Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Ending His Reign of Terror

Not for ourselves, but positing the existence of the Jewish (or "Christian" or "Islam" derivations thereof) God, a death sentence is the only apt prescription. Whatever trifling misfortunes we experience unaddressed, unredressed, unavenged, are nothing compared to what has already happened, or will happen, in His shithouse of horrors.

Take yourself out of the real world, where light develops in complexity through a process of refinement that in large part operates as experimentation to produce more complex forms, and place yourself into the Jewish myth of the -300s B.C., or the Jewish/Europeoid/Turkish one of the 300s A.D. or the Jewish/Arab one of 500-600 A.D. and imagine a reality where, in some way, a genocidal Jewish God, or a surrendering European one led by a wise Rabbi, or a horny Arab one who was primped by a mysteriously light skinned person from the north who claimed he was an Arab and killed anyone who disagreed and liked diddling underage Arab girls, was all powerful and created all reality as described in the Torah and then governed it as described in a successor thereto. Imagine that's real. The exclusively Jewish one is the easiest, because it confesses to be the enemy and delighted murderer of all non-Jews and any Jews who turn aside from the goal of Jewish genetic domination, and the ideal proper course of action for any non-Jew contemplating this God is obvious.

With much better marketed Gods, such as the beguiling plagiarized seducers of Europe and Arabia, the contemplation becomes more difficult, because He was donating money to the orphanage on Brown Street before He went over to Green Street and barred the doors and lit all those fires. So He can be presented well. Let's use that God, those realities, to discuss this issue.

The disguised Jewish God, who provided niceness in return for earning His favor, has a number of core metaphysical problems that should make His destruction deemed necessary. His ability to create perfection, and His choice not to create it, but instead to create a festering sinhole and put people into it, and knowingly create both people for whom His favor shall be earned, and for whom His favor shall not be earned, is inherently problematic, and speaks to His inherently terrible nature. But it is more complex than that.

Three year old kid. Just beginning to conceive of being alive and loving its parents and its home and the nice lady across the way and having a social role someday (a "job") that will bring it survival and rewards for working for others. And it gets leukemia and suffers terribly for X years and knows that everything will be hopeless and destroyed and it will always be a burden and a drawback to everyone it loves and to human existence itself and then it finally dies after seeing its guardians and lots of its people's society fighting to put off its death a little longer. This is an evil god. For that one act, He is the worst thing in all envisioned creation. There is no way to believe in Him and not exonerate Him for His shit reality and the terrible place it is. His theoretical ability to make a reality a thousand times, an infinity times, better cannot save Him. Nor His habit of creating that youthful leukemia scenario, say, a hundred thousand times or claiming He couldn't have that soul join Him to play the harp in heaven unless He did it that way or that a timeless being couldn't give the kid at least 62 years before claiming it. Or just a kid run over by a truck, or just liver cancer instead, or just some heart problem that's supposedly rare and no one cares to hear about.

That is an evil thing. That's a problem with associating any kind of deity with this world; it makes it, and has always made it, necessarily evil. Any purported explanation of this verse we find ourselves in which assumes some kind of omnipotent consciousness associated therewith tars the said consciousness with responsibility for all that happens here, from beginning to end. An omnipotent being who isn't also our creator and just decides "Stay away, let them do whatever" might not be particularly selfless, but can't be said to be responsible for this wreck, while one who is our creator bears responsibility for this. We've continually tried to resolve this paradox in a number of ways:

1) Claiming that our rewards later will be so great it's worth the suffering now.

2) Claiming that the experience of suffering here helps us grow better in ways we wouldn't otherwise.

...and that's really it. The problem is omnipotence; an omnipotent God could, of course, create everyone at max levels of goodness or understanding, and it would take a cruel god to have all those good things develop through suffering rather than His work. Is losing your infant to a careless driver on the way home from the hospital better than something He could do; is spending 4 years writhing from cervical cancer better than Him auto-teaching you beforehand all the things you need to know? Because He could, you know; omnipotence is, well, omnipotence.

Similarly, couldn't He teach you to appreciate cool breezes, choir concerts, or endless consecutive orgasms from a well operating frame without first having you experience the opposite? The ability of omnipotence gives rise to endless troubles, including our theoretical inability to understand why the infant with leukemia might not actually be a better way to do it. But how could a truly omnipotent God not make it happen just by Willing it?

The omnipotent God clearly could. That is omnipotence. So what is happening must be by His Will, therefore, if any such God exists, He is capricious as well as, more importantly, evil, because He uses His omnipotence to torture people in amazing, varied, and creative ways, rather than creating a paradise of countless trillions of souls right now, where everyone is perfectly suited for and perfectly deserving of that paradise. The idea that torturing us "tests" us or "perfects" us (or simply "betters" like they often do here) is similarly flawed, because an omnipotent being would be able to create that same perfection or improvement from the start, built into the human design, rather than requiring time-consuming, suffering-heavy tests in order to achieve the same result. The philosophies of people who conceived of characteristics of an all-powerful God were sloppy in their speculation, and quite anthropomorphic in ways they're not often thought of being, for it is so seventeenth century, if you will, to imagine an omnipotent God as a mere craftsman who has to put His stuff through various tests and trials to make it better. Is He so dumb He couldn't do it right the first time? Shudder at the heresy, oh ye of little faith.

It is extremely sad, not only because of leukemia-child and the many similar millions like it, including "killed by barbarian while father gone on hunt", but because there are endless millions of people with Stockholm Syndrome for various imaginary captors, who are reputed all-powerful but still in need of using juvenile leukemia to achieve their ends, like anything with total universal power could be exempted from knowing that's not the complete best way to do things. And it's sadder than extremely sad to see that exist on yet another planet, because to believe that, you have to forestall your ability to conceive of so many things--omnipotence, pleasure, pain, eternity, good, bad. I remember showing up here and everything seemed cool for a while and then figuring out He was here, too, and then realizing it was happening again, oh yeah, more k'arash, you wanted to be a scholar didn't you? So anyway, the collective capacity for even sub-rational thought around here is embarrassing, to have participated in this, where you can't instantly see the deadfall trap built into the lie of total divine power. If we all lived in a perfect joy-garden and spent some time speculating about what all-powerful but rather drab-minded creature had put us there, the question would make sense, but omnipotence is really sticking out here as rank. The Jewish Gods we worship here are the superlative evil; the definitive evil; the indicia-of-rotting-planet evil. In a way, Terrans' acceptance of the Jewish-derived religions could demonstrate their inability to keep growing or thriving, rather like a failed test or sufficiently bad scores indicating that the place must be removed. A sane citizenry would not include so many people who believed in this crap, especially after witnessing the creation and failure to market-test well of prior versions, whereas the negative prognosis for swallowing it and asking for more is clear evidence that this shouldn't go on.

I like the theory that God is, as He must be if extant, not totally evil, but impartially cruel, and a great believer in heroism and craftiness. And so He creates this void of terrible suffering and puts a bunch of souls in it and sees how long it takes for them to build spaceships and fly above the universe and kill Him for the unspeakable crimes that He has committed, and then, only then, does He know that a few people, at least, have the intelligence and wherewithal to challenge the shit He put them through. Everyone else who worshiped Him is a shameful, laughable joke, and then He reveals His true self and invites His would-be killers to come to some Nordic paradise where they're constantly honorable and little kids don't get leukemia, no one does, and it at least makes sense, finally, He was trying to see how long it would take a species to try for the revenge they truly deserved.

And I like the angelfall theory, too, where angels rebelled against God for being a controlling hyper asshole and so He made them live again as humans and gave them each a chance to worship Him and follow His rules beyond reason and once they died He either tortured them forever or let them back into paradise because they'd proved their inherent quality as sufficiently ass-loving ass-kissers and so it was okay to stop torturing some of them.

Now, however amusing these little tales may be, they each suffer from the "God is an asshole" problem as well as the "God is not omniscient" problem. And since the Judeo-Arabian god Allah is sort of designed as an asshole who doesn't care anyway, it would take a lot more intelligence and compassion to begin conceiving of Him as having any real problems, and until then, He's just some dude who kicks asses and takes names and there isn't any inherent problem with the theory, and in that, Judaism really wins because it satisfied low expectations for a people who wouldn't have it any other way and, numerically, that's been working out great, maybe better than any other project.

I like the theory that soul essence was distributed by an evil, lonely God at the beginning of creation, and that He wants it all back, and that it's a decision we must all make at some point, whether we'll cease existing and refund everything we've been given, or whether we'll recognize that He is an insane jerk and resist Him, and thereby win our existences without His nasty touch. And I like the thought that maybe apparent people who are here and say give up and let Him have it back are merely sick and tormented or better, whether they're lesser tools, human dopplegangers created by Him later just to influence us and make His struggle to get back His coveted soul-essence easier.

A mildly deficient, thoroughly retarded, dead, insane, or evil by any standard we can contemplate God could have been the creator of this place, and if not very bright or foresighted, could have been responsible for the actuality and equivalence of leukemia-infants ("LIs"). The only kind of omniscient, omnipotent one that comports with this reality, though, is an evil one, ergo LI and its legions of trillions of the unfairly treated and also thoroughly young. Not just literarily evil for effect, but totally evil in every way in which we can contemplate; evil in the "tortures children for no discernible purpose" way; as evil as we can imagine. We can even use his own priests to make it sexual, like, "Rapes a four-year-old boy and threatens to hurt the victim if he tells his parents." The status of "priest" is in this case irrelevant, because the omnipotent God built however many hundred thousand or million such cases into His reality, thus far. These are things that occur whether or not all parishioners and/or fellow citizens are the Good Samaritan, thereby the omnipotence and omniscience destroys that idiot God's excuse that He just didn't know or that he couldn't save that victim. His delight in torturing adults or older children would be sick and wrong and evil too, but the fact the leukemia child does and can exist means that if LI exists, God must Himself be evil.

(God, that God is such a banker. Like it would be okay to create a single LI in exchange for 20 trillion slightly happier sinless adults. They really can't understand "priceless." Or, for that matter, "unforgivable.")

Evil as we lesser minds define it, of course. If we're not committed in the slightest to our moral principles, we may excuse the evil God by saying it was necessary for Him to create Xx hundred thousand LIs, because otherwise Heaven wouldn't be quite as nice. More likely than the evil God creating people whose most basic elements of mindset would judge poorly His use of cruel morality as a single-use testing ground for worshiping Him, though, is a God who wants to truly test the morals of His created playthings, and has created this edifice and these ideas so that a truly independent, heroic people would try to put an end to His reign of terror. As this one said before, posit a spaceship that can go beyond the dimensionality of this universe, and kill the evil thing He is, proving that we're good enough to stop living in this Hell. It's a tough charge, but if He wanted to make something good, then pretending He wants to be worshiped if you don't revere His creation of LIs, that's really a good acid test to find out which ones are worth keeping, rather than ones which'll just kiss His ass in exchange for immortality while worshiping Him for creating LIs. Who is more selfish and who is more giving: the people willing to cheer His endless stream of LIs stretching into the future, or the people willing to risk His displeasure to stop it? This model works with a god who's really powerful but not omnipotent, and is at least plausible, in the sense that if you're extremely long-lived but not immortal, and want to ensure good and responsible conscious beings take over someday instead of leaving reality in the hands of pro-LI suck-ups, the ones who'd act to end your tyranny might be the only kind worth providing any continuation for, whereas the willingness to revere horrible behavior would let you know which ones didn't come out right and should be utterly destroyed before they have a chance to influence a worse reality with their mangled, horrible version of compassion. A god who knew He didn't have forever and wanted to leave reality in the hands of only the good might well provide for an existential test each time to see who was worth being part of the next phase of creation, while knowing exactly who was accepting and revering enough of evil to be purged. And the kid-diddling habits of the imams and priests of the world support this hypothesis. So even not having been anywhere else, and only remembering this planet, you've created a rather compelling existential narrative, which you can almost certainly verify yourself by attending some third-tier nursing school and touring the LI wards for a good perspective on God's works.

The verdict was long ago, long before the first ten thousand LIs, in on a potential God. God must either be:

1) Totally evil yet still all-powerful;

2) Totally evil yet not all-powerful;

3) Somewhat good, but all powerful, and dangerously stupid;

4) Somewhat good, but not all powerful;

5) Random to us, but indescipherably possessing some character which is so alien to us as to be, for any and all of our purposes, evil.

Consider (1). Because this God creates LIs in huge numbers (and leukemia toddlers and leukemia preteens and leukemia old men who just don't deserve it even if they're less visually appealing/appalling victims), God is evil. In the purest totality of our souls, we can recognize that the creation and/or population of this world is a vile, disgusting, evil act, as is the failure to employ omnipotence to rescue people from it a second after, or any number of years after, it is created. This is why modern Jews, Christians, and Muslims of any kind are worshiping a sadistic murdering tyrant with a foul interest even in his most faithful, e.g. Job.

Jews have an excuse with their version of this God. Although He certainly torments them, though less so than other peoples, perhaps He does it under the rubric of necessary preparation for becoming His lesser embodiments of the amazing genome with which they've been charged. He really is making them better by living here, in the sense of "better" being "more able to cruelly dominate and defeat others not possessed of the sacred chosen genome." Muslims and Christians do not have this awful save, but Jews do, and under the unaugmented Torah, their religion is disgusting and evil as to gentiles, but at least internally coherent.

Consider now (2). God is totally evil, so He creates and populates a broken shit-world where things like LIs can happen, but He doesn't take a personal delight in carrying out each one, since He's not all-powerful, and has to rely for His kicks upon the existential rubric He created long ago. This is still a dangerous, evil entity out there, with whom we should deal someday if we can, but while He can be charged with negligence for each LI, He can't be charged with first-degree evil in each case.

Consider (3), the retarded God, perhaps the most compelling of the possibilities. Whereas all other presumptions of an omnipotent deity require the full acceptance of responsibilities for disgusting and comprehensively evil traits on the part of God, this one presumes He is too stupid to know what He is doing, like a retarded child who keeps riding his bike over pet turtles he has acquired, but without the capacity for understanding their pain or deaths. This is an internally consistent God, and could explain His erratic character changes in the Bible (actually caused by combining the work of different authors with imperfect editing on the overall propaganda), where He leads people on and then kills them or rewards them seemingly at random.

A stupid God would at least be internally consistent. All of the LIs, little murder victims, and people stubbing their toes at really the wrong time could be the explicable work of someone trying His very best to create some sort of test for deservedness for paradise, and if God were an idiot, His inability to conceive of a better way to do things with total power would make sense--He wouldn't even know to make Himself more intelligent, given that He wouldn't perceive any problems or anything better He could do.

Indeed, the stupid God seems to be the only way to save the omnipotent deity theory from a simpleton or highly intelligent human's supposition that if there were an all-powerful God, He must be the most evil thing imaginable.

For number (4), a less-stupid God may also be possible under this rubric. Not hilariously stupid, though dangerously so, the God who sort of understands things but can only imagine the "reality as testing" way of hashing things out, rather than the "create perfect things" way, is at least internally consistent. His creations can imagine a lot of better ways, and He makes lots of LIs, but He's so stupid--rather the perfect Christian--that He thinks the poignancy of the LIs' suffering makes the whole picture of the testing-world, and the Heaven reward itself, better. Like the really stupid God, the really dangerously stupid but not quite as stupid "well meaning test" God is internally plausible, explaining why there can be LIs and omnipotence without an evil creator. God-believers will no doubt be offended by the notion that their deity is not really smart, but facing the choice between "intentionally creates LIs" and "sort of well meaning, lets LIs happen but doesn't fully understand the context of it all" at least offers an out to not having to conclude that, logically the creator is evil. Lennie Small as God is awful, but easier to stomach than "God who makes little kids get leukemia before they can even use words other than 'Mama it hurts inside!'"

Getting off on torturing Job after he'd had a chance to grow up and learn about God and the whole cosmic soul-bargain was one thing; scathing the infants is quite different. Using LIs as an example of why God must be evil can seem, perhaps, inadequate, provided one is unfamiliar with the experiences through which a child with terminal cancer, a human being with terminal cancer, any conscious being with terminal cancer, must pass, and how even getting served the best-ever ice cream sundae by your own devoted bikini-babe in Heaven afterwards is nice, it just can't cut it, not even remotely, and it's a disgustingly evil promise that a deity could make in an ignorant attempt to make the suffering, physical and mental, "worth it." Even the faith of believing, "At least it'll get better once I suffer exceedingly for another six months and then finally leave my mourning family behind for another fifty years by dying," is a cheap and ignorant excuse, and even if the dumbest faithful manages to make it through that agreeing that it's okay (as opposed to Hell or Void), it was a situation created by an evil and cruel being, and having to be put through the ritual of making that decision, even if, in Heaven, all your ancestors are waiting with the bikini babe outside the best church service ever, does not look well as far as formerly faithful approaching it for the first time. We presumably will never know how many people tested their faith against these types of dilemmas near the ends of their lives and found it wanting, though when the priest tries so hard you don't want him to feel like a failure and he walks away thinking he really did some good; what he will do when he realizes how intense the pain can be, and that it's not just the feeling of the organs going out but the existential pain of the illusions not seeming so compelling any more, no one will know because it is just rude for him to, has he the strength to communicate coherently then, take away their pretty story just because he's having a bad day.

Will man ever try to kill god? It would be an interesting tale. Under Bang, people will just eventually decide there is no God other than Randomness, but they may better anthropomorphize a more appealing concept in the years ahead. And given the state of creation, sending the military to kill Him, or threaten Him to create a better reality or else, seems like a plausibly responsible governmental act, assuming that He would just make it fail if He were omnipotent. And there's always private spacefaring, too. Like, say, the eccentric billionaire in 2318 who's mad at God for killing his wife, and so who funds a private spacecraft filled with mercenaries to get out there and kill the bastard.

Humorously, sadly, the result would be a total waste, since they could drive from one end of the verse to another, and up and down and so forth, and easily spend centuries finding nothing before they finally came back to report to the financier "There's nothing out there." And maybe the one futuristic marine that everyone liked died fighting some alien race in an emotional side story that saved our planet but promises possibility for a sequel and maybe the team had some spiritual and/or poltergeist moments on the way that make them wonder if they found God in all their spirits or something unsatisfying like that. And after that failure, maybe they develop some inane machine that purports to transcend dimensionality, and then there are centuries of research on how to explore the dimension, and at some exotic future time, still no one's found God, ergo His reign of terror cannot be ended, and the serious scientist nobody liked at the beginning lectures them about how stupid they were for trying, and then a portal to hell opens up right there in the subcommittee room and the doubting scientist is sucked in and it gives us a clue how to find our way there and then a giant red Lucifer reveals he killed god long ago and haha you dumb fucks thought this was His creation He was going to have you all live in ecstasy and I gave little kids cancer all the time and you actually thought this was still His plan? Oh, I wish I'd left Him alive just so He could see how you all thought this was His idea nothing would hurt Him more, buwahaha!

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