Monday, March 26, 2018

Jewish Intelligence

Examinations of the genetic differences in intelligence between groups are a mixed blessing for Jews. In one way, such examinations are good things, because Jews excel at simplistic problem solving, where all "extraneous" factors--real, tangible things that affect real, tangible results--are removed, and where intelligence is simply a matter of solving puzzles or riddles (not to demean such things; solving puzzles or riddles can be difficult, and when matched to the proper framework, can be very useful). Particularly in light of their use in evaluating modern crime rates, I.Q. and time-preference tests can be the darlings of the future, and so continue to make it seem that the creators of modern conveniences are subordinate to Jews. Indeed, when you have no accomplishments, "test scores" can make you seem to be one of the accomplished folk.

While Jews are not inventive nor creative--indeed, their loud defense of their racial intelligence served, quixotically, alongside their equally loud anti-racism, oft-recycled these thousands of years--they can solve problems to which somebody else has already figured out the answer, removed all variables deemed irrelevant, and provided the format in which the answers are to be expressed. In this, they far exceed ancestral Africans, who are so steeped in variables that they are uncontrollable by ideatic planners, and somewhat exceed other groups. Ergo they are very good at entering established systems that involve transacting in understood variables, which variables are predetermined or user-defined, as in accountancy using mathematics, or law where their kin can redefine right and/or wrong to conform to a Jewish argument, or in medicine, where nothing is expected but that you insert your token and receive paid compassion from a computer which matches symptoms to diagnoses. They cannot build societies, but they can copy very well, and much the same with art or science, whereby little, probably obvious, improvements can be made to a thought or component, but nothing "groundbreaking" or truly new can be developed. Many a humorous stage play or movie has sprung from the ability of Jews to represent the inherent contradictions in the rules of a language or social ritual that they've found and become familiar with. Ergo they are blind to "opportunity cost" when it involves a cost they cannot see yet. The ability to perceive such costs is linked to the ability to imagine results that aren't just more of the same.

Our history is replete with--perhaps solely defined by--the creation of newness by Europeoids, which is often (sometimes more swiftly, sometimes less so) copied by other groups, including Jews, demonstrating that it is not preference, but ability, which determines their maximum civilizational agility. Jews and deep-ancestral-Africans, for example, prefer driving their wheeled cars with internal combustion engines on well maintained asphalt roads, rather than riding a donkey on a smoothed dirt road in which rocks of non-negligible size occasionally turn up, yet they were unable to even envision such concepts until Europeoids had spent quite a while inventing all the stages that led up to this fulfilled desire; not only were they unable to know themselves in the sense of knowing what they wanted, they were unable to know others in that same sense.

Given how Jews often make the rules that demonstrate them as so highly skilled--sitting on medical boards, appellate courts, lower courts, and reviewing pleas and letters as the representatives of taxing and other regulatory agencies--their decisions that their co-ethnics are "better" at performing before them are of little use in concluding that such superior results indicate superiority, rather than enforced racism. It's similar to how, during the "second" "world war," the Soviet military and government actually committed all of the ills for which history later indicted merely the German military and government: reality as defined "by the victors," as an objective-minded person might say. At the very least, disproportionate Jewish representation in European and American governments, and to which places America decides to send incredibly huge checks, seems based more on co-ethnicity and racism than it does on need or decency or any other conceivable factor, whether of justifiable government import or not.

Going by historical survival rates of surgical or other patients, Jewish physicians are slightly less competent than Europeoid ones--only slightly, but their resulting extreme over-representation on boards of inquiry and published professors in the medical profession seems to disavow any rumors of meritocracy, even when fellowships and other awards are also granted disproportionately to doctors of other preferred races despite a lack of any notable, or any at all, achievements. All of this discounts, of course, the decision of which students to test on what day to determine a random sampling of I.Q., for keeping the retarded kids from showing up to check "Jewish" in the "test-taker's identity" section of a test is an important part of creating attractive results; indeed, if one can select how one tests, and choose one's identity accordingly, ample opportunities exist to instruct individuals how to identify themselves to government computers. Taking away the test-taker's ability to be Jewish if he or she is mentally disabled is, as far as disability advocates go, disgusting, both from a special needs perspective and a Jewish one (though not really so if the individual has to help the tribe look better by failing as a nominal outsider when reviewers are watching).

The symphony of supposed Jewish intellectual achievement is as much of a farce as the claim that the U.S. just gave Israel $200 million because after a fair and open debate, that turned out to be the best way to use tax revenues to America's advantage.

Even so, even assuming the handcrafted faux-results are genuine, the history of the world, of science and civilization, would demonstrate that, whatever the I.Q. test is measuring, it's not the kind of intelligence that allows you to build wheels or sailing ships or heavy cannon, or big cities with operating sewers and relatively stable governments, or internal combustion engines or moon rockets (or the I.Q. tests are indeed measuring that, but the Jewish and Chinese data in this regard are extremely fabricated, given the dearth of amazing new discoveries attributed to those oh-so-smart groups over the past few thousand years, and yes I know that one Chinese dude picked up saltpeter once but the Jews didn't even get that). As mentioned previously, the corporate control of engineers' outputs suggests that future inventions, if any, can be credited to the manager of a team of engineers who have signed over their rights to "the team," like so many group assignments in public school carried through by a single member, in which case, 3,000 years from now, a bunch of miserable part-Europeoid engineers won't have invented much, but the few "new" things that are invented can be attributed to Sino-Jewish team leaders.

Why the blessing is mixed, though, is that, if people can understand how the different pieces of I.Q. are related to genes, they might eventually be able to understand how other things are tied to genes: things like a passion for cronyism, desire for the genocide of outsiders, a predilection for pure evil, ethnic favoritism, and empathy or lack thereof. An instant worldwide test of this, coupled with the death penalty, would eliminate most if not all persons of predominantly Jewish background, on the "FEELS EMPATHY? Y OR N" classification alone. And this is where it becomes dicey, because like the Voight-Kampff test, any such knowledge could expose the androids among us, not only making it impossible for them to pose as humans, but also, raise as options for additional discussion many of the traits which have thus far been helpful.

Since first contact, this has always been a fundamental "challenge" for Jews. "Separate...but also together!" has been their rallying cry for thousands of years, and like its modern version of Israel's immigration laws compared to those which Jews feel are appropriate for Europe, it can be downplayed, but never openly addressed. Cheaper science raises the foreboding possibility that Judaism could be wholly ended.

Being able to understand and manipulate genetics can make "blacks" less likely to carjack and mug, producing a net gain for them in a world more serious about punishing carjackings and muggings (once they've already occurred, but never before they have, since that would be racist), but if genes could also be adjusted to make their owner/host organisms sick by the thought of committing nepotism, or to cause individuals to be unable to take actions which would harm other people, those who didn't carjack, but who designed tax policy, would be at a serious disadvantage; perhaps a crippling one. Those who would carjack but are genetically prevented from doing so would have better lives, longer lifespans, better criminal records, and better job prospects, but those unable to participate in nepotism/cronyism would have worse. It's similar to the Jewish invasion of Europe; if the invasion had been contingent upon an injection that leaves one more empathetic and unable to commit nepotism, the Khazars would've simply vanished into Europe, becoming yet another unidentifiable, probably Christian, sub-group that had mixed wholly in with everything else over a couple thousand years.

Imagine what would happen to, say, Israel, if every person inside of it suddenly became mandatorily, scientifically emphathetic. All of a sudden, 100% of Israeli citizens, political leaders included, vote to return "Israeli" territory to Palestinians and to allow free trade and to bring racial marriage choice in line with the percentage of the nearby (or global) population.

Imagine some stereotypical White plantation culture running a stereotypical antebellum society in the American Deep South, raping pudgy black chicks and preventing them from pursuing their passion for astrophysics. Such DNA adjustments would, like they would actually do in Israel, utterly destroy the society of the plantation owners, disinclining them from repressing astrophysics and leaving them behind in the future society of black telescopes and launching pads. Similarly, genetic readjustments forcing Jews to be honest and forthright, and not racist, in their promotion of individuals and ideologies, would have similar effects on today's international society. Israel would blend with its surroundings and become a mixed Arab-Jewish and solely Arab nation, every other Jew in another nation would become unable to be nepotistic, and genetic science would thereby eliminate the Jews. The essential irony of realized genetic science would be, so very ironically, as its principles would have with the exploitative original nature of the people that shall dwell alone, cause them to cease existing. Indeed, the ancient Jewish laws of blood purity (for the Jew) and racial integration (for the host) were in a death struggle, and the prospect of applying any of the lies used to corrupt a people to physical behavior would have always ended the Jews. It is a very tricky time, now, as we approach the era where actualized science could, as a matter of mandatory public policy regarding birth, make nepotism--make Judaism--impossible. What would be so helpful to Jews in further strengthening their takeover of host nations would be a deathly pill if applied to them, integrating their traits into a minority of unfortunate characteristics for future affected individuals; like successfully converting a White nation into advocates for the colored peoples, the necessary conclusion of full BDS, or of sending the military to protect the Palestinians, would be as fatal for Jewry as it would ironically be helpful.

This is a difficult line which Jews have always walked while infiltrating nations through advocacy of inclusion while running private counsels to prevent the offspring of intermarriage from rising. Never before, though, have Jews faced a world where the gullible goys would have the technology, and the recent and stern Jewish backing, to universally enforce the universalist principles they've been taught to embrace.

Pending permissible future scientific development, then, the only way Jews could save themselves is to make genetic anti-nepotism illegal for Jews, file falsified genetic safety reports for allies, or to destroy it entirely. What will the farsighted group do in response to the potential for some laboratory developing some increasingly cheap and accessible therapy to make people, in their heart of hearts, universalist? Again, not "universalist" in the sense that the Jew demands of non-Jews, but truly universalist, in the sense of believing in it from the bottoms of their hearts? Retarding technology so things stay as they are is an option, either by disincentivizing anyone to ever develop such an understanding of manipulating genes, or having an operating network of evil-spy doctors curating the immunization-type records in countries of import, but absent that, they could be destroyed merely by curing nepotism. To protect the chosen people, that issue will have to be addressed.

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