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Postmodern Racism

In Modern Racism, this one touched again on the mental flaws in the primarily white approach to what they call locally "races." Again, this appellation stands in defiance of their own classificatory schemes. Another setback attributable wholly to later-stage Judaic (or "Christian") universalism-for-gentile-trash, all of the bipedal, hair-lite great apes which could generate language understandable by other humans were suddenly lumped together as the same species. This ridiculous interference of the Torah in Terran science has persisted since, such that most people are not aware of many of the rather mundane factors that went into classifying species, the less obvious differences between the human species, and the ways in which many other Terran species are very, very similar to other Terran species. For example, members of distinct species can and do sometimes produce fertile offspring when they fuck each other, but that ability to produce fertile offspring does not suddenly mean the species are the same. The differences in skull shape, brain size, bone design, and disease tendencies, are by themselves more than enough to justify an academic comprehension and acknowledgement of speciation between the human groups we're discussing, and indeed, in the centuries before the horrid twentieth, scientists were well on track, even without very good microscopes or cadaver labs compared to 2018, to defining Terra's humans as Negroid, Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and a few little hybrid groups, like Jews, which were presumed Mongoloid/Negroid blends back then, but which have now used so many Janissary-type Ashkenazi-factories that the Jew of the 21st century is extremely different from that of, say, the twelfth, and more importantly, world historical memory has come to envisage today's Ashkenazi as what Jews always looked like.

That's a separate subject, though; hybrids aside, the easily identifiable, even visually-only, species were on the track for science, but there was a big battle between some of the last few actual scientists, and the Jews and their idiotic Christian puppets, about how Yahweh-God made the soul and therefore here were no races (except for the special Chosen, who might be "white" or might be the Chosen superior of all including whites, depending on what suited them at the time). And the Torah won again, and continues to win, even though now we can do more than weigh cadaver brains, but can do imaging on all the different parts of the living body, and track diseases worldwide, and see even more how different these species are.

And the Chinese know it, and the Arabs know it, and the Congoids know it, and the pygmies know it, and the Japanese know it, and even the fricking Mauri know it, and the only ethnic group stupid enough to develop people who actually have this continuing faith in Torah successors is whites. (Yes, the Arabs have a problem with believing a Torah successor, but in so doing, they haven't allowed their stupid play-story to override the practicalities of survival, ethnic differentiation and competition, and so forth. They believe their fool's "Torah for Arabs," but unlike Europeoids and their "Torah for whites," they're still willing to fight like it's about survival.)

Nu Euros do a lot of great things, but they were and are still the only ones to consistently fall for the stuff the Jews churned out. There are a lot of Aztec Catholics, but fuck with them and they will cut you, S-A, and they don't actually believe in the peaceable, forgiving crap like the whites do. Even the Arabs, who got into the Torah in a big way, kept open the old attempts to defend their lives and lands, in a way that the Europeoids could only brush at with milkwater "go ahead and emigrate to join your friends and bring your banking pawns back in a few years" Hitler. The Arabs adopted Islam, but like the Europeoids, adapted it to their native method: expand, kill, enslave, brutalize women, and so forth. It's not a very "nice" philosophy, but it's biologically successful. The Nu Euros, by contrast, made Christianity about giving up and giving away, "Yes, please rape my daughter, go ahead, our wombs should be your property too!" The Jews initially wrote Islam with all sorts of escape clauses for letting people fake-convert to join their societies, and the Arabs responded by stringent social regulations and brutal oversight that whittled down most of the non-Arab fakers, while the Nu Euros, presented with a similar philosophy, bent over to take it for more than a thousand years, letting Jews, north Africans, and various Asians fester in European lands while their children were being constantly raped and members of other ethnicities became more and more formally in charge. Nu Euros are a curious species, rather the opposite of the cuckoo, where they try not to survive on others, but for some strange, terminal reason get off on dying to cause others to survive.

And now we have such superior technology, and MRIs and CTs and ultrasounds can rub our face in the Christian universalism not being even remotely true. We can discover that the skin and hair of the different human species formed separate evolutionary relationships with types of bacteria that live on them from birth to death, and that there's a weird conflict and maybe skin problems with cross-breeds, and still, there's this Jewish "Christian" pretension that the scantily clad rabbi on the cross made them all the same. Even though the western medical cartel is hugely against recognizing the differences between the species, it does still like to sell things, so warning men and women about different risks for different conditions, and different species or "races" about different things they're more likely to get, can still happen.

All that is rather mundane now; what we'll do here is discuss two developments of the stuff we covered in Modern Racism: firstly, the ways that people who recognize these differences are often as skewed, morally and logically, in their perspectives as the people who hide their eyes, and secondly, more specific detail about how the people who refused to acknowledge such differences are working to destroy the races, primarily Congoids.

Firstly, racists. At times amazingly more ignorant than anti-racists, at times amazingly better informed, the "other half" of this ridiculous recent dichotomy is the person who self-defines as, or privately believes that, he or she is "racist" because said person admits to himself or herself that s/he can tell the differences. Maybe because those damn black kids keep stealing the car stereo, maybe because s/he went to school with a large minority or majority of non-"whites" along with a bunch of poor white kids and could tell it wasn't about family economics, maybe 'cause you've been mugged three times and are starting to notice a pattern, or maybe just because you're intellectually honorable and have just read a bunch of statistics.

Either way, the "racist" reaction to differences between the human species (or just ignore that crap if it bothers you; it's fine to say "races" if you want, since that's an arbitrary local definition Terrans created themselves, and they could've made up different classificatory terms if they'd wanted to; this one just emphasizes the difference because of pointing out local hypocrisy regarding their own standards, not because it matters whether or not we call them species or races or apples or oranges) is often really decidedly stupid. This one equated it before to yelling at a dog for chewing up something when it was trapped in a house for a long time: so many, perhaps all, white racists, who can tell from personal experience or statistics that Aztecs or Congoids or whoever else are different than Europeoids, who are either lots smarter or lots more intellectually honorable than people who pretend to be race-blind, do so in essentially the same way that the starry eyed western liberal does, which is to say they continue to use "western" Europeoid mores to evaluate the behavior.

E.g., the western liberal dumbass says, "Black people are just like white people, and should have reduced expectations for mathematical achievement and crime avoidance because of the legacy of poverty unfairly created by whites!" The terrible, arrogant implication, as discussed earlier, is that the western liberal believes it is completely unacceptable that black people live like black people, so he incessantly sends missionaries to make black people destroy their homes and install white infrastructure, governments, borders, food distribution networks, and so forth.

The western race-realist, by contrast (who may consider himself an actual conservative, as opposed to the generally older, whiter actors who liberally pretend to be conservatives in western politics), uses those same white standards to judge blacks: "Hahaha, they can't do our math, they can't do our clean streets, they can't stop raping nonagenarians, their PhD dissertations are copied, ha!" Which is true, but still a really stupid, inappropriate way of judging this human group, and betrays some of the universalist enchantment at turning everyone white that the liberal himself carries. What race-realists (primarily, like the modern liberals, following a Jewish-designed plan of faux-resistance to a faux-authority) should be doing is not engaging the opponent using those myopic assumptions.

The "Obamacare" con provides a suitably morose example of this false dichotomy. For a government supposedly of and for the people to partner with private industry to make the purchase of a product--even a good product, and this one was decidedly the opposite plus that runoff from the broken sewage plant--mandatory, it is an act of open tyranny, even more obvious than the "income tax." Yet any potential objection in this vein was channeled away into a playroom over whether or not it was the cheapest possible way to be forced to buy a product, the fairest possible way to be forced to buy a product, and so forth, when a decent discussion would've been if the executive figurehead and all the congressional figureheads should've been executed or merely exiled to make it less crowded when the various industrial partners were placed at lifelong hard labor while the republic was being restored. Yet again, as though mediating a discussion about what the income tax brackets should be, the American public proved dumb enough, and averse enough to freedom, that said freedom was deemed outdated and unnecessary.

Indeed, the Obamacare attack on the people was interesting, because with various extractive taxes, the elimination of freedom of speech and association, and many other tyrannical laws, about the only thing that America had left by the twenty-first century was "freedom to purchase," which was a hilarious charade to continue the ending of that dream of hypothetical freedom. And even the great American freedom to purchase was openly destroyed by the ACA ("Affordable Care Act," lol), which brought the number of American freedoms from one to zero. It's funny enough that the government had eliminated all freedoms but the right to be a great consumer, and even funnier that they couldn't stop at that, but even had to take the consumer crap itself down.

The false dichotomy works similarly with race, wherein discussing the different capabilities of groups, as adjudged under white standards, avoids the issue. Even the really crime-free, really intelligent Japanese have their own ways, and should be left to them (and this would be such a better, richer world, with massive GDP and standard-of-living increases and nowhere near as much Muslim if they'd just been allowed to conquer the south Pacific back when the Jewfags decided to trim them back while murdering Germany). Congoids shouldn't be judged by European standards, and arguing whether they fall short or match evenly, even though "match evenly" is the stupid argument, keeps science on the hamster wheel. Classifying Europeoids or Congoids correctly--by whatever term--as not in the same slot as other human groups, who should also not be totally sharing one another's slot(s)--would actually be much better for all groups. Endlessly haranguing the pygmies to learn how to dunk basketballs on NBA regulation hoops will not end well, and blathering for another century about how Congoids simply must do math and manage the household finances like Europeoids is destined for failure, but more importantly, is a torment for the Congoids, constantly wondering why they're not changing like the Europeoids say they will if they just join more anti-gang activity clubs in primary school.

This is why anti-racists are "the real racists": because they hate Siberian-Americans, and African-Americans, and Africans in Africa, so much that they absolutely cannot tolerate their culture. I'm fine with living a little life, letting the Aztecs and the Africans run around the jungle hitting each other with old animal bladders filled with paint and raping random females they find and having a wall with machine guns so they can't come and do those things next door, and in addition to that, they'll have their own art, and languages, and achievements, and their ways of doing things, and that's just fine. Let them make it, let them have it. The key to calling this one a racist is to be an actual racist, and say, "Those aren't their ways! Their ways are really my ways! What they really want is mortgages and waltzes and tight clothing on the men that constricts their testicles to make them have reduced sperm count but look proper!"

The awful racist attempts to adopt away endless piles of other groups into Nu Euro society, beguiling them with TV and Chrysler 300s so that they'll say they actually prefer those Nu Euro societies, are the actual wrong here. When we're surprised that Congoids and Arabs and Aztecs keep raping Nu Euro women, it is not clear which is worse: the stupidity of the people who had the original idea to forcibly blend all those groups (and/or the shabbos goys who originally proposed that "we" should forcibly blend them), or the stupidity of their idiot heirs a century later who have all that data and just keep believing in the demented dream. The powerlessness of that data to change people shows that this was a more spiritual choice than a logical attempt to improve society by bringing the inhabitants of the tortured wildlands into the cleared cities and fields; it was always more a religion than a science experiment, and the dundering Nu Euro has tried to pretend it was science ("successful" or "succeeding" science, as the pretense may go) to his own ultimate peril.

There are many parallels to this kind of behavior in Nu Euro society, and consider here the "Indian school," where American Nu Euros attempted to steal Siberian-American ("Native American" or "Aztec" or "Hispanic;" it is so goddamn offensive to not call them Siberian based on geographic origin, or Aztec or Incan based on their own self-defined imperial titles) children away from their homes and cultures and whiten them by forcing them to put on white kid clothes, learn European speech and math, and so forth. There's a great scholarship on Indian schools, most of it produced by an earlier generation of anti-racists who were correct in their disparaging of the policy of white people taking children from these Aztec communities and trying to whiten them. It was a big failure, of course, for the Aztecs remained Aztecs, and besides the kids hating the schools the parents blamed the schools for stealing their children, and it's another one of those places where this one's blathering brushes up against normal Terran scholarship; seriously, there're lots of essays and books about how evil and unfair Indian schools were for you to look up if you wanna get into that. And most of these works, especially the later ones before Nu Euros began to realize they were effectively criticizing the math programs for Congoids in their public schools, really started to slip into a good analysis of how whites thought their culture was so great it should be superimposed over all other cultures. But of course, the authors did think white culture was best, and did think Aztecs could do effective astrophysics and stop raping so much, they just thought it should be done with more imaginary nature-loving culture, so that part was a wash, but at least it had a shadow of recognition of how Nu Euros had this desperate need to steal darker children and try to reform them into whites.

Good stuff. And again, this one would prefer to live in the less-rapey, less-casually-violent culture, but despite this one wanting to do its own thing, that doesn't mean that this one hates or disparages Congoids for wanting to run around hitting other Congoids with sticks. I don't want them to hit me with those sticks, or any others, but I'm completely fine with them doing that themselves. You don't think that, because in this giant Nu Euro world culture we have now, it's supposed to be offensive hatred that I think that's what they'd do on their own, or at least the difference between what I'd obviously prefer for myself and my recognition of what they'd do on their own is presumed indicative of me somehow disparaging them. But not so! I'm fine with Congoids running around the savanna hitting each other with sticks just like I'm fine with male deer battling with antlers during the rut. They should do that. That's their thing. It's a good, wonderful part of life that they're out there doing their thing. Locking them up in houses and getting culturally shocked at them when they lock antlers during the rut--or laughing with a bunch of other "racists" that they just don't do their math homework right--is so stupid, so hateful, so antilife...there is really a problem here. Some of the problem probably originates from people feeling that their human activities are so amazingly greater than the animal activities, like, "I'm so cool because I can do the quadratic equation while the deer are just at the rut!" But even the banalities of Terran biology bear that rationale toward stupidity, while the progressive advancement of lightforms means that making fun of the deer for the rut is similar to making fun of the second-graders when you're a third grader, because you were there and one day they will be where you are now. And really, what kind of asshole are you, Nu Euro, bringing the deer inside and dressing it up in a business casual suit, patting its head and telling it, "You're going to be an aeronautical engineer someday!"
You must learn a written language and communicate and store your thoughts in that language. It is not permitted to develop a certain way of living based on oral communication and personal relationships. You must destroy your ways and adopt mine.
This one likes written languages. This one prefers written languages. Being able to use them to communicate is superior in many ways to oral, "instant" languages, where most people can pick up basic things quickly orally, whereas they take some extra processing time doing so through reading. So there's a bonus either way. For this one, who can type and read at greater than average speeds, this one can usually type at a speed equivalent to what a normal person talks at when discussing new subjects (generally not keeping up with sequenced jargon or repeating stories that've been told often before), but can read a typewritten page faster than hearing the equivalent information, so when people do podcasts or movies, it's frickin' annoying because it takes like six times longer to get their message. At certain levels of complexity of information exchange, too--it's a sliding scale--people stop being able to understand things they only hear, and need to see it "spelled out," because their reading process needs to be a complicated process of going back and rereading parts of it, and referring to earlier terms so they remember or connect what they're doing, and so forth. At a certain point of descriptive complexity, almost everyone breaks down and needs that printed text to know what they're doing, and it's impossible to have a society here without technical or descriptive text or illustration helping convey certain information.

There are all sorts of gradations between Nu Euros, and some are functionally illiterate and all that, but the point here is that the ability to remember things as patterns of sound, not as textual images or the brain patterns associated with technical images, was a big talent of the Congoid species. They didn't write, they didn't have to write to do their thing, and they had a really great tradition of oral history and oral communication that is just not being served by the attempts of the white racists now trying to pretend that everyone can and should be white. What medieval-imagery-obsessed ignorant Nu Euros would characterize as "bards" was a lot more Congoids proportionately, and it's funny to watch a bunch of white liberal assholes suddenly rediscovering going to a storytelling festival and talking about how great it is, while they demolish black oral traditions because, to convey certain technical information on this planet at this stage of development, you need text. Nu Euros sometimes like hearing "rapping," but they've utterly ravaged black oral tradition, and that's really a loss for all of us, certainly most for Congoids.

So many of the holdover aspects of Congoid speech derive from this tradition. E.g., Congoids rhyme and emphasize in certain ways, because in oral cultures that's what you use to remember things without text, and it works fine for some white asshole giving his speech too, and it's this nigh-genetic thing for Congoids. As before, it's evil of anti-racists to have crippled this in order to pretend that Congoids can read and assess quarterly reports. When white racists, by contrast, delight in how bad Congoids are at those tasks, it's like being excited that a moose isn't as good; the social scandal should be arguing that moose should not be in offices, duh. not that haha Africans aren't as good at analyzing quarterly reports.

Again, to make it clear, I like text, I prefer text, text is loads faster than listening to some jackoff ponderously explain things with self-deprecating humor--or even someone reciting pure information so rapidly you can barely make it out--written language is just so much better when dealing with these people. With the way the brains all of the humans on this planet work, it's necessary to do more complicated technical things. But it was evil, wrong, and terrible to destroy Congoid oral behavior patterns because of the Nu Euro obsession with making them plan finances and balance checkbooks and shit like that in the Europeoid style. With 30K rapes a year in the U.S., or 35K, or whatever it is, there are bigger, more visceral problems with Congoid assimilation fantasies right now, but it is a huge, transcenturial human thing that whites on their stupid "anti-racist" crusade have so thoroughly struck against African oral language. Even the most ignorant African rural people now are trying to learn a few words of English so they can help fill in a few spots on their village's IMF loan application, or better coordinate with the virginal 30-year-old bitch from the aid agency. And that bitch represents the hundreds of millions of white assholes who are really trying, really trying to reform Africa into this giant white republic to validate themselves, and hopefully the heartless Chinese won't care about African writing as long as they can extract the iron or whatever the fuck else, because yes it will be horrible, but it won't be as horrible as what whitey has done.

This is where the stereotypical notions of "racism" and "hatred" really break down. High Arka is a terrible racist because HA thinks Congoids can't do math and congenitally hit each other with sticks--easy saying, and completely validated by all potential conversations. But, if HA also is aware of and supportive of African oral tradition--not in a "just mentioning it" way, but in a "millennia of variegated human development" way, and a "cosmically fulfilling an otherwise dearth in the planet"--HA is a more terrible hate-filled hardline conservative racist, but also a more wishy-washy Pollyanna bleeding heart, than the rest of the spectrum.
You must adapt to a future-time-oriented system of storing hypothetical value determined by the opinions of many millions you will never meet, and base your survival and that of your young around this value. It is not permitted to only store value in inherently valuable things. You must destroy your ways and adopt mine.
The "many millions you will never meet" refers to modern means of storing value, including currencies, bonds, and the stock market, the value of all of which is inherently meaningless and dependent on avowedly rock-solid but actually nuanced political power variation, law, and regulation, but even within that, the purchasing whimsy of far more than mere millions of worldwide owners. In some hypothetical decent world, that would be fine, but even so--and certainly not in this world--white fantasies have destroyed African traditions of real value. Even the switch from storing value in a small herd of goats, which gives milk you can drink or share to raise young, and which you can kill and eat if you're dying of hunger and need those calories to actually live, to "precious metals" is a major change, relying on the willingness of probably-idiots to trade food or buildings for pretty rocks. This one gets finance, and thinks it's a great game, but the racist white colonialism of Africa has, like it always does, forced new customers into the system. Kind of an Obamacare for world finance, if you will, where the shitty corruption of Judaized finance that had taken Europe was forced onto Africa, because goats for organisms that need calories to survive are soooo retro, here take these strips of cotton-paper or electronic balance ledgers instead.

There's a lot positive to be said for the benefits of the way Nu Euros began storing "value" based on community trust in the value of inedible metals, then political Monopoly-money slips, deemed precious by a strong tendency toward firm reliability over the centuries. This trend, and the landed connection to Arabia, made Europe a much easier take for the people who traded in jewels and misleading lies, but even putting that aside, forcing the African conception of value to change to the Europeoid "modern" and "efficient" was arrogant as well as evil. Consider the Holodomor in Russia, where the Jewish social revolutionaries took one of their many advantages of people, who'd come to rely on hypothetical finance rather than assets which they could eat, producing however many dozens of millions of deaths from starvation. Needless to say, they could easily do that again, excuse me that could somehow happen again, and even if you don't think cyclical depressions of various kinds are planned, you still have to foresee the way that Yahweh--who works in mysterious ways that goyim just can't seem to understand--or Bang, or whatever-God, could easily sever the increasingly fragile link between places that produce food and places where people concentrate their populations under the grace of finance.

Relying on the hypothetical value of finance also takes a lot of thought, and whereas you have a certain amount of things to worry about if you own 19 goats right now and they're around the side of your bed, the number of things that can keep you up if you own pieces of 19 companies located in 19 countries is a vast increase. Like the gifting of the mortgage to Africa, it's either a present of hellish stress or of indecipherable future exchanges, made by white "anti-racists" who just couldn't stand Aztecs being Aztecs.

What a great evolutionary step back. And again, it's the Torah. All humans except the Chosen are of essentially the same type, e.g. gentile trash. Our cosmology is Bang, which is basically the Book of Genesis. And evolution from microorganisms and dirt on this planet, not from starlight...if any of the human species endures, this period's gotta be called the Torah Period, and I hope to God (sic!) they can figure out a dating system that doesn't use the damn Rabbi Yahweh's Son as its baseline.
It is inferior to base your sustenance around physical labor. You must make yourself indolent, striving to avoid use of the vulgar physical ways and join us in our quest to disavow and destroy the body. You must destroy your habits of enshrining the body.
Fat Americans makes this one obvious: the white anti-racist racists turned Africans from fit to fat. Forcing the Europeoid lifestyle upon Africans resulted in a Congoid obesity epidemic. The storing of calories that was perhaps needed in the European winter was not needed in Africa, and a few million gasping fat diabetic deaths can be laid at the whites' feet.

Yes, racists, the blacks "should've" controlled their eating habits better, but drop a bunch of white programmers into mid-1700s African society and see how well they survive. It's really funny how Congoids can't handle dieting plans in a society of abundant calorie storage and availability as well, but the way to counter the anti-racists is with the honest ability to discriminate between different things, not adopting their standards to imply that whiteness is the ultimate goal for everyone and haha Congoids are falling short.
Life and death are frightening. You must stop welcoming death as part of life, and instead live in torture rather than accept death.
How many Congoids are in government-funded torture homes? Whites chose that method of imprisoning their elders for themselves, and whites still try to escape it. Anecdotally, I know a dude who got in his rowboat and just headed out to sea way farther than he knew damn well was safe but the damn Coast Guard heard from some tender-hearted fisherman and they brought him back, lifetime sailor who was probably having the time of his life out there, to spend a few years in a state home that sucked up his military pension and then some, besides making him miserable for those years. Congoids just had the final hunt or final fight, naturally, and you could go out doing something that you loved and something that was, hilarious-ironically, healthy. Now instead, they're eating cup'o strained beets for 10 years, wishing for God's sake that she'd let the morphine go up to 14 just once. Again, that kind of depravity is white-chosen, so the crimes whites commit against themselves are to be viewed differently than those suffered by blacks.
Men and women do not make children with their bodies, but science does. Men and women are illusions that we can overcome. Men are women and women are men and no one is anything but what we decide. You must embrace a world of fluid definitions. We will tell you what things mean.
...and all the rest. Every dumbass white crusade has become, through forcing the Congoids to act white, a dumbass Congoid crusade, or rather, a dumbass crusade Congoids are forced to go on by and with whites. So all of a sudden, the weird dude in the village who sometimes puts on a grass skirt and gets nailed, until he's expected to have kids and has to live a life, is empowered to wile away his few more youthful years ass-fucking, then die of some coprophagia-indicative disease, or just be an old queer who wonders where it all went...and all the rest. Congoids are certainly suggestible, and I've known quite a few who got really behind some cause someone told them about, but Europeoids are way more suggestible, and are fundamental, not ancillary, vectors for this kinda crap.

Forcible Indoctrination

We've seen, particularly in the last example, how forcing people deep-ancestrally African to live like people deep-ancestrally European is imperfect. If Europe had some ideal, problem-free society, it would still be wrong and stupid to try to force Africans to live in it (or the imitation of it we've seen for a while, which will become ever more obvious as time passes)--but considering the problems with finance and manipulable warfare, insane social movements, and the hints of economic severance from the food supply Europe was undergoing long before it brought its first African anywhere, the stupid criminality of the process is more profound.

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