Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Sore Eye Uh-sis

Immune cells implicated in attacks of psoriasis, or other auto-immune conditions, are not often said to be nihilists, suicidal, or evil, though the same accusations could be, and have been, made toward humans involved in similar behavior as related to the community of bodies making up the society rather than the community of cells making up the body,

Consider psoriasis specifically, a condition describing the immune system's attempts to destroy the body's own skin, differing from other autoimmune diseases only by virtue of the targets selected. In this condition, the majority (or perhaps the totality) of all hosts are not born with the condition, but experience its development over a period of time, which may begin in early or late adulthood. Until the terrorists have struck, as it were, there is no way to diagnose; to forecast what will happen. Until such a point, sleeper agents move among all other normal people, unidentifiable to the equivalents of psychology or more accurate hypothetical forms of mind-reading; perhaps for decades, this ruse can continue. At some trigger point, activated by no one knows what, the immune system is activated for self destruction and its agents begin attacking bodily cells, in this case in the skin.

(And this isn't just some rather disgusting but less life threatening skin thing; this one will use "skin" for discussion purposes, but they have these things designed for attacking other parts of the body too, including more presumably vital loci such as the joints and brain, so the principle of the auto-destructive behavior is quite more intense than one would assume the mere "skin" to be.)

What this means is that, for twenty years, the immune system acts as we suppose it should: its cells travel randomly around the body, ignore everything that's supposed to be there, and if a foreign invader--say, a virus which may or may not bring disease--is found, the cells of the immune system spring into action and try to do things to it which will destroy it. Immunology is based on this principle, in that if a weakened form of a virus is introduced to the immune system before the real thing is encountered, the immune cells and their successors will adapt, pass along knowledge of the vulnerabilities of the disease targeted by the relevant vaccine, and become prepared to defeat the real thing if and when it arrives. Thus, smallpox isn't much of a problem in 2018 Terra compared to what it was years ago, and various "flu vaccines" can be annually sold to the televised, mass-circulation-embracing masses, who have a by-now instinctive understanding of how this process is supposed to work.

One particularly interesting thing about psoriasis, and the other autoimmune diseases of its type is that, like cancer, the disease cannot be shown to be "caught," nor genetic as we've been told about genetics. Diseases might appear for the first time in ten generations (that we can tell based on family history; it's arguably "a thousand generations" or "first ever" instead), and they might not appear at all or in the same way in identical twins, and they might appear after twenty or fifty years of otherwise-normal functioning, with no identifiable trigger for the appearance. Similar to cancer, autoimmune diseases are the perfect product for physicians freed from the expectation that anything shall be understood or cured ever again, providing a many-lifetimes stream of profitable, responsibility-less (because everything's a mystery, an identified "condition" can be, or can not be, simultaneously plausibly responsible for any degradation, improvement, deficiency, pain, or ecstasy experienced by the customer. For a certain ethnicity's perspective on the competencies of modern medicine as compared to those clownish idiots who would do or expect something better, one can witness Seinfeld's demonstrative skit about his unwise friend visiting a demonstrative quack and then having his life saved from example deadly alternative remedies by ambulances and hospitals.)

The immune system's ability to identify as hostiles the body's own cells is part of this post-Israel's-founding war conundrum. Since people are often born without psoriasis or breast cancer, but then develop those conditions later, we know that the body can be capable of hosting the potential for those conditions while being capable of not having the conditions activated constantly or ever. In the case of the autoimmune, we know that the body can run a well-functioning immune system for, say, thirty years, wherein the cells are able to instantly and flawlessly identify cells from the immune system's own body, containing identical core genetic information, and that those immune system cells are able to not attack those cells, while at the same time they can learn about smallpox and other vaccines, and attack invaders after someone gets cut by a dirty blade, et cetera. A foundational, utterly fundamental characteristic of the vast majority of the many people who've had cancer, or the tens of millions of documented American hosts of these many, many recent variations on autoimmune conditions also hailing from the glorious patsy-victors of the Israel Foundation War, designed to turn the immune system into the enemy of various bodily systems is that everything can be completely, 100% fine and normal up until that pivotal moment when the attacks begin. And then there's a gross and/or painful rash or you can't walk or you can't move your arm or you can't see or you can't cogitate ever again or something else, as an inherent part of the design and not due to any identifiable contaminant.

This normalcy in choosing victims shows us something important about the immune system, even one which later develops psoriasis, namely that, as aforementioned, its cells can discriminate between all other members of the body and all foreign objects. It can instantaneously pre-scan any cells it encounters and identify a cell as "Part of your body--don't attack" or "foreign object, summon pus," and like the as-yet majority of human immune systems, it can make those judgments accurately 100% of the time.

The pattern of attack for immune systems which then do develop these conditions is similarly instructive. Immune systems which develop psoriasis do not then attack every bodily cell, but only skin cells, and they attack them in certain areas, not just whenever bloodflow brings them close to any skin cell. The immune system's attacks are also unevenly spaced, in that the immune system may, though bereft of any actual infections to respond to, do nothing for six months, then overwhelmingly attack for two months, then suddenly stop doing anything for another six months. The attempted partial homicide by the immune system is not constant nor apparently rational, and the way in which this cell, designed to be part of the immune system, attacks the body is wholly dissimilar to how it responds to a genuine viral threat. Not only the targets and locations, but the entire manner of proceeding, including inexplicable lengthy furloughs granted to 100% of soldiers, are changed. Ergo there is some rather quizzical form of tactics and strategy employed here, wherein the immune system suddenly unlearns the restriction against attacking its own body, coupled with developing the trait of attacking only certain varieties of its own cells in certain locations. It's similar to a group of idiotic British military commanders who set out to destroy England by attacking Lincolnshire and only Lincolnshire. For forty years. Without ever once any messages reaching them that they should stop attacking their own cells. This corruption is systematic, too, because during the unending offensive against Lincolnshire, cells die and new ones are generated by the body, and their genetic coding now includes that same predilection for attacking the skin. The disease doesn't just change what a few idiots do, but how the body reproduces itself, such that all future immune systems of any date will be committed to this suicidal plan of attack, and eventually, all the immune cells that were alive when the attacks began have been replaced by brand new ones who carry on the trend without needing assistance from, or merely imitating, any of the originators. There must necessarily be, then, some intelligence agency which directs the malfeasant cells, having told them how to operate perfectly well for 1 month or fifty years previously, and then suddenly all the printouts on the desks were changed, and no one can ever again find the source of, nor change, those printouts.

It is a great sorrow that, as with cancer, today's "researchers" have not identified the factors that go into telling cells what to do, whether for self destruction or isolationist perpetuation. Someone should've long ago discovered the locations and details of those intelligence offices telling cells what to do, for agenda of extreme commercial potential exist alongside the ability to adjust the reproduction of immune cells. There is clearly some location in the body from whence cells receive their malformed orders "Attack your own skin cells now, no matter the cost!" to activate progression of the disease, and it is likely that, even if we were not smart enough to reprogram the data or replace it with our own standardized orders, if we were at least smart enough to wipe any data that's changed since age 6 (say, before the onset of one patient's symptoms) and restore, we could also flip other levers such as turning off the ones that cause males to stop growing hair or turn on aging protocol or direct fat storage or adjust erectile function. In most cases, one would not need to be intelligent enough to write new protocol, but merely to copy and paste whatever the individual had prior to the occurrence of undesirable functions, such as using copies of the age 16 protocol to address many aging-related concerns, or finding some congenitally skinny person's caloric details and using them to cure obesity.

It was very difficult to develop the first vaccines, in the sense that researchers would've had to find a microscopic organism inside a comparatively vast human body, usually to identify that elements of that organism were diffused so widely in that body that they could be found by a blood test of something less than 100% of the patient's blood, identify that the organism was not an as-yet unknown component of the body itself, determine that the organism could be in some way weakened, and then introduce the weakened organism to the body so as to inspire the body's immune system to learn how to kill it. Currently, autoimmune diseases can completely co-opt the immune system and change how it reproduces itself, and no one out of all the humans seems bright enough to figure out how the immune cells get their commands, what things look like before and after the command goes out to attack the body's own cells, let alone how to give the immune system better orders.

As before mentioned, even the basest, most selfish, most astronomically fungible, most theoretically capitalistic desires are related to such bodily understanding. No more can the head of the aging male be instructed to stop deferring hair growth, or a newborn human's cells be told to skip the caramelizing or "aging" process, creating a human that reaches maturity and then doesn't start trying to destroy itself, than can the automorbid tendencies of many humans to kill themselves by growing tumor cells, or attacking their own bodies in other ways, be adjusted. The stupidity of the age, to research ways to "deal with" such a deathly set of processes rather than forestall or undo it/them, is rather profound, considering that modern societies include medicine developed by the human group which figured out how to present neutered viruses to its own realized genomic components in order to cause adaptation--duplicable, repeatable adaptation--in those components and negate the negative effects of, say, smallpox. One wonders, again, at whether today's "researchers" have the capability of being as intelligent as those of old, and if humanity missed its chance to have great minds address bodily components, rather than developing smallpox support groups and more effective skin lotions to treat the inevitable sores.

As with global temperatures, humans may be experiencing a waning of intelligence, of willpower, and of inquiry. Sadly amusing to see the profusion of so-called "research centers" which have accomplished nothing in a century, and to see entire generations of physicians graduate and then retire who haven't once gotten to cure something.

Cancer does not "directly" kill people, but kills them only by existing, taking up space, where a tumor can grow so large that it interferes with vital processes, but does not create little viruses, or develop its competing immune system, to destroy enemies/hosts with whom it has broken, or never had, ties. Auto-immune diseases are unverifiably different, in that the immune system's broken directions are so stupid that they seem designed more for torturing victims than for killing them--that, or the rewritten immune system is not stupidly designed, but expressly designed for torture. Many types of immune-sponsored attack can kill people, some even people who are in bed, and the hapless coroners can plausibly ascribe the death to many related conditions which are not directly attributable to the autoimmune, even though cancer is always blamed for death when someone has it and then an inoperable tumor merely happens to be "in the way" of lungs respirating air or kidneys cleaning blood or heart beating. Psoriasis, unlike necrotizing fasciitis, somehow fails to achieve a comparative level of damage to the intended target, despite being nourished and encouraged by the host body itself. Instead--again, like something intended to torture rather than to execute--it eats skin piecemeal, concentrates on certain types and areas of skin, and occasionally allows time for healing in-between attacks, almost as though it wants its victim to be alive and suffering longer, rather than simply dead. The suggestion of a malevolent consciousness behind the disease is not necessarily meant to suggest the evil biological designer-creation of this profitable new condition, but merely to identify its characteristics, perhaps in hopes that the next generation of wonder doofuses might cure something. (And no, I don't have psiorasis so far as I know, none of this is meant to be personal.)

As a civilization, we've greatly failed in the sense that revering doctors (and paying them more and giving them more freedom and social respect) rather than, say, having girls want to marry research scientists, encourages the more intelligent young people to pursue a career in handing out pharmacy slips and listening to people's stories, rather than in curing things. Indeed, the failure of modern research--like modern invention--may be a by-product of the corporate inspired signing over of invention rights and hagiography of the office drone who signs off on prescription refills and listens with heartfelt attention to someone's repetitive stories of symptoms heard a thousand times before, rather than who looks at things under microscopes and figures out how the body works. As medicine goes, we seem to be following a path that, were this race-car driving, involves celebrating the driver so much that--however important he is--the other team's engine is fifty years ahead of ours, and we don't care because it's so incredible how that driver can drive our old clunker. Some minor corrective legislation, like making void any contracts which strip the inventor of sole and exclusive control of the invention, might cure a lot of diseases very quickly, particularly if some researcher has a financially stupid heartfelt moment and gives a public speech releasing the formula for the anti-cancer pill into the public domain.

Perhaps this dearth is not mandatorily cyclical, but caused by us, as we've removed the profit motive from medical science. It helps investors to make medical school ridiculously expensive opportunities for unpaid years-long internships (amazingly, sic), but it does little for patients; similarly, structuring a society so as to motivate the more intelligent future workers into customer service roles in white coats benefiting more from charisma than intelligence, rather than in production design or production quality, may be the sole death knell of this sickly era.

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