Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Climbing on the Backs of Congoids III

Continued from Climbing on the Backs of Congoids and Climbing on the Backs of Congoids II.

Besides making blacks themselves feel like, and embrace their only meaningful history as, perpetual victims, the civil rights era made everyone else in the world, not just "white" people in America, feel that blacks were perpetual victims, always asking for handouts without which they couldn't survive the now.

(An actual African American history would prove interesting and rewarding and remedial, were it allowed to be taught. It could open with an overview of major tribes and their lifestyles in 1600s Africa, followed by a discussion of Jewish firms in Europe and the New World, maybe some more focused stories of who funded the "Dutch" East India Company and really got the Triangle Trade moving, and the long Arabian history of enslaving black people; then it could move on to the period of Jewish companies hiring Euro laborers to snatch and grab black slaves and load them onto ships, with the occasional sheikh's assistance. And then life in America, blah blah, a bunch of plantation stories, and the dude shows up who wants to send them back to Africa and has a massive war over it, and kills lots of people and ruins a lot of places but then is eliminated too late to stop his madhouse war but too early to return anyone home, and then a bunch more decades about of course not doing well in the Europeoid economic game and the Africans still in Africa dealing with Europeoid representatives of Jewish companies that try out a more annoying, patronizing colonialism, and then this weird idea that some kind of interference in Europeoid society will make Congoids better at being Europeoids, and the stupidity, and the racism, of it all would be obvious, and the inevitable failures and predictabilities of the process could blend well into the current events course, like the course itself if it had Congoid "students" in a structured Euro educational climate, or the Jewish threat if the Congoids were at last free, but if the world were that sane there would be no more parasites anyway so it would actually be a "history" course, oh, it would be such a nice course.)

And it became a foretelling of its own result, and that has not been good; although there have been many handouts, skimmed greedily by not only Jews but a swollen conglomerate of gentile scum, the net effect on the collective psyche has been worse. There is a shortage of respected, published work, but no shortage of black recognition and opinion, that there were aspects of being roomed and boarded in American slavery that were better than free competition with Europeoids in a Europeoid economy (how dare you impugn the total inherent value of a lifetime of corporate labor you racist!), or the wild bushlands in Africa, or free competition under a Europeoid "justice" system, and indeed, to maintain the positive aspects of all these things without any of the drawbacks, the attempt to create a consequence-reduced or consequence-free version of each perverse game has been long and strenuous. It has also been imperfect, in the sense that the people smart enough to be chosen for legal educations and prestigious careers, and to kiss the right ass and have the correct opinions about Jews and politics, has often put people on the judicial bench who were righteously shocked and angry that Tyrone had shot his seventh convenience store clerk and really did have to be put away for a number of years, ergo the consequence-free model has not yet been attained, but until La Raza is refusing to waste resources investigating a mob which executes Congoids for no particular contemporaneous reason, this incomplete version, of old white goys who just don't get it and think they're some kind of impartial rational official, imperfectly applying Jewish mercy to the noble executioners of dead Europeoids, will continue.

The wounds of the civil rights era have been profound. Consider the major shift in black musical aptitude that the "civil rights" movements helped usher in. Take for example Jay Z versus Scott Joplin, where Joplin's ability to rather masterfully not only play but compose detailed music on the complex European pianoforte became Jay Z's ability to, well, grumble angrily in loose time with music that some Europeoid computing team had generated. Sensitive Nu Euros will be offended at the thought that someone would dare say the civil rights era was bad, but a lot of Congoid potential for refining rare talents of their species was lost in the shuffle, some of it priceless. The numbers of people who just got into "correcting racial wrongs," because their elders and society had spent prodigious resources teaching them that such was the most important thing in the world, rather than pursued other activities, is likely quite high, perhaps total. It is, indeed, difficult for a developing human, constantly hammered with how evil/deserving Europeoids/Congoids are, to make or consider other choices.

Consider, e.g., the percentage of western university students who, affected by one or another showy protest movement, decide that the purpose of their life is not to work hard or build useful things or invent useful things, but to agitate for redressing perceived social wrongs. The combined efforts of the crusaders for sexual and racial equality would, if redirected, produce many good things, among them a massive increase in the wealth of all nations, a few cool new gizmos, and maybe one or two gullible but otherwise functional geniuses. Europe and America have sacrificed generations of their young to the idea that people should be battling, say, "racial injustice" instead of "war" or "cancer," with predictable effects; so too have many more generations of Congoids been lost to the various Sisyphean crusades in which the k'arash prefer their hosts engage.

Unsurprisingly like an American fatty food megacorp encouraging happiness through eating, the civil rights crusade, along with many others, proves highly damaging, perhaps fatal, to the participant individual or group. There are benefits, too, to having an extra pint of ice cream: feelings of increased fullness and food security; the taste of the food itself, and the eating experience. A smarter person can realize that those things are not a good trade for clogged arteries, wheezy walks, or twenty fewer years of desserts, and can be correspondingly upset at the provisioning of burger commercials to a target audience of humans. Even if it makes the future consumers feel happy and excited about burgers, and even if they enjoy eating four of the burgers each day, there is a very real correlation between those burgers and those arteries. Similarly, there are better ways to make Congoids functional, even successful, participants in Europeoid economies, and I believe, though you don't have to agree, that the people who arranged the civil rights show knew that it was a way to cripple Africans rather than assist them. Accordingly, the plague of "street violence" that took Congoid societies in America after the "civil rights" era may be laid directly at the feet of the Jewish comptrollers of civil rights, who are therefore responsible for every drive-by shooting and every five African infants accidentally killed by some incompetent shooter trying to get respect and every mugged mother mugged while carrying her rent home in cash because she isn't eligible for a bank account anymore. African American gangland culture since civil rights has claimed many lives, and the Jews are responsible for the Congoid mother crying about why her dead son couldn't have just taken that grocery store management course instead of trying to up his rep by running the streets.

Congoids are violent, yes, but hopeless victimization and the mandatory crusade against invisible enemies greatly magnified a problem that would have already existed in the attempt to forcibly meld them with Europeoid society. The indiscriminate raiding and posturing culture became moreso in its worse aspects, and perceptions of historical injustice created a "race" specific animosity that redirected and increased the violence of the raiding and posturing that would otherwise have been performed, not only against "white" people but against fellow "blacks." Besides the normal Jewish benefits of easing crypsis and detracting attention from more subtle infiltrations and ethnic differences, came the increased benefits--very tangible, unavoidable ones--of spawning a century of murders and rapes by Congoids, which made them seem, for a hundred years, to be the biggest problem. As Europe has begun to discover, it's so easy for a bunch of stupid Europeoids to graph a few dozen thousand rapes and a few thousand murders and a jillion robberies, and think, "Gosh, race is real, we really gotta do something about these Congoids!" and be so shortsighted that they forget that Jews brought the Congoids, and worse, that Jews knew what was going to happen, so it was a premeditated attack via proxy, not just an unexpected benefit.

Because of slavery, Jews have genetic responsibility anyway for all the wrongs committed against and by Congoids severed from their lands of generation. It is a longstanding tendency of the k'arash to use population movements to create conflict, coming up with ways either honest or dishonest to force or beguile a people into moving to a new place among others with whom they will have conflict. In the case of slavery, technology and nearby diligent Arabs worked out such that Congoids could be taken; in the case of attempting to get whites to move en masse to the colonies, rhetoric failed utterly, because the vast majority of whites proved at least smart enough to not move to Mozambique. "Christianity" did get a lot of them to temporarily move, but not permanently, even for those dumb enough to travel overseas to teach people about how great this one rabbi was. History, if it still existed, would've been a lot different if the Dutch East India company or the attempt to avoid the strictures of evolving Judaism had managed to people various dig sites with, say, a million people from the British isles.

If you don't believe in "races," though, or are a "western liberal" who thinks evil white people caused black people all these problems through unfair discrimination, you should, as with Gaza, see the horror of what the Jews have created, solely because of the Congoid, or black, experience with civil rights movements: the decades of gangsta culture, murders over shoes, and despondent war zones of blacks shoved into urban hells with Europeoid expectations placed upon them, which was so carefully nurtured by Jews over the course of deliberate decades, and which outlook of bitter resentment at low math scores and lack of science! jobs have been terrible for blacks, irrespective of for whites living around them. The nurturing of vindictiveness and other-blame has been very deadly for the targeted grievance group.

(Compare to the result of one of the Jews' sister movements, "feminism," in which the liberation of women to the factory or office resulted in a substantially less happy and more miserable target group, "free" to slave for some boss-jerk and buy more crap.)

The numbers of blacks in America killed by random street violence are unknown, which is a consequence not solely of Congoid lying and not returning census forms, but of the same old banal underreporting and social confusion that have so stymied decades of white researchers trying to get increased funding for this or that. And if you believe Congoids came up with the idea of peaceful demonstration marches all on their own with no Jewish help whatsoever, I've got a bridge to sell you. In Israel.

By contrast, whether you care or don't care about Congoids, the effects of "civil rights" are, like those of the French Revolution, profound. Like the aforementioned mass murders in the Gaza strip, the millions of Congoids who've killed one another after "civil rights" can be laid at the feet of the mendacious merchants, such that it is wholly a black rights and antiracist action to be upset at the Jews, who still love and promote their notion of defining the course of black lives as a competition to be more like Europeoids. If you're not particularly fond of Congoids, the same motivations are there, but a different set of dead people to fill them out; the interesting feature here is that so much of American media is directed toward the enshrinement of Congoids as the most faultless species ever, so the specifically Jewish nature of having guided and fostered the civil rights movement and its aftermath, and its utterly predictable effect on so many ruined or merely hopeless Congoid lives, is one of those glaring contradictions that hopes to reach even the media-absorbing modern.

Think about it, if that's you. Piles of dead black people. Mountains.. Several times more than the police have ever killed, irrespective of pointing guns or shooting back. Enough to make you care? People who are avowedly or proudly racist can care about all the white deaths that resulted from the "civil rights" attack, and should achieve the same correct end results, but the dehumanizing thinkers behind civil rights deserve your ire even if all you care about is black people.

Investment with Human Capital

Mountains. Mountains of black bodies. Even if you believe in denying white people the right to segregate neighborhoods or schools or country clubs, mountains of bodies. That should matter more to you. Paying for it can matter more to the white nationalist, but the aspect that can concern you, simply all those black people dying because it wasn't done right, should be enough. And all that death and destruction happened in part so that the ethnic group who planned it could use those fabricated grievances to obtain control of billions of U.S. dollars in government funding for the crap that you know about and even crappier crap that goes beyond it. Not just nigh-mandatory government jobs, but an endless stream of support for museums that buy and display minority art to no one, grants to minority businesses in special areas that fail in 18 months or less as any venture capitalist would know they'd fail, endless streams of public speakers and counseling organizations with a lot of makework sinecures to hand out to not just $40K a year with benefits dullards but $105K a year supervisory positions with better benefits to more verbose dullards...after the 4% industry cooperation's the little drip feed that releases the most consistent blood.

That stuff would be theoretically well-meaning to the stupid, except that if you skim 2% in fiduciary fees and 5% in consulting fees and 5% in special community session fees and 5% in impact evaluation fees and so forth, the stolen tax money isn't actually going to Congoids, it's going to the Jews who arranged it all. And if it was just thievery, that'd be one thing, but it's that tricky mental kind that works so well on Europeoids with nasty side effects on everyone else, far more reminiscent of the use to which the Jews put the Congoids in slavery. Oh, and this dude might be a yahoo but some of the overview is pretty accurate; try We Thought They Were White if you need an intro on that.

The climbing on the backs of queers is not yet as profitable, and may never come to be so, as using a mountain of dead Congoids to reach the gold. Nonetheless, it is obscene, as a kid growing up who realizes he likes dudes doesn't just realize it's weird and have all his thoughts about evolution and life plans, but instead is taught he's a member of an oppressed group and should be more prolific and public about his ass fuckery in order to strike a blow for justice, and there are absolutely no qualms he should consider he'll feel after he mutilates himself or otherwise risks his health trying to plan his life as a glorious non-breeder. It is, perhaps, more subtle than the manipulation of the Congoid, but the manipulation of the queer is designed with a fate more mentally horrible, and the people who naturally don't want to reproduce or life-pair in that way and get themselves mentally prepared for all that on their own are a minority, at least, although many coherent aging queers may take their own social experience as decisive in the other direction. Unlike with Congoids shooting each other over rep based on Europeoids' disposable income standards, this is not a problem countable in terms of mortality, since it's not our disgusting privilege to know why people eat the handgun barrel and vanish from the story, nor what they thought of themselves before, and the illusion of free choice is a powerful one. Nonetheless, increased mental dexterity comes with its own pitfalls, and the queers who face this abyss alone likely torment themselves more than your average Congoid worries about who will win tomorrow, and you can be the judge about which fate you'd rather endure.

(If you already know stuff about Kinsey and Freud, and the legions of perverted professors who used their work to feed on the more vulnerable younger members of the host population, then draw the necessary parallel between liberalizing America and Judaizing Europe. The longstanding tradition of vicars and priests et cetera diddling the choirboys and using position and institutional pretensions to keep their victims quiet was not a figure unique to pretensions of transmaterial spirituality, but rather, one arising from the types of perversely facilitated sub/dom relationships fundamental to both "Christianity" and "liberalism." Again, this is not to say that every single minister or professor was a pedo; there were surely many good ones who genuinely believed in the nicer parts of their provided philosophy, and used their position of authority to do the nice things suited to them anyway, unknowingly providing cover as they did so for the oft-silent majority of kid-touchers. If you're not inclined to believe in Sky Man, though, look to that comparison more severely, and understand how part of the invasion and domination of Europeoid societies on this planet has always included setting up some important institution that draws kid-touchers like magnets, then protects them while they do what they do.)

Like initial Christianity, the sexology departments and access to uncertain children paid disgusting dividends to the Jews who wanted to make presumed sexual identity public or disclosable to the socially esteemed experts, and one can never track the number of innocent learning or totally unreported encounters that followed the imposition of this rubric. The numerous prominent Jewish sex doctors of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries are perhaps best exemplified by Freud, and Kinsey got so dirty even before the American public that they may have historically excommunicated him after building legions of departments based on his "work," but it isn't only private and never-reported "I remember when Father Bob touched my peepee and I was so scared I never told anyone" that affected America in the queer realm, but also, countless professorships and news consultations and government grants and research projects, that made creating all those gay and transsexual suicides, blacks shooting piles of other blacks and hitting babies by accident, a massively profitable enterprise--not only socially profitable, but profitable in a way you can take to another place when America stops producing fruit.

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