Friday, May 18, 2018

Merely Potent

The merely potent god might be a lord worthy of serving. Posit a god who's not a or the creator, and who thus isn't responsible for all this, but who came up with some way of retaining souls in the best paradise he could throw together rather than letting them go to the rather earth-like hell otherwise waiting for them. And due to some formula we can't understand, his prohibitions against or mandates for certain things are somehow necessary to create his army, and maybe keeping that army in top shape per this rubric is the only way to keep hell's soccer moms and municipal board members from mobbing and tearing down the gilded fences of the one good place anywhere. This isn't available to any creator god or gods endowed with omnipotence, who are necessarily evil for having made this.

So, a more just, compelling tale, on the whole. God as rebel against Satan the Creator. That story could explain so much ridiculous theology, such as why God would create otherwise-perfect people who might be tempted by the most beautiful angel ever while suffering on Earth with nothing but faith to staunch the flow: because Satan is actually the one who set up this advantageous system, and only God can resist him through the attainment of top-quality souls. You can't pray for a loved one to enter Heaven because Satan is a jerk, and so forth. The traditional role of rebel angel, far more attractive than "decrepit sadist-creator," actually belongs to God and not the many literary Satans over the years, and Satan's evil sadistic test of requiring God to pass through his creation in mortal form in order to prove something by being torture-killed suddenly makes sense, and we can understand why God would be willing to do it, given that Satan is a known asshole and God's proving that he could endure all the shit without being tempted by any easy way out of it would make a big existential point to the evil creator.

It would be an example to all other beings divine and mortal, too, who could witness how God exceeded the parameters of the evil creator's test and was beyond them. This bonus is not available to the evil omnipotent creator god himself, who put himself through the phony test where he already knew what the result would be, but it is available to the rebel, merely potent but not omnipotent god who hopes to resist evil-creator by the force of his accumulation of good souls.

This version of the divine comedy is, like a paradise lost, indicative of the ways in which Europe's notions of a preferred religion morphed the cruel Jewish tale into a better, more thoughtful, and more humane creator-story. And we find that in all Christianity--the Jews' deceit about drowned millions and firestormed thousands and tortured rabbi-sons--the plot was always vulgar and disgusting and unwanted, but the nuance that Europeans added to the story over the years changed what was ultimately presented to the people, and ultimately remembered as the founding story. (This one can and does scorn Christianity, the plague from Judeo-Arabia imposed upon the mostly-vanished people of Europe, but within that horrible franchise, a lot of well-meaning goys, from relatively independent priests to novelists of the Milton or Dostoyevsky type, completely altered the way sheep thought about the relationship between god and man, producing a European offshoot of much higher quality, and, in a vacuum, almost of high quality itself. The Europeanized side stories are often okay, good tales, and it's terrible where they came from in both a historical and literary sense, and that Judaization of Europe should neither be forgotten nor condoned, yet the little snippets of ignorant side-artists can be celebrated for the proposed worldviews they offered to make the disgusting less disgusting. Yet, the original stockholders of the thing that had grown wholly beyond what it had originally pretended to be were still there, claiming credit for characters and situations that were far beyond anything they had even tried to create. It would be kind of like if Jews created some banal hero-character, gentile investigators into the character's past revealed a vulgar and not very well-thought-out dearth of essence, and gentile authors were ultimately paid by Jews to create something more thoughtful which could be attributed by publishers to the original Jewish liars/creators.

We saw that in Superman, of course, and with Professor X* and many of the X-men, but far more important is how it happened in Christianity, which we can witness at a somewhat delayed pace through the formal public perspectives of various popes of the Catholic Church. Jews came up with the idea of a firmament and punished any gentiles who questioned it, pressure grew, and eventually the pope doesn't argue that telescopes or space shuttles are lies anymore, he just acts like that never happened and keeps collecting donations in the name of truth.

(*Comicky side note: the relatively unknown comic character "Lucifer" put Professor X in a wheelchair, as described in the really early, more specifically Jewish-directed issues of X-men. It's cute how they always pretend that they hate Christianity, but how they love using those themes for their goy customers.

Anecdotal side note: this one was once talking with a Jewish woman about various junk, and for some reason, I foolishly brought up the Mashiach test. If you don't know it, that's the supposed test where someone proves they're the Mashiach, or Jewish savior, by doing three major things during his life, like get anointed with some oil and subjugate the whole world to the Jews and re-establish the Sanhedrin and kick some dude's ass in war, and there have been various debates about whose ass should be kicked and when, and whether or not courts had to be established in certain ways, and stuff like that. Anyway, there's been for years some debate, largely sparked by Christians who want to convert Jews, about whether or not Jesus had satisfied these requirements and was actually the Jewish Mashiach and should therefore be worshiped by all Jews, and I'd just read something about how Jesus really had kicked some historical guy's ass at the right time and how it might apply to Jewish perspectives on the Mashiach, so I asked the female if she thought that meant Jesus had really been the Mashiach, and her mood completely shifted, and she gave me that really incredibly patronizing smirk-smile that Jews do when people try to convert them to Christianity, like, "Oh, you actually ate that shit up?" where they understand that they created this ridiculous story and a lot of gentiles fell for it, and they condescend to you like they sold you and your friends mud pies and you're actually eating them and trying to get them to join you in a feast but no thank you that's not for me. Because, duh, it's a pie made of mud, and you're the dumbass who not only bought it but is eating it, and of course I will not be joining you. Anyway, it was particularly weird because I wasn't a Christian and wasn't trying to convert her, but asking the question made her assume I was, and I've seen Christian acquaintances try to convert Jews before with some clever argument about Jesus being a rabbi or how great compassion for all people was, and it was funny and sad that I got the exact same look from her in California that I've seen people get in Florida and the east coast from Jews for mentioning Christianity, and I really wasn't trying to convert her, okay, let's talk about something else instead. Really, some of them will eat the mud pies for a purpose, but for someone without that assignment they do not want to eat the mud pies.)

And this demonstrates a sad piece of the history of Arabia and of Europe, and of their shared history, namely that it couldn't have gone the way it did without these really wishful Euros, so desperate for a lie of an origin, were able to make that lie pretty, and thereby become part of the subjugation of many people to that lie. The same thing happened with Bang; an incredibly desperate, stupid, wishful goy tried to save the creator story to which he'd grown very attached by retconning in detail how it had happened--and his audience of billions took up the charge and developed the story further.

(The goy schmoozing with Einstein up there is Georges LemaƮtre, the Catholic priest/scientist who imagined Genesis as including a "Bang" of sudden creation that many other smart goys have devoted their lives to detailing.)

Because of publisher power, all of the cities and countrysides, and distribution networks in those cities and countrysides, and companies managing those presses, were owned by Jews, so while the Bible (as it has been edited from time to time) is the most-printed book on Earth, and Superman far more famous than whatever other nameless heroes were never printed, no one gave or gives a shit about the initially compelling narratives that were never permitted to reach an audience. A reverence for the virginal mother character, and a focus on the passion and its really contrived meaning, and notions of foregiveness and sacrifice, were all added by Europeans trying to make the otherwise boring, disgusting, and incredibly sick bible-story more edible, and in comic books and many other media, the initial emptiness of the worthless stories were suddenly shown in fresh perspective by people who could not have initially added that perspective themselves. Euro creativity had to become part of each of the voids to make them palatable stories, and for centuries thereafter. And therefore the question, "Why?"

(So much of "narrative structure" is based on the necessities this style imposed on the process of creating for profit. You open with action, with some superhero kicking ass with profound abilities, and then you delved into backstory, where a different set of authors contributes the reasoning behind that character's abilities. And the instant preference in action movies for that style, and its effects on viewers' expectations and our short attention span and inability to see the preceding scenes first, is all related to that, kind of like a drug you're born addicted to but wouldn't have chosen otherwise. You see that now even in long novels, where some action is supposed to happen first, not a slow thoughtful scene of some kind. C'mon, punch his head off already! The awesome CG and impossible feats we expect to see at the beginning of an action movie are a prerequisite to us being able to give a damn about a scene that just shows two people talking.)

Part of it may be a question of feasibility and acceptance. Jews, in the case of most or all of the comic characters, and certainly God or Jesus, created implausible crap, and it was an intellectual challenge for goy underlings to try to make the story "more plausible" while only changing canon when and where permitted. And it is a challenge, and an opportunity to develop yourself and your art, and have your work reach people, when you take something designated to be a product reaching a large audience, and say, "Make this better." Many, many gentile artists have been handed some successful "pitch" by Jewish producers--not just Christianity, but a thousand awful pilots and scripts and projects--and struggled to add interesting situational and character quirks that later made some really boring, pointless, insubstantial premise into an interesting tale. And not only in writing--we see that constantly, as when some of the world's best sculptors end up doing silicone backgrounds for some "children's magical boarding school" movie, and spend their lives sculpting that and King Kong's ass fat rather than something else, and of course you take the job for King Kong's ass fat in all the sequels because you wanna eat, right? Another victim of the realism of a dying world/society. The architecture of an increasingly democratic world speaks for itself.

The inability of Jews to create the compelling narratives that served them so well, and of their need for genuine European expressions of philosophical desire to create what worked, does not speak to some objectively inferior quality of the Jews themselves, e.g. the inability to recognize or appreciate or create new beauty (not to have the potential for that distraction is a material boon), but rather, to the inherent treachery and exploitability of the Europeoid himself, whose failure to recognize the power of creativity has doomed him. (Ask yourself the name of the person, and their identity as Jew or Gentile, who portrayed the world's finest and/or most well-known rendition of David. Nu Euros have been the whores of creation, with commensurate effects on creation itself, since they've spent thousands of years giving it away for free behind the tavern and it's no surprise the town's birth rates have dropped.)

Just like handing nuclear bombs and conventional cruise missiles and fighter jets to Israel, providing the Jews of the twentieth century with backstories for all of their boring, repetitive costumed heroes, and adding complexity and heart to the battle between Satan and Yahweh which wasn't really even there at all in the Torah, much less the complex and assumed interplay between sin and forgiveness that had to be read into the New Testament, gave these drab characters a flesh they would not have otherwise, and made them effective against so many other Nu Euros.

Nicea was like a primitive industry convention in this regard, where Jesus' backstory and tripartite nature could sort of be formalized so that later issues could stay linked, like when someone is going to be commissioned to do a Sabretooth (X-men) side series while someone else is going to that same month continue the main series' plotline with references to his and Logan's career before they became affiliated with the X-universe. It's like a flash-based puzzle game, to give Europeans some bullshit and challenge them to clean it up, especially when you own the results and you aren't so stupid as to make gospel, to personally believe in, the dreck they've created.

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