, therefore become capitalists anyway. Ergo the imposition of the ism upon reality, thus far, has been directly responsible for, let's conservatively say, a hundred million deaths. We have this to thank for much of our anti-ism ism, which reminds us that American President FDR started the process of forcing what yeoman farmers had not yet been exterminated to forego additional children or new machinery in favor of feeding African children. Ergo isms are bad, goes the anti-ism ism argument.

Like many things Terran, this perspective is partly correct in experienced and hypothetical context throughout our permitted perspective, but audaciously ridiculous otherwise. Indeed, there have even been at least partly good capitalisms and socialisms within our narrow confines, as defined and lived by their contemporaries; it is absurd, but no more absurd than much else here, to argue that all philosophy and/or belief is unnatural and evil, or unnatural or evil, considering its source. Ashkenazi billionaire Computerstein is no more "capitalism" than Ashkenazi billionaire Towerstein is "communism," although both take appropriate actions in both realms.

Putting aside, then, the ism that isms are bad and are themselves responsible for human actions--which may nonetheless prove philosophically dominant in one or more of the phases which follow--consider the great isms of permissible Terran time: capitalism, communism, liberalism, conservatism, et cetera. All false dichotomies; all inherently broken, alien creations, which reject their own flaws in favor of cheering the flaws of an often imaginary opponent. A pure, heartless, short-term capitalism makes perfect sense in a universe of self-creating entities with firm boundaries and only one chance to either grab sensations (and potentially attain technological access to extend such sensation-grabbing), achieve vicarious genetic survivability, or achieve unverifiable but likely influence in the game of historical marksmanship. This is to say that being historically remembered, having children who share your genetics and/or perspectives, and/or having a pleasurable life--including potentially achieving what seems to be technological immortality--are all respectable goals which make capitalistic sense, but only as much as other capitalists' goals as defined by successful capitalists. Ergo, in the arch-Hobbesian world of brief materialism, capitalism makes perfect sense, as does evolution by natural selection and/or manipulated suicidal empathy: it is not only incorrect, but insanely so, to believe in transmaterial concepts ("goodness") alongside material ones.

If not individual socialism ("capitalism"), then national socialism ("racist fascism") presents itself as congruent to the non-spiritual perspective. Fascism for me and mine, by whatever means, harmonizes with the material perspective, affected only by individuals within the material structure who may secretly exploit the whole while publicly defending it. We see shades of this in alternating exploitations of patriotism, often concurrently employed as hypocritical globalisms, whereby perceived sentience-bias plays an incompletely expressed part.

Any other perspective than provable material gain, however successful, is incorrect, for to believe in a world of short sensations generated by the efficient organization of matter is to necessarily believe, only privately and never publicly, potentially but not perpetually material ("genetic" or "perspective-based"), to be an individual with the necessity of effective cooperation inside a self-defined and loyally proclaimed yet flexible in-group, and against an internally defined out-group. Was all the "Othering" stuff not so much bullshit, but part of the rich tradition of projection? You be the judge. As a material human, one cannot defeat the cohesive or relatively cohesive treacherous in-group, and ("by now") the match has been genetically predetermined. In light of Gaza World, we've discussed previously the impossibility of trumping material concerns with immaterial ones, wherein the only means to defeat evil are to become more evil than the enemy evil; it is a passion for material vulnerabilities--e.g. art, honor, justice, individuality--that, ironically, we see as justifying mastery of hell, and which cannot.

Fascism is, therefore, materially correct and immaterially not. Centralized motivations will always be more efficient than an individual-fostering program of art development, ergo effective national fascism will always destroy the individual to best outside competitors; any respect for the individual which denies him perfect conformance to the laborer-soldier mold proves destructive for the host society, for other fascisms will, perhaps by preordained material blessing, achieve superiority through employing a more stringent mold. We've certainly seen, in the twentieth century, the loss of boundary-respecting, family-respecting, individual-respecting fascisms to those which were less honest.

It has been an instructive tragedy, to say the least, the twentieth century or so since the Risen Rabbi breached Europe. Though the land has seen it before, we can, through officially confirmed sources alone, see it at least once from inside a single frame, as though for the first time. Cherish these fading moments of specificity, before the past becomes an evil more generic; before motivations are taught as even more muddled, unimportant things than they are now. The true battle was lost when someone misguidedly let the first caravan trade this or that, or perhaps when the Vatican began ordering targeted strikes against the infidels down south; nonetheless, Roosevelt's lampooning of imperial justice remains, briefly, remarkable.

Capitalism is inherently globalist, because the failure to grow is the beginning of death--a disingenuous saying, given that creation is another type of beginning at dying, yet sufficiently apt as to modern marketplaces. In capitalism, we see the destruction inherent in the necessary attempts to buy markets/governments, and to destroy the foundations of success to make provision for future success, however nebulous. The wealthy are fine with 5%, so long as they control inflation and currency as derivatives of law, yet their prodigals or their selves may well be sacrificed to foreign gods when time demands it. Material success, ironically, is never wholly individual. Communism is a similar autophage, in that it must consume itself to briefly survive, sacrificing innovation both foreign and domestic to the impossible gods of equality. Hypocritical, deficient, transmaterial versions of these philosophies are doomed to failure the first time a valued citizen figures out he can lie about the greater good to enrich the self at society's expense. We've seen the failure of both species- and specious-based capitalisms and communisms in a few standard human lifetimes, here, from these same sources, and we may yet again. In particular, a mongrel-laborer future will develop unavoidable regional identities and conflicts, even with constantly rotating shift-bases and forcibly-standardized speech and entertainment.

Again, far be it for this one to stifle attempted progress; make of the mud a beauteous statue, if you will, irrespective of this promise of perpetual material deficiency. Let the genetic propagandists from either side subdivide or stir as they will, but they can no more overcome the material contradiction than Jenome ultimately will, whether or not He knows or even will know it. Our attempts at philosophy are antithetical to nature and evolution, first boldly and then more subtly positing, then mandating with feigned nonchalance, the triumph of willpower over material.

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