Saturday, April 28, 2018

Still Lingering

Part of the crushing burden of being a "race realist" is the realism of having lost and being among the dying scraps of a defeated race.

We know the Congoids are dumber. That's easy to quantify. Five hundred years ago, now, and five hundred years from now, the negroes had and will still have crappy test scores, and their inventors will all be George Washington Carver, and they'll still only have cool-sounding jobs if they're there just for being of a darker persuasion, and a few whitish half-breeds will sort of achieve things in a definitely sort-of way and then be retroactively claimed by black history to represent African intelligence and looks and so forth. That is, was, and will be a given.

Fine enough, but do the same for Europeoids, and it's not so flattering anymore. The same truisms that universalists hate when applied to Congoids or part-Congoids do not make Europeoids look good. The ability to sculpt statues but not to control them; the ability to forge settlements and civilizations and technology and language but not to protect them; whatever snippets of the future survive belong to the Jew, and all that went into their creation will be defined by the Jew, who may well teach his children that they invented the violin, and who, through his control of history, will be validated in every eventuality by sources that appear then to be objective. No one then extant will say or believe otherwise. Indeed, after Judaism 2.0 took Europe, we of the now lost the perspectives that may have existed, and came to identify our history with the conquerors and their pet traitors. Resistance has been sodomized not only into acceptance but a screaming sexual embrace, and it is such kinky whispers when you try to pretend that their very own paladin of poison is leading you against them. Like a Congoid unable to understand how an ARM can change your financial planning in drastic ways, you forgot, if you ever even knew, how these cruel games work. Really, it's embarrassing sitting you down with a calculator and the back of last month's giant paper calendar and trying to explain why the destruction of X cultural aspects can lead to Y reduction in fighting efficiency, you just don't understand the numbers and you are not smart enough to play this game.

Without the electronic barrage of now, physical evidence was able to summon the barest traces of existence of something else--different models of Christianity as well as predecessor paganism--but with history electronicized, it will be quite possible in this phase of the conquest to be sure that no one ever knows nor remembers the resistance now, ergo all such resistance will vanish so thoroughly that any spawn of this time will never know what the process was like. The actions of the media, which we now may consider shameless, will be later memorable only in the way in which they wish to be remembered. Some of that applies to the last time, also, but there still existed enough physical evidence and cultural memory to remember, say, Yuletide and Ostara, whereas today, the electronic record can be established so perfectly that no such dissenting hints remain, even for the rare person who would bother to look.

The record of Europeoids having once conquered and dominated the world will similarly fall. In the same way that we now think Europeoids did that conquering, the who, why, what, et cetera, will change. For example, we now believe that, either subconscious or conscious racism caused the mass of commoners or of rulers to take over various other places, while we still have resource flows to recognize that it was mostly commoners dying at the orders of an inbred, Semitized nobility, transferring wealth to people who wasted it and leaving behind incredibly valuable infrastructure that would then decay once no one could or would maintain it. Colonialism was, actually, a vast wealth transfer from the first world to the third, bought at the cost of many lives on both sides, and where scarcely little, if any, land was actually cleared and transferred to new owners. With modern patterns of thought, we can still believe otherwise, but if we're interested in truth, records still remain to show that the majority of, say, negroes, were not only left alive, but had their medical conditions (and spiritual conditions, of course) addressed, all at the cost of sickened or violence-removed sub-classes of colonizers from among the sans culottes of the supposedly exploiting exploiters. In the future, electronic records control will make deception even more foolproof. Right now, for example, you can be a private person unaffiliated with a newspaper or government agency or anywhere else, and walk into a research library, and look through the microfiche and find out how many sailors and/or natives (for the latter, if any) were recorded as killed on any given colonial endeavor, and to whom the booty went, and who sponsored and controlled the expedition, and so forth; those records are slowly disappearing, replaced by books on how evil and un-diversity colonialism was, and in a few years, all the older records will be gone or replaced by ones that top scholars agree are more authoritative, and future people won't be able to prove anything about what colonialism really was; they'll only be able to prove how smart people then really are. Records may be adjusted to show it really was all diversity-heresy or whatever the next thing will be that motivated the behavior, and was a total benefit to the impoverished masses who actually stood before the Zulu, and it will become impossible to prove who really got paid or how.

Right now, we have evidence of Europeoids establishing settlements and garrisons all over the place, giving extensive inventions and their results to Congoids, among others, like slow cash wounds bleeding centuries of wealth and Rabbinical worship onto the non-inventing world; it is, indeed, sadly hilarious from a perspective of millennia to watch the societies in question think, both currently and retroactively, that they were dominating colonized places. And we still have this little window of being able to track how colonialism was expensive and harmful and designed by the tiny minority it was actually benefiting, but in the future, that will be addressed, and it will no longer be possible to guess by anything except speculation what was happening. Consider, e.g., the 2003 American invasion of Iraq. It could be re-portrayed, historically, as the heroic only path to save America from terrorist armies, or as America's expression of racism, and some subtle massaging of available data could make either of those two the only historically verifiable interpretations. Given Jewish control of Europeoid leaders since the imposition of social Christianity, our knowledge is only now speculation as regards a few fey folk hiding out from the occupiers in neglected forests. And imagine, all those rural white boys coming up with the idea to die in Iraq all by themselves in the early 2000s! History may prove it was so. All the details about lies about "WMD" and young people joining the military only for $3000 bonuses to help start an adult life in a climate where other employment had been destroyed, and about people blaming the war on the plutocrats and saying there should be other options for young people, and about 1.~ million Iraqis weren't worth killing for phantasmical links to the 9/11 attacks...all searchable on the internet today, but a generation from now, ten generations from now, it will be easy to construct a historical narrative, and more importantly, provide validating phony documentation, in which "Americans" wanted a war with "Iraq," and that quickly, an entirely false narrative will have been established where Jewish neoconservativism and/or Israel played absolutely no part whatsoever. Like the way that people in 2018 assume Hitler was an irrational fanatic, people far from now will be able to use evidence and learned perspectives then to prove that Americans in 2018 were simply irrational fanatics with no meaningful outside motivation to speak of.

More importantly from the Europeoid sense is that use of the same hilarious facts that prove that Congoids have lower IQ scores--that same data demonstrates that the Europeoid is a dying species, too beloved of the fantasy of being or having been in charge to face reality. Actual and relative numbers, and trends over time, and all the things that demonstrate Congoids are more violent and less intelligent, also demonstrate that sometime in the A.D. centuries, the Europeoid stopped even nominally thriving and started a decline that increases in speed every year, and, that as possibly the stupidest race on the planet, is generally unable to perceive its own pending extinction.

You might've been the best fighter in the resistance, but you're not all powerful, and the kingdom has long ago fallen, so low that even pretenses of fealty to the rulers of old have been abandoned in favor of open mockery or an ignorance so deep you can't remember it's ignorance. The Europeoid's time for congratulating himself for achievements past is past, and it is, instead, time to wake up to the prison camp available to the last few tatters that still linger in this mocking, hateful, stupid now. All those things--empty consumerism, reality television president, fine universities talking about how much you suck--are the prison talent show, and they're so evil and sucky because they're happening now, in this place, in the context of dragging a spent corpse through the stadium to the cheers of idiots, some of whose turn is next. The highest tower of the highest keep was occupied long ago, and it's only now a question not of who controls all the keeps, but of how mocking the annual address will be or if any one of us even remains to hear it. And they could take that away, too, if they wanted. It is long past time of fantasizing that if we possessed our full mental faculties we would have the strength to retake lost fortresses, for they control so many of the outsiders that even if we did retake our homelands, we could not repel the invasions from beyond. And so it is much like the death of the third reich, where, even if we could somehow retake our own government and military, the entire rest of the world would gang up on us and bring us back to obedience and our children would be taught some imaginary lynching story so they'd slap themselves at the prospect of ever being a people again.

This is not the nascent resistance movement. This is not the story about how you realize the truth and foment rebellion and drive the aliens out of this system. It is the prison-camp movie where no one escapes, where almost everyone would sell you out for extra rations next week, and no one can stand watching long enough for the emotional conclusion of the deathbed confession of everything you've ever been, because it's all too repetitive. The commandant is laughing and his eyes are glaciers and he is also the chief psychiatrist and no one cares about this inappropriate mix of duties because you are dog shit and your time has passed. Didja hear, Sparky, that I was once really big time on the outside? Yeah I seriously was. I invented the flying machine and the machine gun. But you know he doesn't care because that was all in the past anyway. Who do you think you're fooling, who do you think cares, that you're smarter than a Congoid? Like it even matters anyway.

I suppose it makes sense to have those kinds of misplaced priorities when there's nothing else to hope for and nothing left to be proud of. Even the traces you can remember are corrupted, on this day we welcome an omnipotent rabbi into the world and for some reason there are fir trees happy birthday.

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