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Congoid Racial Superiority

In The Beauty of Suicide, this one said:
Be more realistic. Change "successful" above to "alive" or "not starving and then dying." Organisms, groups of organisms, going extinct isn't unlikely or a joke or an impossibility. We try to pretend it is, now, and that the world has transformed itself to conform to the twisted morals we derive from our illusorily protective culture...
Let's preface this by this one saying that while I'm here I'd prefer to live in one of the illusorily protective cultures, where people are more averse to violence, and where things are more conducive to inventing crap and having safe yard sales and fewer random gunshots and all that. We're considering this scientifically, from a more distant perspective than our brief little lives, and no ones here should be confused personally into the materials.

So, violence. We know Congoids are more violent than Europeoids; it's just an endlessly trackable fact on this planet. Europeoids are better at inventing and using more sophisticated weapons, which adjusts their own body count and makes them dumber and worse in other ways, if such judgments are to be made, but if you just put fifty Terrans into a habitat with no weapons, the Congoid will, on average (or as the only source), produce more violence.

As Europeoids, we tend not to like the interpersonal or mass-stuff, because why are we having a fight about someone standing in "my spot" when our larger concern should be "why did alien researchers transport fifty of us to this stupid terrarium anyway?"

Growing is its own great, sad irony, wherein an energy packet developing in complexity, perhaps metaphorized to mortal aging, provides its own sweet kiss goodbye to early material forms. The Europeoid, for example, can construct more complex thoughts than its fellow Terrans, and understand more of what is happening, and develop a rudimentary theory of organisms that evolve based on competition, whereas the Congoid's slow understanding of bigger lions producing bigger lion young cannot grasp the full extent of this concept. And yet, as the Europeoid grows more intelligent, it becomes less able to survive, and must cede material to the advancing organism. Ironic, because here, one would suspect that the first understanding of a form of evolution (when not crippled by fantasies of some greater scope of existence than sensation-grabbing) would result in swift worldwide eugenics to settle the question that had been raised, and yet, the Europeoid's intelligence has begun to grasp something beyond the material, and material is ceded. Within the material, then, the Europeoid's own ability to see beyond the material makes it less able to survive in the material, until mixed Congoids are raping and murdering great mountains of their young, and the Europeoid is trapped by his own intelligence and wistful comparative foresight, into materially fatal inactivity.

If we develop within that aforementioned terrarium tribes with territories and plan for offspring, the Europeoid might think up something clever with sticks and make his territory a death zone for Congoids until a friendly merchant convinces him that everyone deserves beautiful streams where feces have been buried rather than just put anywhere, and it'll be Europe and Africa and the immigration debate all over again, but trapped in this scenario, too, "I" would prefer the Europeoid zone, and do fine in it, and their culture would be really stupid and ritualistic but way less likely to get me killed by beatings or starvation than the Congoid one.

Race Wars and Ring Wars

For a long time, Congoids have been in a race war against Europeoids, and I'll cite again The Race War of Black Against White, because people living in this modern bubble really haven't added up the news numbers yet and really don't believe it is happening right now and has been for a while. They've glanced at a couple stories about murdered teenagers or raped and killed 80-year-olds, but they're afraid to do the math or ask themselves seriously if some housing restriction should make any decent person do that or wasn't that like seventy years ago or whatever. And history has shown that one-on-one "physical, bodily components only, esoteric White protective rules" matches between the human types of species tend to result in Mongoloid/Caucasoid or Negroid/Caucasoid victors, because more complicated a set of rules confuses the Negroid and to some extent the Mongoloid. The sport of boxing has really shown this, with centuries of "blacks" serving as the supposed toughest champion while being unable to handle the extra angles of a slightly more complicated sport like kickboxing, which we saw exemplified in the recent Mayweather/McGregor fight (not because I watch TV but social people wanted to talk about it), where Mayweather wouldn't have the fight until he'd clarified special rules and acceptable targets and specifically non-kickboxing rules ahead of time (that's a whole separate world of "White" v "Black" stuff, fraught with lots of whining, but given Mayweather's limited knowledge, he would've been kicked down and choked dead in a minute if it'd been a "real" fight, but hey sports make money rah rah sports). And we've seen it in all sorts of international variations on luta livre (which is now properly capitalized in their pursuit of formalization and corporate backing to the American market), where partial-breeds with too much black just haven't been able to hold the top levels for decades, because a bunch of smaller Hispanics can kick the shit out of them. Pure Mongoloids can't do too well either, though infused with a hint of White intelligence and Black muscle structure, they're amazing.

Watch here the first match between Vitor Belfort and John Hess. Hess is a big strong Europeoid, but he gets beat and beaten pretty handily; look at how Belfort, a Europeoid mixture with Congoid musculature and some Mongoloid in there too in nu-traditional Brazilian fashion, drums him out with those fast punches (and if you follow more of Belfort's earlier career, you can really see the black in the way that he boxes, and other fighters had to change the style of the fight so it would be different than a boxing match, and they started winning). On his genetic own, the Mongoloid is cunning and fierce but generally too small or too weak compared even to Europeoids, so we've had these combat-imitating sports for years that are designed for black triumph, then mestizo triumph. All the while, the Europeoid stays dominant when it comes to actual combat, where you can prepare and use tech. And we like to pretend that breeding didn't save the Zulu, but in the longer run, it will, as Europe is now trying to deny.

The right combination for success by individual combat rules right now seems to be to mix a little White brains into the desired combatant, some White physicality but not too much, some Black fast-twitch musculature, Mongoloid tenaciousness, and then have a White mind running the physical aspects of a Congoid/Siberian body with the right random line size, and you have your winner. In the scary real world, it's so gross and boring, but far more realistic, to just watch a bunch of spare-tire Brits setting up a firing line or, more forward, depressed Americans with supersonic jets clearing the air and dropping cluster bombs on their target's forces and populated areas, and the matter is settled. And we play and watch our preferred sport, and think there's more or less "reality" in it as we prefer.

What is Violence?

For the deeper aspects of this discussion, take "violence" to be "actions which harm the society." Which is raping a 90-year-old out of anger, because it removes confidence in younger women that they'll have a peaceful time as elders. And killing people without jobs and with jobs, for the same reasons as well as hurting the production process, and so on down from killing to "stepping on the foot of." That's the stuff that Congoids do naturally, trying to establish and enforce a status that may be ultimately good or bad for their society, depending on who's testing them or using them to fulfill its own sickening desires. We either live in a fantasy where we can educate genes away, or we know that Congoids are more violent. And it bears mentioning that everyone else has noticed also, which is why Congoids don't get celebrated or tolerated much in China or Korea or other places not as heavily propagandized by Jews as the United States. If they even get--because Mongoloids have known the score and, unlike Europeoids, either voided their immigration policy or designed what is there to keep Congoids away--fully Judaized, this may change, but right now, snatches and grabs are lower in Japanese and Chinese cities of comparable size to American ones, it as they say just don't happen as much, often in nearly direct proportion to their Congoid populations (zero versus twenty-three percent, or whatever it is). That's "violence" for purposes of our discussion: affecting someone's body in a way of which they didn't approve. And Congoids do it massively, compared to the other human types here. Even the Mexicans know it, which is maybe surprising to the weirdly anti-white Europeoids in the U.S., how violently and often proactively young Mexican men defend their living space from Congoids, like they know something we don't. Seriously, if a black dude goes walking through a Mexican community he might get found floating in the canal without having otherwise interacted with anyone. That's cold, impartial science, right there, and Europeoids could've done it better over a hundred years ago but they didn't have the chutzpah. And the cries of the millions of unborn children will never be heard over the demands for welfare checks, lol, the Mexicans are so much smarter than the White people with PhDs, seriously, they really are when you think about it.

And Congoid society itself is rife with this kind of violence. Not just in the form of small factional wars using the automatic weapons the White people keep buying for them, but in the sense of boring, everyday violence, like killing the dude who got the job instead of you, raping and slashing the neck of your enemy's mom when he's not around, raping that chick with the round ass you saw that made you feel randy, and it's no surprise they didn't have the time nor the inclination to cooperate on coal plants a few hundred years ago. This violence, though, while seemingly an enemy to progress (and good living) between -1000 BC and 3000 AD, may actually prove to be good and helpful overall. Congoids may be the superior species in the Sol system.

Congoid Superiority

The Congoid habit of larger or stronger or fitter people harassing and killing weaker or smaller or fatter people may, in the long run, create a more hale species. Eliminating the weak, and having more strong kids, rather than building ramps for the weak, may prove a more sustainable means of maintaining humanity. Confronted with current Europeoid technological superiority, we may think that's not true, but those habits of testing, checking, and refining, and maintaining a mindset that remembers the visceral reality of the early and necessary and ongoing competition between life forms are duplicated in a lot more ways, many of them mental approaches to issues, than current tech capability. It seems stupid for the Congoid to push the little dude around and eventually kill him, but then the tribe is taller, and the same concept could apply to intellectual advancement and the survival of bad ideas, which despite their spurty growth, Europeoids really have a problem with would you like to join my party we're kind of socialist democrats? Or just invest $14 million in this dumbass project because the board wants some action and maybe it'll sound good in the community? For years, American blacks have been robbing late night free food places and not donating to the children's hospital even proportionate to their income and asset and population levels and laughing uproariously at special lunches in honor of the disabled, and maybe that's why they're more suited to survive. For example, by 2400 A.D., a Europeoid society may be entirely congenitally crippled, and fall to the invading space-alien force or collapse under its own weight, while the Congoid society may be full of only healthy ass-kickers who either beat the aliens or claw survival out of the air itself. Europeoid "morals" may kill them, as they're doing now in Europe and America, and Congoid realism may save them, such that, in 5000 A.D., there are no Europeoids left. Europeoids may do that to themselves anyway, suicide via Congoid, space-aliens notwithstanding, which rather makes the point, but invading aliens or some other catastrophe may dramatize it movie-style.

Maybe the casual violence is actually a good thing. We shudder, we laugh, because Africans will casually rape us or steal our new TV or whatever else, and may give us a beating or a bullet along with that, but those kinds of subtle fitness checks, writ large and mentally and on policy, may be a means of ensuring protection of females, protection of tech, and protection of self, which is a message that desperately needs to be conveyed. Congoids can keep themselves ready for that ("keep your mind on your money"), while the Europeoids seem prone to a mental disease that, over time, saps their willingness to believe that life here is a material competition. Yes, it should be different, and it's not fair, and I'll be so happy should I find somewhere better, should it exist, but the world is necessarily material, and if you want out of it, the door is that way. People who actually want to be here--who want to fight and struggle for life and babies in real ways, rather than through polite mental games--will still be here. And that may be a process that a much more advanced civilization might need to go through, like the Interstellar Caliphate of Europe, capital Brussels, Imam Mohamed al'Arab presiding and residing.

Bitter Regret

Europeoid weakness ("evolutionary unfitness" in current popular religious terms) has proudly been on display for some time now, and it has been most difficult--perhaps only difficult--for the Europeoid who sort of understands it, but sees that others don't. The Caliphate understands it; their pre-founders speak proudly about raping their gene into Europeoid women, and Breivik is in prison without heirs while Mohammed has raped four white chicks already who all had the baby and it's obvious what Europe will be like after a while. There have been a very few Europeoids who have made suitable biological reactions for survival, such as Breivik and Roof, but aside from that, Europeoid populations are complacent and accepting of death, or in the tiny nooks where this is not the case, so outmatched in terms of numbers and resource control that it's already essentially over. And even Breivik's and McVeigh's reactions were kind of like a sleepy person slapping himself instead of the fly that keeps buzzing his face, come on, wake up, come on, I can't go to sleep now! The k'arash are going to win, as they do on any planet where they're not instantly rejected, and the real contest here will be how they manage the Afromestizo hordes after all the full Europeoids are raped out of existence.

If you don't like this, and you haven't already joined McVeigh and Breivik and Roof, you're essentially at the same level of acceptance of death as the upper middle class who's lived Europeoid all their life and really sees nothing wrong with letting 16 million indios into their state. It's an academic failure, for even the Vietnam marching professors knew how to run basic statistics and predict what would happen if you moved in those indios. Sure, some of them were fine with dying, but not all, and today's professoriat seems unable or ✡unwilling to fake an understanding of statistics of murder and car break-ins and shattered windows and disappeared children. The people who played at black activism in the 1990s would've been scolded by a lot of the 1960s supporters for going way too far and aren't you trying to live in this as a society of peace and justice, man?

And I'm not fighting back, either. We're holding hands across the space between our stretchers, hearing the inmates from the lower floors shrieking their way up here for more medication that will only give them what we have, and we neither want to defend ourselves nor stop dosing. This whole thing has just been remembering what we did wrong. We were too arrogant; we thought the rules didn't apply to us, and taking care of land or food or women didn't mean anything because our "free choice" was so potent it made those things irrelevant. And if you're Bangist, and you think your current mortal perspective is your only perspective, then maybe you're correct and evolution by fitness will take you and your legacy, and then void takes your past.

It's beyond rational contention that some of us wanted this, and some of us were simply too stupid to imagine it could even happen at all. Will the Afromestizos, I wonder, be ready for this fate? Three hundred thousand years from now, when they've inadvertently cultivated intelligence and some of them have rediscovered space travel, will they forget how they got here and go into terminal hibernation while some new lusty species takes everything they've built and destroys it? Fun to speculate about for the individual, but for the individuals here now, learning about this type of existence, feeling righteous or contrary or defiant won't change what has already happened. Europeoids figured out a lot, but they also learned Judaism For Goys, and the Terran population numbers since then have evinced a colossally overwhelming trend. This isn't the only battle. Fight it if you will, it's great if you will, but this isn't the last time, or even the nastiest time, you will see the k'arash.

Will you cultivate internet followers and get them to vote for increasingly nationalistic policies that are themselves impossible dreams even though if they were established it would already be too late? You think you're really smart, but some Afromestizo scientist in the year 14000 A.D. will design a Mars lander that is way better than you could've designed. Does intelligence really matter? Maybe the Congoid inability to civilize itself as the Europeoid has will establish a tradition of dominance shows and pushback that will result in what the Europeoid never could accomplish after a hundred expulsions, namely, mandatory genetic testing for everyone on the planet and executing all Jews, as matter of factly as a Congoid today might rape some poor ninety-year-old Europeoid woman in a show of dominance.

It's hard to use a series of careful newspaper articles to trick a Congoid out of some impulsive plan, which the Europeoid has discovered after five decades of youth intervention articles that, in all seriousness, would have worked the way they were supposed to if they'd been followed, would have kept hundreds of thousands of Congoid kids out of prisons and gotten them great jobs from bosses who were so happy to throw money at black people to show how cool they were. But the Congoid consistently rejected this, and for that, he may survive. What we would call dumb brutality may prove to be the non-rhetorical opponent the Jew cannot defeat. Maybe Europeoids are inferior. Time will tell. In that sense, the Congoid "keepin' it real" holds a much deeper meaning than we thought. And their science, and their grammar, their art and culture, may vastly outstrip ours in 3,000 A.D., because we were lil' bitches not keepin' it real. Rather seriously, we aren't. The Pakis have organized clubs to rape our children, and we don't give a shit. The only sensible solution in such a trying circumstance is to execute every one, and the few who escape can tell stories back home that will really put off another attempt to take over, but as an American urban black might say, Englishmen are lil' bitches and they're gonna lose their rep and they're goin' down. For years, we mocked and pitied them for their inability to master or even understand grammar or the purpose of grammar, and how sad, how funny, that they were always right and we were hugely wrong and we will be paying the ultimate price for it, while they will be fukkin and partyin and drinkin all the Cristal our bitch asses left on the counter.

Time has told already, actually, that the Europeoid is unable to defend itself from about every group on this planet, and would be killed or fuck-absorbed by any of them. Every group with Europeoid admixture, such as the Chinese and the Japanese and the Koreans, gets on eerily well with Europeoids, and the seduction of adjusting a society away from material requirements is a powerful thing. Even the Bangists, who claim they believe in natural selection and no morals but what we make, are afraid to act on their supposed principles, and happily ignore chart after chart of IQ scores and violent crimes committed and the dominance of traits in offspring and populations, and proclaim a loud belief in both evolution and non-evolution. The Bangist most typical, who believes in the scientific Book of Genesis and the Terran strictures of random competition, can ignore any of the "spiritual nonsense" this one says about energy, and still look at population numbers and know what they mean about which different human species here will predominate and which are going to go extinct.

Will holding your hand until the end make it better?

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