Thursday, April 22, 2010

Life and Evil

Life is something, being chaotic, expansive and withdrawing, and in every way unlike Antilife, though it may also tend toward Antilife, by its nature of having no nature and every nature. Its source, called Lightspring, is perceived here only in echoes. Things which tend toward life are chance, infants, youth, weather, curiosity, exploration, learning, lust and imagination.

Antilife, which is Evil, tends toward a Nothing State, desiring nothingness and an end of beginnings. Things which tend toward antilife are order, numbers, bondage, rules, ending life, immortality, the preservation of remains, counting, tabulation, classification, seniority and authority.

Continued in More Life and Evil.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Nothing State

Thinking entities now currently posit that they exist and that other things exist. When a nothingness is achieved, all things which exist would no longer exist, and would no longer have existed, at any point in time or space. A fully comprehensive nothingness is called a Nothing State. Such State would, by definition, eliminate all existence so thoroughly that there would have been no existence for it to eliminate. Nothingness could nonexist despite our current existence because the possibility of perpetual nothingness could be achieved by a comprehensive wipe of all existence both forward and backward in time, thereby eliminating previous existence as well as later existence.

A Nothing State is of total permeation, and like a cascade of vertical tiles, its nonexistence would be so swallowing and poisonous that, if it had ever nonexisted, nothing would ever have existed.

Likely, a Nothing State has previously existed. The ability to conceive of a Nothing State suggests the potential for such a nonexistence. Thus, it may exist before or after our current ability to exist as thinking entities. As to reality, a Nothing State may be part of a natural sequence, fractally represented by the life sequence of death and birth. It may also be the anti-sequence. A Nothing State is destroyed by any existence, as all existence is destroyed by a Nothing State.

Infinity Cannot Exist

Infinity is all things, and therefore, infinity cannot exist, because within the hypothetical infinite set of all things is included the situation where nothing exists, and where there has never been anything in existence, and where there will never be anything in existence, comprehensively.

Similarly, infinity cannot exist because within the hypothetical infinite set of all things is included the situation where something has always existed, exists now and will always exist, which situation excludes the possibility of nothing existing.

No true infinity can therefore exist, because the very nature of infinity contains at least these two mutually exclusive situations.