Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Seeing the Fed

It is a painful and disconcerting situation, particularly given the forcibly dogmatic perspectives of western education, how any kind of intelligent, impassioned struggle must lead one toward the racism which dare not speaketh its name. Any issue, whether of the most selfish or the most selfless motives, or anything in-between, however mundane or dramatic, leads one to the conclusion that a very small genetic cabal is serving as a parasite upon the rest of the species of humanity, or the alternative viewpoint, which is this discussion is so stupid and/or disgusting and/or scary that I'm not even going to have it with you. And the inevitable conclusion of that dilemma, far less often traveled, is the inferior survivability of the host species, which has clearly been outmatched.

It is indeed unfortunate, for the victims of modern pedagogy, to realize that it was not Christian traditions, somewhat newcomers to the tale, but at least a hint of legitimacy, in the reasoning for the thousands of years of conflict between Jews and other Terrans. Pick an issue, and the troubling conclusions must be either reached or ignored.

Warfare. The creations and movements of the great central banks that demanded and fostered and profited immensely from the wars of the twentieth century--this can be tracked even more easily than those of prior centuries--were specifically, avowedly Jewish. The tens of millions of publicly acknowledged non-Jewish victims should, if nothing else, raise this question. And yet, how socially inappropriate it is to notice that the finance ministers and bank chairmen who demanded the slaughter were all members of a worldwide extreme genetic minority which could use arcane demands to motivate members of many other genetic majorities to butcher one another. If not even this, the scathing of those who notice or discuss this apparently confusing fact should be like a thousand trumpets blowing inside a small room as to the veracity and importance of recognizing this source of slaughter. It is such a childish conclusion that it has made its own trope: a small group of rich and powerful men, all of a certain type of man, makes mountains of gold for tricking others into killing each other, then people like them punish anyone else who notices it. And yet, here we are.

Minority rights ("minority" in any given area and/or era, or it never works). Warfare. Animals being tortured pointlessly or just for fun. Propertization of women. Child abuse.

It is disconcerting to the victim of western pedagogy, with its lingering traditions of intellectual inquiry not yet fully stamped out, to realize how every verifiable, rational, tangible problem, holds the same relationship as the ones in the early twentieth century (and older, but there's no need to focus on that for people who think that a couple hundred years is a long time). Any resistance to a military-industrial complex, even if not thought out to its origins in the Israel Founding War, can be traced to the same or successor central bank(s) which spawned the earlier horrors. And the same genetic seeming aberration and coincidence persists, even into the 21st century, of this small group of immensely powerful people of a certain ethnicity making other people starve or go broke or fight each other. America's last "more formal" (though, against the supposed rules of the American Constitution, "undeclared") war, the invasion of Iraq, could have its origins traced expressly to the central American bank, "the Fed," that had ordered it and paid for it, and the same genetic pattern as "World War I" held, right down to the ethnicity of people warning legislators how to vote or else. The disgusting corruptions that are U.S. "elections," and their resulting influence in the rest of the misplaced world, can be traced to the gamesmanship of the bloated death-pigs at the U.S. Federal Reserve, among other places. The Fed is so incredibly easy to see, every liberal and conservative cause leading back to the wrongness and disgustingness of the Fed. Though often redirected to vague "capitalists" or "Wall Street," people continue to be able to differentiate between some local capitalist who opened a hardware store, and the Fed.

Confused ethnic majorities, called "minorities" in the U.S. due to the finagling of limited demographical data, wandering the streets hurting and killing one another or starving, partly due to a lack of job skills marketable in the U.S., partly due to a genetic social character which does not blend well there until things are more changed, can be traced to the Fed and its cash-bloated legislators, and their desires, part pollyannaish and part greed, to neither permit nor create a climate of optional labor and compensation which could remedy this. Mountains upon mountains of expressly non-racist policy papers have discussed the school to prison pipeline and other similar topics regarding the social mandates of this age, and while it's not the fault of white people in Nebraska if black people in Baltimore shoot random people over social disagreements--which the desperate authors of these mountains of essays do not see nor want to see--the facts of the lifelong incarceration mandated upon that part of the misplaced world have been thoroughly documented. The disgusting vampires in American government, and their creators at the Fed, cannot be divorced from their Jewish aspect. And this Jewish aspect is so pronounced, so heritable, and so incredibly genetically disproportionate as to not only the American, but the entire world's population, that it is impossible to not notice it without having been conditioned not to notice it.

(It is popular nowadays for people to share "Lion eats man walking in the wilds"-type articles, and to continue to judge Mexican drunk drivers and African-American rapists by Europeoid standards, mocking the perpetrators as stupid and dangerous, but at some point, if you really believe science, you have to stop affecting shock at the lion when the lion eats the fat naked man filling his bottle at the watering hole, and instead transfer that shock to the idiot who was striding naked and alone and unarmed to that watering hole to fill his water bottle. Admittedly, perhaps those articles have to be shared and discussed to some degree now, when people don't believe in the differentiation of species, but one might hope for a higher intellectual level of analysis, where a discussion can be had which moves beyond how haha stupid and violent the lion is and how haha stupid and clueless the fat dude is. Discussing historical Jewish perspectives on immigration policy without regressing into "haha aren't lions violent" moments seems like a step in the right direction. Yes, of course lions are violent, and of course it helps Jews adjust societies in subtle ways when lions are permitted immigration, but for God's sake, who would be so stupid as to allow them to do it?)

Control of the mass media, and the influence of the mass media, is another such topic, where the small cabal of genetic cohorts acts much like the Fed, and any study of it free of the conditioning not to notice it leads to the same mandatory conclusions: that it is such an extreme overrepresentation, so consistent, and with such clear motives and means and opportunity, as well as eyewitnesses and proud confessions and threats, that the discussion of such issues boils down to effectiveness of conditioning versus degree of freedom from conditioning, not the facts available to either side, for there are only acts of willfully blind faith and exhortations that we must join the warmth of ignorance together, not anything else, for those who would prefer to believe that there are no self-interested organisms who could possibly be that clever.

Many Europeans and Americans have been able to realize that central banks and mass media are the linchpin of the entire deadly operations, responsible for every single thing they don't like: taxes at all; taxes being misdirected; terrible politicians; brutal warfare; decaying societies and cities; dismissal to misery and death of people "without skills" or with too much dignity to prostitute themselves for life...yet, the ability to draw the rather simple connections behind the central banks and mass media is all but impossible. And this one is not suggesting that a horde of beings in the process of extinction, or a majority of them, or a large and committed enough minority that could force an end to the confusion of an otherwise-complacent majority, is capable of fixing anything. In the early 1900s, people were warning that it was going to be too late if something wasn't done now; that if they weren't careful, Bernard Baruch and his friends were going to win, and it would all be downhill and hopeless after that. And with all due respect to those forebears, they were right. That battle is already lost. The "liberals," if you want to call them that, have had their bacchanal through the societies that were built, and now not just buttfucking, but buttfucking in public, is a vital human right, you can't get together with a bunch of neighbors and establish standards, and it's already long lost. The writers in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century were right, with accurate predictions, about what today would look like, and it's painful to realize but they were so right about that (this) that maybe they were also right about there being no more hope of regeneration if this happened.

God, I feel so bad for you. I want to end on a high note like "Oh if we just seize control of a local credit union movement we can gradually..." but there's just no way. The trillions are already counted and anyone who gets to be too big of a speck to accomplish anything will be crushed. Whether or not the Sino-Jews intervene in a future conflict between mestizo America and the caliphate of the U.S.E. remains to be seen (my money's on the mestizos, especially if it lasts longer than a month), but one thing is clear: whoever wins, what will be left won't be like what was here a hundred years ago or what was dreamed of yesterday, that's to be sure.

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