Sunday, April 15, 2018


The role unseen arrogance and the fantasy of redoing it plays in externalizing troubles.

Birth rates. Interfering in a civilization's birth rates and child-bearing habits is a major intrusion and, of course, offensive. Let's say that African non-whites have X percentage more stillbirths due to what whites would consider inadequate prenatal care. Do the whites, being do-gooders, amass funds unwillingly taken from taxpayers, or willingly taken from donors, or a combination of willingly/unwillingly taken from evil legislators who themselves took it out of tax slush funds, and pay white doctors who couldn't handle the hours of a real job, or who wanted to pad their resumes, to commit various prenatal acts on pregnant women in the region, and to advise someone else who's gotten western money as to how to adjust public policy to favor expectant mothers and expectant expectant mothers and so on?

An important part of all of this is the reliability of the gratitude expressed to you by people to whom you've given "jobs" (money) or other gifts for helping you. Many white racists genuinely feel that, because the twenty-four native adults who've worked on the project thanked them and said that their nation and people were grateful for the assistance and how much it has helped, those positive sentiments are not only true and unvarnished as to the individual, but to the society at large. Reminds me of this one boss I used to have, who would make a habit of telling people off in traffic or at the grocery store or at other similar random locations. He expressed awareness that his behavior might be viewed as inappropriate, but was reassured in the accuracy and good sense of all of his incidents of interrupting people at the store to tell them they didn't know how to park, or drive, or push their cart properly, and so forth, because one of his temporary workers would listen sympathetically to him while on the clock and then agree that the other person was absolutely a danger to society and he was so right to yell at that lady or whatever.

Now empowered in his idiocy, the dude felt completely in the right. He was right to make aggressive gestures to that other person who switched lanes at the wrong time, or who had "cut him off" by pulling into his lane 300 feet ahead of him, et cetera. And he had proof that he was right, because said temp employee would tell him what an amazing civic duty he'd done and how good it was for our city that there were still people like him around, and didn't he have more hours available for her next week? And in these conversations he did usually find those hours, and now, years later, I wonder if the man reflected on the relationship and what it meant, but I suspect not; I suspect he's telling a new generation of hourly employees his stories and being praised for whatever dumbass thing he'd done that day.

Now, maybe all the people he yelled at were really great, or genuinely evil, and maybe my perception that slightly over half the time he was the one who'd done the wrong thing or he shouldn't have been complaining about barking noises when in the animal companion comfort room at the golf club (and he didn't even have his own dog; why the hell was he in there to begin with? no one knows), or maybe he was right every single time. What matters for that situation is more his willingness to accept as true, unbiased advice people whom he paid; whose livelihood depended, to some or all degrees, on him feeling validated in their validation of him. And it was just insane that he felt reassured by his employees telling him he'd been right when he and that man at the grocery store argued over who'd upset the front kiosk with the magazines, or whatever it was. White people since the twentieth century are like that; do-gooders with this insane level of arrogant, self-fulfilling noblesse oblige, and being told by the Jews, "Go spend your civilization's capital giving guns and apples to Zaire" exacerbated this natural stupidity very well.

Back to the larger point: so, the white racists spring into action reforming the African society in their own image. They improve sanitation for expectant mothers and expectant expectant mothers; they adjust the policies of sexual relationships through government classes that no one attends, or intrusive advertising; they demean the old ways and the elders who have longer participated in the old ways; they buy cleaning chemicals and drugs from white companies with said tax slush funds and distribute said goods around the nation and encourage their use; et cetera.

As a result of these policies, stillbirths drop and for only $40 million white people get to be vicariously proud at how many black people they've "saved." Even at just this level, that's an offensive, racist action, for all the offense it gives to the non-whites' prior culture and traditions, but look deeper.

White people are meanwhile, at home, dealing with antibiotic resistant strains of disease that they've created by, according to their own wise men, overusing hand sanitizer every time they see someone across the street. And by inundating an African society, say, with foreign modes of behavior, they may just be fucking things up a little bit, or they may be interfering with the biosphere in a cataclysmic way that they wouldn't figure out until it was too late.

Related to children, the mandatory imposition of Christian-derived notions of modern two-person lifelong mating pairs, or no-fault divorce, or child support, or any of that shit, has had incalculable effects on western society. Not just on child-bearing, but child-raising and the "after effects" of the child's life and its relationships with its elders and the elders' relationships with each other and the rest of society. Not only birth rates, but the whole rest of the stuff, can and will be affected by what seems to whites an obvious, completely giving and harmless benefit.

Or we could give the natives food, filling their homes with western style supermarket fare, and awww, we just saved five thousand kiddies from starvation. The long term effects on the nation's agriculture and capacity to feed itself are negatively profound, particularly if the western nation(s) becomes unable to keep making those gifts, more so if all new planting and clearing methods rely upon machinery "gifted" by the west. Because it would be morally irresponsible to allow another people to produce food in their way rather than our way, with the telling assumption from the westerner that he will always be able to superfeed the superworld, so building the reliance of other countries upon your own things isn't just stupid and dangerous, it's pitifully arrogant and a bald-faced attempt to reassure yourself that you always can provide for others, ergo you can always provide for yourself, ergo there's no need to be scared anymore. And using others' lives, even violent muds, to reassure yourself that way, is unequivocally wrong, even if you approach this issue from the universalist perspective the rabbi told you to believe in.

Interfering in a "colored" society's medicine is similar to interfering in its food, perhaps more dramatically so. Drug dealers using selfless charity, giving away product, and building reliance in the kids at the local middle school is a wise future-profits and customer-retention move, similar to "white" do-gooding, and is more literally recognizable in the charitable aspect of "creating markets" where whites pretend that founding a colored middle class in some new place, all set up to keep using white brands, is a selfless act. Indeed, I may be a terrible racist for understanding that blacks generally can't function well in white societies in ways that whites would consider "well," but it's a racism far more benign than the people who pretend that everyone can excel pursuant to their preferred models of success, and that white help in doing so is either selfless or uplifting.

Medicinal examples: by curing some disease using what are, to us, outdated antibiotics, we interfere, godlike, in a different environment, and inspire the evolution of whatever will evolve as a result of our interference. And we don't know what that is, including who will not ever be born as a result of us changing the otherwise-natural death rate of wherever we've interfered with. We assume that, because of our faith in our religion, we know everything is random, so there are no consequences explicably possible due to our our interference, but in actuality we have no way of knowing what will spring up in the voids we've created, whether social or biological. Ergo, whether one believes in randomness or things being built with some form of planned development, we've spoiled the data set, producing a violation of either. Evolution is no longer "random" or "natural selection" but "white mindset." Our lofty assumptions that we have created a form of living superiority or perfection leaves us as unable to prepare for problems we might cause elsewhere as we are for those we create in our own homes. And in our short-sighted arrogance, we're so dazzled with ourselves for potentially having maintained global military supremacy for a thousand years that we're not capable of foreseeing that lack of supremacy.

Racism as Racism

If we can contemplate the above without becoming afraid that this isn't really as good as it gets and scuttling the discussion, we can become a bit more broad in our analysis. Everyone possessing sight is racist, of course, simply because they can tell a difference; even if they pretend someone else is behind the scenes with a top hat and a twirly mustache personally producing differences in what we consider intellectual output, rather than genes having anything to do with it, we can tell there is a difference in racial composition and product and behavior, and are of course racist for admitting that it seems like a problem or attempting in any way to address the problem. Increasingly fatuous rationalizations for extra racisms we can't see, such as blindly committed microaggressions, represent the inner qualms of anti-racists'/racists' fundamental recognition of this sin they've committed, which they can tell will never go away.

Our perception, also, that whites are so great, even in a mean or unfair way, is similarly racist by definition; the most well-meaning attempt by some shirt-rending philanthropist, however blind, to foist white culture on, say, "black" culture (it is so annoying being on this planet where the people say "black" instead of "brown" to refer to the damn local Balrins, or of course "whites" instead of something like "pinks" for the fratzing local Barians, like they don't have eyes and can't tell what color is), is of course terribly racist, and as aforementioned, racist in a way that's catastrophically harmful. Getting mad at the black kids on your street who keep breaking into your car, and maybe letting them each have a turn with the tire iron, might be racist, but it's nothing compared to funding a military dictatorship that pretends to hold elections in your preferred style while killing thirty thousand tribal enemies using gas and guns you provided them. And the wishful faux-stupidity of western liberals is stupid, and funny, and hypocritical, so it gets really tempting for people who simply prefer being around their own kind to critique liberalism as a disease of altruism, which conceals the true brutality of all the "giving" that is going on.

Ultimately, or at least somewhere way up the list, we come to see that the would-be helpful racism of the past thousand years, Christian and otherwise, bears more of a relationship to self-affirmation than to other-recognition. Not only because whites get to feel superior by giving their terrible stuff away, but because, by giving that stuff away and trying to teach other humans to rely on it, they're not just feeling superior, but feeling less afraid, because proving that other people need parliaments and supermarket packaged food is a layer of defense for the "whites'" own use of those things. When, say, Jimmy Carter meddles with some governments in Africa to exterminate some kind of worm that causes bad effects when mixed with humans, he's not just showing how great he is by saving people, but reaffirming to himself that him and his offspring are in an operable model...even though Africans have been surviving alongside African bacteria and larger wildlife for many thousands of years before various do-gooders tried to rearrange the formerly thriving ecosystem.

The fantasy of "redoing it" plays its part, too. If whites think their history followed certain forms in line with certain advances, their play in Africa can be thought by them to be mimicking their own history; "living it" again by using blacks as their puppets, where their recreation of "first liberal democracy" and "first women's rights" et cetera are viewed by them as a fun larping of their own history, where the game is viciously defended against those who might subvert it by allowing the culture to develop on its own.

It's quite difficult, especially if you're enmeshed in or were raised in a western culture, to contemplate one thousand years not being forever or life being possible, or more fulfilling, without all the Big Box Store crap, because who wouldn't want to be able to microwave frozen onion rings at 3AM? And maybe our ability to do that affects our assumptions about, and ability to complete, other facets of life, and the Balrins have really dodged some bullets by developing in a slower, safer way. We're not being Luddites here, nor advocating for some anti-technology position, nor stupidly claiming that consumerism or modern medicine are inherently bad things always; rather, we're pointing out that foisting those advances (particularly in the plagued way in which "whites" made them here) on groups who haven't made them themselves is harmful, even though yes indeed they will want the gifts if you're handing them out. Part of the growth that is supposed to occur along with being able to develop those gifts is the wisdom to not just give them away randomly, a habit which Terran Barians unfortunately never learned (probably with help, but that's not the point here).

It's recently viewed as a terrible thing to not fetishize weakness, ergo when we force Africa to bear the burden of another 100 million people who wouldn't have lived without white medicine, we change the entire development of the people. Those individuals who would have survived, thrived, or even been born at all, as opposed to not, in communities which were not interfered with, bore a contribution, and a legacy, that we've stolen if we want to make it possible for those who can't naturally survive early parasite infections to survive at the expense of those who could've. If we had a different capability for understanding the entire system and our effects on it, this would be a different discussion, but we don't have that capability, so we're having instead the simpler discussion: namely, that maybe an improvement of that human group was contingent on the naturally occurring factors which affected it, and a bunch of whites massacring various microscopic organisms doesn't just save the sick to be supported by white medicine, but it minimizes the growth of the healthy, which might include maintaining traits that aren't there in browns or pinks yet, and would prove vital to surviving some new planetary crisis in a few thousand more years. It would be a different level of discussion if whites were doing other kinds of planning too, or at least thinking about the whole concept, but no, the pigheaded stupidity of interfering in various ecosystems, including the entire Terran planetary one, is the only thing they can think of, besides of course calling themselves heroes who care while making money.

And here we come again to the double-edged sword, as it were, of "racism," that being that being able to be actually racist--to concede that blacks just aren't as smart in some ways, and might not be for a thousand years--is the only way to actually critique whites, or any other race. Because you can't truly figure out blacks if you fail to understand whites, or are unable to fathom the part whites have played in all this. And that's a dangerous path to tread, because it leads to the question of material supremacy, and the Jewish ability to kill everyone else, coupled with the obviously materially self harmful Jewish desire to kill everything including themselves, and that gets extraterrestrial and spiritual in icky, scary ways, and it could be millennia before more and more people are willing to consider that parasites are knowingly committing suicide by killing necessary hosts, and how that couldn't possibly be a desire produced by the doctrine of survival of the fittest, and thus just what more expansive doctrines are and what was happening here anyway.

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