Monday, May 7, 2018


Part of the arsenal which the k'arash (on Terra, "Jews") have used against the nations it has successfully conquered is those nations' own people and traditions. For example, if we're going to conquer pagan Europe, we might make our holidays match pre-existing holidays, and then claim that "tradition" has something to do with revering a Rabbi's birthday, even though the tradition being aped/stolen is actually about a festival about some other god at its marketing-est, or a winter stock stress relief festival at its core. The novelization of the festival is initially understood as a way to cheerfully play at mythology without actually believing that Odin, say, gives a shit about you having a feast during that particular 24-hour span. When the novelization becomes seconded, it has gone further, such that many more people come to believe in a non-tongue-in-cheek way that the winter stores festival is about an embodied rabbi actually being happy, somewhere out there in spacetime, that people are actually celebrating his birthday based on the international date line as it exists in the 21st century. Aptly, this transition between holiday types is similar to the way you talk about Santa Claus around children versus the point at which you're forty and personally believe in Santa Claus and try to convince others of that fact when no children are listening. The former may be healthy and good, the latter not so, though post-conquest Europe has dwelt in that phase of development.

There are many reasons why this technique has particular effectiveness, in large part because of the generic gullibility of utterly stupid and sentiment-hungry Europeoids, but for this discussion, we'll consider more the ways that the bandwagon approach is useful. Specifically, once the next village over is, or is reputed to be, celebrating the new winter holiday, and everyone is or is reputed to be filled with warm sentiments and extra-nice behavior, that extra warmth perpetuates the holiday. Ergo even jaded atheists in 2018 America, by the millions, still have warm feelings for Christmas, and still go through all the Jesus' birthday rituals because they still like it and because everyone recognizes it. And as many a pagan hoper has discovered, people can't fabricate out of scratch those feelings for Yuletide; even people who understand that Yuletide was actually an older and longer-lasting tradition, an organic tradition, a tradition not based on really filthy lies, that the Rabbi of the New Testament was actually (according to his own best propaganda) born in late Spring, and so forth. Even a minor popularity and an older tradition and a truer tradition are ineffectual; once the right cascade of Roman-influenced morons had established a new ritual, it could spread and stick, consequences literally be damned. And we've certainly seen, over the past couple thousand years, how that has turned out for Europe, and in a few thousand years more we may see how the deeper cultural changes can be an infection that survives even the body's first rally to a defense (e.g., if Europe doesn't become a caliphate the underlying salts sown by Christianity will still affect it the way they're supposed to; the way they have to, the way they were designed to by a bunch of serious professionals who were and are smart enough to manipulate the sentiment-starved Europeoid mass).

And we can see a repeat of this effect, now, in not only western elections and sports, but other televised crap, where the reach of stupidity has magnified and potentized exponentially, increasing pursuant to all the ways in which "hey you should worship this Rabbi from Arabia, everyone's doing it and it's great, besides if you don't these soldiers will kill you" worked so well on the scum that betrayed all its kin and principles to survive Judaism 2.0. Ergo television. Owned by the k'arash, serving them since they bought their first systems (they know what all this shit is in essential form, but god bless 'em they can't redo it on every planet they visit, no matter how many times they see it, and anyway it's more effective if they adopt and adapt a localized version than suddenly appear to invent something new and alien, yuk yuk), it gains power as it spreads, becoming more deadening to everything here good. Even the most extreme teevee-news-requiring Atlantic-reading "liberals" sort of realize, through witnessing prole-programming, and perhaps to a k'arash-blind perspective, learning about some subsidiary level of creators, that this is a bad thing; it still persists, this now-historical truth that watching it leads to stupidity and antisocial behavior, and depending on the show or popularity, as contrasted with social attitudes, such as sports and being fat, the average person, even addled by modern culture, can tell there is a problem. And by now we have a generation or so of people realizing that it's endless crap and even though they keep gobbling it up while the older generation describes to them new ways in which it's crap, they have this background sense that staring at it all day or using it as a babysitter is at least privately shameful.

Not that this battle, such as it is, is being won; far from it. What we have almost always called, and only nowadays call, television is more powerful than ever. Whatever amazing things good people would come up with to utilize television technology in our service have been long raped and strangled by the dross that we're all probably familiar with now; familiar, perhaps, to such an extent that we cannot imagine using the medium for something better. And plenty of this is the doing of gentiles; similar to what has become of social networks, stupidities were amply nourished at the start, but the willingness of ("gentiles") the Terran people to exploit that technology in the worst ways played a major part, perhaps surpassing the evil hopes of its noxious first-permitted exploiters. And maybe this is due to centuries of social conditioning, maybe not, but it is what it is, and prioritizing re-links to popular news sites is like making crack available; the k'arash did that, and it was a bad thing, but we're the ones who were willing to be part of liking and linking it ourselves. So too with the bad aspects of television, which is and has been most of them for quite some time.

Part of the brilliance of getting all these programs to work is that people always want to do what a lot of other people are doing, so if you can convince a lot of the goyim, you've essentially convinced all the goyim. And you can convince a lot of the total world goyim by just convincing a majority in one small area, using that example to get another area, and so on like dominoes until everyone's buying their cousin's kid The Amazing Magical Goblet of Fire. This works similarly in the "own a nightclub" way, or many other types of business, where goyim will gobble up crap just because other goyim are doing it. Not because they like the crap, but because they like doing what a lot of others are doing (or what they think a lot of others are doing). There are many parallels to popular entertainment in this case, from Potter to the radio payola, and they all work even if people know about them, because the crumpled survivors of Europe need that sense of society so bad they can taste it. This need for popularity, real or perceived, fosters a defense to users, where in any critique about use, about patronizing things they know inside they don't actually like, they can say, "All the other goyim are doing it!" or "It's really ABOUT goyim, see?" And it works, and goyim are actually the group who patronizes Jewish content the most. Visit the Holocaust™ museum? Mostly goyim attendees. African American science museum? Mostly White goyim. And who knows, maybe while fluffing usage numbers, all the goyim think,"I'm doing an analysis of the enemy's work!" And when you participate, you make their numbers, including the fiscal ones about ad revenue, go up, so you can be proud of helping Jews make money while you're eating expensive crap with other goyim while simultaneously spreading their message and encouraging still more goyim to give up and consume already. So people do, and will, help kill their people even while thinking, or hoping, that their "resistance via support" will work out the way they pretend they want it to. It's not just people aware of the JP who do this, but antiwar or antifinance liberals supporting smirking-skullface Hillary or anti-globalists supporting game show FIRE Trump as "the best possible choice," pretending that advancing the enemy's cause is somehow actually helping their resistance. Sad as well as funny to think that, in the end, most evil empires are created and staffed by people who think they're against that very empire. Even sadder, even funnier, is the thought that those evil empires would not, could not, exist if not for all the people who hate them yet embody them. Western elections, or modern television entertainment, are tragically and humorously the same: carried out by people who mostly hate them and want something better, yet who create and support what is there, thereby strangling in their cribs a thousand alternatives, because of what they perceive as a need for those hated trinkets.

A similarity between alcohol and dead holidays is quite apt. Once they control a society, every aspect of that society can be converted to a for-profit Jewish venture, and how wrong other goyim will think you are for not strengthening that venture. For food, there's certainly a "has to be done" requirement, but not for "visual entertainment." It's certainly terrible, and a great loss, what they've done to a century of art, but I can't see how gobbling it up can possibly be a part of ending or improving it.

This is clearly a situation where the "lie down and accept it" perspective will win out. Goyim will keep consuming this stuff, and if for a few years of their lives they believe they are "JQ" aware, those users can validate the cultural assassins while telling themselves, "I'm connecting with other goyim and analyzing the enemy's plans!" And therefore, using and popularizing the Talmudvision is actually somehow against the Talmudvision. These are the sicknesses that invite decease. Rot sets in at identifiable points, and that planetwide lack of what we might metaphorize as brain function is why they're here.

Crap TV and movies are, and have been for years, based on this premise, and it has made countless billions of dollars for Jews. Even a majority of goyim, people who'd never become aware of the JP, will consume crap by telling themselves, "Well, everybody else is doing it" or "Gotta watch/read/attend SOME-thing" so it pays off at every level of Jewish awareness through the same rationalizations.

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