Saturday, October 6, 2018

Diversity is Strength

One of the great ironies of this age is that diversity actually is strength. It's ironic, because more intelligent people can tell, even if they've been conditioned pretty hard not to see it, that various versions of this slogan are being used to kill them, or at a lesser level of comprehension, that the slogan is simply used to make bad things happen. Like, the Fed, attacking various countries for offensive rather than defensive reasons, killing a lot of little kids with flying death robots, and so forth. Ergo people begin to develop a slow understanding of diversity being bad, since it causes huge amounts of rape, child abuse, robbery, and murder, and the people under its banner are rather obviously destroying the world.

It is, therefore, natural, understandable, and in many ways a correct reaction, for humans to begin to develop an understanding of diversity being bad. "Diversity" is correctly seen as the banner of tyranny, as State prevents people from forming neighborhood agreements, nation-state agreements, education agreements, and so forth, and the State is constantly barraging growing children with the idea that "diversity" means they should feed others and not themselves, and it's morally right to subsidize the housing of people next door who rape your offspring, and so forth. It's quite literally an unabashed philosophy of suicide in 2018, because prior generations of Americans could be said to be stupidly, if honestly, investing so much in Congoids based on the superficially reasonable proposition that housing and feeding and growing them might result in that many more helpful, productive fellow citizens. It didn't, of course; it was a stupid dream, those of them who actually believed in it, but it was, at least--again, superficially, and plenty of Europeoids who knew something of one or more other species knew that such plans were incredibly dangerous, expensive, and going to fail--a rational attempt on its face. Since no one had tried to create a Europeoid-style civilization or Europeoid-style people out of other groups on a large scale, before, the first universalists had the excuse of saying "it might work!"

Now, though, we're massively beyond the beginning of the pawns' justifying dream, with over a hundred years of data that it is always and forever an idea that will fail. Europeoids have tried everything to make Mongoloids and Congoids into Europeoids--being extra nice, including education, proximity, giving them presents, giving them guaranteed food and housing and child care and medical treatments for life--and nothing has worked to turn them into Europeoids. They've even tried "reduced or zero punishment for violent or mortal crimes," and "have this womb and make a baby in it, we'll pay to raise it, and then it'll surely be like us," and still, still, they wouldn't become Europeoids. And yet, double down ("double" was in like 1880, they're in the hundreds now actually), and it would hurt too much to admit you were wrong, and the show must go on.

The end result of the giant diversity crusade is a (malevolently; evilly) reaction against diversity itself, just because it was the slogan of so much bad stuff. And that's the old Jewish trick of heads I win tails you lose, wherein the contest is rigged to keep goyim losing no matter what. There is no good way to play the game; you're supposed to stab the thing that creeps around town trying to trick people into playing its three-card Monte, not to come up with various winning strategies for the game. A sad part about being here now is realizing that we've been had for a long, long time, and the chances of not continuing to be had are about nil.

Plan A from our increasingly less-well-hidden overlords is just all the Aryans continue to get outbred, and instead of just being a dwindling global minority, die out, and then Detroit is a predictive model for the world, except without a nearby population that can keep subsidizing the ruins. Various enforced togethernesses for the various species have managed to subsidize less effective groups into reproducing more incapable individuals, perpetuating those groups' inability to develop more or eventually primarily members that can thrive in a more technological world, while reducing birth rates among groups that already could deal, which has an inevitable and macabre conclusion for everyone. E.g., populations stop developing as many, then any, substantially new goodies; populations become less able, then unable, to maintain prior goodies; then the food and water networks designed to work with said prior goodies stop working, and shit gets real yo. Johannesburg, or rather all the imitative European states in Africa, since the strike on Aryans there, has been a petri dish for the future world, and like Detroit without other locations to leech off of, the inability of America and Europe to continue to fund even rudimentary eating in the wastes remaining will make it rather unpleasant to be there, but it's rather less their fault for believing that things will get better than it is for the Europeoids who've spent over a century believing they could reshape all other humans into they themselves.

Anyway, diversity is strength. That's part of the longer strike against humans here, is that even some unlikely resistance to the faux dichotomy is so likely to be against "diversity" that it'll pay off for our deadly parasites in the end.

How is diversity strength? Well, a bunch of Congoids in a formerly white neighbor--

(Let's take a moment and discuss "Congoids," first. It's not a derogatory term. The Congo is a big, beautiful river teeming with good living things. It's not immortal as we see it, but it's very long-lasting on a scale of human lifespans, resisting many stupid human acts of clumsiness that could've killed a lesser river. Its place in the ecological system of the southern half of the African continent, to say the least, has been pivotal for the development of about all life there. It's a really good, really vital, really helpful thing.

Europe has no such single river. It has a lot of other good shit, but not as integral a single part of the system as the Congo. It's an honorable thing to be a Congoid. Yes, they don't do calculus as well nor non-violence, like this one gives a fuck, but they're descendants of the Congo, similarly to how all humans here could be legitimately called children of the stars. And systems are complex, and the dividing line between what in particular makes a river separate from a jungle or from all the other parts of a continent is human conception, which can be argued about--but, with the way we name and conceptualize things here, "Congoid" is really appropriate, really meaningful, and not about math nor "inability to form European-style nation states." It's a compliment that something that symbolic of genetic history and systematic bonds exists to have a role in nomenclature, and nothing else exists on this planet to fill that role, not only for Congoids but perhaps for everyone else. The cross-bred Arabs might've once gotten to call themselves Nilotics after the Nile, but that was a misapprehension then and now, since the rapespawn of northering Congoids and hapless Europeoids bears little if any particular relationship to the Nile, then or now, while the comparatively rather small population of Congoids whom the Jews sold to idiot American farmers a few short hundred years ago still bears that relationship, as almost all Congoids stayed in southern Africa from 100x thousand years ago until now.)

Diversity is strength because a stronger ecosystem is a stronger planet is a stronger "dominant species." Putting aside the concept of spaceships battling each other with their fleets dependent on a central solar system's resources, that means all sorts of improvements here. We respect diversity not by trying to force Congoids to live like Europeoids, nor to come take Europeoids' stuff, but to live in their place and do their thing, which improves the whole ecosystem that everyone, Europeoids included, uses. If a bunch of lemur are--oh, let's be more offensive, let's say "mountain gorillas"--if a bunch of this other species is living contentedly in their place, they're happy, they have the stuff they were grown to blend well with, and Africa is this giant gain to Terra rather than a painful abscess, which it rather is now. This one's been stung by a few bees now and then, but we don't want to exterminate all the bees, because they help our planet in really fast, obvious ways we can understand; it is so with Congoids running around the Congo-system doing all their matching stuff, tho on a much different time-scale. Just like if our memories were limited to less than one year, we might think eliminating all the bees in one fell swoop is fine, our short-on-a-different-scale perception of the benefits of Congoids seems rather blind as to what they do when they're not being given "democracy" and "finance capitalism" and all the other crap stupid Nu Euros keep trying to make them take. Our parasites have an instinctive knowledge of this, and while combining Europeoids with Congoids destroys European-style societies, it also destroys African-style societies. As all the white people stop having kids because they're paying 40% federal tax and ~10% state tax and sales tax and property tax, to maintain a partly honest police force and schools and firemen and water authorities and welfare et cetera, the whites eventually die off, and the support structure that the Congoids have been made to need vanishes--so everyone dies. Leave a bunch of Congoids in Africa and they'll do great, eat rich and fuck often, but throw them in a Nu-Europe and they'll grow dependent on white charity and die once there are no more whites around to maintain it.

Put Congoids in Detroit, and they'll destroy Detroit, then suddenly there's no food or water and Europeoids somewhere else have to "save" them by giving them those things on behalf of the vanished former tax base; what happens when there are no Europeoids left, though? On their own, the Congoids have their farms and rivers and hunting, and do just fine: healthy, hale, and a great part of the planet.

That's what it means to "appreciate diversity," really; is to be able to like, or tolerate or banally appreciate, not only differently-appearing people, but different kinds of human behavior, while acknowledging the reality about them, which is that rocks generally have a different molecular composition than cotton, and are almost always "harder" than cotton. It is a great irony of this period that "Diversity is strength" is actually true in a literal way, and it's a different level of the game that Jews are better at, and are of course winning as the Aryan global minority slowly dies out: the great, stupid crusade this time is using a motto about diversity that sounds nice, but is actually trying to make things less diverse, more uniformly acculturated despite genetic background, and to deny that difference can or does exist.

There's probably no way out of this, but just to theorycraft, any recovering population here would not want to have a violent revenge on the problem elements in its society or their cohorts in the other states Europeoids built and named for them. Let them alone, stop enticing them to your areas, and they'll return to the natural ways that they actually like more and that are healthier for them. Some slightly-smarter future Europeoid civilization should not, for example, try to make global crime rates or corruption rates equivalent to wholly-white Swedish ones, and should not eliminate whatever scraps of nominal Congoid governments might still exist, even though doing so would reduce all future "murder rate" statistics. Rather, let them have their space, and let them do their thing. They and the Aztecs barely had rowboats before whites started buying them the occasional play-navy, and what they do have would eventually break after a century or so and not be replaceable by them, so natural boundaries would return, and they could just completely do their own thing, making this planet healthier, stronger, and more rewarding for all of us. I don't waste time trying to make the bees land on the trackpad and learn to tap their leg four times when the picture "2+2=?" is displayed, and I also don't waste time laughing at them for not being able to consistently tap the proper number of times. I don't want them to land on me or build hives inside, but I also don't "dislike" them. In fact, I think they're great, and I'm glad they're out there doing what they do. If you can believe in someone thinking that who really doesn't give a fuck who develops higher math or builds new technological goodies, but just wants them to be themselves without looking down on them by comparing them to others based on others' scales of quality of achievement, then you can begin to understand how diversity is strength.

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