Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Genetic Homosexuality

Homosexuality, without germ or gene identified, yet seen as a competitive evolutionarily mandate for members of a group, may be better characterized as a genetic constant: as humans carry the coding for different sexes, with DNA ready to respond to environmental hormones as needed--such that you can shoot a man up with "HRT" drugs and produce predictable results--homosexuality may prove itself to be a similarly adaptable condition, whereby, like rage or bloodlust, it develops in response to environmental stimuli, not as a negative, but as a positive evolutionary response.

A common objection to such a theory would draw its primary proof from its ignorance of scale, whereby the assumption that things meant to be beneficial must conform to a scale of benefits which is severely limited; in this case, such a homosexuality must be individually or socially beneficial within 0-9,999 years. Beyond such a perspective, adaptability can be seen as a benefit.

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