Monday, December 17, 2018

Someone Else's Kudos

In the vein of Planetary Preparation, considering the range of technology available in this material, it speaks well of Terrans that some people living in not just a pre-spaceflight, but pre-computer, civilization like the Europeoid were advanced enough to be prepared for removal. As we've amply covered elsewhere, the local brand of "the great cognizant similarity" which we saw in Sky Rabbi was a sign of the beginning of a transition, and although the more capable people refused to accept the Rabbi and were thus exterminated by hordes of traitors and idiots, it's still all part of the process. Stop thinking on "human lifetime" time scales, and start thinking in terms of "planet lifetime," and you can see how the idea of "Sky Rabbi" appeared about three millennia ago, which is a really short span of time. And before the locals had even developed the simplest computer! Terran Europeoids were so advanced ("philosophically" advanced, we might say) that they had begun to understand the cyclical, inherently "cruel" nature of material life, at such an early point of development within that material that they prioritized that over inventing computers--which makes it sound like they're stupid, but which is actually a much better choice, because figuring out "why I exist" and "what is life" is far more important than inventing a graphical user interface. Because you have to use that material form and the life inside it to develop the GUI, and it makes far more sense to understand it, thereby invite doom via k'arash, than to ignore the important stuff and focus on your damn computer.

Which isn't always the case. Plenty of planets have people colonizing their solar system or at least using a neuroweb-type thing before a cognizant similarity shows up, and it's an impressive rate of progress to be so selected before even inventing an external, user-indifferent computer. People have done it before language, even, but pre-computer like the pagan Europeoids is still pretty impressive.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Planetary Preparation

Like a master chef knows when a big roast is almost done even though you can't see the condition of its deep insides, how do we know when it is time for a verse to bubble out, a star to nova, amino chains to start perpetuating themselves, or a planetary organism to evolve ("transcend")? Light exerts a constant force, pooling energy into what we call space and at some point crystallizing some of it into matter, and the matter has its own echo of that by playing some part, whether individually and minute or collectively massive, in gravity. How, why, and when these things happen are often of great concern to any given light involved in or aware of any part of the process, and most selfishly interesting to us here is probably what caused our planet to first attract the k'arash, and so many of us to warrant removal. Fears of eternal delete are true, extant, and obviously reasonable given Terran cultures. Without regard situs, concerns over individual or civilizational change in the "death" style are reasonable anyway. Like knowing your flight leaves tomorrow morning and why can't I sleep dammit, it's entirely human to think about it.

In Space Jews, this one discussed k'arash stuff in more depth, including lots of local references. In this essay, this one will try to focus on the k'arash in the broader way, as a materially cosmic phenomenon and not the form with which we're familiar here. (When this one has to address local specifics, say the JP, it shall be done in parenthetical clauses, so avoid those if you're tired/afraid of JP stuff. This one would avoid them entirely, but it's too illustrative, too useful here, to not draw the connections instead of a bunch of "alien planet" examples.)

Mandatory Death

The standard material organism's operative question about the k'arash is a painful one. When studying them in the material, they aren't able to lose,* and they also, strangely, seem to have no interest in their long-term survival, but seem to be actually sawing off the branch on which they stand along with everyone else. "Why does this material organism not pursue its own success and survival? Why does this organism really not mind its own destruction?" Since an inability to obtain, say, food and water will result in the removal of even the foulest and most petty pleasures for the k'arash--pleasures in which they've shown great interest previously--why do they, nonetheless, seek to destroy all the means by which they and their descendants might obtain those pleasures, including the simple pleasures of "not being dead"?

(*Not at this point are they able to "lose," but there are plenty of places where their rounding is a little off, so to speak, and they show up lying with some bullshit about a cognizant singularity, and the people don't buy it but just kill them. Boom, try again in a few centuries. So in that sense, they sometimes lose. But once they get the hook in, that's it. Bless me, oh Father, for I have sinned~)

The k'arash are not evolving things like humans are. They're natural phenomena meant to clean out a planet where a lot of the lightforms are ready to develop differently, and the things they do to "enjoy" themselves, the way they plan their lives, are entirely different from the way humans plan theirs. If you're a human and you're reading this, you probably have "hopes" or "dreams" for your future: for tomorrow, for ten years from now, for if something or anything might happen a hundred years from now that you'll be cognizant of, and so forth. K'arash don't feel this: they plan and predict, but cannot hope nor dream in that way that we wistful creatures assume every humanoid can. Not having that as a weakness is a really big benefit in material competition; k'arash can unabashedly lie, for a five minute hearing or for five thousand years, because their ability to "believe" anything is entirely based on their mission. Like a little thing in a petri dish, though, they can't see over the edge. It doesn't harm this process if I say "God has a blue beard" or "souls use material to develop and then use other forms of light to develop differently." It's not that they won't believe it, but that they can't. It's not just horrible being a janitor because you have to do this all the time, but because we view it as horrible later when we imagine only that, forever.

(Consider the Jewish destruction of society. Jews prefer smartphones to shouting in their personal lives, but are fine with dropping population capability through miscegenation, ergo satellites stop working. They are not stupid; even if they hate Aryans, they know full well what will happen once everyone is at least 1/4 Congoid and 1/4 Mongoloid. They also enjoy eating, and moreover, need to eat, but the're fine removing the only people who could ever feed the whole world and then some. Just like Weinstein prefers to rape white girls but is completely okay with every female celebrity dying a barren adoptive parent or marrying some Congoid NBA star, you'd think, as a human, that he would be pursuing his preferred future--and he is: death. The little ways they amuse themselves here, like having white people invent and use nukes against the Japanese, are enjoyable to them, but they're completely fine with pre-firearm mobs savaging the last few survivors.)

(Side note: not something "I" have been through, but've heard about: a material planet, just beginning its decay, much more advanced even then, this one k'arash--oh, envisage one of those places with an atmosphere of like chlorine or something, wild blue star that probably won't last a million years, and the Sky Man phase is correspondingly designed to be more advanced because this is a place that has pretty good spaceflight within its solar system. Think space is half bright even on nightside, skies weirdly red sometimes because something's always erupting and the environmental crisis magma-this magma-that blah blah, peaky sharp mountains that go way higher proportionately than anything there's this big "hearing" thing with a lot of scientists and astronaut equivalents, and this k'arash testifies that although Sky Man is in fact in every single molecule in the universe in the "spaces between electrons," he also is in fact in more particular shape in the core of one of this other planet's moons [the planet the humans had evolved on had none]. And they'd made up that shit years ago, later causing some wars over territory so some rich dumbass can drill on that moon to find God, and of course there was nothing, so this k'arash was not that long after testifying about how God had escaped through the hole created by the drilling and in fact this proved the initial theories even more because now God was even more in the "spaces between electrons" and it was actually prophesied that people would try to drill him and no one will ever understand science unless we learn that these spaces are in every atom of our bodies et cetera et cetera, It's pretty funny because they usually get some kinda Sky Entity in way earlier than that, and this dude gave perfect testimony, under pain of death he would've stuck to his story, they are so like that. You think you've got it bad here and it is bad but it is always bad and it has been and will be worse; try to take some comfort in that. Also in the fact that wherever that one asshole was reborn he wouldn't even have remembered what he was/is but will just keep on doing his thing forever. Lightspring embrace.

(You think that's a ridiculous story, but think about Terra. It's bad enough, typical enough, that they convinced so many people that an invisible Jewish wise man was hiding behind the clouds caring about everything you did down here, but on Terra, they actually convinced millions upon millions of people that they should mutilate their male children's genitals because Sky Man would like that. That's the kind of hilariously horrible thing they do. It's not that they actually do the things--it was all "white" pilots bombing German villages, and is mostly white doctors cutting off the tips of their boys' penises--it's just inducing the planet to show its lack of attunement to the material verse. Circumcision is barbaric and monstrous in the most pejorative of senses, but Jews convincing whites that they should mutilate their children for Sky Rabbi is, though perhaps the most colorful aspect of the process on Terra, not the most profound nor indicative act. Consider some European medieval dude with minor wealth and a long family legacy, deciding to leave behind the incredibly-hot hottie farmgirl who would love to marry him and serve him forever, and instead travel hundreds of miles south of home to spend a few miserable months on low food and water to die fighting Arabs over control of a city where Risen Rabbi once lived. That's more usual stuff, and though seemingly less dramatic, if you try to imagine the "making love" and "raising children" and "growing old together" that the idiot-faggot was forsaking by deciding to be a crusader instead, it's actually more pivotal an act as to the individual than infant genital mutilation.)

This is a common conundrum for lightforms at this stage of development; it is ordinary, tired, trite, for lightforms studying material to become so intimately attached to their material that they come to believe in everdeath. Indeed, truly living such a belief, understanding the immensity of what it would actually mean to be eternally deleted, is of vast importance now and at later stages of development. You should feel that you might be a pod of cellular gunk which only began forming memories a few years ago; you should feel that maybe the cessation of your cells' operations will cause the energy of your mind/soul to cease operations forever. Even if you intellectually understand that it won't, you should worry that it might, and that somehow the conservation of energy does not apply due to being overruled by your personal worries. That's unavoidable; that's supposed to happen; that's why the most intelligent Christian preachers, when counseling too-honest people who make the common private confession that despite their lifelong pursuit of faith they still doubt, tell the desperate, "The big secret is that we all fear death, and fear that our dreams aren't true, but God sees that and He will understand and He expects you'll be that way. What He wants is for you to try. That is faith."

(Again, we see how the Europeoid inventiveness was necessary to develop the Judaistic bullshit that became Christianity. Despite their intelligence, all by themselves, the Jewish religion would've just stayed "Believe in the Rabbi or else. Wahahaha!" [foreboding chime]. But once Europeoids got that as fodder for their wish-dreams, all of a sudden there was this complex stuff added about what committing a sin truly meant, who the Rabbi really was, what it meant to hate and/or love the world, what it meant to "accept" the Rabbi, and so forth. And the art, of course; paintings and sculptures of rabbinical stories by the ton. The impressions of beauty really helped future generations feel bound to the bullshit, for they thought it had come from their own people.)

Whatever you know or think/pretend you know, the sense that this might be an eternal delete is built in, here. Animals begin feeling it, first through instinctive actions and then through more advanced telegenetic understandings of tricks and traps, and that continues with humans, who can really think a lot about it. Thoughts of eternal delete consume us in many ways, forming an omnipresent component of the personalities we're building here.

That sense--that this might actually be it--is invaluable. Any complexifying lightform has to experience that; has to know what that's like; has to be able to view more of reality with an understanding of what it's like to completely, fully, live as a "mortal." Being intelligent enough to understand the great value in things entails having had that experience, and understanding what it feels like to think you are destined for eternal delete lets you ever after understand the value of time, material, and all forms of light. K'arash generally choose and are chosen for their roles by being unable to understand that; unable to develop any further, like humans with a mental retardation who just aren't able to do some things and will never be able to do those things. There are a very few who might have some glimmer of awareness of what this one is talking about, but to most of them it's just like lala land, so this one is a very harmless dissident spouting nonsense. People who flunk out in higher realms, and are stuck as k'arash there, would be incredibly, violently offended to have their own foibles compared to those of k'arash here, but k'arash here just think, "Haha! I bring death and destruction, I'm so powerful and content!" and don't really care about this kind of jabbering.

Think of how some corporations figured out that these idiot engineers just couldn't understand customer concerns even when they hired six communications majors and spent $4 million having them tour every part of the facility and use the product and do big surveys and present it to the engineering team, and the friggin' engineers still weren't getting it. So the companies would force the engineers to work a shift or three on the customer technical support lines, and then, then, the idiot engineers finally understood these amazingly complex subjects like "it is difficult, not simple, to require the use of a span-wrench to adjust the product by dissembling it and using trial and error to determine where the right spot is." Because it took those calls, hearing those people complain that they didn't own a span-wrench or know how to disassemble the product at home (or elsewhere! or anywhere! jeeez engineers), for some of the engineers to finally get it. Yes, engineers are often quite projectively intelligent, but so many of them have this amazing inability to conceive of things like "customers don't always have a garage filled with every tool that caught their interest ten years ago" and "it takes some customers more than an hour to disassemble the product and they often break it while trying to do so." Jeebus.

Living in the material is like "swiving" or "defecating" or "loving": one of those things you can't truly understand until you do it, no matter how much you might imagine (that's actually an issue in some places with better tech, where people think they know what the real thing is like and maybe never find out it's different).

We're not governed by some capricious evil God, because such an entity could just make perfect things that already understood. This is a drab, boring, natural process here, like "fire is hot" or "giant stars have gravity and can pull your ship in if you try to just fly close by it." The shaping of more complex lightforms requires a number of things to happen for them to be better. We may childishly trivialize it as "emo not real!" here, but in a more mature perspective, it's just part of the developing. Your math or reading instructor might say "it's supposed to be difficult; that means you're really working at it, really learning." Life is like that. Were there a God who put us through this unnecessarily, he would be an evil creature, but there is no God, and we're just developing like how a seed has to sprout and gather light and water and all that type of thing.

Understanding mortality is part of that. A true understanding, not a hypothetical one. This entire verse is designed to force an understanding of mortality; it does not make any sense that such a thing as this verse filled with shifting molecules would exist but as a testing ground for conceptions of mortality. Proton decay (Jew wife) and nuclear forces are but the smallest components of this we can discern, although fractally much larger things, like "stars" or "galactic clusters" are similarly designed to suffer mandatory readjusment so that nothing is materially immortal. On a human scale, in that fractal way that the principle can be understood even by much simpler organisms without language, apoptosis demonstrates, besides the apt mockery of our atrocious Random-governed evolutionary godhead, how things here are designed to be unsustainable. Not to perpetuate genes, not to please Sky Man: besides the fact that they often die before being born, and that they age every second even when they're out, they are even in their cells programmed to suffer and die, and so obviously not part of any of the ugly symphonies of selfish salvation that Judaism has taught. Even if some society somewhere develops these super-duper androids that replace bodies every millennia, every century, every year, every second, proton-decay will eventually get them, and they'll have to contemplate what mortality means. It's not easier on a different scale. It's the same lesson. We imagine that a billion years is enough time to live because of how we've adapted to our version of presumed time.

This function of our material verse applies to everything else, too. Mountains, oceans, flies, spiders, people, societies, Terra--it's all doomed, in that sense. Everything light is crystallized into, which is then shaped into different thing after thing, which then becomes part eventually of some structure that will support an active connection to a soul, changes.

The Value of a Conception of Death

Similarly easy to understanding the changeable mandate of this verse is positing the benefits of an understanding of mortality. The ability to understand mortality, which many (all?) of us now take for granted, and which becomes an understanding even deeper once we can understand immortality, is profoundly important. Conceptualizing an eternal delete, we take for granted here, since we do it all the time, and have lived inside an understanding of it for as long as we can probably remember. Knowing what a finitude could be, would be, is necessary to begin an understanding of Void, and thereby to be, and to perpetuate, light.

Cheapen the description to assist in grasping it. Think of the bullshit that people good-naturedly try to craft about death here while believing in it. They say that good things are only good because they're short-lived; that life only has worth because it ends; that we only value friendships, loves, wonderful walks in the park in autumn, and so forth, because it's "only special because it's short-lived!"

Dross, of course, fearful dross; a healthy thing, and healthy relationships, can be eternal, and indeed, many are, as lightforms often "love" each other and "need" each other forever, and it is simply insane and a touch of nascent evil to say that this gains strength from termination. The ability to be true, to be reliable--to be at all--is part of what we're working on here, and will work on elsewhere, to build what we can't help but want to become. We take it for granted that we "exist" now, and indeed we do, but it was a long road to get here, and to not exist--the eternal delete of the mortality we fear--is a contemplation so grim that we cannot imagine our perception of it, for indeed there would be none. To exist in a more complex state casts a similarly dark perspective on existence here, for indeed it is lowly and terrible to only exist as we humans do now, and we strongly desire to be delivered from it. Much of Europeoid development of trans-Torah myths through Christianity was the resurgence of pagan fantasies of cyclical improvement that had been stamped out. The rise of Saint-worship, and Mary-worship, recalled a return to the expression of such longings, and was so strong it had to be accommodated by the priests of the cognizant singularity--not necessarily embraced nor promoted, but simply tolerated, as was unheard of for other heresies of the period. The Nicean Gospel had absolutely none of the hopeful speculation that later Europeoid fantasy tried to make acceptable by attaching a rabbinical name to it. It is a great tragedy how so much of that fantasy was never written down, never shared widely, because people were trying to not offend that Turkish-Jewish boundary-text.

Harvesting and Transcendence

Those Terrans who figured out how to encode language across time and place using the amazing invention of writing were also much more successful in other realms. The ability to effectively use language is linked not just to the stability of material administration, but to different forms of higher communication, which is part of why the k'arash in this material verse are so attuned to verbal and written manipulation. Remember the comparison of k'arash to janitors: k'arash are meant to "clean up" lightforms, perhaps wholly planets, when those planets have performed their necessary tasks.

When you have a bunch of human-type things on a planet, that's good. It's progress. It's better than just having a bunch of rocks, a bunch of amoebas, because those humans will be designed with brains that serve as far superior conduits of energy into this verse. It's no more spiritual, nor emotional, than gravity. Drop ball on the surface of a big chunk of matter ("planet") and the ball will be drawn toward the much larger matter ("down"). We act like there's something profound in feeling "love" or having an "orgasm" or being "alive" only because we're so obsessed by the newness, the achievement, of our current condition. Truly, though, it's no more silly nor amazing than that you can make a new human by screwing and feeding the female for a while, or that you can see a sappy movie someone made and get made to cry even though you know it's all pretend.

We've discussed before how this process works. As light tries to manifest more of itself, it pushes more into everywhere, including this material verse. It pushes at nothingness until there is somethingness, which we might think of here as space--this space encoded with rules for matter, energy, and other "physics"-type things. It shines in that space, but more importantly, more relevant to us, it crystallizes into matter that can produce increasingly complex reactors to serve it, which around here is the human mind. It doesn't stop trying to grow, and the next part of that process is for those refined minds to be more refined in a form that is not wholly material. And on and on, and over and again, and the way we obsess over "millions of years of organisms!" is kind of like a mosquito obsessing over "20 hours of mosquito!" I'd like to have ten years or a million years of good food or great sex or true love or whatever, but the process produces all those things, and is not ambivalent toward them but is neither so bound.

When you have conduits of that level of complexity (human brains), they keep developing. The k'arash are part of that. Once things on a planet start to get as advanced as Europeoids had achieved, it's like if someone drops a bucket of salad dressing. "Front!" The k'arash are all over that. They're made to do their duty; eliminating the ones who are supposed to move on, because being trapped in this stage is inefficient and can deprive another place of its own development which they should instead be partaking in. That's why k'arash don't mind if they "doom" themselves--they're doing their job, and there will always be another job, just like if you drop a marble there are always more marbles coming from the marble factory to drop.

Metaphorizing this to "harvest" is appropriate. Once Terra has produced the fruit it's gonna produce this season, you don't just leave it there to rot, you pluck it and it becomes, I dunno, a pie? Something more refined? Except maybe the raw berries are healthier; okay, toss that example. All of the mysteries of being on Terra, of being mortal, of "why do I," does anything, exist, are found in parts of this process, just as all the mysteries of transitioning from "infant" to "pubescent adult" are solved once you understand things like "babies" and "survival" et cetera.


People often understand, remember, or see some part of this, even dullards, thus they ever pursue some kind of explanation, be it some embrace of the cyclical, oft-improving, nature of existence, some sense that God will re-write you as a denizen of some paradise, or that you are participating in some grand project of improving Random for those who come later. In essence, that's what this one is doing here, performing what could well be likened to concocting pseudo-scientific fantasies of purpose behind the apparently pointless molecular billiards we're all supposedly playing. I'm not, it's true, but you shouldn't believe me, you should do your own thing and figure it out on your own so you can really believe it. Again, bees and flowers always help me here, regardless of who's dead or who's in charge: their evolution was coordinated, planned, and by what if it wasn't Lord Random? These two discrete types of organism without any known means of communicating, without much or any consciousness we recognize, somehow changed their molecular development to correspond to the other's development in such a way that both would have gone extinct because of their mutations if the other had not developed the way it did. Like the way organs work together inside even one type of organism's body, there are a jillion examples of actual evolution on this planet, as in any other evolved system, and "High Arka" is irrelevant to your seeing that now or later. Bees, requiring a certain kind of dispersable amnio not defended but offered freely to the only thing that really cares about it, produced using time and calories just to be given away in the struggle for survival, flowers these static pieces of inert vegetable that cannot even reproduce without something else to disperse for them, "competing" against all these other types of plants that have their own ways of dropping tasty seeds or catching the breeze, High Arka is completely irrelevant, and should be, and the victors wrote a shitty history but thankfully it's easily falsifiable.

Bees and flowers. If nothing else, bees and flowers, and hives and fields, and pollen, amazing pollen, and fertilization and life in this credible beautiful way that could not have been Lord Random but could have only been actual evolution. The fossil record includes zero examples of organisms who spent tens of thousands of years developing a system of giving away free calories and it also contains zero examples of organisms that diligently worked to handle dispersal and fertilization for other organisms, there is no such thing as Lord Random nor Lord Rabbi. High Arka is forgettable scifi dross but you already believe in bees and flowers so just do the math and break out of the Bangism they're selling now.

What's important for our thinking is that we stop excessively romanticizing the experience of our existence. A sunset, for example, is real purdy, but there's also a perfectly indifferent explanation for why it exists, why it looks the way it does, and why we might have an emotional reaction to seeing one. That reaction, if it exists, does not mean that someone can't sensibly appreciate it, nor that it does not exist at all just because some people get too weepy about it--or, even, stay out too late to see the fading trails of it, blow the job interview tomorrow morning, and can't afford to have any kids, it doesn't mean that there is no longer a star next to this planet, nor that the star's light doesn't pass through gases in the atmosphere and produce cool colors, sorry varied colors.

We tend to get so weepy and teary about ourselves that it affects our ability to use logic. There is no Yahweh, nor a Random, but there is evidence of physical stuff evolving toward greater energy capacity, ergo we are part of a process of developing energy conduits of increasing efficiency and power. Completely obvious; unavoidable. What ancients weren't able to graph using global fossil records, though, and what moderns are too afraid to do because they fear even the partial theoretical affirmation of their secret hopes--not being eternally deleted, and instead getting to see more neat things and meet more neat people in better ways and places. It's a childish refusal to acknowledge what we're seeing, like we're hiding our eyes in the belief that a pile of presents will vanish if we just don't look at it.


So, the k'arash came here, and are here now. They'll go about doing their thing, and they'll always do it, and do it right and well, and each time, believe they're just part of a proud tradition of winning and that nothing more exists besides the material now. Cleanup on aisle three comes over the intercom, and baby, they're there. As this one has said before, you don't want their job, but you're damned glad they're there doing it. And somehow, amazingly, they like their job. It's a way to capitalize on the hypocrisy of Void, to make certain kinds of matter rearrangements not a mundane necessity of people who have better things to do, but a foul pleasure to those who, quite precisely, don't.

Ahh, Jacob? Old Mrs. McMoore dropped another can of paint on Aisle 6, could you get on it? The ability to be vulnerable to promises for the future, to conceptualize the potential reality of future-visions enough to be vulnerable to lies about them, is like the food for this type of material k'arash, and they're driven to consume/destroy such organisms and their societies/planets just like you are driven to "eat" or "really love appealing person" or "screw attractive partner." That capacity, which a caterpillar has not yet developed as much, is indicative of the potential for further growth. As this one said before, plenty of species, even ones that can be taught to read, have very little to fear from lies and promises of nice things in future time. And also as this one said before, that's why the k'arash did not appear here until some noticeable human quantity developed those higher abilities.

Here Specifics

It's not provable here, but it's likely that some quantity of Europeoids developed this "conscious" understanding and appreciation of the cyclical nature of complexifying existence a little bit B.R. (Before Rabbi, haha, B.C.). The appearance of a singular godhead designed to appeal to humans of this planet is something of a giveaway, wherein we can assume that our stories of a Sky Man, later amended to include a here-spawned rabbi who became but always was that Sky Man, is a classic sign of Jenomic progression. Pigeons, otters, cells, all sort of have an understanding of the cyclical nature of existence; doing their part; living and then dying; performing whatever function for which they've been designed; all that. It's obviously quite different from the way humans reject, then eventually have to surrender to, this state of things, as self-awareness develops.

Don't make the mistake of discounting prehistory. Recall that there were hundreds of thousands of years, at least, during which bipedal ape-things, as smart as us, and Cro Magnons, possibly more intelligent, were doing natural things and contemplating their own existences, before what became recognizable Europeoids finally achieved the breakthroughs of writing and building that allowed them to be acknowledged by us. The breakthrough of writing, and of the philosophy of knowing and understanding the expansion of light as expressed through the material we were using, is probably what attracted our changelings, who never were cavemen or cave-women, just trying to blend in with the Terrans they were working with. All the routine stuff happened after that, including a developing faith in a Sky Local which, like wheat from chaff, helped distinguish qualities as it went, and a bunch of kill-fests (still ongoing) as the k'arash enjoy themselves (but only as much as the locals are willing to carry out, which as we've seen here can be quite a lot, but sadly this is about average and there are places where it might be 100K years of this instead of ~2K).

So, 100s of Ks of years of growth and development, all culminating in this level cap of reality teevee and we must help the noble people of [country] by bombing the everliving fuck out of them. Kinda sad, like fireworks at graduation, but really it gets way better, the childish cliques here are nothing compared to "real" life, growing more up, and sticking with whatever pleasures there are here are like forsaking threesomes with hotties in favor of soloing the tinker-toys.

This is evolution; this is life; this is Light winning against Void and eternally developing infinite new things, and this is how it happens and it always gets better somehow. Your "pleasures" and "hopes" grow in complexity as your body and/or nebula of thought do. Experience tells us there is no limit ever, unless we're in such a marvel at how great we are now that we see a limit there and believe there must be limits. At every stage, someone is there arguing that this is it, this is the most light can do, after all my math proves that ~ = ., but this one never finds that kind of stuff convincing. Besides, from your perspective here thinking you're mortal meat, you're probably just satisfied with "perfect penthouse with perfect seventy virgins in attendance," but it's that much better improvement at every level, why stop here.

Easing the Way

It'd be so cool, in Terran terms, that pretending that if this one got a certain percentage of all the war booty, or the pick of the harem, or whatever else, that there is some way secrets could be imparted that would improve any part of this. Sadly no; this one is irrelevant, and the delete of the internet and regression of the whole world to "motorcycle gangs fight over last scraps of food" does not change the essential nature of things, anymore than someone farting in St. Paul makes winter not happen and fall go straight to summer.

Why does there have to be a harvest? People are dying all the time anyway, and they were before Yahweh showed up--why do the k'arash have to be part of this? Can't more developed things just pass on well without permitting the k'arash to first spend so long raping misery into a planet?

As well ask why there has to be a winter; why it can't be perpetual late spring. Why do we have to die sometimes and be born sometimes? As well--it's a good question, a fair question, but even if we don't know about orbits and the tilt of the sphere, we can time winter and we can plan based on winter; we don't have to like winter to know that it happens, and so it is with the k'arash. I like winter, but not the k'arash, and I find beauty in fresh-fallen snow but not in Dershowitz, that's just the way it is baby. Baby?

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Types of Memory

Terran linguistics have really been inadequate with regards words for memory. The Eskimos have a buncha terms for snow, which are helpful because, like language is supposed to, they help two minds efficiently transfer and reincarnate the same type of thought. There can be a big distinction between hard-packed snow and loose snow, not just in terms of how it relates to strategies for hunting or fighting, but mere travel, or building or screwing on it, or as many other things as humans do that involve gravity and ground. Being able to transfer that knowledge without pointing several times and grunting exuberantly is really efficient, and on a similar scale but with a smaller difference, being able to communicate one thought, and cause it to arise in someone else's mind, using fewer grunts--fewer syllables--is that much more efficient.

Like using a wheeled cart to move a heavy load rather than just getting a few boys together to carry it, a language is incredibly more efficient. Societies that could formalize, and recognize, the value of language were far more successful at operating in material environments than those which could not. Consider, e.g., the history of sub-Saharan African literature and the receptivity of the societies that produced that literature to industrializing the production of foodstuffs or tech goodies. Language has a lot to say.

Language doesn't stop there, because as we use it, we find that being able to encapsulate meaning in words creates the ability to think about the things or concepts to which a term refers in a better way. A human alone is more intelligent with more words available to her/him, able to use those fixed concepts like ladders to reach heights that would otherwise take significantly more time to scale. Being able to think to oneself, "what is the purpose of my life, and has it had, or will it have, any meaning?" raises a more complex set of questions than just a "why?" or, with fewer tools, grunting angrily at the wall, scratching one's ribs, and frowning in confused irritation. The stuff of the essential thought is there in any of the cases, but language makes it so much easier to understand the thought and think about other thoughts related to it. Like inventing fire, the concepts can eventually be reached, but it is so much better to just be able to ask "what is the purpose..." than to have to complete all the intermediary steps. Like some idiot who always writes "tenet" as "tenant" and will never get the difference, but knows how to order chili, and some dingus who can buy refurbished smartphones and call his friend who's stationed in Afghanistan but can't learn which buttons to press on his microwave, except the "AUTO - POTATO" one, language as a tool can be transferred to others who would never be smart enough to invent on their own many words other than, "defecate," "hello," "angry," and "horny!"

We take language so much for granted now that we tend not to think of it as an invention or a tool, but it was, and perhaps the most important one of all thus far. Communication can be done much better, but in material climes, using combinations of certain grunts and material self-positioning (expressions, posture, tone, et cetera) is amazingly better than anything else. Conversations by text message, even without misspellings and with emoji, cannot contain a hundredth part the same breadth of information. Even when we have really cool 3D avatars delivering our messages contemporaneously, or videoconferences linked to scent machines and digitized emotional status reports, we won't have the complete sense; indeed, our modern frailty of feeling alone while we have 600 friends on Facebook and 237 online right now will be worse, not better, as we continue intensifying the illusion of our happiness.

The effect is far more obvious between multiple humans. Being able to describe someone as "just a bit pleasantly plump" and someone else as "monstrous barge" is to use two completely different descriptions, carrying with it all sorts of cultural baggage, personal baggage, relationship baggage, and other things; being able to only say "fat" robs the exchange of a lot of meaning. Under a less verbally complex system of communication, if there are even words available to describe the person's appearance and/or girth with more detail, it's really inefficient, and makes it less likely that refinement will ever occur or will occur consistently. Part of the reason that Latin, and some of its successors, thrived so among Terrans was that it permitted a broader range of expression than the really limited languages could even accomplish using several sentences.

The ability to even use language this way depends on intelligence, of course, which is why Europeoid languages developed such nuance and extensive accommodation of the comparative dictive tendencies of those groups. It is not a coincidence when a less intelligent populace begins limiting its verbosity through inability or unwillingness to even want more; it is not a coincidence that the mestizos left in America dropped their shitty, tiny languages as soon as they had the chance to use better ones. Earlier, this one mentioned how Siberians vastly prefer smartphones to smoke signals, and the nearly complete adoption of the vastly superior languages by the Siberian tribes--including Spanish, Portuguese, or English by so much of central and South America--is actually far more profound than the telephone's superiority as a communications device over the smoke signal. It is no wonder that various Siberian-Americans fret that their young people are unwilling to spend time learning the language of their ancestors. When that language has only one adjective for "pissed off," the young kids don't want to go back to using that slop after they've already been exposed to a Latin or Germanic one with loads of better adjectives. Anymore than the young people want to give up horses or cars for "just walking," or phones for "waving blankets over a fire at certain intervals." Like trying to find pieces of African literature to include in a magazine's special about world culture, it's pitiable when people try to pretend that their cruddy inventions were equivalent to what the Nu Euros had.


Accordingly, as part of the digestion we're all undergoing now, it's not a coincidence that you occasionally hear someone whining, as though shocked, that political leaders speak at a 4th-grade (primary school for the biologically immature) level of grammar and diction. It's predictable that the great mixers for death try to combine languages into lower total-word-count messes of not just misunderstanding, but a true inability to express or share. The process comes with its own silly contradictions, and the pure Congoids in western Europe and the U.S. won't be able to learn Spanglish or Calipheuch, so like all the other terrible identity-destruction we're experiencing at k'arash hands, it will kill itself even as it kills everything else.

"Politically correct" and other attempts at soft censorship are similar tools. Light communicating with light is a healthy and vital thing, and naturally, the k'arash love cutting down on that. With them, there's always this or that movement to remove words from a language, or to repurpose words into slang that destroys some piece of meaning (like "gay"). It's natural for humans to want to use words to mean cutesy other things, or to make up dumbass terms for stuff (which sometimes work well and get stuck, which really bolsters language and is often a good habit), but it's almost unheard of to see the kind of hard or soft censorship without k'arash involvement. I mean, occasionally there's some insecure tyrant who doesn't last long, but as far as comprehensive, lasting things, like the media-spawned political climes that cause people to censor themselves, that's not a natural local human thing.


That said, one of the aspects of Terran linguistics that even the Nu Euros now still don't remember, perhaps never even retained even in apocryphal forms, or never even discovered to be set to writing, is in our/their failure to distinguish between types of memory. We just have this one word--"memory"--to cover every little nuance of this term of major importance, and accordingly, we haven't been able to think about it as much as we should've. Unlike so many of the Siberian languages, we have numerous variations in English for words meaning something related to "angry," but as far as "memory," we're pretty sparse and deficient.

Like everything we do here in these last few centuries, this is a largely individual task. Still good, and still worthwhile, but these aren't the happy times of the forest-people building a strong foundation. Really, though, not worthless; if you ever get to be in an actual sunset ward here, remember that; that the lonely hours or seconds have their value in birthing types of understanding. It sucks, being here, but it need not be wasted time by any means.


Types of memory. Nebulae sharing thoughts translates into gobbledygook in some spoken material language, so it would be irrelevant here while we're sharing written English between material shells. Ergo this one'll make up some Latinate stuff and you can just as effectively make up whatever you want. The important thing is the concepts that language works to share; just being able to fix it in your mind is the first step in creating language, and whatever term you make up for it can serve a useful purpose if it makes your footing less tenuous.

The simplest type of memory, the most easily generated, is the kind that is like "what happened a minute ago." You were looking at an electronic device of some kind, right? Reading words? Try to grab that memory, and dissect it, determining how your posture was, what you were thinking about intentionally and non-, if anything happened around you at the time or not, the residual or novel feelings you had about your environment, and so forth. It exists, right, that memory? Maybe a good term here would be "active memory," and some kind of Latinized single-word version...come on internet...okay, how about parv?

That type of memory is decidedly different from other types, and often not retained onsite, but swiftly let go to planetary storage. I.e., you're constantly generating and experiencing parvae, but you don't really care about them, you don't remember them later; they just are birthed, drift away, and are never remembered again.

How would this help language? Easy; if we had used parv, or similar, to refer to the constant flow of often-forgotten but nonetheless-extant experience of being alive, there'd be a half dozen common sayings remaining as we went through our lives. If someone was an asshole to the checker ahead of us in line, he made the parv stick, and in that three seconds when you suddenly realize that car actually is there and is going to smash you, your parv got serious, and you probably reformat and archive. I'm here for more than just the parv, baby. All trivial examples, but in psychotherapy, or just healthy deep conversations, the ability to talk about how your parvs have been lately versus before that one big thing happened would be massively meaningful for people struggling to explain why they hadn't lost their "memories" but something about the experience of living was different. With lots of words and explaining, we can maybe approach that understanding now, but not nearly so accurately and comfortably as if we had an easy, common term for the process of active living, in the vicinity of the instant, of ultimate importance and yet also of no importance whatsoever in another way.

Different types of memory. Think about something related to your character--something that is so foundationally you, having this memory, that having it is to realize who you are and what your life has been like. Big, important things, that you'll never forget, like "the way Grandma looked the day before I heard she'd died" and stuff like that. "When I knew I definitely wasn't gonna go to seminary school and I walked away from the kiosk and I saw Rebecca and right then I knew." The kind of memory that you don't even think of as a memory, but as building a component of you. The planet doesn't tend to get it until you die. Call it ingen.

Dude, were you even listening to what I said a minute ago? Do you even remember? You remember the day mom got the call about Grandma, right? Oh shit, open the door, get the door fast, I didn't remember to tell her about the thing tomorrow night! I remember when I first saw you, Becky...

Ingen and parv are so different they're not even the same thing. Different parts of the brain are active in forming these memories, in even ways Terran science can track, and it's stunningly obvious they're different, and somehow we don't even have words for how different are parv and ingen. Nu Euros should be embarrassed; it's like one of those crappy Siberian languages that only has one word you can use for a concept like "big." This one used "remember" correctly in the immediately preceding paragraph, but that inadequacy of the most extensive Terran language available was still evident. "Remember" referred to so many different types of memory, so many different ways of remembering, that it was like some crappy low-word-count language of savages where they have no word for "gun" but have just used a combination of "boom" and "stick" to refer to this new invention. We've had memory since we've had language, and still we have "remember" appropriately used in all those situations.

Everything in-between parv and ingen is of significant importance in understanding what builds the self, what develops you as an expression of light, and how you forget things now and when you die. We might use "sacred" or "happy" to refer to the time when you reach a place where you're able to again gather all your ingens, which fractally are "discarded" as often as parvs in the sense of a few minutes not really being that different, versally, from a few centuries. Their inviolable attraction to you is part of how a truer you is you, similar to how a bunch of instincts and telegenetics make up the you as a material human, are a significant part of composing "you," and of the little part of everything that is you, and it's appropriately weepy and emo, from our current perspective, that a one is so constituted, and has such reunions.

(It's sorta cute as a Terran to see how that process both affirms and rejects our apportionment of stuff here; your memories are stored offsite in something that could be likened to a commune while you're doing a material, but they're so you they can neither not exist nor be part of something else, so it's this super property-rights thing combined with something maybe likened to communism. Which is some stages of existence, and which can be developed on preference. Don't knock nor dismiss it; materially, here, this one is a "high achiever," so hates communisms, but as far as eternity and alone-ness, there's a sense of joint grafting that is both more independent and more communal, dealing more with responsibility and less with "freedom." So it can be viewed in either way, and make up your own mind, there are no wrong answers, et cetera.)

In-between. Suppose you remember to tell Frankie about the party. It's from a memory of something that you actually sort of try to remember, only for a little while but you try to stick it down a bit more firmly so that it stays for a day or so, and doesn't drift away as fast as a parv where nothing important happened. You make these all the time, and frequently dismiss them after a few more days. You can sometimes recall them a year later if really pressed, sometimes not, but they're certainly not ingens. There are oodles of types of these at even finer levels, just like there are oodles of quantities of middling fast food restaurants, and you're not made teary by the thought of forgetting what and/or where they were. Your connection remains completely viable with or without them. Still, you often want to keep them around, like knowing the best place to turn at that one street that you know someone's from out of town or just stupid if they try to take Main directly to get to the Coliseum.

Call it a medin. You can take an active role in the creation of such memories; you can tell yourself wordlessly, "Gotta remember to tell Frankie about the party." You can stick in your head right now, "Gotta remember that story about Frankie I read on that one blog," and it might evaporate and it might stick, depending on how you're built combined with how much you give a shit.

Let's just color that a bit. This one is seeing Frankie as one of those chicks that is so cute that it doesn't even matter she has a boy's name; she defines it, makes it her own name, by her existing with it. Frankie's just Frankie. 5'5" 100 lbs., skinny and scrappy, always goes in the pool even when everyone else thinks it's too cold, then freezes and wants you to hold her 'til she dries. Kinda wavy pale brown hair that she once cut too short but now it's at least past her shoulders, no real tits, incredible little bum that always moves like she's dancing or posing, just looks skinny in jeans but usually wears a really short jean skirt out omigod she's so fuckable, so hot, and her face is so cute, that kind of girl no one would call "beautiful" unless they knew her for so many years and fell into her as a serious friend, but soooo cute, an' it's like sunlight to look at her. You sometimes wonder if her nose is maybe too wide but no it's a button at the tip and god she is so cute and that way she smiles...the way she walks in that skirt reminds you of the time she forgot her panties after a swim and we didn't notice until we noticed the waiter was acting funny every time he came up to our table, god I always wonder every time I see her if she has anything on under there...

Remember? That kind of "remember" is different than forgetting parvs and remembering ingens, and even though we have no other word for "memory," it's impossible for us to remember all the worthless stuff that happened yesterday or ten years ago, and similarly impossible for us to forget that one, or those many, ingens from twenty years ago. Pop science tries to pretend it's some kind of "re-thinking" that re-inforces certain memories, but how come you can remember the way Daddy's face looked when you were little and he was young, even after many years of seeing him aged and many years of him being dead? How does the brain know which ones to recall when you haven't re-viewed them in twenty years? Who's deciding which cells to duplicate exactly and which ones for to just insert an empty "standard" unit? Ingens are different than parvs. Pop science cannot handle why because it's afraid to explore what it doesn't have a machine for. We have a degree of influence over the process, but it's largely beyond our control. In many ways, we're just security guards at the power plant for memory generation that is our self.

We have words for other kinds of memory, though we don't consider them memory. Telegenetic memory is often called "instinct" or "gut feelings," which are distinct from actual instincts in the sense of truly physical, material nervous response. If you get tapped in certain spots, your muscles have a reflex response; most of us know this. Similarly, if something suddenly drops toward your head, you might raise your hand, or shield your eyes, et cetera, and you might start if you suddenly see someone in a room you thought empty. Or a skull suddenly drops out of the fridge, a knife-maniac suddenly walks out of the laundry you were about to go into, and so forth. There's a component of most of these that is actually a physical instinct, like the worry you feel when you're at the zoo and some asshole pushes you into the "African lions" habitat and you realize they're lookin' atcha, oh shit, but other stuff, like the gut feeling that you should encourage that jerk to go away by giving him your wallet, is telegenetic and has had no time to develop as a material instinct. Like all pop evo, there are all sorts of obtuse rationalizations for how a sense that you're getting screwed in the details of that commercial loan are really related to the competition to clone oneself among unicellular organisms. "Gut feelings" have always been a wrench in the works for pop evo, and whether they're right or wrong, their existence at all is another failure of the random model. Rats know about sinking ships, and pigeons incoming hurricanes, not because they're all descended from the ones who randomly flew to lower-pressure areas before the hurricane ten thousand years ago, but because some memory is telegenetic, pertaining to something you haven't personally experienced but to which you still have access. Think of, like, an internet of old memories to which we have shaky, occasional access, stronger based on our genetic history, related to why we have irrational fears or tastes that current science just attributes to the god known as Random. The lights in the sky move? Predictably? Uh, must be Yahweh rearranging them. For some purpose. Here's the collection basket, focus on the basket.

We're not going to revitalize language. Foresighted professors, and even now primary school teachers, have lamented for years the destruction of language, and how kids are using slang replacements for groups of superficially similar word-concepts that are going to limit their thoughts for life if they won't learn more words. Funny, but the Democrats they are, they don't realize how similar they are to the self-professed conservatives complaining about pressing one for English. Mexican Spanish differs greatly from Spanish Spanish, and even the educated full Nu Euros in Mexico speak English for complex subjects, so enmeshed are they in Mexican Spanish, like Spain to the first Moors, that the Latin just isn't going to come back. How many years until the Afromestizo council at Webster's declares "the" a dead word and replaces it with variants on "da," and when the most respected PhDs are counseling the world society that spelling is a tool of oppression and everyone knows what you mean anyway unless they're prejudiced? If you have the urge to resist, by all means go ahead, and this one hopes to be just a pointless cynic who didn't understand how the tide was really gonna change this time.

The point is, it's sad you didn't get to be a native speaker of words for the various types of memory. In other places, somewhere in time, you'll get to be reunited with that, and that's really simple compared to many of the other concepts we're both currently equipped (some) and unequipped (some) to handle. Don't feel bad anymore than normal, but try to use some of the time here just to reflect, to think your own structures up, about how it is that you build different strengths and types of memories, how they enter you and leave you, and your true part in the process.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

White Trash

In the recent "Pagan" series (Part 1 and Part 2) this one called the k'arash dumb for not getting that the pre-Jenomic religions were not about believing in things literally but about a shared story that provided a lot of direct material benefits to the human communities that had developed them. Like all the things that k'arash do, though, the vast majority of the Jews were not that dumb, but merely seemed dumb by association with their victims. They did not believe in a Risen Rabbi nor a Sky Rabbi nor both, and before that, they did not believe in a mere Jewish Sky Man who had created the universe. They used their stolen "religion" in a sensible, utilitarian-materialist way, like a nastified version of the isolationist protectivism the Europeoids had used: build community ties, create a sense of identity, encourage a respect of the group's genetic origins, and so on. What made their permutation for outsiders of low intelligence so good was not only its implication that Jews were a superior genetic group, but jihad, whereby "believers" in the fables were supposed to force others to believe the same.

I share the same upset as you of being a Terran on a k'arash planet, and the shock and indignation are all there, but at the same time, if you drop a piece of fruit into a cage of hungry chimpanzees, they will investigate it and eat it. It's just nature. Being upset about it is, really, childish. Combine Nu Euros with Jews and of course you'll have buttfucking parades and Congoids going to school with Europeoid kids. Look! Look! He's eating my mango! Well, duh.

Most criticisms of Jewish behavior need to be seen that way. Like the saw here, guns don't kill people, people kill people. Which is to say, guns do kill people, but only when forced to do so by humans designing them and pulling triggers. The sister to that saying would be, people don't destroy societies, Jews destroy societies. The corollary works, this one thinks, but it's an arguable point, whether any people which was that dumb would've eventually done on its own what the k'arash caused to happen faster. If your concerns are strictly Terran-science-based, then forget about anything but Jews and "whites," and take a look at Justin Trudeau: there's obviously a problem here, and it might have still developed even without Jews. There is this incredible tendency for Nu Euros to romanticize the dumbest and most harmful things, and if not handed the Torah, they might well have imagined something like a diversity philosophy in a few thousand more years, producing a protracted state of what we see now.

(It's appropriate and a correct assumption to level any insult at k'arash, since at higher levels, they do things that are even more evil, and it's the same flavor as here. It's not emotional, but a bland maxim, sort of like saying "fuck!" when you drop a hammer on your foot, or having an intellectual discussion with someone about how it's not fun to be in pain. Their trait of "always winning" is as much a basic component of existence as that; their place is to be this utterly hypocritical evil, forever separate from anything good or true that they don't believe in anyway. It sucks to drop a hammer on your foot.)

As this one said, this one holds the opposite. This one thinks that, left alone, Nu Euros would've lived a relatively healthy life inventing goodies and forming various social clubs, rather than trying to make other people replace their children and so forth. But the argument is there, and it's not without reason. In any case, the vulnerability to k'arash lies--the willingness to believe nonsense, and to violently impose it on others--makes a people complicit. Even if you agree with this one that Nu Euros wouldn't've come up with some religious universalism entirely on their own, their many enthusiastic services as accomplice damn them as much as if they had. There are Arab gangs with an extended program of raping and torturing little white kids active and known about in white homelands right now, and the whites are paralyzed. If anything should appeal to anything, it's that, and we haven't even had one vigilante killed heroically trying to impose justice.

What concerns us here is the vulnerablity of so many, perhaps now all, of the Europeoids to the Jewish trash. It's linked to intelligence, certainly, and little "white" kids from 0 A.D. would outperform rich Congoid kids from today on a basic "logic and reasoning" test. That's a genetic superiority of a sort, but is counterbalanced by the white ability to better envisage future time. In modern lingo, Congoids have higher "time preference" than Nu Euros, who have higher "future time orientation," which is why Congoids aren't as good at paying mortgages or water-service bills. It's a simple set of tasks of which "blacks" are certainly capable: have account; abstain from spending to a certain degree; write check; put check in envelope. The reward is a house "free and clear" or a city with a working water system. But the reward comes not now, but later, and Congoids don't get that the way do Europeoids.

The seeming superiority of the whites becomes a crippling handicap when whites are combined with Jews. In a state of nature, a Jew can go before an African tribe, and be simply raped or killed because he's an outsider. If he actually makes his way to someone who has some decision-making power, the Jew might or might not find that power to be actual, and even if actual not able to reliably enforce much. Problem for "building dams" or "making laws," but great for dealing with k'arash crap. Simple incompetency spared the Congoid from many Jewish ills. Even in some hypothetical council of people with actual authority, all the Jew has to promise is imaginary stuff in the future--and the Congoids won't put up with it, neither individually nor in a group. They want stuff now, proof in the pudding. So their failure to maintain the city's water system, so crippling when they're forced into Europeoid societies, is good when dealing with people trying to sell future-time bullshit. All those lies are generally, to them, not so much doubted as not cared about. Europeoids, though, are willing to accept a few hundred years of rape and murder based on the promise "everybody equal and happy," so their ability to envision a house without a lien is overdone to the point of inferiority to the Congoids. Blacks, by contrast, will sign whatever to get a house, to get the water flowing, and just kill a utility worker who tries to turn it off. Harsh, unpleasant, but strangely healthy, as far as reactions go. Whites, by contrast, will believe in what the salesman tells them--believe so passionately that they'll accept rewards that are literally and openly beyond the grave, and abuse the natural trust of their offspring in making more customers for the Jew.

Whites are correct in their wistful hope that some form of existence continues beyond death of the material frame, but incorrect--stupid--to believe that some other material thing here can describe that to them. Whites also build cooler stuff, have way better languages, and all sorts of other good things, that are beyond the intellect of other species of this planet. The Chinese are very intelligent, but they cannot innovate like whites can. But, the Chinese understand ethnicity in the way that whites' crippling intelligence won't allow them to, ergo China will only have to suffer lazy Chinese, while whites will die in their quest to feed all Blaztecks and make certain the crippled are receiving fair treatment by being provided government lifts to ride to the moon. What Guillaume Faye calls (deep-ancestral) Europeans' failure to respect the archaic is whites being so smart they're stupid, and falling for the Jenomic "Christian" and other universalist bullshit that the Jews have been selling for a while.

A step higher on the rung of logic is to realize that white people are genetic trash, unequipped to survive and undeserving of material survival. The Jews took Europeoids' triumph at being masters of the material, and made them eat it: you think you're the best? Huh? So how 'bout half your little communities start believing an invisible man in the sky wants them to commit a jihad against the children of those who say they don't believe? Bluff called: whites lost Europe, though maybe they didn't realize it until mosques started appearing closer to 2018 (because, of course, their Jewish-based religion with temples to the omnipotent Sky Rabbi was entirely different than the Jewish-based religion of those treacherous Arabs!).

A similar test was imposed, and failed again, in the twentieth century. You think you've conquered the world, huh? Well, how about a significant portion of the female sector of your populations stop believing there ever was a jungle and gets you to adopt as many foreign babies as possible? Whites lost every time, and the Jews are the masters of the world, and more importantly, deserve to be. Whites could preserve their women and children no more than their own minds. It's part of a fitting denouement for "the Christian sellouts die slowly, across generations."

All that idiocy, that need and that willingness, to believe in a Sky Rabbi showed that it was far more useful to the k'arash than simply "getting to move into Europe." That primary principle of "relying on Nu Euro stupidity" continued to pay dividends. The people who were afraid of death, and needed the imagined comforts of a Sky Rabbi who could kick all the other gods' asses, proved a fatal vulnerability to the rest of the Europeoids. Kind of like how feminism appealed to and appeals more to girls less pretty, earlier Jewish-derived alogical belief systems appealed to Europeoids less intelligent.

And that's us. Almost everyone who was willing to sell out Europe is our forebears. The guys who kept doing heroic things, like abandoning their families and children and people to ride off to some shitty city in the Middle East and fight Arabs, the guys who were willing to keep following them, and the guys who thought it was a crazy conspiracy theory to believe something was wrong with Europe--all of it was right there, Europe since the conquest, and it's no surprise at all that Justin Trudeau is here welcoming rapefugees to his women's wombs while the people who held differently are dead. If you're a Nu Euro, and if you think you're one of the tiny percentage whose predecessors didn't follow along but merely kept their heads low to survive over the generations, that's something you have to deal with in still being here: wrong choice. Because tolerating that kind of stupidity, letting them act up in hopes of society sometime coming back, means Arabs raping your future spouse before you can meet her/him and get married ten years later. Waiting it out was a bad choice.

Like every other piece of Jewish crap, to complain about it is to complain about the Nu Euros who embraced it. Reminding them of its source should embarrass those of them able to believe that "effects" have "causes." More importantly, that causes can't cause anything unless the environment is conducive to it. Nineleven, Holocaust, Christianity, Diversity--nothing without Nu Euros. The museums, the wars, the centuries of passionate belief--of course the Jews will say those things, and many more; they're a bullshit generating machine, and it's the idiots who keep buying it that give it power. Don't like crack dealers? If idiots stop buying the drug, the dealers disappear. The presence of those scuzzy dealers cannot be blamed on the dealers themselves. They're just making the most of a pre-existing condition. This one complains occasionally about teevee, but it's only there because so many doofuses embrace it. The dealers, even the manufacturers and the distant owners, are far less dumb than the users.

(That's why this one writes so much about Random and the evolution-faith of now. Taking the most boring, undisputed statistical evidence here it's obvious that Congoids are worse at math and that Nu Euros are worse at survival. Sometimes statistics hurt. We challenge Random not just because it's wrong, but because we have to stop pretending that facts aren't boring facts, and that Jewish superiority under Random only exists here, in the material, and that there are other avenues of competition that you've already won. Don't have faith in anything, but analyze how unlikely it was that bees and flowers, vegetables and vertebrates, coordinated their evolution "randomly," and conclude that there must be something more, and that the k'arash are only designed for here. They always design their religions with them as supreme, and Random is no different a god in that way than Yahweh in his. If you're intelligent, you've seen how things happen in the world according to them, so you have to stop believing in the faith of random evolution to analyze the evidence yourself and conclude that there must be something else guiding it, and that the Jews aren't the masters of forever. Keep your hope.)

We see that, now, as the comparatively small percentage of people even willing to talk theoretically about Jewish influence on politics has to live their lives in the same way. Madison said that peace is better than war and war is better than tribute, and he was correct, for if you're alive now, you're either a useful idiot or paying constant tribute. The lines that made the right choices are all long, long dead. Refusing to tolerate that nasty little goblin across the street who dealt in shiny trinkets; insisting on everyone getting together to kill the fags among you that talk about how you're not part of the living planet but are instead being tested by a man in the clouds, and use that schtick to diddle little boys; insisting that your culture not be constantly mocked and that your ancestors are not evil heretics being tortured forever for their ways that brought you here to a state of still being alive: everyone who did that was either killed or just shunned until they had to leave and die in the wilds.

We see all of those trends today repeated. Insisting on truth and justice probably doesn't get you killed, just marginalized, and you have to keep your lack of faith in "diversity" or whatever hidden or else you don't get a job and have to comply or drop strata until you're starving on the street. Of course you're not getting a great job if you tell people that your shared predecessors are great, even the Christian universalist ones--you're getting fired so no one finds out the company considered you. If you tell the hospital that it shouldn't employ black doctors because of rates of missed symptoms, even being a fledgling member of the AMA cartel will send you out on your ass. You don't even see the little goblins who are sub-administering your area, because the Ashkenazi handling the relationships that control you from far away have really good, really stupid fronts--and it's no longer acceptable to demand local anything, since if people realized that their every transaction and life choice was being monitored by one of those, they wouldn't put up with it, even now. But Europeans showed that they were fine with transferring all authority to a centralized ruler they only saw like a celebrity from afar, so long as he had been appointed by Sky Rabbi. Obviously, there are no giant stings about the conspiracy of fags to rape children and protect one another from punishment, and obviously everyone in the past was a terrible sinner except for MLK, so how's that used rabbi I sold ya' workin' out for ya', Nu Euro?

Another nice parallel between paganism and Bangism is the way a lot of Nu Euro bands have "pagan rock," but of course don't actually believe that Thor exists. They do, though, make Thor exist as much as he ever did, in cute allusions, imagery, their version of a healthy attitude, and so on. Whether or not they are right, suck or don't suck, et cetera, is irrelevant, for they're showing a truer Europeoid paganism than any of the lies told about pagans since.

That's why being real about race is more damning than it is enjoyable. Congoids are not as good at math, and are more violent, but on their own, they weren't so stupid as to let some roaming merchant start plucking loose their children. Jews who tried, died. Before Christianity, even the Arabs had thrown the Jews out, but once that pill had been forced down Europe's throat, and Europe eugenicized for dumb obedience, it provided the strength to take the show global. With Bang, we now see even Chinese schoolchildren learning about the truth of the Genesis-style creationism of the Torah.

Damning racism. If you're here now, and you're white, you're either the spawn of sellouts, or a small percentage of people who held their tongue and tolerated stupidity to get by. The old notions of honor--the real ones--would've demanded fighting the Jewish takeover until the end, and anyone who would have practiced it is, like, so totally gone. This one knows that's a bitter pill, to be "of" that, either of those, and if you have any faith in Bangist evolution it's even harder. The Christian sellouts saw how great the Jewish gift was, and are still in the process of seeing it, as the new Jewish belief system--Universal Bangism--supplants their rabbi religion and makes of it a stupid social mockery, constantly demeaned and obviously headed for minority status, then destruction. It turned out that centuries of sheltering the "Chosen" people was worth shit, for they're just as happy to let a bunch of university atheists and Muslim imams tear down your churches and install state-sanctioned buttfuckery and the rule of the bloody crescent moon. And the Chosen aren't even helping! In fact, it was a knife in the back, almost as though they have zero conception of justice and honor, and only used the story to get inside so they could finger your kid and let their friends in the back door while you were sleeping. Shock!

Dealing with White Trash

It's a tough situation to be in, this. The planet is pretty much taken, and as aforementioned, we're living in the long age of dying. It's such a nice thought that some Kali Yuga will end one day and beauty return, but what if the Kali Yuga is about this not because of an eventual regeneration of happy communities of truth and kindness, but because you'll suffer what material can teach you before a bright future somewhere and somehow else? About everyone has a Kali Yuga, just like about everyone has a material puberty; the cycle going on here is not some unfair thing where you only have to deal with a dark age unless you're born into it while the people who lived in a different world are somehow exempted by chance. Perhaps in a way it's a vindication, showing you how right you were before by letting you get to watch the things you promised would happen. Perhaps it's a punishment, seeing how wrong you were to worship that rabbi and what would come of trying to divorce yourself from your planet. There's no way to tell, here--and if you're strong enough to read this, you probably don't know the private horrors of the people who in every projective way claim to be 100% behind advancing modernity.

Still, though, it's tough to be here. Empathize with yourself, with others, as much as you need to, as privately as you want. If the stupid survivors of the Nu Euros had been smart enough to maintain communal integrity and not believe in some Sky Man, we'd have really cool colonies on Mars, and flying cars, safe clean streets everywhere, and a lot of other neat stuff, but doing kindergarten right should not be the sum of your ambitions anyway. There really are bigger and better things. As far as Terra, let the k'arash have it. You can be spiteful and angry, that's fine, but I gently suggest not to worry about it, because really, they're doing a good thing. Like this one's said before, it's primarily janitorial. My little amusement at how they think they're masters of creation because they have these little spurts where they get off on making a lot of people unhappy or dead is, this one thinks, a healthier perspective on the relationship. This is the best they can do; the best they can even dream of. Let 'em have it, really, maybe some roaming Congoid'll break in and shoot me in the head five minutes from now, that's just how it goes, no ill will this one's as happy to be out as in.

On the toughness of being here, there's an element of loneliness, undeniable. The secret police know what you say and who you are, and ironically the more truth the safer you are, since they tend to believe true things less the more they embrace the now. Don't get me wrong, they'll still burn heretics, but there are a thousand people out there who know that jet fuel doesn't burn steel and are trying to get people to listen, but the Jews' cultural stranglehold is so tight they don't even care about the occasional twitch. Most whites are still too enraptured by Bang or Rabbi, scared of eternal delete, to feel anywhere near confident enough to think. Congoids would be wholly down with cleaning this place, but can't really understand the full spectrum, and if you give them a meal ticket and some bling, they completely forget. Some of the Europeoid/Mongoloid mixes in China, Japan, and Korea are savvy enough to see what's happening, but they're too smart to let you play along, because they saw what full Nu Euros are made of and don't want any part of it. And as whites see of Arabs, it is amazingly easy for Jews to imagine some philosophy that will produce your death. Some Europeoids get this now, and don't want to make their community first 20% Arab and then 100% Arab, but plenty don't. So too the Japanese, who don't want to make their community 20% white and then 100% white by admixture, and who probably know that the Jews could quite easily make the whites genocidally anti-Japanese again. Nu Euros are like a gun, the Jew holding the sidearm, and it's only a matter of whimsy who their leaders or television tells them they urgently need to occupy--because they'd do it, you know they would. Pick a country, any country, and the television could make whites desperately need to attack or exterminate it. For 1700 years, every time the Jews have said "sic," whites have obeyed, even sawing off their own foot or shooting themselves in the ass when commanded.

By and large, the Jews knew this. They never believed in a Sky Man, and the criticisms of Jews to that effect over this series actually apply to the Nu Euros, not the Jews. The k'arash are evil, and evil liars, and the religions they foisted on people have to be viewed in that light. It's such a hilarity, for them, when people try to be even partially resistant to them while still devoutly believing that some Risen Rabbi saved them from the world. You can understand why they believe it is not only acceptable, but completely correct, to cause the goys to kill each other; just like some non-racist whites can think it's acceptable for Congoids to run around with spears and grass-huts, since that's what they do when not given other stuff, the Jews think it's acceptable for Europeoids to run around believing a man in the clouds has some specific personal interest about in what way they pray.

This isn't a paean of material hope. Material is what it is. There's no way out. The diagnosis is in, you've seen the scans, omigod he never even smoked this isn't fair, and they'll leave diminishing numbers of Nu Euros around to struggle to keep the lights on and the fridge full for a while longer. When that happens, it'll be for many groups similar to what the Nu Euros are facing now: the Nu Euros now are seeing, "Oh shit, they never really believed in a Sky Rabbi, I've been had!" The Aztecs will get the same type of "How'd ya' like that, huh?" from the Jews when they realize that they just can't farm nor maintain a cell-phone network of satellites like the Nu Euros could. Congoids, probably no, since they're so naturally healthy and they know damn well what will happen when whitey is gone, but the Arabs, and the Aztecs, are gonna feel an unpleasant tingling sensation as they spend however many years trying to pretend there's someone else to blame for all the fancier machines not being right anymore.

Which shouldn't be an avenue for undue pleasure. What, do you need to see it to believe it? The facts are clear anyway; we know what happens when Congoids form a society without Europeoid interference, when Arabs do, and so on. When the Aztecs jealously rape-killed what was left of the Ericksons, we know how they reverted to running around the wildlands subsistence-hunting, and we've seen how Africans really really want the food the white farmers grew. The same things will happen in the future, because the gravitational constant won't change and enough interbreeding will just mean that what remains of "Europeoids" isn't able to do what they were before. You don't have to be here to see it again; you've already seen it, and if you want to be vindicated you already were when people first started popping up on Terra and had a chance to show what they could do. The arguments have already been settled, and settled again and again, and it's really stupid to need to see the IQ charts yet again to figure it out.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Life of the Pagan

Continuing from Death of the Pagan.

What the Jews didn't understand about all the older religions is that people did not, by and large, believe in them. They were an in joke; a point of shared reference; a series of morality plays and encoded advice that everyone was supposed to be taught. If the Jews had robbed their religion of choice from someone other than the Essenes, we might well think of Aesop's Fables as the Bible, and Aesop would be God instead of Yahweh, and some talking donkey was Jesus instead of...oh wait, I mis-typed, because there actually is a talking donkey in the Bible. Well, just try to imagine if they'd had other Arabians kill a different group than the Essenes, and we all knew these normal childhood fables about someone named other than "David" killing a giant with a sling, and some nice old dude named Yahweh who sometimes told a traveling hero how to escape goblins. How we'd laugh at the idea that, in a different multiverse, people actually thought that Aesop was just a fable and "Yahweh" was "God"!

The ancient Nordics did not, for example, believe that there was a deer-headed man living somewhere in their forests, but he could inspire bravery and wisdom in the young and old, and teach of the kinship of man and nature just by being referred to. If all the deer died, it would be very bad for the Nordic humans, and with the story of Ukko, that message was reinforced: a message that extrapolated to "all the ants" or "all the bees" or "all the atmosphere" and other stuff that remains really relevant. The ancient Greeks did not actually believe there was an eternally young hottie living on a mountain to which no one had ever traveled, but besides making for cool stories, Aphrodite was a great excuse to paint or draw or sculpt hot T&A, and a way of reminding of the divinity and power of fertile females.

When the Jews, confronted by all the seeming beliefs of the other peoples they found both within and outside Arabia, saw that people liked the literary figures their forebears had created, they took the Essenes' god and declared it the ultimate god, superior to all other gods, and able to kick all other gods' asses. Humans had not previously done this, because they understood that their gods were fictional creatures they all liked to talk about, and whether one version of Thor could kick another's ass was irrelevant, as long as the young boys heard about Thor, learned how to harvest crops, defend their women and hearths, and so forth. The gods fought all the time, but as with fictional characters now, it might be a cute supposition, but not canon plot, to have stories where Russel's character from the Gladiator movie had a big battle with Kevin's character from Waterworld. It just doesn't mix; you're not able to enjoyably blend a faux-historical view of Roman coliseum-competition with a faux-futuristic movie about bi-breathing mer-mutants, and the extinct pagans loved telling stories about their gods fighting their other gods, but did not often do franchise crossovers because it would spoil the narrative. Like, for cash, stupid and/or evil managers today will often force a Batman/Superman thing, but then why, in the future, doesn't Superman just use his X-ray vision to see whenever Batman has a problem, then instantly zoom there and save Batman and save the world? Mixing the franchises ruins within-rubric plausibility. Since the owners/managers only care about cash, not assumed coherency, they do it, but the ancient pagans didn't want to ruin their stories, so you don't see many narratives about Zeus mud-wrestling some Arabian moon-deity with the fate of the world at stake.

(There exists a strong parallel here between the Jews not getting it and ruining all the stories by trying to mix them and be subordinate to the new project, and professional sports. The farce of professionals from different areas traveling on jet liners to engage in a physical competition is absurd, whereas a local league of players from that town who arrange for weekly games is far less absurd. All the phony network TV emo dramas about how this or that player went to this or that college to play and achieved his dreams for his mamma get marketing props because they replace the social relations aspect that was supposed to be found in a community's athletic competition. Besides of course the "people being healthy" and "people identifying criminals" and "people knowing who's safe to be around." Breaking narrative continuity by blending franchises for profit without caring about what pagan "religions" were actually doing for the communities who used/needed them has ever been similar.

(The Nu Euro's failing is also evident in each example. People who like sports playing them together has several benefits to the community, including not only health and coherence, but a sense of continuity. But the Nu Euros were dumb enough to accept in trade "pro sports," and well, you know the girth of it: isolation, obesity, lack of community, and so forth. Christianity had a much more powerful effect when idiots accepted it as a replacement for the immensely superior social traditions that came before. Jews always did it, in each case, not believing in their shitty NFL or Sky Rabbi, but they were smart enough to deal without using, and that type of process has worked really well on this planet.

(When this one says that Jews don't get it, it shouldn't be taken the wrong way. Nu Euros at the time did not primarily believe in the literal existence of their god-characters, though Jews likely believed they did. Jews accurately saw the potential for the worst, and now there are a lotta Nu Euro Christians who worship a rabbi who created Jews in his own image, is all powerful, and promises huge returns later if you just let people kick your ass and take all your stuff and forsake sex in favor of feeding Congoids during this life. The Jews are not, and were not, stupid, and never actually believe in Yahweh as a Sky Rabbi; they used him as a figurative expression of genetic superiority and it was hilarious when white peepulz actually believed there really was an omnipotent Sky Rabbi. This one makes light of the mistake a few of them made, in not getting the joke, but most of them understood that it didn't matter what the goys thought so long as the goys let them move in.)

The fierce resistance so many departed Euros put up to the stupidity of actually believing in a Sky Rabbi was as much due to shock at the stupidity of thinking Sky Man actually existed somewhere above the clouds, as at any of the other things that went along with Sky Man--including permitting the immigration of His Chosen, which the more aged literary figures would've advised against.

(Think of how biologically sound it is for fertile young women to hold up signs asking for refugees with 100 I.Q.s to come to their homes, rather than accepting courtship by locals with 115 I.Q.s. It seems the height of stupidity, but then imagine a bunch of warriors with 115 I.Q.s slaughtering a village of pagan heathens with 135 I.Q.s on behalf of an invisible rabbi who lives in the clouds. Modernity is stupid, but the past is actually dumber, as hard as that is to believe. The why of the way the world reacted to Napoleon, Cromwell, the Israel Foundation War, and all of the other past two grand years, is found in the fact that those Christian warriors took the place.)

The still-extant war propaganda that the Jews employed against the various heretics was the same sort of stuff we see today, be it about Saddam's uniqueness or the Zimmerman telegram and Mexico plotting to invade the U.S. in cooperation with some evil Germans. Lies have ever been a part of this struggle. The notion that dumbasses were going to war on behalf of an actual Sky Rabbi, an embodied fictional concept that they said actually existed, was as dumb and shocking as any telegenetic residue now facing people who claim to actually believe that letting a bunch of Arab rapists into Western Europe will cause them to become open-minded Europeans. The comparison between past and future is strikingly similar.

The Jews used jewelry and costuming, also, to decorate tributes to their god, not recognizing that food offered to a pagan god was actually a fun way of processing social charity (again, they probably knew, and left it up to the goys to be the idiots who didn't know and thought wasting food was spiritual). This good habit was turned into a way for priests to enrich themselves while actually burning and wasting some of the sacrifices. See here the common trick of making up an unnecessary middleman to pad costs/extractions, which modern tax systems are based around: the idea that you can't just do nice stuff for people, but have to be forced to give to a central bank which will theoretically handle the giving for you. Much of the rationale for modern taxing, and the corresponding demise of actual charity (feeding some hungry woman on the street rather than "donating" a grand to some "charity" and writing it off), is an expression of this trick. The Jewish religion turned the concept of donating for the good health and strengthening of one's community into what we see now in western Europe and America, where cash-bloated churches of the Risen Rabbi feed a few of the actual sick and tired who actually deserve it, and a lot of themselves, heavily overfunding various missionary and learning programs with salaries and buildings for the clergy, as well as providing responsibility-free rations to the machine-gun-equipped armies of Congoids who respond accordingly.

What it is difficult for Nu Euros to see, now, is that if they didn't so condescendingly and racistly look down on Congoid habits, the Congoids would be eating and hunting well, as they always had, instead of running around with uzis trying to support or overthrow this or that westernized play-government, starving because of their failure to maintain forced Europeoid agriculture, and so forth. The White "anti-racists" today are such incredible pieces of shit for destroying the African civilizations, and the reason they refuse to process SAT scores and what the results must mean is that they're guarding against general knowledge of their own foul crimes, and the countless starvations they have themselves caused.

Indeed, the pieces of shit who crusade about anti-racism today are strikingly similar to the white sailors who, last time, did what the Jews wanted by crewing slave ships. Various attempts to "uplift" Congoids to be like Europeoids resulted in the cotton field and the calculus test, each time with the deadly idiots thinking they were "helping" someone. The reason anti-racists today perceive all these impossible, non-existent racisms, like microaggressions et cetera, is that they know how foul their own hearts are, so no lack of tangible stuff in the real world can disprove how disgusting they know that they themselves are.

Take for example people who hold that Congoids aren't as good at "STEM" as Europeoids, and also that Congoids should be left alone to do their own thing and that they'll be fine and happy while they do that. Others, by contrast, believe that Congoids are just as good at "STEM" as Europeoids, and also that Europeoids need to visit Africa with endless gifts and bring Africans to Europeoid areas and destroy every other way Congoids have been living for ten thousand years because that isn't right. Which prescription is more deadly, and more negatively racist, is obvious, as Africa has spent over a hundred years enduring massive wars and starvation that it never had before. The more racist group is obviously the latter, which is also the more deadly, dangerous group. The idiots who worked on slave ships are the direct progenitors of the idiots who now say they want social justice.

Because, after all, if Sky Rabbi actually exists, actually demands the act of molecular rejection of sustenance...we like to think that we're beset by idiocy now, as we watch "white" hosts on Jewish televisions encourage us to appoint Aztec administrators, but in fact, the original Jewish invasion was far more dramatic in scope; they were killing people who did not literally believe in a Sky Man. "Diversity" is deadly stupid, to be sure, but when you think of taking the Nicean Bible literally, it's far more opposed to reason (if such a thing is possible).

Once Judaism had triumphed over the slaves/gentiles, we were encouraged to believe that the oppressed had actually been so dumb as to believe stupidities equivalent to Judaism. Even today, when Bangism begins to encourage us to doubt Christianity and embrace simply the visceral joy and true despair of the Big Crunch Return of the Creator/Antisavior, we still insist on pretending that the ancient peoples of the world were as stupid as the shabbos goys who first destroyed Europe on behalf of Judaism. Terra's Jews are not nearly so stupid, because of course they never believe in whatever crap they use in any place. The idea that they believed in a Sky Man is like the idea that they believe in the benefits importing a lot of Congoids would bring to Israel. Their bullshit, whether Yahweh v. genes or black astrophysicists revitalizing a society's economy, are for you and yours, but never for them and theirs.

The k'arash, as they must never be, must be not our focus here. This one uses reference to whatever they're doing not as the topic; there are plenty of people specifically addressing the JP out there, and if you're even willing to read them, you're already convinced, since the evidence is mountainous and incontrovertible. Jet fuel doesn't burn steel, observation planes over Poland and Germany in the 1940s didn't show smoke from massive crematorium use, and other versions of a holy book about a Creator were found in the remains of other civilizations. The k'arash have always, or if that's a distraction to you Terran Jews have always, been utterly depraved liars, and that will not stop, nor will a critical mass of Europeoids ever be emotionally strong enough to admit it.

The doings of the k'arash are just an example, meant to help us realize that the ancient peoples of the world were not nearly so stupid as to believe in their forest men as literal figures of material existence. The stories they offer could be beautiful and helpful, and like some other Europeoid figures--Zeus, Santa Claus, Wotan, or the Easter Bunny--you'd expect to find such things popping up amongst Nu Euros, even as their brains deteriorate to the point where they'll probably be unable to generate or distinguish between their beliefs of enchantment and of reality.

So, stop Judaizing the past. When you think of the people before Europe was Judaized, don't assume they believed in these personified, often yiff fantasies. The Nu Euro is the Nu Euro because he has been bred to be so; because the others were killed, or a scant few gone into what might've seemed to be sensible hiding though we see now how utterly cultures can be changed to leave no safe harbors in storms. As a rather insightful Jew once said, everybody knows the war is over, everybody knows the good goys lost. We're just shadows of a defeat long past, vindicating through our suffering the platitudes that were spoken, and were died for, long ago. It is a shared suffering, wholly deserved--and as you go through it, stop insulting the memories of those who actually tried to save the rest of the humans here by resisting the Sky Rabbi.