Saturday, July 28, 2018

Seriously Fighting Anti Semitism

Like so much else, the lie is too big for many to process. How ironic, and how illegal, it would be to eliminate anti-Semitism. And, how amazing, but eliminating all vestiges of anti-Semitism that still remain in the world today would actually be one of the most healthful things that we could do. You don't think you believe that, probably, but trust me, you should, and maybe you already do, but just have a few terms mixed up. Because there once were Semites, and the people whom you now think of as Semites practiced a brutal antisemitism that killed them, then put on the skins of the dead and paraded around in a mockery of their victims. Indeed, they've had control of our cultural institutions for so long that the Semites are almost as forgotten as the older peoples of Europe.

Because, believe it or not, humans are organisms on this planet, and they have died before, individually and in groups. And some of the winners are still here, doing what they do. And that scares the hell out of some people, so much that they will not believe it. "No," they cry, "no other organisms on this planet could possibly be trying to advance at my expense!" Because only conspiracy theorists believe that these little flying things want to suck your blood, or that if you reasonably explain to the ants not to eat the bag of sugar you spilled by the picnic table, they'll eat the damned sugar anyway. As another aside, if you've made any level of study on how crypsis works among parasites, consider a crypsis that is essentially the same, but far bigger in scope, where human cultural institutions and memories are themselves fabricated to create an impression not just like changing your name, language, new hat or costume, et cetera, but changing our sociocultural perception of written and verbal history to achieve the same effect. The lie, and the purpose of the lie, is no different, but the effect can be far more profound, just like saying "ni hao!" in China is effective, but not as effective as marrying a local girl daughter of someone suggestible who made a few of the right deals and having some half-kids and getting introduced to Lord Suchan-Suech because you have the friend who can get him that rubber from overseas for a damn good price.

Yet, the deception is essentially the same. Because, when you say "ni hao" to a certain person in a certain context in a certain way, you're not just saying hello: you're saying, "I share your history and your genes and most of the basic assumptions you make about the world, and I would definitely not sacrifice your Grandmother to the strafing planes just to make myself look better later on." It's similar to the way that some of us can, say, put on jeans and an old work-shirt and walk into a bar in Texas and adopt a casual accent and say "Howdy" to the bartender, and we've just communicated so much more than an android would have if it had entered the bar in a science-lab apron and said "I give you my greetings" in a metallic voice. Our communication with each other is not just the words that we say, but an incredibly vast panoply of the way we design ourselves to look, the way our ancestors designed us to look, chance and circumstance, and all these thousands of little bits of comportment and bearing and costuming and talking that, if we're honest, convey a lot of efficient information about our personal history and connections and attitudes and proclivities and so forth. And a great part of that is conflicting with our modern age now, where we're supposed to encode ourselves like cheap mp3s, then mere telegraph blips, so that counting and trading can happen with faster download times. That type of point has been made quite often these days, and this one presumes they're still making it, though not in the context of the masters of the technique and the most dishonorable of liars. But because of a racist, anti-Semitic genocide that happened, honest to goodness a real one that time, we're hopefully strong enough to so consider. And if you're interested in studying crypsis more, think about ni hao again, and how very, very much that greeting someone goes beyond the kind of way the tech support dude says he really cares about your issue.

An oft-missed subject since perhaps the twentieth century is that there once actually were Semites in the world, and although there are still a few left without any coherent or communal identity--probably mostly just paler "Arabs" or "Levantines" or "Druze" to the modern Terran--they are not "Jews," anymore than Jews are "Palestinians," even though the Jews may someday, similarly to what they did with the Semites, adopt that identity and be remembered for it by a Terra that has forgotten there ever was an actual place called Palestine with its own people who lived there for generations. ("Land without a people," lol. They always lay the groundwork while you're busy watching some football tourney.)

Can you feel it in the air? The slow genocide we just couldn't bring ourselves to care about, the lying to the world while Palestinians are gradually exterminated, and the re-drawing of borders so that Palestine becomes Israel, and is eventually forgotten, and TV audiences the world over forget that it ever was anything but Israel. Yes, there may be data out there, still, where some nutjob can find proof that there was a country and a people named variants on "Palestine" whom the Israelis exterminated and took over, but no one will care, and that knowledge will fade away, and if the Jews want to call themselves "Palestinians" in the 23rd century, no one will argue with them. Don't be an anti-Palestinite.

It was a racial identity stolen by the people who killed and consumed most of the Semites, so completely that now most people think of Jews as Semites, but it is a filthy crime and a sad epilogue that this departed people is not only forgotten, but almost all general memory of their existence replaced by Jewish history. Our "racism," if nothing else, is colossal on this subject, worse than walking across the stage at the Oscar's hooting the n-word: we don't realize, sadly, how objectively offensive our behavior is in not only forgetting the Semites, but in giving their name to their murderers, and though we're ignorant pups, the scope of our malfeasance should at least be imagined in part. We ask forgiveness from the ghosts whom we will one day join. The colossal human tragedy that the Jews caused by all but exterminating the last traces of actual Semites is significant as to all humans, most immediately because the Jews are doing it to Palestine right now, and to Arabs in general, taking control of the House of Saud but also marrying into a handful of the more fungible Palestinian clans as part of co-opting their legacy. Someday, a small, exclusive group of purported "Arabs" who are actually Jews may be all that is left of the human group that the Jews murdered so many of, and spent so much effort getting Europeoids to murder for them, since 1945.

The same slow, gradual conquest--quality, not quantity--has been occurring for a long time in, of course, Europe and America, as Jews carefully arrange breeding between extremely successful goys and their own offspring. The fate of the Semites that we see today is macabre in scope: we don't know what Semites are, or were, and generally believe that the Jews are and always were the Semites. The reason "cultural appropriation" stuff got so much play in what we call the Terran west, even when it was abjectly ridiculous to claim that Europeoids were trying to steal yoga from the Indians or ballet from African tribal dances, was due to a Jewish projection of their own traits and intentions on some white people who were just innocently trying stuff out. The Jews, though, knew it was possible to kill a people so thoroughly that their memory, too, could be killed. I recognize the essential components of deistic similarity in their Torah, but the term "Jew" is just a local mask, and given what will happen to others and what has already happened to the Semites, it's quite probable that there actually were a group of people known as "Jews" living nomadically in Arabia around 2,400 years ago, and when a certain hostile, clever group showed up, those Jews were eliminated, and the new clever group became "the Jews," and has been ever since--except when they're "Semites" or get a different upgrade. The otherworldly horror, the audacity unbelievable to most humans, is quite difficult for the sheltered, short-memoried us to contemplate. (So too the lack of any sense of actual Terran identity held by the perpetrators, which would make such a co-option sickening for a human group to change its whole name and identity like that, but that's a separate-separate subject, how the k'arash are really linked more to their mission rather than to any costume used for a few thousand years here or there.)

(If you're already considered an anti-Semite, ask yourself the following question: "If Shlomo tells me he's a Semite from the desert, is he being honest? Or is it like everything else he's ever said, a dirty lie?" I've seen inexplicable references to Semites in a lot of old stuff that they don't tend to put in universities or on computers, but even when they've wrapped in or deleted the last of it, what someone tells you about the necessity of a Neo-Cohen philosophy of attacking Iraq now now now because of "WMD" should give you enough info about whether or not they really were the Semites they claimed to be, oh, he shipped them to Syria how unfortunate you'll have to kill some more Others. We cannot rely on the records they have already purged to tell us about the Semites, but we can rely on the lies they are telling right now that are verifiable right now, such as, "We need you to kill those Arabs because they're disruptive to your society. Also, new condos." Just like we can put ten lions in a room with a steak for a week, observe the results, then draw a reasonable conclusion about what lions do with steaks, and what this one lion did when enclosed with a steak a hundred years ago, we can use the Jews' behavior toward the other people of the Middle East to pretty perfectly reconstruct what the past was like. I personally loved reading the old land records and discussions of this community whining that that community was doing something irrelevant on pointless forgotten holiday #12, but we need to start using current, instantly verifiable data to determine what has, is, and will happen[ed], and every second that goes by they are Faceberging every university library and every corner of the internet and it is so like them to pretend that by not adhering to our standards of documentary research that would still be there if they hadn't destroyed them, we're not even allowed to argue. Oh look, they just shot another carload of Arab unarmed teenagers at a checkpoint, gee I wonder what Palestine's population will look like in a hundred years, and what the preponderance of living witness testimony and extant written records will say about how good or bad were the checkpoints.)

More immediately fitting, for us in the twenty-first century, is to consider Israeli bulldozers crushing some Palestinian toddlers in their beds, and then to imagine a time one hundred years from now, when some smiling, kindly Jews, with a few drops of Palestinian DNA in their blood from a marriage of necessity generations ago, are considered Palestinians. The effrontery would be perhaps more noticeable to today's modern then, but as unknown as the co-option of the Semites' identity is now, to the people born then.

Farther in the future, perhaps, just as how the Semites disappeared and then lost their name to the k'arash, or the Jews, what they will call "white people" or "Europeans" may just be another of the Jewish costumes. Considering the interbreeding at socially prominent levels, and the work results and dropped columella of the U.S. executive, who tries to tilt his head forward in photos to disguise it, the work has already begun. Pass a moment of silence for the forgotten Semites, who would be mortified to discover that their killers took their name, their soul, as well as merely their nation and lives. Big separate subject, and really interesting if you can find some of the pre-racism-movements older scholarship; moving on...

Softly rasps the wrapping of the ghost. The more explicit references to the Semites' lives have been mostly vanished, but here and there, in stuff like agrarian surveys or unimportant local political chronologies, the Semites were spared full excision from history, such that I was able to catch a glimpse of them in someone's text about this tribe or that tribe, this city or that city, at least to give some tiny shape to the shadow in the crumbling book or the forgotten microfiche. No doubt gone now in the interests of modernization, for they microfiche all the newspapers of record but have no space for the rest. These were sources that also referenced the Jews and the Hebrews, as distinct from the Semites, and more modern revisions have long ago begun to meld the two, such that any reference to a people called Semites has become, by definition, a reference to the people calling themselves the Jews. Like our knowledge of Europe before the Rabbi started to centralize things under His prize nobles, our knowledge of the peoples of Arabia is barely even speculative, and much of the western perception that "there were like a bunch of tribes over there then, right?" stems, perhaps, from the removal and co-option of one or more of them. Certainly, this type of occurrence is not wholly confined to the Jews, because killing all the adults and boys in a village and then mating the females is a common human strategy, allowing the rapespawn descendants to, legitimately, claim blood rights from some of the tattered remains of their genome. What makes the Jews' "Semitism" move so particularly noxious is that they didn't just do that, but, like a child molester changing his name and moving to a new town with a new job only to return with a bunch of idiot Brits so they could molest again, they adopted an entirely different cultural nomenclature and avowed persona to go along with it, and, more loathsomely still, they were using the identity of someone they'd had killed to get there. Future mirrors past here, too, for unlike the Arabs, who could actually kick asses on occasion, even approved modern history displays (to go with "victim" whining, though likely to be modified away in the years ahead) the accurate long record of Jews being militarily defeated by people on whom they attempted to prey that, as in fostering the Iran/Iraq war or the America/Iraq war, show that then, as now, they were using foolish intermediaries to supply and die and bleed for them.

It is with a deep sadness that we approach this issue, because, seemingly ironically, any attempt to speak against anti-Semitism is probably doomed from the get go, because the people trained to clap for the Jews will, amazingly, exhibit no human response to a different group of middle eastern people being discriminated against (or just "killed off," but they've been trained to growl the most fiercely at words like "discrimination"), whereas the doings of the Jews under "Semites" hats for the past few millennia has been so terrible for many populations that are still alive that they have an understandable aversion to feeling compassion for something which was called a Semite. We may see the cycle duplicate itself in the centuries ahead, such that people are complaining, "Oh, the bank is full of such Palestinians, they bumped my mortgage to 17%!" or "It just makes me sick how the Palestinians are lecturing me about being nice to the Chinese while they themselves have the Amhara trapped in those farming-prohibited ghettos!" We cry because, in trying to speak out against an actual, unfair, unjustified, vulgar, hateful, violent anti-Semitism, the warmongers would prohibit it, and the Nu Euros would be so offended that someone would dare speaketh its name. It's so crazy that it's funny, and so funny that it's crazy, isn't it, that when you control the present you control the past and the future?

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