Sunday, March 18, 2018

Saying a Lot

Feel like you've said a lot
When you haven't really said
Empty wisdom
Like empty bottles
Behind the grocery store
Were they ever really full?
And did it benefit anyone, at the time they were drunk?
If it's been worth something
They would've been hauled away
The schematics of wisdom
Are only contemplated
By people who haven't collected bottles to eat
As though an empty bottle is
Sure it might not mean anything to you
It can save someone's life on the afternoon before a cold night
And suddenly
You can afford to sit in the cheap diner for three hours
Which has a heater
Besides the
Gristle you paid for
Is it wisdom that the discarded bottle
Once filled with a drink that might've been good might've not
Can be the means for a lifesaver?
I think it's just empty wisdom
Seems to be something just because death is mentioned
This trash is not poetry
Just because it's wistful
Just because it's incomplete
It's not a song either
Even though a genius could set it to a melody that was good
and make it a song
But it wouldn't be the skeleton that is any good just like having a conversation with a skeleton wouldn't be good
Even if it could talk without a tongue
Through supernatural zombie powers
Then it would be the supernatural zombie powers that would be the good conversationalist
Not the skeleton it was using
You want something to believe in
Believe in the skeleton
Believe in the bottle
Summing it all up makes nothing art
If you believe it does
I've got a skeleton to sell you
Great condition
Very few breaks
I'll let you shake its hand if you're not sure
It's not even really an ending.

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