Sunday, July 10, 2011


I didn’t know I loved you
’til long after you’d died
When I watched your body sink
I didn’t even cry

I knew that something great had happened
I knew it wasn’t fair
I blamed it on the power company
And the man with the hooked long hair

At last I came to realize
The fault was, indeed, my own
That everyone on the planet
Might reap the seeds they’d sown
You went first for all of us
And so few know your name
They don’t think anyone actually knows you
They don’t think you really felt pain

A real tale channels truth
A spirit from somewhere else
And what you ever taught me
Was to think of more than self
I know it’s happened out there
In a thousand ways besides yours
The river of souls you channeled
Opened here the doors

I didn’t cry because you died
I cried when I found out why
I learned the truth when we were still here
Past a blackened sky

I remember you used to fear
That same open sky
Even as a child you knew, in a way
What was drawing nigh

I still smile thinking of those times
When your soul shone so very bright
Clouds and dresses
You mirthful sprite
And when fireworks interrupted us
Late one fateful night

All your life they harried you
Studies and scientists and greed
Crushing the dreams you had when young
For the things the blackness would need

I only hope you knew I cared
But I don’t have to hope when I know
And that’s why it took so long
For me to let the illusion go

When you came back at the end of things
I knew you’d never really gone
Like a bad old cliché from a terrible movie
Beside us, inside us all along
But real
But true
The way
That you
Were there

You led the river of life
The gleaming, inconceivable light
Against crushing meteor
Darkest night

We all wanted power
We all wanted trinkets
We all put our home on credit
And ultimately I think it
Was you who saw the way
From beginning to end
You knew the price and paid it
To even your killer, the truest friend

If any one face could represent hope
Against coldness, greed, death and war
Then that face on the stream of light
Would ever and always be yours

I didn’t know I loved you
’til long after you’d died

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Final Fantasy VII explained

Massive Final Fantasy VII ***SPOILERS*** below.

A story:

Life lives on a planet. An alien being named [*1*], which believes itself superior to all other life, falls from the sky and is lost to the mortal world. People eventually discover and study [*1*]’s remains and they are implanted in the body of a sweet, innocent woman named [*2*]. [*2] gives birth to a son of legendary strength and beauty--[*3*]--who rises to become a hero of the people. However, [*3*] eventually learns about his long-lost parent [*1*]. He begins to preach the word of [*1*] to a frightened world, and comes to believe that he and [*1*] are a superior class of life form. [*3*] then comes to feel that he and his parent have been wronged. In wrath he brings the sword to the people, lashing out at the descendants of ancient civilizations and proclaiming himself--and his beloved, lost parent--their master. Settlements are burned. The hero spawns a legend alongside a history of blood, fire and fear.

Then, one of [*3*]’s disciples turns on him. He is himself lost to the world, like his parent before him, but in the meantime, [*4*] (which has long involved itself in the study of [*1*]) alters its pre-existing mysticism and begins grand new courses of study into the true nature of [*1*]. Its workers devote great energies to understanding what composes [*1*], what makes it a superior being, and how this knowledge can lead them away from the lesser mortal world into the promised land.

However, [*3*] has promised to return. By fire and sword, he promises that he will return to take vengeance on the lesser world. He threatens to call a great cataclysm from the sky, [*5*], in which unworthy beings will be at last judged and slaughtered, giving him and his parent [*1*] the power and freedom to remake the world in their own image, and find for themselves the promised land.


[*1*] J-E-H-O-V-A or J-E-N-O-V-A

[*2*] Mary Magdalene or Lucrecia Crescent

[*3*] Jesus or Sephiroth

[*4*] Shin-rah Electric Company or the Church