Friday, March 9, 2018

Child Murderer

The dissonance associated with President Obama is profound. "He," as a single human, as an administration, and as a phenomenon, has produced so much activity that he can be debated about for years, maybe centuries, without even touching on the fact that he was a child murderer. Whether for good, bad, or some other reason, no one seems to care, or to have the capacity to care.

Obama boiled the racial frog too swiftly, his impatience and/or stupidity turning a sure victory into the Golden Goose's potential survival after a hundred years of robbery and rapine. Obama forced white America to acknowledge, disavow, or accept responsibility for its wrongs. Obama proved too feminist, too neutral, too gay, and unwilling to push transgender rights far enough even though Michael and her photo-revealed package were, like, public knowledge.

All this given or not given, Obama sat in dark rooms and considered when or why or how or if it would happen at all to execute children. And he chose "Yeah, sure!" a lot of times. Thousands--conservatively; at least--thousands of little kids, blown up just because he said so. Children of a brown persuasion. Maybe we shouldn't care because they're so far away, maybe we shouldn't care because they're brown, maybe he was doing it just as a distraction, maybe he was doing it just for the Jews. And yet, they were children the elimination of whom might cause there to be more food for Europeoids to eat in the future wasteland. Presumably, a lot of straight children, and a lot of LGBTQetc children too. Pets, grownups, conservatives, liberals, community advocates, reformers, racists, anti-racists...boom. Gone.

There's some terribly morbid humor in all this--that a rich, powerful man who ordered the execution of child after child remains a figure debated about for other reasons. Not "primarily" for other reasons, or "mostly" for other reasons, but "only" for other reasons, where his little faux pas of killing all those kids, all of those potential photogenic Wakandan refugees, has been utterly forgotten. Because of course official people do official things and to understand where they fit into the big picture means to cut out the little things and picture only the big.

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