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Climbing on the Backs of Congoids


The American, then vaguely western-wide, "civil rights" movement was one example of a movement that hurt its presumed beneficiaries as described in Climbing on the Backs of Queers, and a far more deadly one, than buttsecks-related movements.

(And it's appropriate to say buttsecks-related because the old European trend of not giving a damn about who screwed whom unless you needed to bog a pedo was largely carried on into the present as to active lesbians, such that it was almost respectable and expected for women to have women-only friends and women-only activities and women-only spaces, and it took a lot of cultural indoctrination to get people to conceptualize and imagine and accuse the sapphic, whereas it was easier to get them to worry about MSM, ergo foundational Judaism beginning its anti-sex work with perverted concern about buggery. Men had men-only spaces also, but the quiet social tacit acceptance of, and greater assumed privacy accorded to, the total-female relationship, like a couple thirtysomething chicks going on their own two-week holiday and maybe sharing a room to save money at the hotel--"to save money" ha-ha, there're a lot of unknown fights with the husbands and make-ups with the husbands hidden there--enjoyed far less social meddling, even under Yahweh-Christ, than male-male relationships, which took a lot more bullshit stories to keep going. The social disapproval of women with money neglecting social responsibilities to raise the next generation can also not be directly conflated with sapphic behavior; though surely correlated, the refusal to contribute to the future was more frowned upon, rather than, with males, the more perverse social interest in what went into what.)

No one "should" be dumb enough to fall for this shit, an affliction similarly requiring of intelligence comparable to the avid TV viewer. Yet, part of what makes the k'arash unique and effective among beings in this universe is the ability to thrive in shit and not mind it nor try to have better, or more clearly put, the compulsion, the need, to dwell among and control forms with a reduced capacity for being a conduit for light, and to stem the growth process itself. This is necessary for digestion, in the same way that the stomach is designed to kill bacteria, or more dramatically put, bugs swallowed whole who somehow make it down there alive, and we recognize that, but as humans we still sort of lament it. (Consider, e.g., helminths or other organisms designed specifically to live inside the human body, even parts of the digestive system, occasionally just annoying or sickening, occasionally symbiotically helpful like the many other microscopic symbiotes these forms need for skin and other organs, particularly breaking down Terran substances for calories, who are nonetheless killed by the stomach.) So if you have a bunch of idiots, and you have the opportunity either of improving their minds in a slight, gradual way over the course of a lifetime, or having them eat fast food while being proud they voted for some asshole murderer-leader and watching pro sports, the k'arash will always choose the latter, so porn and teevee and shopping malls proliferate as, and as part of, our death. This one laments that overall failure of people to do better, even though everything is not initially capable of being better, just because I'm impatient and something of an idealist, and being here is part of learning about necessity and the beauty, or at least the inevitability, of the process. More specifically put, the fast-food-gonzo-porn-reality-teevee world is, like the k'arash themselves, necessary for better things to happen, although again, if you want to resist then by all means do so, and me knowing it's not going to work and my silly seeming-cynicism about prospects for improving one lifetime's worth of justice need not affect you.

Returning to "civil rights" in the Congoid context, first, consider the benefits the American movement may have offered the fodder group: easing of housing restrictions, establishment of punitive measures for those who wouldn't hire group members, access to more forcibly state-subsidized goods out of proportion to taxes paid, and the requirement that cleaner and better-behaved Europeoid students come to crumbling Congoid brown ("black") schools made to cruelly imitate Europeoid ones, and have a poorer educational experience, thereby lowering in some small percentile the total effectiveness of a racial competition for employment and/or economic achievement, in an environment where all boats sunk a foot so there is reduced opportunity for someone clever to interfere in the competition for jobs requiring minimal skills. Only the last two--harming Europeoid job placement and thereby improving, or making possible, Congoid placement, and, giving tax-bought cash and goodies to Congoids just because--are actually benefits, because the others are either the right to purchase more products or the right to break up the family and put the state in control of children. How well that has turned out for millions of Congoid-shot Congoids since has shown the "failure" of the supposed justification for "state schools for Congoids."

Not really the failure, of course, anymore than the slave-merchants intended their fate after the slave ship to be beneficial. The Jewish community leaders who planned the civil rights movements knew full well that access to more consumer products and attempted forced blending into Europeoid neighborhoods, and the resultant hostility on both sides, would not turn out well for their fodder, and the past, say, fifty years have not been a "failure," but the desired result, just like it was such an unavoidable tragedy that the Israel Foundation War killed 50 million Europeans or whatever. Oh, how tragic, the glorious struggle against the control of the means of production left a few dozen million Russians without food or a few winters worth of fuel and they died, what an unexpected tragedy! Took me completely by surprise, how about you? Here's your bill.

Traditional Opposition to Civil Rights Crusades

In ever addressing this subject, we must take caution to disassociate ourselves with many of the partially correct or outright stupid arguments for "civil rights" having been bad. There exists in some Europeoid circles the notion that slavery was good, because it gave Africans a better life and higher survivability rate than they would have had in the bushlands, but though true, this is absurd, comparable to if a dentist kidnaps a girl, chains her in the basement, but has a paid hygienist clean her teeth three times a day and gives her excellent free exams every month and she lives her life as a slave without a single cavity. The extra dental care is not a plus when considering the chained life; it's a morbid insult on the dentist's part to pretend that the lifetime of captivity can even be weighed and measured in any way other than that hauling her to his basement was completely wrong, end of story, free perfect dental care irrelevant.

(Separate subject, but the concept of "measurement" is something the k'arash really like, and sometime, probably lots later, when you encounter them in another realm, one of the big difficulties will be dealing with how insanely they need to "measure" things, so while you're, say, trying to stop a galactic nova, and they're trying to add and subtract and count and trade stars, it's so effing annoying that listening to them cry about Grandpa's holocaust memories even though the paperwork says he never once left Turkey will seem like refreshing, beauteous honesty by comparison. Seriously, the counting thing...trying to tape-measure the height of the doorway to the millimeter while it's shaking from some dudes trying to battering-ram it's bad here, and I feel it too, but they can and will do worse.)

The first time a Jewish ship showed up with a Congoid, and some disgusting merchant tried to say, "Hey, this one here can pick your produce," the proper response from the Europeoid would've been, "Get him the fuck out of here lest the shot in my blunderbuss find your heart. Now." But that response wasn't given a great deal of the time, and the immivasion worked, costing Africa and the New World prodigious resources, providing incalculable benefits to salesmen of different varieties of product (not only the sticker price, of course, but the social modifications that could only be effected by the recipe), and occurring with no lack of consent and complicity on the part of Europeoids. How stupid you'd have to be, as a species ("race"), to socially imbibe however many tens of thousands of Congoids and start breeding them, is a really professional-grade of stupid, but well duplicates the dumb acceptance of everything the Jew has ever brought the Europeoid, from surrender-based Rabbi worship to millions of Congoids living down the street from your wives, and in a moral sense, it was a genuine wrong to the Congoid, who did not ask for it. Had the Congoid been lured onto the slave ship willingly, by Jews promising "free vacations in America," he might have some responsibility for the outcome, but kidnapping and the whip do not grant that responsibility. The Europeoid, though, was complicit for decades, as bright as a baby being fed ice cream that makes him sick yet still not getting it, clapping and asking for more. Indeed, the immivasion in Europe and America now is a direct descendant of the willingness of so many white dumbasses to buy Congoids from the middle eastern scum who had monetized them. All of those plantation owners buying owned Congoid labor should, in your heart, be viewed as having been as intelligent as a bunch of scantily dressed blonde chicks holding "Refugees welcome!" signs.

(Which raises other tricky, unpleasant questions, such as "How bad do you feel for the 23-year-old sign-holder when she gets raped by Arabs at 26, watches women lose the right to vote at 45, and sees her granddaughters become Ahmed's de-tongued, stick-beaten third and fourth wives at 78?" She asked for it, inasmuch as she can be said to have made a decision in this world. So, too, must the horrors of the American Civil War be viewed. Not to exonerate the northern leaders nor soldiers for their foulness in starting the war nor what they called "Reconstruction," but the choice to buy and import and house and breed Congoids had completely predictable effects on the great great grandchildren of those idiot purchasers, just as have the various immivasions since Judaism hit Rome. Side-side note, the reason Jewish movies and textbooks always try so desperately hard to portray the Romans as orgy-crazed perverts near the end is to create the subtle impression that that was why the Empire fell apart. Just like America, it has nothing to do with Jews, they say, but is the natural failing of the Aryan to lazily give up authority to Jews and Afromestizos while retreating to hedonism, it's completely his own informed decision and has nothing to do with the k'arash behind the curtain. And it really was and is--and having history think of you that way is part of what you trade for one lifetime of material ease.)

To be continued in Climbing on the Backs of Congoid II.

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