Saturday, January 30, 2016

Qualified Reservations

Criticizing godless Protestantism is exactly what you'd expect them to do once God is dead. It was never the supernatural concepts that they hated; it was the ideas themselves. Ideas of humanity, pricelessness, inherent value, decency, kindness, consideration--these are the things they set out to destroy, and disregarding the supernatural side of it by mocking the Gospels was only one stage in the battle. Blaming "universalist protestantism," even acknowledgedly godless universalist puritanical protestantism, is nothing but another war on Yule, excuse me, Christmas, excuse me, Holiday, excuse me, Rest Period 27-B.

Stop it. Stop calling Freudbug your "starting off point." Stop heralding him as insightful. The stuff he put together isn't brilliant or original, it's merely a hundred years of anti-communist resistance, a thousand years of community mores, organized by an uncreative propagandist into snappy postmodern language and used as a trick to redirect people away from hunting vampires, and towards hunting humans while vampires clap with glee. Yusuf ibn Tashfin was able to retake Valencia because those nasty Jenomic mental plagues, and their carefully guided, ethnically honed "reformations," split different kinds of human cattle against one another. Yes, the rapefugees are Uruk-hai, but you don't get Uruk-hai without fallen Maiar cross-breeding bestial orcs with skittering goblins, and even then, Uruk-hai aren't anything close to a threat without the foul whispers and false counsel of Maiar infiltrators placed thousands of years ago. Left to their own devices, uruks would range around the southern wastes doing no harm to anybody but themselves, and making the natural world more rich and ecologically sound in the process. Worms and weevils well and should bother you when they're in your sandwich or your silo, but not when they're helping break down soil into rich farming ground. Ranting about the weevils themselves when someone dumps a bucket of them into your grain is sheer idiocy. The weevils are happy, but they'd be equally happy decomposing other stuff. Shitting in the Ganges wasn't a major problem until the (((Dutch East India Company))) used capital generated by the fruits of Celt slave labor to move factories, breeding programs, manufactured goods, and noxious chemicals into old Arya.

So when Saruman Fucking Freudbug tells you to be a good little Wormtongue and punish those treacherous unfeminine women who completely deserve it, you're not a reactionary, you're just a tool, as broken as a bra-burning baby boomer. How long are you going to run around throwing bucketfuls of water out of your sinking rowboat while Oppenheimer giggles over his drill? Be a bit better than Charles Alexander...for Christ's sake, you've had over two hundred years to pay attention, and you're still getting riled up against snackbars, like they're the real problem? Have some brains; have some dignity; stop wasting your energy complaining about the muds, who, absent your pitiable susceptibility, would have long ago ground the vampires into the dust.

Seriously, Europe is the problem here. All the math, all the machines, all the distribution networks, all the bulletproof vests and M-16s and jet fighters and nukes that let the vampires keep feeding off everyone--it all came from, and was handed out by, Europe. (Fucking Martians-in-exile, really. ;)) If you'd stop interfering with the immune system around here, your kebabs would kebab the vampires, and everything would be naturalistic, nationalistic, fatherlandic peace. It is the White people who are ruining it all by developing and fostering the poxes that trash everything in this joint.

Friday, January 29, 2016

By their fruits

I absolutely love the Huffington Post. No matter the format of modern news--newspaper, tablet, smartphone, iBrain--it has, as of yet, been simply impossible for bullshit peddlers to avoid wrapping their reeking propaganda in the most facile of recycled traveling-circus fare. Even ten centuries removed from whatever the "political issues" of the era are, you can always come back to this planet and situate yourself correctly by finding out who's talking about new and better ways to brew, buttfuck, intercede with the gods, increase your inner energy, or bask in the opinions of the rich and attractive.

Titillate me, oh great consumer lord, for my cup hath runneth over! Pierce my every orifice with top tens, normative coercion, the savvy on the newest youth culture, and bandwagon shaming galore. There has surely never been a better time to know how to think!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Countervailing Effect of Doubleplus Racism

Try this test out a few times on your average American. You'll probably think you know what it's about, but changing a few variables here and there makes it entirely different. Obviously, the second set of variables lands you in jail--but the first set, even using the exact same diction, references, sources, and historical allegories, can get accepted. Consider:
Isn't it disgusting how racist people are toward Group? Even today, there are still some people who harbor an illogical hatred toward Group people and Group culture. I mean, you know how racist things were a hundred years ago. It's amazing how people can still be so racist today. So convinced that it's acceptable to judge different groups by different standards. Not affirmative action, you know, I'm not bringing that up. But even bigger stuff.

Take the Atrocity, for example. It was a terrible thing, right? But you know, what's weird about the Atrocity is, no one in Place at the time recorded it. Even the victims themselves did not record it. Contemporary newspaper accounts, radio programs, resistance records, from the victims, from bystanders, from Group Country's command structure, simply never appeared. Even now, decades and decades later, there's all sorts of retroactive "evidence," which gets pushed by the untrustworthy propaganda organs of the insane militarists of Modern Empire, while of course they're engaged in their own hypocritical repressions at the same time.

There wasn't any evidence, or even any idea of the Atrocity as a realistic thing, until years after it was supposed to have happened. And then, it didn't spring up until Wacko showed up, took military control of Group Country, and began exploiting it into a hedge issue in the Cold War. I mean, seriously. When you look at population figures before and after Atrocity; when you consider the horrific use of weapons on all sides; when you consider the propaganda departments of Wacko, and its apartheid military state filled with assassins and patriotically insane "free press," it's clear the Atrocity was nothing more than more propaganda.

Taking the Atrocity seriously is hateful and insulting toward Group and ourselves, don't you think? It's only tolerated because of racism toward Group. It makes me sick, considering how many millions of them were unnecessarily killed. So many surrender offers were discarded out of hand by Wacko and his Wacko, as racism carried the day, killing untold numbers of people that would've never had to die if things couldn't have been resolved more peacefully. Group sent emissary after emissary, requesting peace, agreeing to cede territory, so many times, and because of racism and greed, we simply wouldn't listen.
The second set of variables is obvious. Here are both of them, side by side.

* For the variables Group and Group Country substitute either "Japanese" or "German," "Japan" or "Germany," respectively.

* For the variable Atrocity, substitute either "Rape of Nanking" or "Holocaust."

* For the variable Place, substitute either "China" or "Europe."

* For the variable Modern Empire, substitute either "USA" or "USSR."

* For the variable Wacko, substitute either "Truman" or "Stalin."

What's interesting about the exercise is that the first set of options creates a plausible, inoffensive conversation with many average people. The sensors (and censors) in their heads simply don't go off: such is the power of cultural conditioning, that the filthiest and worst enemies of WW2 (the suicide-bombing slanty-eyed yellow Nips) have been transmogrified, over the past several decades, into subjects of permissible discourse and pity. The second-worst enemies of WW2, the krauts, are still in no-think land. Politically-correct, anti-racist culture, though, has ironically created conditions whereby it has become acceptable to question several of the pieces of murderous propaganda that paved the way for atomic bombings, concentration camps, an 80+ year military occupation chock full of raped Okinawan eleven-year-olds and still-horny undisciplined soldiers, and a series of proxy wars across Asia that killed, at the least, 60 million Chinese (even if you take Kissinger's later butchery out of the equation). And in all of those works, mountains of firsthand evidence remained.

From whence this power to question the Emperor's clothes? Anti-racism itself! Thank God that Japan was not a Caucasian nation, or you wouldn't be able to discuss the moral problems of incinerating a surrendering city. Yet, because Japan is almost all Mongoloid, it is acceptable to admit very many of the Pacific Theatre's lies. Even in the polite company of hesitant-yet-willing drone-supporters that one finds in America, it is acceptable to portray the Rape of Nanking as a racist fabrication. The shield of racial guilt which made it acceptable to criticize all things Caucasoid had the unintended side effect of allowing later historians to discover flaws in the imperial narrative. The American concentration camp rationale has long since crumbled, and it grows increasingly acceptable to consider the (im)plausibility of atomic necessity. The 80+ year rape-invasion of Japan is an encouraged topic for critique even in American universities. Objective takes on the Pearl Harbor lure are still frowned upon--why, though, after so many other pieces of reeking bullshit have been dragged out in the open through the airing of abundant sources and scholarship that were widely known in 1945? Possibly because admitting that FDR was not only a genocidal horror, but a knowingly traitorous genocidal horror, would cause too many of the deceptions in the European Theatre to fall along with it. (This may be part of why racism is now being permitted to become popular again: because viewing the Japanese as crazy kamikaze bombers, and unifying with Israel against the rapefugee hordes, will preserve the most essential narratives of the next century.)

The Rape of Nanking, like the necessity of consuming Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Dresden, or like the Zyklon B that came out of shower heads in wooden-walled rooms with no venting, is among the more ridiculous propaganda created by the joint offices of Kremlin and Pentagon, Pravda and New York Times. If you're not up on the Nanking thing, it's quite interesting to watch a much more reasonable progression of perspectives become increasingly acceptable topics of discourse among people otherwise wedded to the sacred World War tale. A dearth of contemporary Chinese sources in Nanking made propagandizing somewhat difficult after the war had ended: it turned out that, like the gas chambers that Stalin's secret police constructed in Poland and East Germany after invading that territory, nothing in the record at the time revealed anything remotely like a Rape of Nanking/Final Solution. Even propagandizing Chinese fighters, broadcasting via radio and seeking assistance from the Allied Powers, did not mention the supposed mass rapes and killings that would later fill the profitable textbooks of publicly-mandated schools worldwide.

During the twentieth century, it became less and less acceptable to treat the Japanese as subhuman monsters; less and less acceptable to believe things based on revival-meeting-style professions alone...but only as regards the Japanese. To discuss the Cheka ethnically is as taboo as to not discuss the Reich so. What a contradictory lark, though, that the Nanking tale lie has been allowed to begin failing due to the very anti-objective notions that later made questioning it mandatory! Fear not that the vampires will win a permanent victory, for the contradiction of their own existence ensures that they and their slaves shall pass, and that life, free and true, shall grow again, even should it take a million years to rise anew after the omnisexual silicate sterility of the scorched ruins of Jenome's latest ashen ruin. Let them knock the blocks over again even that next time, and the time after, for, free from the forsaken loathers of the roaming nightmare, we will be traveling the starfields a thousand years out of the jungle, still well ahead of a little red giant in one of many cradles. I laugh because you have already won.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Show, don't tell

To tell a story is to recount something that happened; to more fully convey it to the reader, one "shows" it, or expresses a narrative using language that allows the reader to experience it as one does in the real world. The cinema and the television almost always "tell," in this sense, by showing you exactly what happened--by reporting the facts within the narrative. Sleight-of-hand can trick you into missing something, but if the cut of the show's jig is honest portrayal, then you never have cause to question what is shown. The impressionist element of the moment is lost in a scene so well-rendered that it transcends the ability of a now-human to sensorily experience.

It is in that impressionist element that we actually live, where Degasian flashes compose most of what we see. Not only via mistakes in our predatory focus, but in the widescreen blur of our periphery, and the assumptions built upon sound and scent. These arguments are currently rank with the shitspray of gender relativism, but misappropriation does not destroy the underlying truth that, as computers, we are not sensorily perfect. Film and literature MFA apparatchiks talk about the benefits of "showing" like Cologne feminists talk about the drawbacks of rape, but their vulgar selective application of the terms should not be permitted to lead others to spurn art or morality.

It is acceptable for first-person narration to convey the message of melancholy, or of one's impression of a setting, which is in that case not truly telling, but showing, by virtue of showing the truth of the experience as it is passed through the imperfect lens of the reporting character, e.g. the man approaching the abode of Roderick Usher. The drug addict's blurred first-person narrative is reality, in the sense that it is his perception of it. The third-person omniscient narrative is the "tell" narrative, designed for those who cannot read or think well, and, more importantly, who cannot apply the same tools to their real life experiences.

How does a character's appearance make the reader feel? Tell him as an omniscient observer, and you have answered the question. Did the gaunt man wear a gray suit the first time you met him? Perhaps. Yet if you describe him as melancholy, you have become the television, answering all the questions and doing all the work. Critical thought is no longer necessary, because the voice of omniscience has spoken; it is, therefore, not required that the reader (in the story or in real-life) be intelligent enough to identify the combination of "gaunt" and "gray" as melancholy, foreboding, etc. If it is later revealed that the gaunt man was a clown about to hop out of his jacket and surprise the viewer, you've ruined it, begged the question, set up the joke unfairly, and told the audience how it must feel. If description alone makes the audience draw their own conclusions, they are fairly tricked, justly delighted, and encouraged in their capacity for rationally discriminating between impressions in the real world.

"Telling" can be done through "showing," in the sense of blatantly and unquestioningly portraying a truth, so the phrase, "show, don't tell," is disingenuous unless you're intelligent enough to make out the difference. Cultivating the ability to tell for yourself, and to do so based upon what is shown rather than on what you have been told you should see, is the difference between being able to dynamically react to an environment filled with both intrinsic and alien, deliberate and accidental, deceptions, and to make you a more intelligent person, as well as a better viewer, reader, and listener. Telling someone, "He was a short man, broad of shoulder, with the serious look of a judge," invites them to abey laborious thinking and merely summon up their templates of pre-loaded narrative imagery to fill in the slots. "His shoulder brushed the bar counter as he strode toward his gavel," accomplishes the same essential task. It places greater demands upon the audience's intelligence, leaving it arguable between parties how "short" short is--what kind of bar counter? The lower part of his shoulder, or the upper part? Well, he's still short. And is it his gavel, or someone else's? And even more importantly, does "stride" really sound more determined and serious than "walk" or "saunter"?

It takes more mental labor--and correspondingly greater mental gains--to drink deeply from the more complex goblet, so since Brawndo has what plants crave, why bother? The protein is pre-digested so that you don't have to chew; pretty soon, your jaw is slack from gulping down a simpleton's EZ-Eat promise, and you're halfway to the Road, unable to tell who is good and who is bad without a compelling voiceover. That's why Americans read reviews before going to Amazon: because without help from The Atlantic, they risk not knowing what it was they experienced once it's been completed, even after Hillenbrand and Brown have done their damnedest to lower the narrational mean to "rides for free" levels. Permitting a narrative to stand on its own feet, by suggesting character and setting in the way people actually experience them, betters creator and audience through the joint exercise of figuring out what's going on and how it possibly could go on. When you teach to the test, you increase future STEM majors while decreasing future inventions.

(For the spiritually inclined, Yaldabaoth tells, while Christ shows. It is the teller's embarrassed terror of his own blindness which places him in fear of those who claim to see more than automaterial propagation.)

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mundane Sacrilege

The Death of Bruce

Now a certain woman was sick, Bruce of California, the state of Kardashian and her brother Goldberg. It was that Goldberg who anointed the poor with uranium, whose sister Bruce was sick. Therefore the brother and sister sent to It, saying, “Science, behold, she to whom You are impartial is sick.”

When Doctor heard that, He said, “This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of Science, that the Doctors of Science may be glorified through It.”

Now Doctor loved Goldberg and his sister and Bruce. So, when He heard that she was sick, He stayed two more days in the place where He was. Then after this He said to the Armenians, “Let us go to Malibu again.”

The Armenians said to Him, “Doctor, lately the Christians sought to stone You, and are You going there again?”

Doctor answered, “Are there not twelve hours in the day? If anyone walks in the day, he does not stumble, because he sees the light of this world. But if one walks in the night, he stumbles, because the light is not in him.” These things He said, and after that He said to them, “Our friend Bruce, but I go that I may wake her up.”

Then His Armenians said, “Doctor, if she sleeps she will get well.” However, Doctor spoke of her correction, but they thought that He was speaking about taking pleasure in dreams.

Then Doctor said to them plainly, “Bruce is sick and may be cured. And I am glad for your sakes that I was not there, that you may believe. Nevertheless let us go to her.”

Then Janet, who is called the Gorgon, said to her fellow Pharisees, “Let us also go, that we may change with It.”

I Am the Correction and the Mask

So when Doctor came, He found that she had already been in bed four days. Now Malibu was not far from Los Angeles. And many of the Christians had joined the women around Kardashian and Goldberg, to comfort them concerning their sister.

Now Goldberg, as soon as he heard that Doctor was coming, went and met Him, but Kardashian was sitting in the house. Now Goldberg said to Doctor, “Doctor, if You had been here, my sister would not have presented as male. But even now I know that whatever You ask of Science, if Mammon should bless it, Science will give You.”

Doctor said to him, “Your sister will rise anew.”

Goldberg said to Him, “I know that she will rise again in our minds in the current day.”

Doctor said to him, “I am the correction and the mask. He who believes in Me, though he may be born wrong, he shall be corrected. And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never be seen wrong again. Do you believe this?”

He said to Him, “Yes, Doctor, I believe that You are the Way, the Son of Science, who makes what we believe.”

Doctor and Sex, the Last Enemy

And when he had said these things, he went his way and secretly called Kardashian, saying, “The Teacher has come and is calling for you.” As soon as she heard that, she arose quickly and came to Him. Now Doctor had not yet come into the town, but was in the place where Goldberg met Him. Then the Christians who were with her in the house, and comforting her, when they saw that Kardashian rose up quickly and went out, followed her, saying, “She is going to the bed to weep there.”

Then, when Kardashian came where Doctor was, and saw Him, she fell down at His feet, saying to Him, “Doctor, if You had been here, my sister would not have been wrong.”

Therefore, when Doctor saw her weeping, and the Christians who came with her weeping, He groaned objectively and was troubled. And He said, “Where have you laid her?”

They said to Him, “Doctor, come and see.” And they paid him.

Doctor counted. Then the Christians said, “See how He loved this!”

And some of them said, “Could not this Man, who cannot open the eyes of the blind, at least know how to keep this woman from manning?”

Bruce Raised from the Bed

Then Doctor, again counting to Himself, came to the bed. It was in a large room, and gilding spread about it. Doctor said, “Bring the 409.”

Goldberg, the brother of she who was sick, said to Him, “Doctor, by this time there is trouble, for she has been a man sixty-five years.”

Doctor said to him, “Did I not say to you, Eliot, that if you would believe you would see the glory of Science?” Then they brought in the 409 from the place where the sick woman was lying. And Doctor lifted up His eyes and said, “Science, I thank You that You have not heard Me. And I know that You never hear Me, but because of the people who are standing by I said this, that they may believe that You sent Me.” Now when He had said these things, He cried with a loud voice, “Caitlyn, come forth!” And she who had been ill came out smoothed of chin and jaw with dresses, and her face was wrapped with a cloth. Doctor said to them, “Loose her, and let her go.”


Imagine only dirt. Imagine there was nothing except what you saw. What you felt. What you cared about. Nothing except the things you like feeling and the things you don't like feeling. Completely relative.

It's easy, if you try. Just pretend it's all a real illusion, an illusionary reality, a play never rehearsed when the audience is absent, a blank script getting filled in as it goes, then fed just as swiftly into the wood chipper.

There are neither consequences nor rewards. Nothing to aspire to, and nothing to shy away from. Imagine dignity and grace are as meaningless as rape and appetite.

Imagine everyone with no future-time orientation. Imagine everyone acting like the little pig who built his house out of straw. Carefree, loopy singing, merry jigs, fucking only for yourself, buying a bigger car than anyone else, get out of my way, tomorrow only comes once and by then it's yesterday who cares.

Imagine no one caring about anyone or anything bigger than one person, one time, one place, right here, right now. Taking as many loans as you like because it's later-you's problem, and fuck him anyway.

It isn't hard to do. Nothing worth believing in. Sacrifice so meaningless it's no longer a word. Passions so dull they're nothing but fleeting pleasures.

How far can you subdivide pleasure, anyway? If we discount our grandchildren's pleasure a hundred years from now, we might as well discount our own pleasure ten years from now. If we discount our own pleasure ten years from now, we might as well discount it ten days from now. Ten minutes. Nothing matters but right now. Nothing is worth effort. Nothing is worth pain. I just can't be bothered.

Imagine no beliefs, too. ePrime. No new taxes. I did not have sex with that woman. We tortured some folks.

Imagine all those people, living life under undead robot Stalin. No more loyalties. A unified zombie peace. No Chechens, no Georgians, no Russians, no Khazars, no Mongolians, just one Supreme Fucking Soviet that makes everything perfect right now. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I will take your possessions. I wonder if you can stop me. When you have no food you will be dead and you will not experience hunger. When you look askance at me I will send a tank to your village and your village will never suffer again in the future that we never see because it is already last year and records can confirm that there never was a village there.

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I have far more divisions than you. I know someday you'll join me and the world will die as one.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Arrows, Ants, and Rocks: The Rise and Fall of Empires

Arrows, Ants, and Rocks makes the compelling case that empires rise and fall because of circumstances, which is why polka music is so popular in Mexico: the proximity of great herds of bellows-peccaries in the 1300s led to the development of the chromatic accordion, spawning a polka boom the traces of which can still be heard in day laborers' musical choices today. This is also why Africa is known as the breadbasket of the world, and why the aptly-named "Silicon Valley" gradually arose along the perimeter of the massive sand mines in southern California. Indeed, the "Manifest Destiny" and westward expansion of what would become the United States of America was only made possible due to the outbreak of the felinus pinnacus strain of influenza, which eliminated the millions of well-organized western mountain lions who had before then been able to prevent Indigenous Peoples from building permanent settlements or employing carpentry or wheels.

This argument does have some critics, though, as hard as it may be to believe. Conflicting theories to this model have been proposed by horoscopic astrologists such as Sir John Glubb, a celebrated Hindu astrologer of the twentieth century, who argued in his The Fate of Empires that civilizations rise and fall based upon the cyclical rhythm of the universe. This divine plan is all-encompassing, overwhelming the thoughts and behaviors of many millions of people and rendering free will obsolete. As Pan Galactic Blogger puts it:
Stage I: Outburst. This stage is the pioneer stage. As Glubb states... over and over again in history we see a small native people exploding and conquering large land masses. To many this will make them think of Manifest Destiny and the western expansion but to my own eye.. the out burst was the Revolutionary War. Before the war the colonies were insignificant on the world stage. The defeat of the English. It is after all called the Shot Heard Round the World for a reason.

Stage II: Age of Conquest: This stage we see the great expansion. This is where to me, manifest destiny comes in. Old weapons are mastered and improved... new weapons are invented.. and massive lands are conquered. While conquering and settling these new lands... massive amounts of wealth are generated. Again... this should all be sounding familiar.

Stage III: Age of Commerce: Industrial Revolution anyone? All of that wealth ends up being put to use... infrastructure in this stage explodes. In this stage we see art and luxury. You see grand state buildings. The rich build themselves palaces. Now think of Mr Vanderbilt's Biltmore. Is it not a palace? It should be noted in this stage the schooling of boys is still intentionally rough. Fortitude and courage and honesty are all priorities. I would note that american football was developed during this period to drive those qualities home.

High Noon: This is the peak of the Nation. Its the point where the nation goes from growing to dying. For the US.. this was the 1940s. WWII was won... Evil was defeated... and everyone relaxed. Money was everywhere... the US was the most powerful nation in the world. And now.. we had something to lose... and we noticed we may want to protect it.

Stage IV: Age of Affluence: Money is the destroyer of nations. That is certain. Over time the desire to be rich replaces the individual desire for fame or conquest or achievement. Rather than going to school for learning or virtue... men go to school to learn how to get rich. And yes... it will disappoint those who believe history has ended to know that Arab moralists complained about this exact problem way back in 1090. What is the American dream friends? Is it climbing Everest? or is it being able to buy stuff? It changed back in the age of affluence. In America this was the post wwII period. The baby Boomers were raised to be spoiled brats... and that was the beginning of the end. The age of affluence is characterized by defensiveness. Empires are considered immoral. Conquest is immoral. War and fighting are immoral. again... bells should be going off. Think back to the counter culture of the 60s and 70s. "You're all doing it wrong!" shouted the hippies. But the message the hippies thought was new... was just the same thousand year old mistake of all rich, spoiled children of affluence.

Stage V Age of Intellect: In this stage the nation is deciding that all the world's problems can be solved not by hard work and courage and determination and struggle... but by the brain alone. after all... its CURRENT YEAR. In this stage the population imagines that everyone is a genius and everyone should go to college. This exact thing happened in the 11th century to the arabs. Rather than a few universities in the major cities... universities now sprung up in every small town. This was not a sign of life and bright future. This was the tolling of the death bell. Today in the USA we are told every day... education is the answer. This is proof positive of where we stand in the life cycle. Education is not the answer. Everyone is not a super genius. There is no shiny star trek utopia around the corner. Around the corner... is the grave.
For the more observationally-inclined, neither of these types of theories suit. Jared "Jewlry" Diamond's Guns, Germs, and Steel theory was hyper-propagated by the usual suspects--the neo-pravdian, unfree-market-funded alliance of air-quotedly-"public" libraries, universities, and airwaves--because of its obvious utility to greedy bankers who want people to be widgets. Easily recognizable as idiotic, like "college football" or Oscar pageantry, Guns, Germs, and Steel was quite popular for similar reasons.

The "stages" of collapse schtick promoted by inevitabilists such as Sir Glubb, or his many modern, Roman-citing kin, are a model of equal utility to civilizational comptrollers, being that they de-agencize nations and peoples, implying that collapses are part of an inevitable process of social generation and degeneration. It appeals to temporal myopics who are convinced that "soft living" is responsible for a first-ever "soft generation." The errors attendant to these horoscopic theories of civilization downfall are legion, counting among their number the usual suspects, such as demographical disinterest and woe-is-meism. Far more importantly, the cyclical model of civilizations implies that the cycle is something natural, inevitable, and the fault of the people perpetuating, and suffering from, it. While it would be tempting here to say that nothing can be farther from the truth, it is necessary instead to say merely that the cycle is true inasmuch as it has occurred that way, but--like the boom and bust "cycle" of capitalism--it is not a natural effect akin to the passing of the seasons.

Why, then, does the cycle hold true? If the cycle were natural, it should happen in more places than the classical civilizations and their claimed successors. Greek, Rome, Spain, Ottomania, Britain, and America are all well and good, but how did Chinese and Egyptian empires thoroughly over-survive the 250 year cycle followed by those in the classical lineage? Easy: the classical route through world civilization is the story of the bankers, by the bankers, and for the bankers, in which the rise and fall of host populations is written up in a manner which blames the host populations' degeneracy and effeminacy upon the foolish host cultures themselves. The missing variable is the vampires.

Using Britain as our example, we see the popularity of ascribing the industrial revolution solely to British qualities of independence and hard work--as opposed to, say, the Franks or Germanics. That's prima facie ridiculous, but even if it weren't, we can track the movement of the Jenomic vampires from Central Europe to Northwestern, enslaving the Scots-Irish factory chattel class and delivering the capital that were both necessary for that early revolution. If Anglo notions of personal responsibility were responsible for the British Empire, how did they fail to produce it earlier than the Prussian, Frank, Visigoth, Roman, Athenian, or Egyptian empires? Why did the Vedic and the Indo-Aryan empire(s) not collapse on the same timetable, and in similar fashion, to the capital-heavy British, then American, ones?

In each case, the white "empire builders" are the controlled variables. The vampire bankers are the independent variable, responsible for christening the Roman legions, establishing European papal rule, funding and motivating the Moors, permitting the building of the ships that crushed the Armada, and gluing together the Ottoman pedophilia ring until it was time to stab the Arabs in the back. Even the American Confederacy had its vampires managing the money, and Napoleon's empire might have followed the same 250 years cycle as the 1776-spawned Potomac empire had not the Russian tsar put a pre-emptive stop to continent-wide communism (the bloodsuckers got their revenge; they never forget a slight).

The "expansion" and "manifest destiny" of any given empire is not randomly generated by "the people," heady with the thrill of expansion. There are always people who want to just hang out, and always people who want to be proud and go new places. Giant social movements of the kind we see in modern empires are coaxed and disseminated by the awful power of the purse strings: will a cruel tax be imposed to fund an army? Will the army be less-answerable to a civilian populace, and instead controlled by a banker-surrounded executive who can act without bothering about civilian concern for their sons' lives? Will land policies make it attractive for settlers to follow the army and cultivate? These things don't happen at random, as the "cyclical" court historians claim, nor do they happen as a result of abundant deposits of silica, as do the "blank slate" bankervoices. The latest hot new TV series, victim of police violence, smartphone app, etc., do not arise as international issues by self-generated word of mouth among a large and diverse community freely choosing their entertainment or outrage; rather, like capitalism's booms and busts, these things are pushed by a million tiny, clever ways that suddenly get everyone signing up for certain social networking accounts in place of others, or reading certain lengthy series in place of others. Recall the dazzling coordination of the many "competing" banks and the many disinterested government agencies in fostering the "real estate crisis" and the "mortgage crisis" on early 21st century America. How coincidental was it when one high-school-educated mortgage consultant in Miz'sippy oversold a loan to an unemployed black couple? Was it caused by that one irresponsible guy trying to earn a commission? No; it involved not only the suggestibility of that poor sap loan officer, but policy meetings aimed at his supervisor, at the bank president, at the board of trustees; it required pamphlets and meetings; it required years of hiring and firing and rewriting and transferring at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; it required bombarding the black couple with TV and newspaper features (less honest), TV and newspaper ads (more honest), and subtle in-sitcom references (even less honest), all about the benefits of home ownership. It was an opera; a symphony; a grand and wicked piece of manipulative art, to screw over so many people at the same time.

The people getting screwed over by these systems don't agree with them. Americans were scared and angry when Wilson betrayed them, and the British were happy and relieved when Chamberlain betrayed the vampires. Swedes burn refugee centers not because they support the end of Europe, but because they are trying to resist it. The "cyclical decay" bullshit is an illusion whereby vampires blame cattle for their own deaths. I'm so sorry you made me hit you again, Honey; I promise never to do it again. You won't do anything stupid that gets me angry, will you?

It is indeed the cycle of vampires to encourage anti-sustainability behaviors, import cheap labor, and use both of them to destroy host societies. This cycle, though, is neither inevitable nor generated by those host societies. The "degeneracy" of each crumbling empire is heavily resisted by both the old and the young for a while, before the intense pressure of banks, planted operatives, and purchased elites manages to break through. Then can degeneracy be tracked; then, and only then, can the victimized host population be retroactively blamed for "letting their luxuries get the best of them"--as though the British people were eager to kill off more of their children in yet another war with Germany, before amazing inundations of propaganda and cash convinced them that attacking one of the two countries which invaded Poland in 1939 was a savvy strategy. How easy it was later to re-organize the people against an Iron Curtain. The people might well be that stupid on their own, but that same stupidity, if true, would have prevented them from being able to focus so coherently on NATO v. USSR so swiftly after Allies v. Axis. The swift adherence to such butcher's narratives is as likely free and random as is a middle-aged woman spending her evenings reading an 800 page novel about child wizards without having been pre-stimulated by media hysteria.

The British Empire didn't collapse because of a random war caused by a random psycho fascist caused by a populace randomly susceptible to being "mesmerized" caused by a reaction to a randomly unfair Weimar Republic. Rather, it was abandoned on purpose when the vampires moved their financial centers from London to New York, as they had earlier been moved from various places in Central Europe to London. As with examining other demographics, history becomes less of a mystery when the vampire variable is taken into account. British banks had comptrolled the world, playing out puppet empires to fund and defeat, for hundreds of years, before primary operations were moved to New York, just like Britain was a dinky and irrelevant island until the bankers set up shop and made ten or more European courts dependent on their financing. Look at how seriously the banks defended London against the Blitz's unapproved takeover--then look at how easily they let it drift away once New York had been fully prepped. If you want to track the rise and fall of civilizations more accurately (or you want to know when to jump ship for personal reasons), you should start viewing the world's influential banking headquarters not as a consequence of the random superiority of any given group, but as the creators of a purposeful superiority.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Girls who Chew on Fire

***Spoiler warning*** for Lakhanpal's GWCOF. Review © FIS.

Ritsika Lakhanpal's Girls who Chew on Fire remains little known in the West, despite recent efforts by the Rust Aid societies and the International Red Cross to distribute redacted versions to phone and tablet screens across the English-speaking world. As the title suggests, Ritsi's emblematic work (fans have long called her "Ritsi," a nickname which she has since adopted at conventions) covers ample sexual territory, and indeed, at first blush, this is all that many people, particularly aid recipients, take away from the steamy teaser passages with which they're provided. Disguised in plain sight, though, is that Girls who Chew on Fire is an epochal narrative transversing not only traditional lesbian relationships in postwar India, but political intrigue, self-discovery, and the nature of being.

Long hidden from the eyes of the West by the Provisional Government, the work only managed to formally escape its nationalist confines within the past ten years. Girls escaped military censors in bits and pieces, all too often suffering poor editing and, worse, deliberate propagandizing during the transfer process. The supreme council of Latvian imams, for example, made the ruinous decision to change the sex of Zariya (the primary antagonist cum erotic motivating factor) from female to male, while elements of the Eurozone underground press went so far as to change both Ritsi (Lakhanpal's eponymous protagonist) and Zariya from women to kin--obviously thereby destroying all the work's venues of social criticism.

Previously, short passages might be transferred to the West via internet black markets. Indians themselves will not soon forget how, under General Sikje, the dissemination of opinions critical of "evident values"--a variegated standard of which to be wary even in the best of times--was punishable by resettlement, a penalty stiff enough to dissuade all but the most foolhardy of hackers. Only a few lucky aficionados with connections on the continent (Yours Truly blessedly included among them) had been able to read the full work before it was published, with great triumph and no small amount of lobbying, by and David's Court. Even now, though, acquiring the original meaning of the work is difficult for westerners, for work at Ritsi's level of criticism can make even the Eurozone media tremble. All translations and editorial decisions cannot be treated with the same level of reliability.

Consider the first erotic passage. A definitive break in the narrative, this is where the reader, hand in hand with Ritsi, realizes the consumptive nature of what the geo-Indian society of her childhood had become. The protagonist is forced, through her passion for Hamsi (a side character, who never appears beyond the initial orphanage and street scenes in the first chapter), to confront the contradiction between the strictures of her education and the real world that stands in defiance of those veritable commandments. If you haven't read the work, here's the scene: Ritsi, then fourteen, has escaped the cruel treatment of Teacher Vadi (an obvious stand-in for the Sikje Regime, with ker starched trousers and smiley-face T-shirts), and she and Hamsi have taken to the streets of Balangir in the company of an older orphan boy who abandoned their earlier plans of a trip to the border in favor of an apprenticeship with a kin mechanic. The mechanic, Teacher Hanpur, whose business is doing no better than others in the region, sees an opportunity to better the shop's financial circumstances by prostituting the girls. Being kin, Hanpur is of course equipped with multifaceted sexuality. Indeed, ke's perversions prove themselves profound, as ke not only forces the girls to service ker clients, but ker kinself.

It is after the first week of sleepless, drugged prostitution that the dying goddess Eros enters the tale. Ritsi and Hamsi, flush with a free afternoon, nap in each other's arms, then are freed from their evening responsibilities by a death in the neighborhood. The resulting police presence panics Teacher Hanpur into shutting down ker business for the night (like all hypocritical businesspeople of the Sikje era, Hanpur lends great vocal praise to the civic needs maintained by others, e.g., Hanpur supports the right of universal sexual access but does not pay licensing fees), leaving the girls in sole possession of a dirty, shadowed boudoir. From p. 33:
I put [the undergarments] aside and drew myself closer to her. I could not have been more surprised. For what I beheld was not the rotting pocket of which Thr. Vadi had warned me, nor the bloody clam the older girls had laughed about when they found I had no destiny for upgrade. Their wristies [phones of the time period remained voice-activated through implants, typically in the inner forearm] threw projections that glittered with the four taunts of superiority [pre-Reformation kin in the Indian subcontinent were designed with four genital nubs, rather than the standard trio] while we were to be left with only the charity provided by nature. To them we were like the feces of a ditch, shameful and put aside, however badly their older selves needed to buy us for their own fulfillment.
No surprise that Amazon and DC shied from a full and accurate transcription, given their respective governments' policies on sexuality and kinship. Reviewers have long suspected that Lakhanpal's story was autobiographical more than it was fictional, though the author herself has never confirmed this. The Sikje Regime eventually jailed Ritsi, though not for lack of desire. While political prosecutions were hampered by the ineptitude and, often, the illiteracy of high-ranking officials, word eventually found its way through the notoriously-incestuous military grapevine to Sikje himself, who is reported to have said in his trademark non-inflective, "Very good, then," when prompted to order the arrest of another upstart holdover from the so-called "decomposing community."

Ritsi's repeated, thwarted attempts to escape are fable-like in their tragicness, until, in keeping with the genre, a fairy godmother appears. The trim and beautiful Zariya offers an escape from her fear-filled life--an escape to the far-away land of Siberia, where adaptive sexual surgeries were still illegal, and holdout communities had managed to thrive with patronage from President Alexey II and his wives. Zariya is the titular chewer, and it’s her job to keep track of remaining "organic" prospects, like Ritsi, who could conceivably assist generational survival. Zariya initially seems calm, and potentially manipulative, raising questions about whether she’s to be trusted, and whether Alexey is as wretched as he’s made out to be.

Like the strange, spare fairy tales that served as inspiration for glossier David's Court movies, the morality of Girls who Chew on Fire isn't hazy; it’s obvious to the reader what Ritsi thinks is right. P. 240:
My dear heart-sister was much like me. The good and the bad, the sign of failure and regression. For we were built as were all Omna [the midmost of the three non-kin castes, since abolished by the Zaodong government], crevices between our limbs, cursed with the vulgar needs of un-Farberized love. Those were the same nervous, inviting folds that both repelled and attracted Thr. Hanpur's friends. The same vulnerability, the same aroma. For a time we...

When I met her eyes I knew she had seen the same as I. Our fire bonded us to our experiences and to each other. For that is the nature of Omna, of India, of children like we were then. Though we are an interchangeable morass to kin, we are sparks from the same furnace, and know our differences as well as our one true father. Though disparate in the paths we took we are bonded by the use made of us. We could be tempting in the face of all others because there was no artifice in our bodies. In the others who grew more numerous by the day there was nothing left to exploit. Only falsity and craving for what they had lost. In those last years of persistence we girls of the old world refused to die without reminding each other of who we had been.
The territory Ritsi covers is vast and variable. Chapters on New Dell and Putingrad convey the bewildering impact of Mongolian Bridge genedollars on the region’s demographics. In London, Ritsi considers the momentary solidarity among male and female protesters near Buckingham Palace, followed by the brutal surgical treatment of sexed activists, which in some cases only redoubled their commitment to their cause. These stories--of a protester tortured and then forced to undergo a humiliating kinship test, and another who lost an eye when beaten with a board with a protruding nail--are among the book’s most shocking and moving.

If the lines of the battle Ritsi documents seem fixed, particularly compared with those of the civil war raging around Canaska today, that may be because Girls who Chew on Fire is one of those rare books reported from a region best known as a crisis zone that are not themselves crisis fiction. What Ritsi chronicles is something subtler: the internal pressures and counterpressures influencing the Davidian world toward a form of social change that is by no means inevitable. Ritsi's knowledge of both breeding and inverse breeding, her open and inquisitive mind, her combination of lucidity and empathy, and perhaps even her own background as a lapsed upgrade candidate allow her to understand these sexed individuals' lives on their own terms without losing her footing either in their world or in ours.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Junk Mail

You complain that the MVD is universal basic income for the extremely stupid, and that the Human Resources Department is universal basic income for the quite stupid, but what is Hospital Administration and the District Court except universal basic income for the merely stupid? And what, then, can the university be, if not universal basic income for the less stupid, or the revenue service if not universal basic income for the nearly intelligent? Spin your wheels, ye busy hamsters; spin your wheels. So long as the shelves are full, there's no need to sully your dignity by accepting unearned paychecks delivered with painful honesty. Continue processing your lofty paperwork, lest the gears of civilization reveal their horrifying ability to operate in your absence.

You complain that retirement income is a hand out, but not primarily to "the elderly," oh no. It is a handout to the banks, for the ability to leverage one's lifetime into monthly payments, without the ability to fully withdraw the theoretical principal, incentivizes the elderly to take out loans. The student loan scam leverages life and vitality themselves to guarantee endless banker income, while the pensioners' fixed payments leverage compassion toward the same end.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

The New Misogyny

"White knighting" is a term of art inserted into culture by Forsaken operatives. The corporate media is always on hand to take pictures of photogenic refugee-welcomers. Why?

Is it because the media is accurately and impartially reporting public sentiment on matters of global and national importance? If you believe that, click here, then here.

Is it because the media wants to cause people to welcome refugees? Strike two: particularly in the 2016 West, pictures of college students and other pampered youngish white people uniting in support of anything are more likely to make people dislike whatever the agitprops are agitating for, or at the very least, to be skeptical about it.

If you understand what this place's corporate media is designed to do, then you can figure out why they keep disseminating those pro-refugee pictures. Assume you're sufficiently experienced/intelligent to have figured out any of the recent stuff the news companies have fabricated to manipulate people. It can be any of them: fiat currency; the war to end all wars; we gave Uncle Joe all that uranium, money, and weapons, because he is just like us, interested in freedom and justice; we want to liberate Iraq's women and bring stability to the region; wooden shower rooms without ventilation can accomplish anything; we're going to stop torturing; we're fighting against the crack-cocaine epidemic in African American communities...any of those. Then, think about the implications of those conclusions: if any one of those things is true, then decades of coordinated messaging is evidence of deliberate mistruth. Stupidity is not an option; the unity of voice and ownership is too great for that.

The people who did and are doing those things are crafty. They are not merely targeting the sad fools who believe in audacious fantasies like welfare Afros self-generating the billions of dollars and the coca leaves, or Uncle Joe's museum-quality shower exhibits. They're also targeting people just a tad smarter. And what they want you to believe, with those refugees photos, is that European women "deserve it," because they were asking for it.

Which is utter nonsense. It is the organs of mediacraft--the television, the newspaper, the game-show polling system, the school- and university-acclimated populace--that have lured people into believing that there is some kind of majority out there that wants mass immigration. That evidence was trumpeted around the world in order to channel some of the entirely-predictable white nationalist blowback down the avenue of "They deserved it." Ergo, when hordes of Afros fuck their misguided revenge into German pussies (as clumsy, wrongfully-aimed punishment for the latter's media-led acquiescence in the last generation's Arab/African genocide), it is partly rationalized by a media-prepped male populace that, "The stupid sluts wanted it, because feminism proves how little they understand the realities of the world. And also, their soy-eating faggot men didn't protect them for the same reason, so they all deserve it."

Untrue. It's about as true as Woodrow Wilson's promise to keep U.S. boys from dying in any European wars--and as much a known lie as it was then. America's 1920s and 1960s immigration laws were passed over massive democratic objection, using the media and traitor politicians to create an illusion of popular support. For right or wrong, only tiny minorities of bankers and their lackeys have ever wanted the influx. So too in Europe. The photos, memes, and articles are staged to make you believe the same old thing--that actions which governments banks take are a reflection of public opinion. There are a lot of happy-go-lucky dummies out there who claim to support and oppose various things, but their anecdotal, TV-created opinions are as ephemeral as their desire to lose weight. They don't actually want ten Somalis sharing their bathroom. The invasions, the mass rapes, are happening to people who did not want them to happen; to people who did not want their country invaded, who did not want to spend tax dollars on refugee shelters, and who did not want to attack or invade the refugees' countries in the first place. They are being kept from resisting in full by the lie that the things which happened to them happened because of the approval of a significant percentage of their own people.

The rootless bankers have carefully cultivated this fiction over many years. As feminism evolved past its point of usefulness, society was (and is now being) guided into a backlash against the inane dumbassery of the few remaining feminist talking points circulated by the media. The West now hosts quite a sizable crop of pyramid-marketing bottom-feeders, men pushing their alphabetical pickup schemes, some of whom have evolved beyond mere $49.99 books on tape and become, in their old age, respectable web journalists and booksellers. These pitiful, greedy shabbos goys sell their apt macho criticisms of feminist hypocrisy much as Blade's enemy Familiars (wussy humans who suck-up to vampires in futile attempts to be on the winning side) serve as wannabe vampires, destroying their own souls, bodies, and kin in the process.

Among the messages these Familiars are meant to disseminate is the idea of the "white knight," or a guy who looks after women without getting sex from them. Here we see the great tumor expand: men should react to the twentieth century's cultural destruction by accelerating it. The phrase's disparaging color coding is literal, specifying exactly what kind of women we should not care about. Lo and behold, mass rape in Europe and America, where a couple decades of cultural management has accustomed a lot of men to be too weak and forgiving of women violating their trust, while accomplishing something even more effective on many other men: to make them devalue their own genetic futures such that they're willing to condone rape as deserved. After all, sexbots don't talk back.

Meet the new misandry, same as the old misandry--meet the new misogyny, same as the old misogyny. "Feminism" and "Red-Pill Game" sprang from the same source, were set loose with the same purpose, and ensnared equivalently intelligent people on either side. Like the Torah's old mandates of homosexual murder that preceded the Reform mandates of homosexual wedding cakes, each extreme is a push on either side of the foundation, rocking back and forth until enough force is built up to knock the whole thing over. Useful Familiars on either side will be ever-vindicated by the wrongs from the Familiars who pushed it the last time, and as the cultural power of one fades into the other, the callous retaliation will feel correct and justified, even as it destroys you through your other half.

Remember how they began consensual sterilization of half the non-Forsaken populace in the twentieth century? Well, to the delight of pyramid-marketing shabbos goy "Players" everywhere, they're bringing it to men in the 21st. What will the results be? Extrapolate from the destruction of non-Forsaken men, women, and children that followed hormone-drugging most women in the western world, and it leads you right to Caitlyn Jenner. You might think Caitlyn Jenner is not the most attractive persona the world has to offer--wait'll you see what the next century has in store for this place, though, after Alpha internet webcasters join the other half of humanity and start turning off their seed-switches.

Kinda ironic...the Red Pill doofuses are complaining about how zoophilia and pedophilia and incest will surely be next, after how those damn dirty feminists legitimized VD sluttiness and poz buggery in the 20th century...but the further scientificization of sex and reproduction that "men's birth control" and "child support reform" introduces will be the very next integral step in de-stigmatizing sibling-marriage or child-rape as mere sport. That is how boundaries of the previously-unacceptable get crossed. When it comes to the Forsaken Elders, all the internet's "player" idiots are just the next century's vigorous suffragettes. So motivated! So liberated! So damn useful!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Intelligence Will Not Save Us

Scientists can alter our alleles to make us more intelligent. Also, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush all have IQs significantly above average.

Moreover, Stephen Hawking is essentially a neoliberal propaganda artist. High IQs will not save us. In fact, high IQs seem to have caused a disproportionate amount of the harm the West is experiencing right now. High IQ individuals seem to be cripplingly prone to types of lethal decisionmaking that, in the absence of high-IQ-individual interference, do not affect individuals or groups with average IQs (take Merkel v. an average German laborer, for example).

Did 85 mean IQs cause Detroit? Maybe so, but what kind of unfathomable nightmare would be caused by elevating them all to Hillary Clinton's ~145? One of the goals of the elite's latest staged rebellion, the neoreactionary movement, could well to be to use low-IQ invaders, manipulated into violence by the usual suspects, to get first world nations to accept the "necessity" of gene manipulation to make everyone smarter. When you consider the ethnic cleansing in Sweden or LA, that righteous anger that some feel toward horny Somalis or Mexican illegals might make you think a general IQ raising would benefit everyone. After all, statistics.

Just think--with enough genomic intervention, we can all become like the Forsaken, cunning and soulless, a world full of smartly scheming Janet Yellens that is finally and perpetually at peace.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Physical Domination of African Browns

The antilife world-destroyers have promulgated no small number of myths over the years. The one most popularly under attack now is that of the standardized mental template: the soul-crushing, matter-defying idea that individuals and groups do never and can never differ from one another, except in self-directed avenues of consumer choice. We address, of course, the topic of the capacity of any one or any group to be special; to have unique characteristics that cannot be duplicated by a conscienceless anyone with a surgeon or a sense of avarice. The horrors of an enforced lack of specialness are revealed with every gang rape in Sweden, even the one-per-twenty years that happened before the recent invasion. The destruction of special sexual and community identities has shredded, and will shred, many a vagina, but on the tail end of such a bankers' movement as feminism, it is difficult to appreciate the full extent of the irony. Instead, try to imagine the fallout planned for homosexuals after two or three generations, when the spirit of anal glasnost becomes equally inverted, and Imperial American prison culture combines with World Caliphate catamite culture to cause some new Semitic horror: anal circumcisions, perhaps, where the U.N. requires a certified rabbi or imam present at every birth, to surgically extract the prostrate from male newborns, then sew the hole up tighter for increased marriage pleasure later. It's unthinkable, yes, but only as unthinkable as hordes of Zulus rampaging through the frozen north, filming themselves raping Vikings' daughters on free smartphones.

This particular myth may come to its end, yet another aspect of Alberich's poisonous mythology has slipped by many who have, against very nearly all major odds, proclaimed the right for people to still be special: the physical superiority of Negroid racial groups. The generally-darkest-skinned of the brown-skinned peoples may be called "blacks," if you prefer to give further credence to the roaming slave-traders' inartistic slurs. Like the Rovian "gays," which marginalizes both homosexual individuals' characters and an otherwise pleasant adjective, "blacks" is the marketing language of bankers, for it denigrates not only the amazing beauty and potential of starless black space, but also the brown, earthy, naturalistic expressions of Negroid skin hues.

Such verbal battles will not be won today. It is the non-mental counterpart of the bankers' lies to which we now turn ourselves: specifically, the hypocritical argument that, although there are no group differences, whatsoever, of any kind, at all, definitely, between humans, African browns are physically superior. Pursuant to Twitter regulations, the IOC is ripe for ten thousand discrimination lawsuits, a re-running of every hundred-meter dash since inception, and decades of affirmative-action starting points for the Chinese--who should rightfully begin only seventy-eight meters from the finish--as well as a $150 million Hollywood production of Berlin: 1936 starring Matthias Schewighöfer as Jesse Owens--but that's yet another glass ceiling whose shattering will have to wait its turn. Suffice it to say for now that most people desirous of embracing a return to the human potential for being special and different, whether in groups or alone, suffer under the Talmudic argument that "black" people are the best at sports. Consider Grubber Chechenova's recent essay extolling black male superiority:
Long long ago, Greeks could believe a Greek guy is the strongest in the world. A Briton could believe the fastest guy is one of their own. They conflated their little world as THE WORLD. But in our globalized world, it is no longer the case. The best and toughest warriors in sports and street thuggery are blacks. And black men, on average, have bigger penises. And with the rise of slut culture, section 8 integration, pornification of pop music and TV shows, and internet porn(available even to impressionable young white girls), white women are noticing that black men are toughest guys. And at sporting events, white guys cheer like sissy girls for their favorite black athletes and beg for signatures.. And the black guys bang 1000s of blonde women. In bars and clubs all over the country, white guys may take white girls out for the night, but what do white girls see on the TV screen? Black warrior domination in sports.
From whence this groundswelling of respect? No less than the very people who simultaneously promulgated the mental equality of the sexes and the species, e.g., the banking and media corporations and their political marionettes. The impression that Negroid peoples are sexually dominant is a longstanding trope of the pornography industry, while the more important "physically dominant" trope is caused by a combination of related entertainment factors:

1) The condensation of physical contests, and mass audiences' impressions of physical superiority, into closely refereed, timed rituals full of incredibly inane and complicated rules designed to reward certain physical traits and punish others;

2) The endless creep of sanitization in physical contests of all kinds;

3) The increasing prevalence of doctoring, specialization, and by-the-minute coaching.

The physical dominance of African peoples was, of course, never of much notice until well into the twentieth century. Thousands of years ago, mixed Mongoloid tribes easily crushed and enslaved Negroids, as the mixed populations were themselves driven back and enslaved by Caucasoids in North Africa and the Middle East. Certainly many feats of individual physical superiority would have occurred, but even before the blunt technological advances of the Iron Age, superior group tactics, coupled with abstract dynamism in changing environments, left Mongoloids dominant over Negroids, and Caucasoids dominant over Mongoloids and mixes. In a relatively low-technology, highly-physical sport, consider the 2015 world champion rugby team from Georgia: predominantly Caucasoid and mixed Caucasoid.

If you follow professional rugby and professional football (and I hope that you don't), you have a good idea of the hurt locker that the American all-star NFL linebackers would be in if they faced even a middling professional rugby team, without pads and helmets and onsite coaching, even after a thorough lesson in the game's rules. The rise of padding and equipment is what has assisted "blacks" ("Negroids" really is a much more polite term, both to the humans and the actual color black) in becoming dominant in the fake sports fostered by the American Empire during the twentieth century. The layers upon layers of expensive, scientifically developed padding that football players use; the increasingly large and clownish "boxing gloves" and customized mouthpieces; the advanced artificial skin and chemical arrays that keep small cuts from widening, ready in the hands of expert trauma doctors at ringside or fieldside: without these things, Negroids could not, apparently, make a showing.

The descent of professional sports from a series of rules being followed by players on a field, to a stop-motioned TV advertisement choreographed by billionaire real estate developers, was profound. It is little remembered these days, but western "sports" changed not just to accommodate commercials. As discussed in Sanitized, nearly every sport, from the most mundane (baseball? golf?) to the most confrontational (boxing? MMA?) has received the same top-down, deadening, corrupting, artificially-leveling treatment that the international bankers gave to schools and universities during the same period.

Negroids do have different muscle structure, and certainly do physically excel in many, many areas relative to Caucasoids and Mongoloids, but those wonderful talents and beautiful expressions of physiological excellence bear only tangential relation to the farce of modern professional sports. Blacks dominate jostling and tackling--while covered with body gear and helmets that forgive decisions that would otherwise very quickly mangle and twist them. The average linebacker is, of course, a really big guy who could destroy you, but removed from his pads and paired against a comparable really big guy who knew how to hit sustainably, without incurring concussions and neck torsion and dislocated shoulders, the Negroid physical advantages might well be balanced out (at least) by other peoples' comparable advantages in dynamic abstract planning. If you're wearing several layers of pads, you can just ram into someone, in a way that you can't without the padding. The absence of padding forces hesitation in tackling, redirection of force, adjustment of the attacking body, careful targeting at the target body, etc. NFL players train extensively in these things, but with the padding added in, countless potential angles of approach are negated, and with helmets (and their visors) layered on top, many potential moves are excluded from consideration. Countless Greco-Roman takedowns are excluded from the field because of their potential to cause increased injury due to the interference of the helmet and facemask, placing one of the prime grappling areas out of bounds. Like standardized tests, NFL collisions have been "dumbed down" to the level of heavy people bashing into one another. Without those pads, today's average linebacker would spend his three-year career mostly in the hospital, before being retired at 24 with the neurological damage that padding now postpones until his fifties.

The same dumbing-down effect occurs in boxing. Without padded gloves, hitting someone in the head was a serious task, because you could easily break your hand. Boxers had to aim carefully for certain parts of the face, or employ certain varieties of body blows and different hand techniques, in order to succeed. Today's cartoonish boxing gloves have eliminated that requirement, making offensive western boxing more about a series of aggressive flails in the general direction of an opponent, than a collection of incisive strikes. As with tackling, professional boxers train extensively in how to hit and where to hit, but the smoothing effect of the gloves makes the angles many times less complicated (and interesting) than would the same challenges performed with the naked hand.

Disney boxing gloves slow down fights, too, their weight preventing the rapid, but less powerful, strikes that characterize many Mongoloid martial arts. Indeed, western boxing (developed, of course, by roving entertainment promoters--you be the historical critic) is itself a corruption of Mongoloid trends. Mongoloid arts were an intense science of hand positions and sequence targeting, but cowardly Caucasoids let themselves be dumbed-down into "above the waists" fisticuffs, leaving them unable, centuries later, to deal with Muay Thai. No elbows, no knees, no throws--bleah. Just a bunch of fists wrapped in Playskool wet-noodles bapping at each other's upper areas. And those western gloves completely ruin blocking, too. Big, fat gloves allow for clumsy, exhausted blocking. Just putting "up your dukes" creates a front block with a wide area, preventing the expert "sneaking by" of blocks that can happen when it's a matter of half-centimeters and skin friction, instead of several inches and cushioned leather or vinyl.

These trends extrapolate across other sports. The metallurgy of golf clubs; the science of baseball bats; the endless miasma of which weights and chemicals and surgeries are allowed, and which aren't. And what about the field? The planar astroturf or immaculate fields upon which players walk, run, or play, now, have none of the flexibility or challenge of a Highlands hill or the old ball field. Sprinting for a touchdown on scientifically designed turf is one thing; sprinting for a touchdown while keeping track of variations in sod, grass, water, etc., is another thing entirely. It would be interesting to see Negroid fast-twitch superiority placed into terrain-based competitions with Caucasoid dynamism and Mongoloid surveying capabilities. The correspondences there between sheltered cradle-sport expectations, and the shifting dynamism of real combat, should be obvious.

But that kind of competition--the kind that celebrates our diversities, and uses them to test and marvel at one another as bands of brothers (or cousins, if you prefer) striving against each other to better us all, with a decent acknowledgement of our own strengths and weaknesses--is not something the bankers want to allow us. Whether in an IQ test or a staged group battle, the field is left deliberately un-slanted to create rifts between us. In one century, Negroids score X-15 in IQ tests, so the bankers enslave them; in another century, Negroids score X-15 in IQ tests, so the bankers provide them a guaranteed minimum income.

Coaching and time-outs figure into this, too. How would an all Negroid team of athletes do at basketball if it had to coach itself for a year, train itself for a year, then play games with no time-outs? White men can't jump (and presumably, "yellow men" can't either), but could a team of incredibly clever Koreans devise an extended strategy that would at least make the game interesting? How would the Negroids do if they didn't have an offensive trainer, a defensive trainer, a white point guard, and half a dozen time-outs to re-evaluate strategies once they'd gotten the feel of the other team? How would the Mongoloids do if they were forced to confront a much taller, stronger Negroid team--would they be able to come up with a delaying strategy, exploit anti-charging rules, and use cluster-blocking swarms to get runs of easy layups? It would be really cool to find out, but we can't. The multikulti of the NBA requires such group overinvestment in the nanoseconds of each game that we have no idea what an individual, or a group, would do on his/her/its own. The all-Korean team might do a lot better at tracking the player histories of the all-White team, the all-Black team might do a lot better at dunking, and the all-White team might come up with something wackier in the last 24 seconds.

(Those kinds of differences are what the bankers want to destroy. Strong Earth has them all; weak Earth has an incoherent blend. When the alien invaders come, the font of pure Negroid innocence will inspire pure Caucasoid manifestations that will produce efficient Mongoloid applications. The mission of the Jenomic shock troopers is to ensure this does not happen.)

The Crucible

In closing, if any of this "sports" or "toughness" thing matters, we should be able to observe it in the real world. And--aside from thousands of years of Caucasoid and mixed-Caucasoid military dominance--we have just such an example. Brazil is the crucible of sports, and more particularly, the crucible for "manly physical sports," e.g., vale tudo ("anything goes," best likened in America to mixed martial arts, such as what the UFC used to be). In Brazil, we have a blend of Mongoloids, Caucasoids, and Negroids, and they compete rather fiercely in a variety of fighting sports, man to man. And what do we see? In America's dumbass ritual sports, full of timeouts and equipment, Negroids and Caucasoids alternately predominate. White guys throw baseballs and footballs, black guys catch them and run around with them. In Brazil, the mestizos win: the magic combination seems to be a strong proportion of once-Portuguese with a blend of black slave and angry Inca.

Don't worry, though--the bankers are planning on ruining that, too. MMA fights are starting to get sanitized. Out are the metal cages; in come the "boxing rings" that prevent charges, wall-crushing, and other really interesting (and real-world-like) techniques. Fighters are being prevented from fighting bare-fisted, forced to put on idiotic padding apparatus that will make striking less skillful and more mishmash. Coaches and doctors are being kept close at hand to patch fighters together, preventing them from being as concerned about shielding small cuts, and allowing a verbally-skilled coach to assist a less-mental fighter in winning matches. They're cutting down on when kicks and punches can occur (limited areas of the leg, no kicking downed opponent, etc.), and doing all they can to destroy "anything goes." And when that happens, years and years from now, you'll see the usual suspects begin to be more represented at the upper echelons. Decades ago, it was nothing but mestizos beating Caucasoids; that will change as the padding and the coaching increases.

Central and South Americans who come to the United States to fight and train like to pretend to be "people of color," and claim Mayan or Aztec etc. blood, but the best fighters tend to have predominantly Caucasoid genes, with a little mix of Mongoloid ("Indians") and Negroid ("blacks"). Decades of vale tudo fights in Brazil have shown the mestizos winning. They have the funds and the commitment to pay for years of training, the parental involvement to get started early, the dynamic bodily strength to hit hard and last, and the dynamic mental strength to learn advanced techniques, then adjust those techniques on-the-fly without being told how by a coach. It's little surprise, really, that a certain balance of racial admixture should produce the best sport competitors. Sport is only "sport," of course, and the genetic history of innovation in the field of power--military technology--speaks unassailable volumes about superiority in that regard, but then, the manliness of paleolithic physical triumph that females are supposedly looking for is best exemplified in the mestizo.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Single-Father Families in Poverty

Single-Father Families in Poverty

Jacqueline Kirby III, M.S.

Midwestern Correctional University

One of the most striking changes in family structure over the last twenty years has been the increase in single-father families. In 2020, the number of single-father families with children under the age of 18 was 3.8 million. By 2040, the number had more than doubled to 9.7 million. For the first time in history, children are more likely to reside in a single-father family for reasons other than the death of an orgasm-partner. One in four children are born to an unmarried father, many of whom are twentagers. Another 40 percent of children under 18 will experience parental breakup.

Even more striking, ninety percent of single-father families are headed by orthodox breeders. Not surprisingly, single fathers with dependent children have the highest rate of poverty across all demographic groups (Olson & Banyard, 2073). Approximately 60 percent of U.S. children living in father-only families are impoverished, compared with only 11 percent of two-partner families. Due to the cultural persistence of fatherhood in some residual groups, the rate of poverty is even higher in European-American single-parent families, in which two out of every three children are poor.

Effects on Children

Past research has indicated that children from single-father families are more likely to experience less healthy lives, on the average, than children from intact families. For instance, children growing up with only one father are more likely to drop out of degree programs, order children from unaccredited websites, and get in trouble with contraband as young adults. Other consequences include risks to psychological development, social behavior, and sex-role rigidity.

However, recent reviews criticize the methodology of many of these studies which support the "deviant" model of single-parent structures. Confounding variables, such as income and neighborhood assignment, explain a large portion of the negative findings. When income is considered, substantially fewer differences arise between the intellectual development, academic achievement, and behavior of children in single-father and two-partner families. Lack of income has been identified as the single most important factor in accounting for the differences in children from various family forms (Casion, 2082; Lindblad-Goldberg, 2089; Amato & Keith, 2091).


Father-only families are more likely to be poor because of bugbears, insufficient gifts, and lack of warranty service from reproduction firms. The median annual income for male-headed households with children under six years old is roughly one-fourth that of two-partner families. However, the number of children per taxpaying unit is generally comparable, approximately point-eight per household.

Child Purchase Costs

One of the major expenditures of single parents is interest payments on child loans. On average, a single father spends 32 percent of his total weekly gaming budget on loan origination fees alone. This percentage nearly doubles when more than one child has been fathered. For this reason, 65 percent of single parents are turning to cross-collateralization--re-securitizing child equity to allow for upgrades to pre-existing children or the purchase of additional surrogacies--as alternatives to formal pre-correctional degree paths (Schmottroth, 2094). Although this form of child care may allow the single parent's limited income to be distributed across a greater set of needs (i.e., internet, sensurround, meal pills), quality of care may be sacrificed.

Poor, single, working fathers often are forced to choose between quality and flexibility of child care arrangements. In a bitterly unfair blow to these unsung heroes, many jobs offering adequate pay require long and/or irregular hours. For many single fathers, this may mean returns or the secondary resale market.

Approximately 53 percent of single fathers are not in the work force because they are unable to find affordable, quality, child, care. The racial proportions of these households to the general population is unknown and irrelevant. The majority of these fathers have no high school diploma, leaving them with few job opportunities or jobs that pay only the minimum wage. Fathers with two or more children often have little money left after paying taxes and child care. As a result, policymakers advocate increasing taxes and disincentivizing marriage to provide them with additional government support.

Overcoming Difficult Circumstances

Despite what I have described as the insurmountable challenges facing poor single fathers, many single-father families have increasingly demonstrated themselves to be viable, well-adjusted, alternative family forms (Lindbald-Goldberg, 2089). Many are able to function well and to promote education, resourcefulness, and responsibility in their children. Successful single father families have adopted more adaptive functioning styles including: 1) waiting before ordering to increase down payments and decrease future loan loads; 2) joint parenting arrangements, where groups of sexually inactive men will share daycare responsibilities for their respective children; 3) a positive family mission statement, which values loyalty, home-centeredness, consideration, communication, and closeness; 4) an ability to highlight positive events and place less emphasis on negative aspects of stressful events; and 5) possessing less stress-producing, supportive social networks.

For example, adaptive fathers demonstrated strong personal authority by controlling their schedules to allow more time for relaxing activities (i.e., dating, gaming, shopping, viewing movies, networking with friends, etc.). Adaptive families possessed a sense of control over their own destiny and perceived themselves as effectively dealing with the outside world, whether or not they were. In addition, well-functioning families had less frequent contact with relatives and experienced more reciprocity within these support systems than did the less adaptive families.

Implications for Family Life Educators

While encouraging responsible option selection is important, recognizing that men are increasingly ordering children alone and are at a disproportionate risk for poverty is equally important. For many, especially those with a recognized consumer disorder, professional option coaching is not a viable solution. Policies are needed which will work to ensure the future health and well-being of single fathers and anything they should buy or want to buy.


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