Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Evolutionary Process

In Lightform Evolution, this one discussed the mathematical improbabilities of what people here call "evolution," saying:
Anyway. 98!, being as mentioned before 9.426890448883242e+153, is what some people might call one effing big number. How many trillion trillion trillion years should it have taken Alexandra's cells--even if one million cells mutated all together in each case, in an extremely, god-forsakenly unlikely coincidence--to produce not only proto-lung cells in a non-mortal part of each new organism or set of organisms, but to produce proto-lung-Earth-air-breathing cells? Remember that 98! combinations of elements is a 9 with over one hundred and fifty-four digits after it.

Even if a hundred billion Alexandras are reproducing successfully a hundred billion times every day for a hundred billion years, they are coming nowhere near anything approaching a halfway reasonable chance at a slight probability of winning a lottery to be eligible for a one in a trillion chance that they will evolve Earth-air-breathing lungs.
The reason oceanic, solely-water breathing organisms here evolved to breathe Earth air within a few billion years was because Earth air, like water before it, was available. Air was there. And in a reasonable, non-religious world, Terran scientists do not begin praying to some random god of fiscal markets or molecules of so many types that they like but can't understand. Earthly organisms did not spend trillions upon trillions of years evolving gradually more complete lungs suited for breathing something other than Earth-air because their bodies, part of the integrated system that includes Earth air, could tell Earth air was out there, and were designing organs for breathing it and climbing onto land and living wholly on land, et cetera. If this were actually random, and a planet had not somehow died off through the oodles of other mixups that would have happened, there would be, at the very least, many, many fossilized autogenocides of organisms that had randomly evolved huge numbers of completely wrong things, like arms from heads and ammonia lungs and heavy things with feet from feet from feet and other nonsense that just doesn't happen on a planet with this kind of stable air and this strength of gravitation and so forth. So many of this one's earlier series of embarrassing Terran "scientific" conclusions about random "creation" and "evolution" religion were covering the impossibilities of planetary systems not being able to communicate.

And within that insanity, we hope to move without that insanity, and recognize the integrated environments that are producing changes in these Terran things of all types. Regarding Alexandra specifically, this one has said, Earth-air-lungs formed because Earth air was available. And so evolution works: not in some rugged frontiersman way, where he just happens to find a rifle on the front porch the day before the bears move in, but because the bears move in and he smells them and hears them and sees them and stays inside while he builds some weapon. And it worked the same way when a bunch of cells thought about extracting materials, say oxygen, from Earth-ocean-water, and then from the slightly more challenging Earth-air.

This happens because things generated to be within a planet can communicate with each other. No, we haven't figured out how yet, but they can, rather like cells in a body can communicate with each other through larger systems of which they're a part, and although we haven't exactly figured out how yet, our neurology is rather sophisticated in that sense, and if someone suddenly turns left really fast toward us while we're entering an intersection, we stop thinking so intently about the coffee we were really dying for a split second ago, because the shock and need of some driving maneuver, or crash-prep, suddenly becomes more important. And it didn't happen randomly, or because we suddenly realized we didn't want coffee, or weren't thirsty, or so forth, but because the shock overruled other things and sort of drowned them out. And the way evolution actually works is similar. Alexandra wants new territory, an easy way to get it is to try out the air-territory, the air territory can only provide that oxygen you need if your lungs can break it down instead of just water, and so that "knowledge"--Terra's knowledge of what it had to use, the organism's knowledge of what it needs--combines, and evolution occurs, and a bunch of that type of organism begin developing an appropriate lung, which is rather promptly done, and onto land they go. It would be cool if humans developed some way of turning that language into something that could be translated into language onto computer screens, but in a way it would be sad because the message would probably be right now, "These fucking hominids are a real problem they need to die," and figuring that out, let alone connecting it to whatever our problems are, would be a real problem for all the prestigious governments we have now, and the TV version of Kim Jong iL might suddenly become an environmental crusader trying to carry out the planet's will, or at least that's what they'd tell us before they started some other war.

A little secret, the discovery of which often doesn't occur until evolution is understood, is that people can sort of hear that message in a way they'd consider "subconsciously," ergo they often have seemingly inexplicable thoughts or desires which concur with their planet, affecting things like financial investments or suicide rates or entertainment creation or sexuality et cetera. The past hundred years of myths and legends, for example, contra the previous ten thousand, represent a subconscious realization of the system's plans for the future, which can interface interestingly with conscious life. But that's not the point here; the point is evolution.

So when the planet was covered with lava and boiling pools of water and stuff like that, unicellular organisms had the desire to stay in cooler pools. This was not "random," because if their temperature preferences had been random, they'd've mostly if not all died, but it was a coordination between the organisms' sense of self-integrity and Terra's sense of what it contained. This sounds like a schoolboy's fantasy of different things talking to each other if we only look at it that way, but if not, and we see the planet more like us, as an organism filled with all kinds of completely different parts, actual evolution suddenly appears as believable as you knowing your foot is hurting because your brain got the message. And this worked all the way up to a point where Zeke was going to forestry school because of a combination of stuff he'd heard about likely future jobs in the area that he maybe can't enunciate in full detail despite his desire to not sound stupid in front of Grandpa. I really like bees and flowers, because it's so obvious; that was a system of evolution that we could be cute and call "co-evolution" even though everything is "co" if you'd phrase it that way for that reason. In that case, it was two or more organisms evolving in unison to accomplish a purpose, that of shared feeding and fertilization, which would've been all but impossible to accomplish randomly on each one's part but worked so perfectly for a long time when they could do it with constant reliance on the timely evolution of a partner organism.

That's how evolution seems to happen so "efficiently" and "correctly" inside the same type of organism, too; it's why the fossil record isn't littered with organisms that randomly evolved two sets of lungs or one lung in the feet or five kidneys or anything like that. If people were suddenly ordered to build a building now now now and never told where things should be, you'd get toilets in the wrong place and offices in the wrong place and what do you mean there's no front door? Oh I thought Larry's group was already doing that. And you don't see that in the fossil record, you see people working on plans that were designed, not by the occasionally hated Yahweh but by the Terran system for all of us Terrans. We fantasize, now, about evolution having been random, and in traditional Europeoid way, it now being "our turn" to develop a "new, directed evolution," like that's a privilege we have randomly earned therefore it can't be taken from us, but no, if some prestigious and connected institution in one of our more powerful permitted communities tried to come up with a plan for a new human, it'd have a lot of cool features but soon destroy itself in some amazing way we couldn't have predicted because we were just one part of a sub-committee on how things were supposed to go around here.

One of, maybe the only, problem is our reverence for the Random Bang Orgasm God, and the deep-seated fear of so many conscious entities now that that is some kind of un-enunciated communication and relationship between things here which is not written down and which they feel they might be missing out on and how come our finest organizations don't have veto power over this thing, as part of their transition to a more complex consciousness which can think and speak. Part of that process is losing the ability to more explicitly understand the communication of evolution, and of being afraid at not possessing the insanely total autonomy that is often mistakenly assumed with a more complex consciousness. Fear is strong enough to make people assume that it is possible at all, or in a few billion years, for things to develop lungs suited to their planet's air through sheer autonomous willpower, with no help whatsoever from the planet, like a rugged hero organism who develops Earth-air-lungs in one unbroken chain of fossils without anyone's help whatsoever. We now know that our immune systems, for example, don't (usually) attack our own organs upon birth, not because we're so cool and planned it that way but because we were built by, and as part of, a system of an integrated body which recognizes itself pursuant to some sub microscopic agenda that it took us many centuries to postulate and then many microscopes to prove to our satisfaction; it is actually unsurprising, though, of continual aggravation to today's pop-biologists, that our fossil record includes only proof of one sinuous line of evolution, rather than an endless series of stops and starts in the wrong direction that it would have included if it represented a random attempt. A less frightened, less arrogant people would have used this accumulation as a jumping-off point to study planetary- and life-communication methods, but we were too damaged, and so we derived some new variations on our religion instead, coming up with the self-flattering notion of random creation of so many things designed by chance specifically to be here, and reworking the orgasmic creation fantasy from a single blast of interstellar semen into our comprehensive guide to the universe.

Some type of Science 101 in a good place somewhere would consider it mundane, and would not insult Terra's inhabitants so much, to cover this material; indeed, a basic understanding of planetary communication methods would open many new paths to understanding, such as if time could be accelerated in a model environment and a system of silicon terrain could be shown to generate, in a billion years, some type of fungus or plant which dwelt successfully therein. So pretend you're in that classroom and you've seen that demonstration, or just Earth is the classroom and you watch from far away as a lot of sophisticated stuff evolves to use its soil and water and air without trying out its luck with a bunch of different configurations meant for non-present soil and water and air, and so you have proof that a human mind of this level of complexity can understand. The good part about that experiment is that it can be done here, in this place without boxes that can alter time over a limited space, just by looking at your very own fossil record. And moving beyond that point, we can see how planets communicate, and then move on to understanding stars and their detritus, and how they communicate, and the verse itself, and how come so many weird things around here seem to coordinate, and then what might be the purpose of this coordination existing or being used, and what it might drive toward, and so on. It can be a real help toward your life, not just in forestry and the way trees or parasitical bugs miles away from an ongoing fire seem to know things about what is happening on the other side of the forest but that doesn't mean they can spontaneously stop being made of wood or other burnable stuff, but because not being willing to privately believe in the random god can do a lot for your mental capacity as time goes on.

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