Thursday, May 10, 2018

Thinking Beyond

In The Colossal Size of Lies, this one referred to the ways in which mental improvement will be increased by facing a more comprehensive regime-set espousing more complete and better-fabricated material mistruths than what we have now. Our lying rulers--including the k'arash themselves along with their idiot one-lifetime-of-luxury servants--have created what seems to us now to be a colossal edifice of lies, but is in fact a rather weak illusion compared to what it could, and will, be.

Perhaps the majority of humans on this planet are victims of at least one of these lies, and certainly many of the k'arash here actually believe in the lies, or components of them, and are not actively--as we might conceive of it--trying to deceive, but merely to spread the truth that they know, as many came, and have now come, to believe that there really was a randomized evolution of this planet's ecology or a program of death-camps aimed at them or their forebears, or that everyone is the same except our privileged Chosen people who are more equal than others. Somewhat of a separate subject, but regarding the k'arash, these conundra proliferate to a more extreme degree; ordinary humans may learn doublethink, but the essential nature of being a k'arash is to automatically doublethink, therefore diversity is good and beneficial for everyone but is simultaneously not good for Israel. What the average Europeoid liberal is who was absolutely against murdering those poor people in Iraq but who absolutely supported their secondary murderer Obama, is nothing compared to how effectively the k'arash doublethink. Being a normal human hypocrite is not even like being in the minor leagues with regards what we'd call lying or arch hypocrisy; being a goy dumbass is on an entirely different, lower plane of existence with regards fundamental dishonesty and material inversion.

On a higher level of mental development, consider again the ways that learning things because of material facts is easier than learning them otherwise. We can figure out, for example, that the Bang religion or the Book of Genesis are false, because we have a fossil record and ways of dating things, though because even the building blocks of each faith are abjectly ridiculous on their own, we should be able to figure out the falsity of the beliefs without learning about material disproofs thereof. As this one said before:
Posit an attempt to develop the muscles through exercises with assists--that is, ultimately, what it's like to figure things out with honest evidence, rather than reading individual or group character, or plot structure, alone.
This seems like a dangerous trend in thought, particularly given the contentious relationship over the past couple thousand years which Judaism 2.0's resurrection story has fostered with the concept of evidence, to the downfall of many individuals. Nonetheless, in moving toward higher mental processes, the distinction between obstinate foolishness and what we might call healthy intuition, particularly when facing self-contradictory nonsense in a realm like this one, should be obvious. In short, just from the slimy feeling, and/or the creepy over-enthusiasm, that peddlers of Genesis/Bang give us, we should be able to identify what's going on without spending fifty seconds or years figuring it out. Even fractally inside our own minds, our moments of a creation gradual and endless, without any sudden "Here I am" epiphanies anywhere except our unremembered but well-imagined fantasies constructed to comport with the Bang story in which we find ourselves living now, the lie should've been obvious blind in a prison cell.

The future of Terra, in which techniques of creating false material histories discovered by some and refined culturally over at least two thousand years, will include lies more comprehensive and interlinked than the ones we've seen thus far. While much mischief has been accomplished, there were always people who could observe fossils and understand dating concepts and figure out that, gosh, Genesis was a lie (or, at least, that it was not true, even if the Jews who borrowed someone's creation story and rewrote it into the Genesis we know actually believed in it and weren't "lying" by popularizing it). What of the humans of the future, though, for whom every aspect of material will have already covered that eventuality? Say the scientists who use radiocarbon dating work only with machinery that stops at 5K years, and it's a professional autodestruction for one to investigate those private components of the machine? Or when some kind of reanimation cells permit a form of resurrection, or every single astronomer ever understands that Event X carried out by Scientist Y melted the divine firmament in 500 B.C. ergo the Book of Genesis wasn't untrue but is just outdated research. In short, posit a time where the lying scum of every academy and press on Earth has caused material proofs of their bible, whatever form it takes, to exist, and therefore it is impossible to disprove it. This is very different than now, where the protection of these material lies is caused by threat of death, financial or social ostracism, et cetera, but many people can still independently examine evidence and privately make up their minds about things, even if they still want a job ergo go to mandatory services and are indistinguishable to rulers from actual believers. Consider how offensive it was/is to believe that Terran males are actually physically stronger than or better at boxing or abstract mathematics than Terran females, and yet how the vast majority of people know the truth despite their ability to act politically correct at a job interview or a social gathering. The evidence we have now, of moving among each other or competing as children, can inform us heretically, despite social consensus, whereas a future lifestyle of pod-dwelling, interaction-mediated, machine-balanced humanity may forestall our ability to figure things out this way.

We would be wrong to assume that human dignity or some kind of other basic decency would protect us; the past hundred years have shown us that such things, if they still exist, are private traits infrequently employed, and the rentier governments have no intention of using them. Indeed, given the behavior of the rulers and ruler-approved media over the past two thousand years, it is predictably inevitable that the future will have more and better lies. Consider the murder via proxy of all those Lusitania passengers as a dry run for establishing other systemic mistruths in which mere "bad scholarship" or "incomplete and misleading media reports" are not comprehensive, but when really, really intelligent people can't figure out what really happened because all the doors have been closed, things will be very different than they are now. Right now, some yahoo with a youtube account can disprove some official media narrative through the power of truth, and even though no one pays attention, the tiny handful who noticed the same inconsistencies can at least be exposed to a collaboration of truth that transcends majority opinion. In a future where evidence is wholly controlled, even this minute relief will be denied. And the L├╝genpresse is, we know, desperately interested in this time, when public opinion can be wholly shaped by, and towards, what they want to be true, versus what actually happened. It will be a legitimate debatable point then, more powerfully than now, whether truth really exists beyond the media's changing preferences; whether the falling tree in an empty forest makes a sound will be not philosophical speculation, but mundane reality, in the more complete era of the ignorant audience. Did the tree make noise when it fell? Did it even fall? Did it ever exist? The material reality of these questions will be open for legitimate debate, perhaps pre-settled by everyone, even the editor in chief, not remembering the debate existed at all.

Once, say, the resurrection of Christ, or some other lie, has been made plausible by the reanimation of other entities, the story stops seeming impossible and/or divine, and it can't be disproved, anymore than a Bang-from-nothing existential kickstarter. It'll still be a mistruth, but plenty of people might automatically think, "Oh, it must've been an early occurrence of those reanimation cell things," and not dismiss it as some bullshit self-serving lies.

But let's imagine something less known being subject to the same treatment. Imagine some future in which records of Iraqi WMD or Syrian WMD or WMD and fake attack plans in every place America has invaded during the Jewish occupation being provided with a hearty dose of rhetorically extant WMD, thereby making it look like such invasions were perpetually justified. North Korea, North Vietnam, various spots around the Middle East, etc. Anyone analyzing American history using future fabricated data will therefore see America as the heroic peacekeeper of the world, and draw according conclusions. Or maybe this happens in a 22nd century where America is majority Hispanic and Hispanics are painted as members of a peace-loving culture who saved the world from terrible Europeoid America, similar to the way the Siberian genocide of the Clovis people, or similar predecessions, were adjusted.

In either case--any environment on any planet; any lie--the goal for the developing mind is to be able to identify an internally inconsistent story without access to material evidence to the contrary of said story. These will be the mandatory skills honed by the future of the complete lie, where mental assessments of liars, or "gut feelings," can be developed, such that materially incontrovertible future Lusitanias can be scented without the testimony of an admiral and without the shipping details of weapons and without knowledge of foreknowledge of monitored shipping. Those things are good, useful things, but should be unnecessary given a rudimentary knowledge of fighting capacity on either side of a war versus the American population of potential soldiers, the knowledge that Jewish banking now owns the American branches of government, or any other logical clue that provide an explanation for what happened. Even in this strange time where ability to craft lies is so seemingly advanced, imagine the future where it will be far more advanced, and ask yourselves how you would figure it out then. It's still doable. Even a world run on the gut feelings of idiots who don't have correct ones would be better than Terra now, and the failure to make these judgments only refines the process that we're seeing, where control of material is, seemingly inexplicably, adeemed supreme. The quiet horror which makes itself here available is the positing of a world covered by a few billion idiots doing the wrong things based on their hilariously incorrect gut feelings, but the salvation comes in the logical contests actually being about understanding material such as a "gut" feeling in the dominant enterological brain assessing things in ways for which we don't have words and are, as yet, rather immune to traditional propaganda.

In any case, unless you're going k'arash, you'll want to develop more away from doublethink and toward an ability to accept a broken material truth without need to force it into shape to conform.

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