Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Modern Racism

In the literal sense, any belief in the soul is fundamentally racist, because the soul is housed in the body, and limited by the capabilities of said body, much like if you got attached to a wheelchair with a rusted wheel about to fall off versus a brand new one in perfect condition. Your landspeed would be inhibited by the former, not because you sucked, but because of the chair. Even the most starry-eyed megachurch-goers, who think God gave everyone the same essential soul with the same capacity for choice, would not and do not claim a belief that a person who is 3'7" would be able to dunk a basketball on an NBA regulation hoop as well as a person who is 7'3". And maybe you think that dunking a basketball is cooler, therefore those Unitarians are racist bastards, or maybe after the Quake Century the ability to fit through the Earth's tunnel network becomes both survival-conducive as well as the number-one racing show on teevee, so suddenly, if you think the pygmies are both better at surviving and superior players of the tunnel-racing game, while the sub-Saharan African 7'3" giants simply suck at both because they're always getting stuck and dying in tight passages, you're also a racist bastard, but in the opposite direction. The weird, illogical faith in non-racism is a tricky religion, because if you can even tell that someone is a member of a superior or inferior group, you've already committed the racism by noticing that, and since you can rather easily tell the difference between the big, obvious two examples--Europeoids and Congoids--through sight and hearing and scent, you'd have to really horridly maim yourself to become some kind of maybe-non-racist who lacked eyes or ears and nose and actually couldn't tell the difference. Even then, you'd have to put a bullet in the brain so you couldn't braille crime rates and tell that Group M was worse than Group N, so living here is in fact the curse.

You can tell, of course, the difference between Terran Balrins ("blacks") and Terran Barians ("whites") by looking at them, and besides being itself literally racist, that ability to distinguish between the groups leads to all other racism sins. And you can hear the differences in both the natural timbers of their voices, even easier if you understand regional dialect differentiation through experience. Also if you've spent a lot of time chumming it up or exercising around them, or just been around them in certain situations, you can scent the difference between the groups, which a lot of white-only people think is a cruel myth, which shows how rilly sheltered and racist they are. And a double-blind test can always trick some people at some times, just like a lot of makeup can, and you can make mistakes or just want the test to be over, and white people can fucking stink terribly, and if someone's a trained or practiced vocalist or just unique they can fool you even if you're good at telling the difference...and if you know a lot of black dudes but not any black chicks you can be completely oblivious, or just TV-American-informed, about black female voices, and there are all sorts of ways to use vague human foibles to try to prove it's all opinion.

But, computers can tell. Computers can analyze the chemicals in scents, and the pitches of voices, and the composition of skin, and get fooled way less than humans, so the difference is there, even if people can be tricked just like by really convincing transsexuals, or teams of reality TV assholes pretending to debunk something, and so on.

The crusade against racism is self-destructive, because to admit there are races is to acknowledge a perceptible difference, so it's this self-contradicting, freedom-destroying, make-believe problem that can never--and was never meant to--be "solved." Years ago I had the miserable experience of being briefly in some east coast American city with a lot of people, and there was some thing on the local news about some Congoid murdering someone in a really gruesome way, and it was painful watching how painful it was for Avowed Liberal trying to hint that the channel should be changed without actually saying it should be changed; he didn't want to see what he was seeing, hear what he was hearing, and so forth. That problem has dogged people who want to believe there are no differences even as they have to see differences in order to know whose side to take. Funny, but also scary, and it just won't stop. That's hilariously why anti-racism works much better in all-white venues, where Congoids aren't actually around, but are just a hypothetical disadvantaged group that can be conjectured about without being experienced, permitting the do-gooders to believe it's all only as real as it's hypothetical.

All of that has been said before in a variety of forms. What has most characterized the anti-racist period of humanity, though--even moreso than the absurdity of tokenizing people and everything associated with the pretensions that something does not exist which you can only believe in by understanding its existence--is how damned disgustingly racist white people have been about it. Actually, vulgar, deadly racism. What characterizes the person against racism is not anything to do with disregarding difference, but the belief that:

Everyone must be like me. Or else.

What has motivated the sick, evil, and/or stupidly well-meaning white Aryans over this time period has been the disgustingly purulent mindset that all human groups must become like whites, validate whites, desire the same things and pursue the same goals as whites, and eliminate all their cultures and traditions which are offensive to whites. Relations between the sexes not in a white-approved way? Must be ended. Political style not to whites' preferences? Must be ended. Child raising practices not white enough? Must be ended.

Since inception, the Christian colonialism that grew into the anti-racism websites of today has been like this. Black strategies of population management, by warfare, cannibalism, or ritual sacrifice, were much better than their European counterparts' methods. Jew comes to sub-Saharan Africa? He's killed. To Europe? Suddenly everyone's buying paper that entitles them to some imaginary asset they didn't know existed until last year and won't exist a year later. Napoleon. Windsor. Hanover. The Israel Foundation War. 50, 60 million are dead in ten years. White people show up in Africa to civilize them, and more die in a decade of automatic gunfire and helicopter gunship support than ever went into a cannibal's stew pot.

Multiply the white kid's story by, let's say, five million. Watch each one slow. Then multiply the African one by fifteen thousand or so. Over pretty quick. By contrast, it'd take you years to get through the white-ones for just the first half of the twentieth century. Sorry, decades. Civilization, don't you know.

To understand the significance better, personalize it. Imagine a little white girl with pretty blonde hair skipping around the town fountain. Then the RAF comes. She gets some shrapnel in her belly, everyone else has to take to basements in hopes of surviving (most of 'em don't), and so the little girl spends three hours bleeding out by that fountain, seeing the sky grayed by fires and exhaust while she experiences the feeling of her guts very slowly oozing out her side, cries for her parents who can't hear her and will never come, and finally expires. Contrast with a little black girl is roused from sleep one night by her parents, who look serious and tell her Local God has called for her, drag her for the front door, and suddenly she's out for the last time because Mom hit her on the back of the head with a club. Scary, terrible, and over in about two minutes. Which is more civilized, white person?

The benefits white people have brought Africa, to say the least, are things like mortgages, trials, election commercials, sugar water in a colorful can, World Bank loans replacing spending only what you have, health insurance replacing health care, and other such deadly, or at the very least merely terrible, tripe.

In that sense, consider racism. Not only did the Terran Barians instill all their kind of accepted crap on the darker peoples in other regions, they had to engage in this sick fetishist project, hugging the Balrins close and whispering soothing lies while trying so very, very hard to whiten the black people. The self-contradictory notion that they are fighting some evil known as "ability to recognize that people are different" has imposed their technological horror, their capture by banking, and their submission to other k'arash cultural projects on people who gave no signs of being vulnerable to them previously. This is not to say that Jews' stolen banks and governments and cinemas are not something for which the Jews should be judged, but the Terran Europeoids were the sword that was a necessary condition for the subjugation of the rest of the world.

All that has been said before, though, and the point here is to identify the actual racism of the white crusaders. The need to create white versions of every other human group is the operative part that made these centuries of anti-biology lunacy possible. It's real hatred based on a species not being your species, and it's disgusting, just like when one of those evil bastards tries to steal a kid's soul by banging it.

I like black people. I like, oh, let's be really provocative and say, chimpanzees. No, tigers. Tigers. Okay, I like tigers, I think they're beautiful, I like to watch them do stuff through steel mesh, and I think they're a great addition to the world. It makes me vaguely happy that there are some of them out there doing whatever it is that they do. I don't have any delusions that we should live together, that they should walk down my street, that they should be at the store I most commonly go to, and so forth. I trust and respect and honor their differences, and I want them to be somewhere doing what they do because even though I might want to move into some condo development built on former tiger territory some day, for fuck's sake there is an ugly ten acres not far away and there is enough space for way more condos in this world without bothering the tigers for at least a few thousand years.

This one would say many of the same things about Congoids, and for it be deemed "racist" by the terrible haters who want to crush everything that the Congoids have ever done and make them embrace some demented version of modern white history.

You must learn a written language and communicate and store your thoughts in that language. It is not permitted to develop a certain way of living based on oral communication and personal relationships. You must destroy your ways and adopt mine.

You must adapt to a future-time-oriented system of storing hypothetical value determined by the opinions of many millions you will never meet, and base your survival and that of your young around this value. It is not permitted to only store value in inherently valuable things. You must destroy your ways and adopt mine.

It is inferior to base your sustenance around physical labor. You must make yourself indolent, striving to avoid use of the vulgar physical ways and join us in our quest to disavow and destroy the body. You must destroy your habits of enshrining the body.

Life and death are frightening. You must stop welcoming death as part of life, and instead live in torture rather than accept death.

Men and women do not make children with their bodies, but science does. Men and women are illusions that we can overcome. Men are women and women are men and no one is anything but what we decide. You must embrace a world of fluid definitions. We will tell you what things mean.

An acceptance of matter's influence on the soul is racist by modern pop-definition, just like not expecting someone to dunk a basketball with 3'7" of height, regardless of their character or true expression of love for or true connection to basketball. Even in a world of only material, the composition of the brain and ~

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