Wednesday, December 6, 2017

In Case Computers Delete It

Just a record--this one signed in to Disqus for some reason and found a bunch of old moderated AmRen posts that were, as they say, rayciss and therefore thoughtcrimed. Sticking them here because.


  1. Jared Taylor's actual influence should be measured by his pre-twitter influence on Americans.

    When doing that comparison, be sure to note the ancillary feature: what is the influence of twitter, and for what purpose?

    Tell your friend the TX Ophthalmologist's son that he should find a reason to ingest strychnine in generous dosage. It will help him realize the endpoint he's laboring toward much faster than the current path he's on. Of course, he'll miss out on all that gheysecks in the meantime, and that will surely make him lachrymose if not existentially fragmented & schizophrenic, but he's got a great capacity for self-deception, dissolution and impoverished acting skills. Remind him of his invisibility pre-twitter, and emphasize that ancillary conclusion while you're at it.

    And don't forget to be smug about it.

  2. Also, wanted to ask about your other blawg, the one hosting paw'd casts. Sheeziss chraaaahst, your "genius" levels are down around the magma blob, they're that subterranean. "Guess what people, Torba's a fraud!" "I figured it out, Torba's a fraud!"

    So dense you are, you didn't know the point of Torbaland from the obvious hints behind the name. Yossi's Ashkenazi IQ is so "vaunted" it's double-digit.

    Con artistry isn't about IQ, it's about misanthropy and psychopathy, neither of which requires great intellect. In fact, the dumber one is, the easier it is to be a misanthrope or psychopath or murderous twit or vengeful dickless wonder.

    Which is Andrew Torba?

    Cretin. Underlined, in bold italics. With an exclamation point or 3.

    That you're a "hacker" and didn't even get this means you can't "hack" anything but in the sense of the modern use of the word: stupid pet trick that isn't a trick at all.

    "life hack"

    et cetera

    So you've got a gift for self-promotion among skripped kiddos whose pathetic brains are limited to the moronic act of coding and debugging. The accountants of the 21st century. Who ever called accounting a high tell of massive IQ?

    Accountants, that's who.

    Keep swinging for the fences. Like the non-athlete you are, whiff 3 and you're out.

    "Mennonite, for generations."

    Yeah, so's Yossi.

    1. I googled Torba and found out he's the CEO of Gab. Does that mean he's rich-rich, or just rich? I joined Gab at some point earlier in the year, when a bunch of the people I followed were going to switch over. But, like moving to Costa Rica to lower the cost of living, it was a superficial switch and those who even showed up continued keeping their feet back in the States, so to speak. Is it still there?