Tuesday, April 10, 2018

This Overpowering Racism

What a troubling illusion, this, where the spellbound pink-skinned idiots have followed the most racially discriminatory of all groups into a maze where they cut out their own eyes to avoid witnessing the sin of being inside a maze. The racism of most Europeoids ("whites"?) is as quixotic as it is venerable, having seated itself so fully in the species that it is almost the most characteristic feature of the world which screams that it has no character. We might, in paid-attendance-at-a-convention style, characterize this as "be like me racism," which, if not for the insulting necessities of the implied conclusions enabling one to understand what it means, be a popular stylistic retelling of some imaginary 19th century racism.

The Europeoid seems obsessed with the idea that everyone else can be like him; indeed, that everyone else is secretly like him inside, as though every other human group is a Europeoid at heart and should, nay, must, express this in a trackable way. It is this slovenly desire, perhaps once recognized as inchoate by the authors of the Torah, which made the Europeoid most useful, perhaps in the manner of the only possible tool that could be utilized, in creating the hellish now where to be joyful means to not have to participate in what is normal behavior. So glad when you don't have to work, so happy when you don't have to go through forcible education again; so satisfied when this is your day off; so satisfied when you're out of the rat race don't have to do that anymore don't have to keep going to her boring parties searching for "the right person" any of that bullshit you know it's so fake anyway. And yet, in our constant search to not do our own things, we are violently offended at the thought that others cannot, or will not, pursue these same opportunities. It's such a goddamn relief when the working day is done and girls just want to have fun and no not tonight I'm just going to get reacquainted with the TV, know what I mean, and watch skits of people doing and talking about normal stuff that I'm so glad not to be part of myself.

And this is triumph. It is so incredibly racist how people don't want to make Africa a place loaded with SSRIs and lifelong worry about finances. We've got this species that was having just a fine society, eating and reproducing and having wars and parties and sleeping until noon every day if it felt like it, and we must offload our burdens onto them because their inability to labor three extra hours a week to fund a team of men in suits to talk about optimizing educational policy is way better than three extra hours a week of just being with your friends and family free of worries. And that's really racism, when you think about it; desire to destroy environments and reshape them to be like what white people have created. There are some Asians who can see that and can willingly copy it, can go out of their way to copy it, to achieve it, bully for you, here's a pass for 1% of you to live reclining and the rest to labor from cradle to grave in the hopes that you might earn your own pass. You won't get some weird symptom and then die a few days later, oh no, you're privileged to know all the details and linger suffering in a building that smells like burning sanitary chemicals and death for 7 years, and only then, after everything you tried so hard to hoard is eaten up, can you finally punch out, it's called civilization baby.

That's the real crux of racism, the white failing; the white need for everyone to feel these same things too, everyone wants these things, I know you're jealous of me, now take out a mortgage and there is no such thing as a family farm it all belongs to the state pay up you don't want bandits, do you? Well pay up or we'll physically remove you and auction it all. You are privileged to live here, privileged that we allow you to rent a little space on this planet, and you love it so much you must bring every other species that can learn to imitate your guttural moans to join you in floating on this balloon of paradise.

Interesting, after all this distortion, to see the enhanced racism of liberals as to conservatives from 1918 to 2018. The conservative would say, "Let's just leave things like they are," and be called racist for not wanting to give all the terrible gifts of white society to everyone else, while the liberal takes it for granted that everyone else wants and needs those benefits; that what everyone else has is refuse and it has to be destroyed and replaced by white society. Which is really the more "racist" attitude. Decades of flaunting and coaxing have convinced sellout spokespeople from other regions and races that, on behalf of their people, non-whites should destroy all their old stuff and replace it with white stuff. The entire modern conception of (bad) racism is based around this awful, hateful, ignorant concept.

It's funny looking back and imagining what the world would be like if the original opponents to integrationism had adopted the term "anti-racist" to describe themselves and "racist" to describe the, well, racists, who wanted to mash the world together under a singular consumer-hell administration. They would still teach racism in schools, and they could more honestly call it that, and dissident news articles would talk about how racists tempted a carjacker and anti-racists wanted to give him and his friends a ticket back to Africa. It's like white people are so proud of their steamboats that they can't merely chug around in them intrinsically proud, but they have to import people to marvel at what they've done; like they're secretly nervous about whether or not their skyscrapers with central heating and air conditioning really are better than mud-brick huts without running water, so they want to force everyone to live in them, have been their inventors, et cetera, maybe it's just a way of trying to share responsibility for your own individual fuck-ups. Of course we all know that central heating is better than unventilated mud-brick, but maybe that's only because we're all victims of the same short-sightedness. It is a recurrent trait, an immensely deep arrogance, to look at the mud brick and declare it definitely worse than the skyscraper, and therefore these people need more economic opportunities so this is called a mortgage Mr. Jones.

There seems to be some degree of objective superiority in white culture which can be compared favorably to non-white, such that whites' centurial desire to force their culture on all other verbalizing species finds explanation. One might think that, for example, infant mortality rates or incidents of random violent crime within a society would seem to indicate objective superiority. But not so--those "objective" standards would be oh-so-arrogantly employing white presumptions. Posit 100 infant births, and some ancient "native" culture has 60 survivals and some modern "white" culture has 98 survivals. Seems like whites have won. But then, presume that, of the total crop of infants, the ancient nonwhite culture produces 57 adult individuals who die feeling existentially fulfilled, and the modern white culture produces zero such, or let's be overly generous and say 10. The majority of those healthy and successful white births result in adult individuals who primarily live and die feeling confused, afraid, like they haven't accomplished what they wanted, like they didn't know what it was all about, and secretly feeling that their offspring will come to know the same. The ratio of "good lives" is then in favor of nonwhites, numerically represented as 57:10, and this would apply even if the white survival rate raised to 100 out of 100 births and the "native" one dropped to 1 out of 100. Whites' views about their own objective success, which must be made available to all cultures and all peoples, are a cursed poison dragging down everyone else to the white level (or trying to).

How terrible it would be if whites wouldn't offer to raise those nonwhite survival rates and provide public housing, and the ability to (gasp!) vote in white-style elections for public leaders who might increase their allotment of impersonal electronic currency that could purchase them television subscriptions and superstore food to their hearts' content! Seriously, these are the things that white people worry about--a lack of access to "our" culture is such a waste of a life! And meanwhile, they ignorantly fetishize the culture of maybe 1/20 of adults randomly being attacked and killed by a lion and 4/20 going hungry during bad years, because the 15/20 who do make it have a culture and a people that result in enjoyable, fulfilling lives, as compared to the 19/20 (being way too generous) of whites who live and die in existential despair, trying desperately to convince themselves they believe in an all-powerful rabbi whose promise of "you'll finally understand all this shit and it will be worth it because we'll reward you somewhere you can't see" is the best thing they have to live for.

Maybe whites are right, and you might as well build skyscrapers and educated democracies and all that other shit, or maybe they're wrong and the human investment necessary to create and maintain such an edifice is something that the colored races decided not to do, and now whites are forcing the white choice onto everyone, so everyone can accept the consequences.

This compulsion to stupidly make everything like home makes Terran "whites" the perfect tool for the k'arash, the digestive agents of planets in this galaxy, leading to the question of if "the Jews" could've had any kind of impact whatsoever except if they could've clung to whites. All the stupid sweet nothings whispered in whites' ears can and have produced a global gulag which threatens to eventually absorb every species that can verbalize, whereas without the availability of the white option, a smooth-talking Jew could learn some tribe's dialect and rise to individual, but never global, prominence. Jews could not convince whites to bring the benefits of civilization to, say, panthera tigris, though God knows they'd love to make and sell the resulting porn on the internet, but to homo africanus, they can succeed in that task, and suddenly African "nation-states" are "in debt" to a world bank and whites are either furious that someone has exploited that nation, or outraged that anyone else could be so stupid as to think prosperity as we think of it would result, yet still, amazingly, proud of the ethnic group that invented so many cool things. When President Temporarius buys a fleet of 50 Mercedes autos instead of funding the orphanage job training center, they're surprised, though they wouldn't be when some tiger dressed up like a president spends the whole budget on cuts of meat that he can't even finish gorging on before they rot, because, duh, he's a fricking tiger. Stupidity, yes, but not quite as embarrassing, as subtle, as the people who say, "Well yeah, some idiots thought they'd make a tiger play citizen but one of my kind once invented the suspension bridge so you know we're smart."

"Liberal" racism is certainly a longstanding, embarrassing tragedy. One wonders if, hundreds of years after these hundreds of years of it, its survivors might admit that it was racist to expect everyone else to be like whites, to dismiss as "under" developed the habitats of people who didn't develop much in the way of what whites would consider architecture, or to fight this racism with 1/1000 the ferocity that they fought the idea that everyone wasn't like whites. But a new embarrassment raises its slimy head now in the form of the "alt right," where people try to explain that, despite the utter takeover of the planet by Jews while whites were constantly being warned about it, the slaves who still remain are nonetheless smart and wise and will reclaim whatever mastery they tell themselves they once had.

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