Friday, January 26, 2018


Mizrahi Jews evicted from homes to make way for Ashkenazi "Jews."

None of the megapolitics, the history, of this place can be understood without taking something into account. What is that something? Amazingly, it is not Europeans. Perhaps more amazingly in the past century, it is not Jews. The labels change. For the past several centuries, it has been documented as Jews, as extravagantly as anything has been documented, speaking weightiest even through the desiccated wrecks of censored history. Even that takes religious stupidity to not see; to alternatively theorize; to be currently faithful and publicly good.

There is certainly some relationship between various masks and various happenings, even a determinative one over many recent centuries. If we can do it without becoming angry and/or upset beyond comprehension, that's verifiable by a few thousand years of what we have. Yet incomplete. The gradations are too nuanced to be externally understood. Anger at dispossession by unclean hordes has been directed by Jews at Jews, whether mini or ongoing. Intra-Jewish, historically often, defied by temporary lulls for outward-focused unification, which historically appear more expedient than they do cohesive. To what extent history is a genetic competition, we're too simple to understand. When one group knows that another must go, and makes it happen, we can no longer say why, if we even remember.

What we now call Ashkenazi were not there always, so the impetus is not primarily Jewishness, but a strain that currently and temporarily wears that mask. Seeing the mask is a massive accomplishment, perhaps beyond many people, but this has persisted for so long because it is more complex than a minority of a minority can see.

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