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Climbing on the Backs of Congoids II

Continued from Climbing on the Backs of Congoids.

The World-Historical Significance of Buyer's Remorse

Certainly the great crime of slavery deserves a fitting genetic redemption, but the Europeoid defense of "daaaarr I didn't know it wasn't all right" does not serve him. That's a world-historical crime, from which he has not freed himself. Accordingly, whether or not African life expectancy or literacy went up a little or a lot due to the children of kidnapped tribesmen being on plantations in North America is irrelevant. If the slaver-traders, the people movers, are ever removed as they should be, the Europeoid cannot then claim that his suffering as a direct result of his own crimes of complicity makes everything balance out. Besides, you dummies, if you put them back home and stop paying to breed them, you could send them thousands of tons of food each year for fifty years and you'd still come out way ahead of now. Not only by not paying to breed Congoids and Siberian feather-dancers, but also not mass-murdering Arabs for the Jews, the Nu Euro could become wealthy beyond any of his current dreams.

As regards bad arguments, then, "slavery helped you" is as irrelevant as "it wasn't our fault mostly" and the ridiculous notion that "we should all be Americans but just have segregation." Segregation offered marginal social benefits over integration, but besides being a compact into which Congoids did not enter willingly--being clubbed and tied and sailed across the ocean by some Jew's goons is not even remotely consent--the notion of trying to blend two very dissimilar species (oh, if that offends you, use "societies") with great variance in levels of violence and achievement, under the same governmental rubric, is as expensive as it is absurd. The vile crimes of the misguided dunce cum bloodthirsty tyrant Lincoln cannot retroactively justify the stupidity that was the antebellum American South, where this rotting cocktail had been kept on a slow simmer until harvest came. Saying it was "better" than the war, or than after the war, is to celebrate the initial symptoms for their superiority over the full expression of the disease in which the symptoms must inevitably result. "Oh, if only we could go back before the war, so we could have it all over again!" It is, perhaps, indicative of the short historical memory of the Europeoid that he looks to the past for answers and is only bright enough to find them in the very recent past, "stable slavery" but not just "farming the New World." Even more shortsighted is the idea that "living in segregated communities" is some halcyon aspiration worth having or remotely sensible. It is indicative, troubling, and troublingly indicative that so many of the "whites" since the American Civil War have tried to argue that, either, 1) keeping a bunch of Congoid slaves at home was a good idea, or 2) free Europeoids living alongside free Congoids was a workable solution for a society, and that things were somehow fine with segregation. Neither lesson learned, and it's like they've forgotten what life was like before the Rabbi came to advise them.

Modern discussion on the human species of this planet, which we might more locally and temporally call "discussion on race," has been blended stupidities, with some Congoids and some Europeoids trying to pretend that the groups are not different, or are not mentally different, do not have different average construction of the bodily proportions or the brain, et cetera. This is stupid, and the stubbornly faithful are and will remain stubbornly faithful, but perhaps even stupider is the Europeoid's defensive response over slavery, which is the same as it has been since the embrace of Judaism, which is, "It wasn't our fault." After a year, ten years, a century, a millennium, the Europeoid still claims that restructuring land under his jurisdiction in accordance with ethnic Jewish whims is an acceptable task. How many times are you not only going to buy a busted used car with a smoking engine from Honest Sal's lot, but to buy the same car, over and over, which you've theoretically tried to return more than a hundred times? It is intellectually painful to watch yet another few generations of Europeoids cheer with illusions of their benevolence as they imagine their stellar gifts will uplift another horde of swarthy immigrants to their presumed level, but is it more intellectually painful to watch those who resist them fondly recall the idyllic days when a different brand of swarthy immigrants were merely free citizens born here, segregated citizens, enslaved non-citizens, or something else? Watching it all happen all over again, this one surmises that the jubilant welcomer is a bland sort of stupid, but the pretensively cognizant aspirant to a previous violation is by far the stupider of the pair.

Any reasonably foresighted thinker prior to the invasion and military occupation of the Confederate states, regardless of geographical location--and including, of course, President Lincoln himself--could see that the only hope for peace, let alone any kind of decent society going forward, was repatriation of the Congoids (which had been originally brought to the New Marketplace, excuse me, New World, by those nice white TV-anchor-types captaining the ships because Abram wasn't so stupid as to personally risk the trip when some stupid goy paid agent could do it for him), because a Europeoid society could not survive the effects of hosting a species which must needs become hostile when glittering temporal prizes were compared in close vicinity. Again like Jewish ("Christian") dominance, America was changed fundamentally by this hosting, which confused the issue of immigration to the dunces so much, that, well, the current year: which could not have looked this way, in America or across the pond, if the fiendish trick to which the idiots were gullible hadn't first been, "Picks your cotton!"

The other slavery-type crimes which the Jews committed and inspired on other peoples are certainly terrible, and increase the metaphorical sentence another several degrees beyond the gallows, but do nothing to solve nor mediate the Congoid problem. For example, the use of primarily idiot Anglo-Saxon armies to Judaize and then exterminate the many forgotten peoples of the northern European islands, and then to enslave the resulting unknown mass of what we came to call in the northwest, perhaps partially correctly in some cases--absent intelligent observers using time machines and making painstaking efforts of years to study and document each slaughtered population on the way to the northern oceans, we'll probably never know--"Celts," has no bearing on the problems also caused Africa. Of course the Europeoid descendants of those Celts later became better involved in saving and mortgaging and inventing and building a society with clean streets and fewer muggings and drive-by shootings, but that was because they are Europeoids. If we're hardy enough of mind to get beyond the deception "No species is different from any other species (except one particular species is more equal than everyone, don't talk about the lack of evidence of the holocaust or your career ergo food goes)," then in the more mature thought process, it is but a banally obvious argument that of course slavery didn't matter in that sense, and of course "the Irish," even after centuries of arguably more brutal enslavement than the Americanized Congoid, were able to still build a functioning Nu Euro society, and also, of course the Congoid bears neither responsibility nor even knowledge of what was done to Europe by the soldiers of Yahweh-Christ, and the crimes against each group have to be judged separately.

What was done to Europe as part of its Judaization ("Christianization") is a separate, and much more difficult to assess, crime, given the totality of the destruction of the population (there were African tribes with only a few slaves, or zero slaves, taken, but every single European village had The Rabbi come to call before 1,000 A.D.), probably totally comprehensive nature of joint bloodlines since then, and the mental constitution of so many of the distant partial descendants to now love the story they were given in exchange for two millennia of their society. Given time served by some and the impossibility of sorting out who's really part what without aforementioned time machine, that is one that will probably need to be allowed to resolve itself, as a suitable punishment for the warmasters themselves removes all the conditions that are otherwise preventing a gradual Nu Euro sanitization and the re-creation of good societies. The vulnerability of that rapespawn to gradual replacement by their successor tools is a suitably measured and balanced k'arash method of retribution, in which they, not motivated by justice but merely replacing tools, visit essentially the same fate on what remains of Europe as those bloodlines did on those who came before. Forest becomes cathedral, cathedral becomes mosque, and in a strange, savage, terrible way, a sort of justice finds its home in the k'arash's essential drive to destroy, because material equality is, sadly, achieved by everybody being dead. We need not, and should not, forget those who honorably resisted, and were ground into the soil (but fertile fields have turned to sand, modern madness, ha-sniff), nor those who kept their minds and went to church and wondered "Why's everyone watching Game of Thrones and reading Harry Potter and praising some rabbi now, are they fucking insane?" but kept some of their telehistorical memory, while learning to survive living safely among the cathedrals, then the mosques. That's its own type of learning experience, and is, again, irrelevant as to Africa.

And that's why we need to talk about what they did to Europe in order to really get what they did to Africa and America, because you can't have understood slavery in the Americas without seeing the European context, nor vice versa.

In exercising some fantasy where a type of justice is possible, then, and where there's any way to stop this runaway train, one must remove the slavemasters utterly, but can never completely finish the punishment of their little stooges who so bravely won the scraps of surviving children from murdered heathen village after village for Yahweh-Christ. The potential removal of the Judaized tax and media infrastructure means a lot fewer little kids being pulled into the rabbi's no-longer-state-subsidized house for worship--fewer every year, and an end to the dogmatic preaching of the Book of Genesis et al. in churches old and new, whether admittedly houses of "faith" or lying houses of "academics" or "science"--more impartial science research and education being permitted, more people taking casual flights through the firmament in the family car and finally putting two and two together, and so forth.

The last few despicable secret pedos and irredeemable dunces may live out their lives imagining embracing the child Christ or the suffering Christ in some scantily clad rabbinical Heaven, suitably perceived by their kin, and the future could be free without the excruciating impossibility of making the rabbi-worshiping betrayers acknowledge what was done to produce their disgusting, imaginary paradise. As the elimination of tax-subsidized welfare payments also eliminates the woman with seventeen kids and another on the way, without having to kill nor physically threaten a single human being, the elimination of social freebies eliminates the lazy arm of the parasite's church. Like trying to discuss the respective strategic bombing techniques employed by Germany and Britain during the Israel Foundation War, in which body counts and choice of targets and any imaginable concept of human decency simply will not penetrate the skull of a modern western "liberal," it is a similarly doomed crusade to tell a modern conservative Irishman that his beloved Church of the Risen Rabbi killed every man, woman and child in this village, and that village, and that village, and all up the coast there, and into the hills, and on, and on, and on. Imagine trying to get an American Democrat to discuss the positive merits of bombing hospitals in 1943 Dresden--it's similarly blank to the mind of almost all Nu Euros still extant, how they came to be on a longer, but even more fundamental, timescale. As they say, there are simply not words.

(Don't overlook the state subsidization of Judaism/Christianity since even America. With Europe, it was essentially a thousand years of letting Jesus-Yahweh borrow the car, fixing it every time he wrapped it around the tree, and him running all the governments through the incest-fatties called "nobles," trash successors to the hero-chiefs of the forests, to do what he wanted, including bringing in "converts" and "His chosen" and constantly sending the younger generation off to some backwater to die spreading His name and Europeoid civilization.

[Seriously, the people who consider themselves anti-racist are sick and deadly as fuck. If you've read of the work of pro-missionary women's societies in ye olde England, there is a truly eerie similarity. Congoids going to war over chieftainships with spears and attitude killed probably a few dozen, maybe a few hundred in major wars. But when you fill their heads with abstract democracy and fill their hands with modern rifles, they kill millions of people to please the dudes who keep bringing the toys. The modern concept of "anti racism" has been an incredibly brutal curse for Africans, and if you can tell that human types are different from each other, you should not be in the slightest bit afraid to argue--not professionally, of course; that's just insane--that the people who are "anti racist" are, truly, the most anti-Congoid force on the planet, responsible for the deaths of not just millions, but dozens or hundreds of millions and counting.]

In America, the much more mundane habit was observed of having every other citizen buy Yahweh-Christ police protection, fire service, zoning crap, animal control, public/clean elections contributions, school proportions, et cetera. Seems much milder than what happened to Europe, and it was/is, but if you've ever run the numbers on a commercial plot the size of some modest megachurch, you know how many tens or hundreds of thousands a year the church is bleeding out of the community in order to tell people to turn the other cheek. It's fucking laughable that at all, and even more so with the acceptance of blunt cattle, American Christianity has ever tried to pretend that it was not an aspect of government. Seriously, every time you see a church in America, you need to imagine everyone else in that municipality working hard to kick in an extra $100-$300K a year, per church, to keep each Sunday-swollen parking lot filled, because without that kind of governmental support, the church would go down, baby, down, and then we'd see just how important the rabbi really was to the Nu Euro. It's a slim sign of hope for the Nu Euro that, even after all that the northering Jews did, they still need to arrange a taxation and media symphony to keep those nasty things around, or else the Nu Euro would wander away and do something else. Sadly, it would just be TV, but it's at least good to know the church can't survive without those gun-enforced kickbacks every 15 April.)

Consumerism from Consumerism

Fitting, in a sick mercantile way, is the correlation between two significant aspects of Jewish involvement in the group development and life experience of the Congoid in America: selling people and demanding the right to buy crap. The "right to purchase trinkets" was a vital part of the civil rights movement, directly harmful to Congoids themselves, but perhaps more rudely, an insinuation that the right to buy stuff is of great moral character. American fast food restaurants, and mountains of online kitsch, owe their crappy existences to this massive social implication that the right to purchase is so incredibly vital that the "life, liberty, and the right to buy crap" had a much larger impact on society than the cliche black person permitted to buy a sandwich at a lunch counter. Not only whites and all other races in America and the world, but Congoids themselves, were amazingly harmed by this invisible consumerism, which we take for granted now because of course everyone has the right to be a mindless consumer drone, and the right to buy some takeout food or piece of plastic crap from China is as fundamental as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Modern consumerism, and its incalculable ills, could not have arisen without the civil rights psyop.

The cunning subjugation of the Congoid to consumerism happened through, and because of, the "civil rights" movement. Not as naturally inclined initially to buy worthless crap as a status symbol--perhaps due to his reduced capacity for abstract thought, making him less vulnerable to the sick Europeoid fetishization of gizmos--the Congoid had to be stroked and encouraged more to become crap buyers. All the other groups that have been blended into American society have taken more easily to the notion of buying crap, though the Siberian tribes of North America have a mystique about being more "natural," which tribal leaders are desperately trying to use to motivate young people to stop moving off the rez and getting into debt to buy crap. The tax-deferred nature of tribal lands, and its use to outside venture capitalists setting up resorts and casinos, may yet save the illusion of per-capita-bribed people giving nature tours in costumes, but otherwise, the "right to go into crushing lifelong debt in order to buy crap" idea has been used with much success on all the human species subject to American omnipresence. The old trick that moneylenders and bankers used to get Europeoid farmers to mortgage their farms, then lose them, and start paying property tax for public fire service, had been long successful by the time Jewish civil rights leaders came up with a way to add Congoids to the rolls and make that conscription seem, to the Congoids, like a good thing.

(Anecdotal aside, I know two black couples who are reasonably wealthy, like not quite decimillionaires but seemingly living the dream for trailer-folk, but it's just like watching white lottery winners, with the inducement to go into ridiculous debt and buy some flashy house that's just a big suburban normalcy in twenty years, the turns-eyes supercar and the $30K piano that no one knows how to play and a bunch of $6K pieces of art on the walls that no one likes anymore, and yeah the kid can afford Harvard or whatever but that legacy is whittled way down and oh god please don't pay that financial dude 2% to manage it are you insane? Tragically for the world's merchant-counters, most Congoids haven't pulled this off, but they're great leverage against the producing Europeoids, so it turned a massive profit anyway. Our concern here is not the nighttime worry about Congoid ARMs, since they don't contemplate future time like that, but the actual real effects they'll have later, even if they don't worry about them like Europeoids would. The unenunciated, maybe never understood feeling of loss of reality might produce more disaffected Europeoid poetry and prose, but the pain of a Congoid trapped in a mall, though not as often spoken of nor described in a tenth as much detail, is still real.)

In a similar way, the supposed repression of "lunch counters," so often cited in support of the mass consumerism of the faceless society, was not even technically accurate in its details. The black dude that the sandwich salesman sees walking around out front every day and shining shoes and picking up cans and helping the lady carry her heavy bag is gonna get a sandwich, whereas some communist training camp kids from out of town who march inside and make carryout orders with pompous knowing expressions aren't. The "civil rights" movement was, in small part, a way of combating racism for the one bad businessman who wouldn't sell product to a paying customer because he was black, but far more importantly, it was a strike against knowing your customer and localism and all of that, dressed up in a veneer of racial fairness. All the specifics of who was or wasn't served and when are never publicly reportable, but that idea that shipping people in from out of town and getting them refused service shows a need for change is a different idea than pretending everyone is the nice black dude they see regularly who did get a sandwich--and the idea that black people should be eating mass produced food, rather than homemade food, is responsible for X million heart attacks via McDonald's et cetera, so yet again Congoids have paid, and continue to pay, a terrible price for the movement to indoctrinate them as Europeoid-style consumers.

(Again, so Portlandia, so hilarious how well Jews know and can mock the specific weaknesses of their hosts. Even as college classes and publishing companies help Europeoids see how the food should be local and you should know your neighbors and you should eat homemade from the organic market, how you should abandon the deadly surrealism of modern society that is so evil, and you should wear Indian headdresses and return to the land, the exact same Europeoids worship the civil rights gospel about uppity negroes coming from out of town to order stock food and move into the soulless suburbs and become more urbanized and get more mortgage-counselor jobs and how dare they not get it?)

The civil rights movement was, among other things, a continuation of the slave ship, in that it further severed the Congoids' ties to Africa and emphasized, massively emphasized, how much Congoids belonged in the northwest of the globe and deserved to participate in that culture and had created that culture and were being unfairly excluded from it. For help beginning to think on this topic, visualize the shopping mall, and a bunch of fatass Nu Euros fighting for the right to buy a "small" bucket of grease for $8.99, then rushing down to the jewelry store to spend five weeks' salary on a chip of glass-like material to commemorate some special event and stopping at the baked treat cart along the way to drop $5.99 on a scientifically trans-fatted breaded treat, alone and miserable and trying to throw crap into the bottomless pit to still feel human, contrasted with some fit African tribesmen hunting wildebeest by a watering hole and then having a communal feast and celebration afterward. The civil rights movement, and all its filthy participants, were trying to improve the quality of the cage that had trapped the African in America, and that is so directly an extension of the slave ship, but with a smile and a lot of bought sellout togetherness, that it is disgusting for that alone. Yes, realistically, those healthy tribesmen threw unwanted infants to the lions and had genocidal wars against the tribe supporting the openly-kickback-receiving political opponent of their preferred openly-kickback-receiving leader, but that possibility was created by Nu Euros trying to recreate European democracies where it wasn't appropriate, and the source of all the crimes was not the slaves nor their kin themselves. Maybe struggling to budget for the next year's mortgage payments is better--but the choice in lifestyle was made by the Jews, with Europeoids' often knowing acceptance, whereas the Congoids actually had to be whipped and kidnapped into joining up, ergo the further entrapment of "civil rights" built upon an edifice fundamentally different than the one that took Europe. It is no surprise, ethnically speaking, that so many Jewish communist instructors and valiant marchers helped the Africans obtain consumer rights in America after their progenitors had owned the slave ships.

These and other similar unwilling gifts were extracted from the tax cattle to be given to "blacks." Viewed in that way, the pro-black social agitation for enforced togetherness of various kinds was, indeed, a benefit to blacks on European terms, albeit only in a teensy, tiny marginal way, which could never outweigh the massive drawbacks, whether or not impressing them with cars and phones made them think they'd moved up in the world after all. Calling the civil rights movement good is like calling the increased number of trained cardiologists in America "good" after the blacks have been switched from 100% organic low fat food to the standard American diet, but also provided with cardiovascular surgeons: the surgeons are, technically, a benefit, but the process is incredibly harmful, and not good. The initial crime of the Jewish and Semitic traders, in changing them from an African environment's survival requirements to a Europeoid economy, had not been removed, and the accretion of civil rights made blacks, as a group, less "competitive" than they might have been had they been affected by well wishers rather than ill wishers.

Think of the difference between a trade school curriculum and a high school curriculum. Say you can jam a hundred kids each through the programs, and at the end of it you get 50 people ready to empower themselves with Women's Studies courses at the local college, 50 people ready to enter professions, and 100 people who are skilled electricians or cooks or water-heater repairmen et cetera. Or, you can have 100 people ready for professions, 50 of them unemployed for 50 years each and 50 stressed as they can be fired any second since 50 people would really like their jobs, and 100 ready for Women's Studies courses followed by retail employment. Some kind of genuine good-natured attempt to help Congoids have more consumer crap in the twentieth century would've been more the "trade school"-type approach, and less a bunch of--choose your preferred take--well-meaning idiots, or lying Jews, telling blacks that they deserved to learn advanced calc instead. And we all know how well the Congoids would do with the advanced calc, but even if you think they could learn it, we still need all that trade school stuff you look down upon you snob, so you need to adjudge the paid advanced calc advocates poorly, and not the long succession of failing students.

The--again, choose your preferred version: incredible stupidity, or vile Jewish lies--that created the civil rights crap of the twentieth century could have been done so, soooo differently, and so much better, and saved millions of black lives from the hell of what came between then and now. A moral, responsible steward of the mixed society Jewish slave traders had created could have established training programs for plumbers and carpenters and drywall techs, and savings programs in government banks, that could have saved millions of Congoid lives, resulted in thousands of cleaner and much safer Congoid neighborhoods, and created an environment of self-respect and sensibility and appreciation that would've turned 90s drive-by culture into working hard to show up your peers and mandated nest-eggs and prisons with a much reduced percentage of black prisoners. Wakanda was a lie, but Europeoids in America could have certainly guided Congoids into living nice, clean, safe lives, if the instruction had been there, instead of the "agitate, get revenge" instruction that the Jewish ringleaders provided. To say this isn't to exonerate Congoids for going along with it, but it is to incriminate Europeoids for going along with it, because there were literally millions of their own lives, not just Congoid ones, and a few dozen Detroits and the rest of their country, riding on it.

Aside from the moral qualms and subconsciously realized effects of the enforced togetherness of the "civil rights" movements, and the deleterious effects that had on the world's northwesterned Congoids, the civil rights movement actually had far more damaging and far reaching effects. By reorienting Congoid society and the Congoids' own minds to understand that everything was someone else's fault (it was, but it was not the fault of a bunch of confused landlocked farmers who were "white" in the northern continents of the world; rather, the soulless Jewish and Semitic* slave traders and their European puppet companies who'd shipped the Congoids off to begin with--and, separate subject, that shows how far ahead they plan and how mentally weak Europeoids are by comparison, because if you let them move in, and you let them establish trading houses, they will do things like start land wars in Asia in your name, or conduct a massive and immoral population move in your name, and you will be left paying for it centuries later with everyone thinking it was your fault to begin with. The things Donald Trump and Jared Taylor are effecting might seem mild now, even favorable, but they plan way farther ahead than you do and they've planned this out on levels of play of which you're not even aware. Seriously, coming to Terra and watching you goys try to play the game of survival against the Jews is like watching the Washington Generals lose another game. It's that imbalanced.).

To be continued in Climbing on the Backs of Congoids III.

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