Friday, May 4, 2018

The Colossal Size of Lies

Just think of what they lie about now. Pictures of crematoriums not running at all, and of the lack of existence of enough crematoriums to begin with, will not be part of a symphony of lies combined with the doubts and misgivings of the people now, but are a foreshadowing of a masterpiece in oils, as of yet incomplete, of the perfect lie we will all live years from now. Think about what the media, "the allied media" or "the Iraq war media" or the "2018 sales event" media, has and had for a relationship with what we might objectively consider "truth," and remember how disgustingly, utterly craven and brazen they were, and realize that it will only grow more complex; their lies even more staggeringly untrue, like an anti-mestizo police state, or a wage gap, times a hundred, exactly like it's designed for people who are too dumb to look up reports and suspects and pay data themselves, but who mostly expect some journalist to describe to them reality. They will do worse, far worse, when they have changed all currency to virtual currency; to credits at the company store. Our fading conception of "property" now, where you have to pay "tax" to rent even land from the rentier governments, will continue to vanish, until it becomes obvious even to the very daft that no one owns anything but the real owners, who own everything and nothing at once.

So much of what we've discussed here, from evolution to various aspects of spirituality, won't really come out until later, when material evidence is totally absent, and when only through reason and speculation can truth hold any importance--because material is that way, and can be arranged in any way, and just like the various conundra of injustice often associated with being trapped here, any aspect of here can be shaped in any way, and learning not to "trust" it, to accept the potential or the mandate of something else, is part of this process. Right now, in early 2018, it is still possible to locate evidence with regard The Holocaust™ or randomized evolution, and to discover, in so doing, the power of the desire to believe in these things irrespective of tangible physical evidence; the desire to have a faith that matter can be rearranged to validate what to a sick person must be true, and an utter lack of concern, even personally, for what "was" "true." The Holocaust™, in less than a century, has been proud to display its refinement to the living, as stories about human-soap and electric slide delivery systems were heavily promoted, then victims of an attempted deletion, for which a few copies still remained accessible and a few onsite memories still existed; in this murky now, we're supposed to politely pretend to forget the details of those lies, but sufficient passage of time will smooth out the wrinkles in the story and future people may well be confronted with infallible physical proof, which we of now would later recognize as as genuine as Stalin's gas chambers, but which tomorrow's observer may have to see as real evidence of the veracity of the official story. Which is to say, the display, as of evidence, of elder "survivors" and their memories and testimony of them and their friends quixotically surviving the extermination camps for months or years on end while using the leisure facilities--I've seen a few of those myself, and the stories will be embellished and improved by the time kiddies fifty years later are listening to seniors talking about how Grandpa died--will become part of lies even more stupendous, more grandiose, than one of those special televised exposes of Saddam's secret chemical weapons stockpiles. Lacking time travel and honest observational teams, it would take the supposition of preposterously large attempts to deceive future generations to explain why things are the way that they then will be--and such suspicions will then be considered far more ridiculous than the mere pointing out what is now physically obvious is considered today. The idea that it is an outrage to question the way history is "supposed" to be is but foreshadowing of how wrong it will one day be considered to be to suggest that President Dubya wasn't such a lover of other people's children that he sent gobs of humanitarian aid to the most deserving nation ever. Depending on how they decide to spin the story, they may make Dubya the murderer out to be a confused but well-meaning Kennedy, or a heroic Churchill saving the world from Islamic terror, in either case suitable for a thoughtful, intelligent character piece in The Atlantic neurofeed of 2218, in neither case "true" nor essentially troubling to its loathsome creators.

What a luxury it is, really, to be alive and literate in 2018, compared to what it will be to be a standalone thinker in 2048 or 2118. Certainly there was always a ridiculous narrative in control of society from, let's say, the twentieth century on, but unlike stories that happened somewhere in Arabia, later narratives will include globetrotting retcons that can make it not just confusing, but impossible, to tell what really happened. Given the dishonor, audacity, and diligence involved in various historical hoaxes, we know that temerity will have no bounds, and that honesty and dignity will play no part. No example that I can come up with, even local news clips from a real TV station now, will be profoundly ridiculous enough to demonstrate what they will do once more memory has departed. Their jobs on the Lusitania, on Katyn Forest, on the U.S.S. Liberty, will be magnified exponentially for whatever it is next. It will be academic, which is to say prohibited, to question whether or not the 2112 Fed or the 1912 Fed is more antithetical to life on this planet. Ergo what they will start from in a few decades will be nothing compared to what they will start with a few decades after.

Consider side by side the jobs that Terran Jewish leaders did on the Christ story versus The Holocaust™ story. With Christ, they took literally hundreds of years after the said Rabbi existed in order to murder hundreds of thousands of people who remembered things differently, to take control of an empire then related to Europe, to hold Nicea, and to establish their basic official story of who Jesus had been, why an omnipotent God had to send Jesus to Earth to die, why Jesus should be worshiped for dying, et cetera.

(The Book of Judas, later decided to be heresy, was dropped, along with its perspective that Jesus told Judas to give Him away to the crucifiers in order that Jesus' necessary death would occur to save mankind, and if all the Jewish censorship hadn't failed due to the Dead Sea Scrolls remaining intact, you'd have to be smart enough to not believe in the resurrection's possibility or practicality to begin understanding that the story, like an unwanted honest coroner investigating one of Bill Clinton's dearly departed friends, was a fabrication with a purpose. People who needed the evidence of the Dead Sea Scrolls to question the lies about the Risen Rabbi were less intelligent than people who could question the truth of the Jesus story without that evidence.)

With The Holocaust™, though, there were of course a few people running around with their own stories of having been in camps that weren't built or rebuilt properly by Stalin, and people who had stories of roller-coaster death machines and having been tortured personally by various public figures known not to be within thousands of miles of the torture venue at the time based on British and American newspaper war-reporting that had already been printed and disseminated in the millions years ago and included lots and lots of eyewitnesses and stuff, and within a few decades, rather than centuries, everything had been smoothed out into transubstantiation and the other necessary equivalents of the narrative that endured. Instead of 300 years to Nicea, it was more a question of 3 years, or far less, to Nuremberg. The memories of individual humans are more efficiently adjusted now, and in my un-influential little life I've had the opportunity of watching people completely change their perspective and memory of facts in newsworthy events in far fewer years than centuries or decades, sometimes but not always depending on whatever popular opinion was later made to be.

And there lies our opening: in today's morass, we may certainly perceive lying, and we may try to roll kernels of unpleasant evidence demonstratively past another cage, but the personal dilemma--the more compelling, challenging, useful one--will ultimately be better served by the regime of speculation than by that of digging up snippets of truth that haven't yet been deleted. Posit an attempt to develop the muscles through exercises with assists--that is, ultimately, what it's like to figure things out with honest evidence, rather than reading individual or group character, or plot structure, alone. It is superficially ridiculous, for example, to think that honeybees and many species of flower developed their coordinated and mandatory relationship through random chance, and that should be something that can be figured out even without physical evidence of this unchecked cooperation beginning at some point far from now but about equally far from the creation of this planet. Having, then, a fossil record to use to show how stupid and erroneous the "random" theory is, is a cheat; an overly helpful spot; an unwarranted assistance. Similarly, the idea that an army desirous of taking over Europe or the world, would find it more rational to design expensive, entertainment-facility-including camps and a network of internationally traveling vehicles to slowly, expensively, incompletely gas civilian populations dead, rather than to shoot them where they are, is ludicrous, and reaching that conclusion without crematorium data is "more difficult" than reaching that conclusion with idle crematorium data, as today's comparatively remedial coursework permits. Living here is easy compared to those years when such data will no longer be available.

(This is certainly a trying period, and if Earth is swiftly digested, perhaps a better workout will not be available to anyone who could handle it, but viewing the comparative ease of this period may be reassuring in other ways. Similarly, some isolated inheriting multi-millionaire may live ignoring politics and die never much affected by the unique perils of modernity, e.g., they have so much money they don't really care about quintupling their school taxes and healthcare taxes for an Afromestizo breeding and daycare program, and they live in a lovely cabin alone in the lovely woods, ergo never walk down the street daily in future Camdens NJ, and don't use the internet, ergo through no fault of their own but good judgment about the usage of their free time are left in luxury and unacquainted with many abounding local problems, and therefore never get much use out of a life on Terra. So it's not like doing a round here now is useless even though there are more rigorous, useful possibilities.)

(Lol, aside. This one once read a work of propaganda--ten years ago? Twenty?--where they showed how these expensive gas-using camps were necessary by imagining German Army documents from the 1930s where Jewish prisoners were executed by connecting truck exhaust pipes to prison carriages within the trucks, then driving the trucks around for hours until the prisoners were dead from breathing the exhaust [lol, I think they said the carriages were airtight, but without any explanation for how several hours of exhaust could be forced into those small airtight carriages without any problems caused by trying to mash so much gas together in a limited space]. The fabricated documents were "lost" before the publication of this propaganda, because even faking paper and ink of the period was too much work for their lazily deceptive agenda. Again, as with much k'arash propaganda here, like the prompt conventional bombing of the supposed gas-attack-site in Syria 2018 [presumably killing any survivors is more humanitarian than leaving them alive to suffer?], the sheer laziness of the lying is staggering at first; it's like these people want to get home for the weekend more than to make a plausible narrative. Anyway, the story in this case went that the drivers of these incredibly slow-moving execution trucks were stressed out by the sounds of despair from the Jews dying very slowly from breathing hours-compressed truck exhaust, so gas camps had to be developed with non-airtight shower rooms where gas could be piped in, thereby allowing guards to be less-stressed than if they had to drive execution trucks. This lie was primarily told before the story changed to the showers dropping capsules of gas that were then released, rather than gas being piped directly into the non-airtight shower rooms the way the story had gone before some damned overly helpful supporters tried to demonstrate how evil the Nazis were and found out the gas wouldn't work that way [damn helpful believers who thought they were helping prove your story!]. And from a Russian-history perspective, it is hilarious that Stalin didn't order his goons to build the shower rooms to be airtight, because then they had to change the story for like the fiftieth time just to cover up for his lazy demonstrative building. God, such a hilarious piece of Stalina that the world might never be allowed to know, even though it says so much about his fast, blunt approach to getting things done.)

In these times, there's still a little evidence, so we don't have to use speculation alone to realize that ridiculous things, like bees and flowers randomly evolving in coordination (sic), or conquering evil armies being afraid to shoot conquered civilians (which the IDF was and is not afraid to do in Palestine to unarmed grandmothers fleeing bulldozed houses with infants, but apparently they think the Germans were too heartfelt and noble to perpetrate such atrocities, lol, even their biggest lie includes a compliment about the Nazis being far more humanitarian than their own troops), and that evidence--however socially inappropriate it is; however damning to contemplate--actually makes it easier to figure things out than it should otherwise be. Imagine a planet where there's a The Holocaust™ or evolution via natural selection of random mutations, and to develop, you'd have to gain the mental strength to understand those things without evidence of a fossil record or pictures of quiet crematoriums the whole time or so forth. That ability--the ability to understand material with thought alone, rather than using other arranged material to do so--is important to develop in phases like this, and more possible to develop in an environment of future lies than in our as-yet incomplete version of the falsified society. Not to say that having the evidence is bad, or harmful, or makes this life a wash, but imagine if you had to do these things by mental force alone--private thought processes: "so they say bees and flowers each independently..." or "so the savage death armies were too nervous to..."--rather than by having tangible physical evidence that there were no bodies or that the development happened without any mistakes in the direction of now.

And that's what this one means by saying "speculation alone." We do not, nor should not, need the Lusitania farce to understand the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor to understand the demographic warfare of 2016 Europe; we should be able to arrive at the same truth merely by watching their dissemination of the "drowned Syrian boy" to cause certain public opinion, delivered at the same time as various theories about how America has always been working against the negroes because Americans are racially motivated against darker people. Same incompatible theories, same lies. Learning about how they created and used their Lusitania incident to kill dozens of millions more Europeoids in the Israel Foundation War is helpful to the theory that they're liars who will lie about anything to achieve what is obviously their end, but it should not be necessary; having dozens of decades, or a few billion years of the fossil record, is a nice touch, but they should be, and are, identifiable via their behavior over minutes alone, over a few years alone, not requiring overdone evidence of decades or centuries. Having that evidence--say, the civilizations and technology produced by five thousand years of people in Africa v. Europe--is certainly instructive as to the inherent tendencies of different groups, and it makes for interesting juxtaposition in a disagreement, but absent that evidence, a week in different neighborhoods should be sufficient to draw the same conclusions. So much of now has been the effort to encourage people not to draw their own conclusions, and to encourage them to distrust their own perspective as to who that mugger is and why it happened, and it has been a sometimes-amusing opportunity to use what large-scale data there is, but that much data should not be, once falsified as thoroughly as it will be in the future, relevant to an individual's feelings or suspicions. Lone individuals among the Afromestizo hordes should be able to manifest unexpected old genetic attributes that somehow found expression through each other in that dead world, and realize something is systematically wrong, without access to all that destroyed microfiche. And (presuming some transmaterial existence), they'll be the stronger for it.


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